Why there is a Tom plan my trip

Why there is a Tom Plan my trip?

Hey, Hou hou.

ah got you!

I’m Thomas and I’m a backpacker Carpe Diem. 

Hmm, sounds cool. What is that?

I like to enjoy a cocktail on a nice beach, drink beers in the afternoon and do funny activities like the death road in Bolivia. However, I accept also to eat el menu del Dia almost every day, sleep in cheap (and often cool) hostels and take some very very very long bus drive. I’m traveling slowly, looking for secret places and interesting people. For me, a country can’t be understood if the travel is too fast and superficial. Welcome in my universe, where it’s possible to travel cheap but chic. 

Me on San Blas Islands

Now, Please stop scrolling fast and listen to me.

I would like to change your mind on something. Ok? Ready?

Do you know what are the firsts people’s regret before they die?

  • Not enough contact with their friends and family
  • To didn’t have a  life true to themselves
  • They could have been happier

It’s a study made by a palliative care nurse. She wrote the book: Top 5 Regrets of the Dying by Brownie Ware. Even the guardian did an article about the book.

When the people bet money, they say: If I’m a billionaire, I will travel all my life (or I will buy an island to do a giant part with all my friends). A lot of people consider that traveling brings happiness and freedom.

Maybe, if the world will travel more, the regrets “Could have been happier” and “didn’t be myself” could be cross out of the list?

Why is the feeling of freedom such present in our idea of traveling?

In our world, at home, we are following schedules, routines, codes. We are working during the week, waiting for the weekend. Then we go out to blow up our brain and our wallet. And the Sunday morning, we wake up, thinking: “Arf, tomorrow we start again”.

Even our future has a path to follow: we need a good job, a good wife, a nice house, a cool dog, a beautiful baby (or ugly sometimes), a mortgage and a will. We let no surprise for the future, no real freedom.

This is why people are so excited about traveling. You are free again to go where you want, to eat when you want, to speak to who you want, to be who you want. And freedom rime with surprise and adventure (not literally hein) because you don’t know what is next. You feel more alive.

Free diving in the Caribbean sea

I quite my job for traveling around the world. I bought a package of flight tickets and plan to visit 12 countries and plan all the stops I would like to do.

After 1 month I was exhausting, after 6 months I realized that I didn’t want that anymore. I decided to come back to my first love, Colombia.

I canceled my others flights, lost 1500 $ but I was happier. Do you want to know why?

I realized that traveling was not a race. That to enjoy more, I should take my time, accept the adventures and try to find the secret places that few peoples know.

I realized that traveling was not a race.

It’s alright if in 1 month you don’t visit all the country. It’s alright if you don’t have a selfie with the Eiffel tower. It’s alright if you do only 4 stops in 2 weeks.

The people and the experiences make the souvenirs, not a selfie.

Uyuni Lake – Team choc

At the end, when you’re traveling, you wish to find some places where you will be happy and free.

How do I would like to help you

Yes, I know that we are not all Backpacker Carpe Diem. Some of us want to travel the cheapest possible, others like to feel the adrenaline every day or enjoy a romantic travel with their lover.

With my blog, I would like to help you to create an itinerary with the places you will probably like. And, as everyone is different, I try to add lots of filters  (tag), so you can easily select the articles in relation to what you are looking for.

Also, in every article, I will put the profile of the backpacker susceptible to like the place/activity/experience. Are you wondering what are the different backpackers profiles? Click here to discover them now!

It can maybe be a place you have never heard before.

But you will accept because you are looking for happiness and adventures for your next trip. No?

Travel different, Start now!

So, Do you want to know how this blog is working? It’s easy, you just have to click on Please Tom! Help me with my new trip.

Travel different, Start now! 

Ps: the blog is new so some features are not ready yet. But I’m doing my best. If you have some questions about Colombia or some advices, let a comment!