How Can You Use Tom Plan My Trip For Your Next Travel in Colombia?

Ah, you have been maybe convinced by my presentation.  Excellent!! Let’s explain how you can make you plan your next travel in Colombia

I’m travelling very slowly in Colombia in order to find all the secrets that Colombia can offer us. For that, I’m accepting a lot of new experiences, staying with the locals, looking for treasures in every city.

And I’m collecting all this information on my blog.

But I’m going further. As I said, my wish is to give you the best options for your travel in Colombia (in relation with what you like) and help you to go out of the gringo trail.

In Few Hours You Can Create The Plan Of Your Next Travel In Colombia

  • I need to know what you like. You can choose the filters you want (tags) in order to select the articles you could be interested in.
  • My wish is to convince you to go to this places. To stop living in a bubble named “comfort zone” and let place to the unknown. You will discover another aspect of travelling. Don’t worry,  I will give you a maximum of information, stories, pictures and video.
  • You can download the pdf of the article (If there is one). So you can have access even if you don’t have the internet.
  • It’s possible to check on the interactive map to know where are the places and where could be your next destination. It´s always good to know where are the different places.

Once the plan for your travel in Colombia is done, take your boots, your backpack and live the adventure!

What are the different backpacker profiles?

For every accommodation, transport and activity, I give you a backpacker profile. It helps you to imagine what to expect. All the profiles are from the more comfortable to the less comfortable.


Beach Backpacker: You have to do nothing. It’s just a relaxing place where you can sleep. Almost no effort. Someone is taking care of you from A to Z. 

City Backpacker: Generally, you have to go to this place by yourself. It’s possible that you also have to use your legs and arms. However, my grandma could still do it.

Adventure Backpacker: It’s still doable for most of the people. However, you have to deserve it. It can be a trek of few days in the mountains. Effort and mindset are important. 

Iamacrazy Backpacker: You create your own activity. It’s dangerous but you know what you’re doing because it’s not your first time. It’s better to go with another person. 


Castel Backpacker: It’s the perfect place. Nice rooms with a great service. It’s generally surrounded by an amazing landscape. It’s more expensive than the usual backpacker budget.

Double bed Backpacker: The top of the hostels. Nice rooms with a very nice social area. The localisation is great and it’s in the top of the Hostelword list. It can also be a famous party hostel. 

Hammock Backpacker:  It’s a normal hostel. Clean but not perfect, simple toilette and shower. Usually, you book them in small towns where you don’t have a lot of different choices. However, most of them are totally ok and you have more chance to meet interesting people

Isleepstandup Backpacker: You are in very lost place. You are maybe the first backpacker they see. You have to adapt to their environment. Sometimes it’s not super easy but we are all travelling to try new experiences. Usually, the generosity of the locals compensates the comfort. Sometimes, it’s just really shit. 


Hill backpacker: You are rented a private jet or an uber. It’s very comfortable and it’s hard to do better

Flip Flop Backpacker: You choose the best bus company. You can easily sleep if it’s a night bus. However, it’s a public transportation.

Runners Backpacker: It’s transport that all the locals use. It can be a little uncomfortable sometimes and the buses connexion are hard to find or understand. But, it’s with this kind of transport that you will really discover the country. Be ready for some new adventures. 

Idontneedshoes Backpacker: You are a travel expert. You don’t book in advance and you are using the hitchhiking. You’re creating your own way of transportation. Be careful, it’s not for everyone. 


SBA team in Cocobandera

Let’s Go Further Together

Also, I have something to ask you in return… I would like that the information on this blog is the most accurate possible.

And for that, I need YOUR help.

Did you find some another nice place that I forgot to mention? Did you notice a different price? Do you know another secret place in Colombia? Do you have a cool story about a place? Let me know!

Facebook, comments, email. I’m here.

Then, I will be able to update my website. I can also add your stories or recommendations. Together will be able to do it, alone I can’t.

Ready for your next travel in Colombia?

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