[Costa Rica ] Episode 1 – (2/3) – Arrival / Manuel Antonio / Volcano Irazu

Costa Rica – Manuel Antonio and Irazu

National park Manuel Antonio – 20 December 2016

Arrival to the national park Manuel Antonio at 8 am. It’s already full of tourist. I hate them even if I’m a tourist too. The park is well maintained. You can observe sloths, screaming monkeys, thief capuchin, iguanas. The beach is with white sand. It’s beautiful. No one thought to take their swimming suit except me. I’m laughing. Dad has a beautiful yellow boxer. Sister is shamed.

Racoon, National Park Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Sloth, National Park Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Capuchin, National Park Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

If you want to try to be alone in the national park, walk to the first beach. The park is big, and it’s funnier by there. Same for the beach. Move your weary legs to the end or the next one.

National park Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Beach National Park Manuel Antonia, Costa Rica

16h00, we go to the restaurant “El Avion”. Great cocktail and sunset. Go there.

El Avion, Manuel Antonio
Sunset el Avion, Manuel Antonio
Sunset El Avion, Manuel Antonio

20h00, at the hostel, the pan breaks above my plate. The plate is destroyed. I explain the situation to the owner. She believes me. Says it was a shitty pan. She still like us. (I think)

TIPS 4: Take your swimming suit and food

TIPS 5: Arrive early. The park open at 7am

TIPS 6: Don’t let your bag alone on the beach. Otherwise you will spend 1 hour running after a monkey with your sunglasses on his face. And you will be sad because the sunglasses fit them better than you.

TIPS 7: Try to arrive minimum 1 hour before the sunset to have a good spot.

Volcano Irazu – 22 December 2016

Wake up early to catch the bus going to the volcano Irazu. Dad wants to go there. The crater looks very nice in the picture.

After 2h30 bus, we arrive at the top. It’s fucking cold, expensive and we can’t see shit because of the clouds. It’s bad timing for us. The experience is still fun. I have the feeling to walk on another planet with all the fog around me and the black sand under my feet. Dad goes to explore further. For us, direction the shop to try to be protected from the cold. Also expensive, they are selling tampons. One hot chocolate and 30 min later, we are back on the bus.

Volcano Irazu, Costa Rica
Volcano Irazu, Costa Rica

Arrival to San Jose, we jump in a cab. We want to go to Cahuita. Brings us to the terminal 7/10. We can’t find the bus. Another taxi tells us:

  • It’s not here. You need to go to Mepe. It’s on the other side of the city. 15 min. [Fuck! We just have 30 min for the last bus] 
  • Ok, how much?
  • 5000 Colons
  • 3500 ?
  • Ok

We go back in a cab. Finally, it’s just 5 min far away, and our bus terminal was just three blocks from the terminal 7/10.

Tell to the cab:

  • You’re a liar motherfucker [The motherfucker was in my head]

And, like all the liar cab drivers I met, they have this ability to put an interrogative expression on their face.

  • What ? What ? I don’t understand. Sorry. Sorry. We are here. 3500 Colons, please.

Give his money, and we jump on the bus. Direction Cahuita !!!! This small town looks perfect.

TIPS 8 : Try to put the direction where you need to go on the application Mapsme. It’s free and works only with the GPS. So you don’t need to be connect to internet. So, you can check all the time where you are.

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