Getting Around Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura: The Paradise is in San Bernardo

Ultimate guide Casa En El Agua and San Bernardo

Nope, you don’t need a submarine to arrive at Casa en el Agua and Koh-Lanta TF1 has never selected Isla Mucura. What? Don’t you know this French emission? No worries, you’ll survive. The Archipelago of San Bernardo is in the Caribbean Sea and is a set of 9 coastal coral islands between Isla Fuerte and the Rosario Islands. Corals, snorkelling, white beach with palm trees, old Colombian hotels made of wood, a hostel/Island, San Bernardo is a paradise on earth, and it’s not even well known. It’s time for you to discover this place before losing its authenticity. Finds all the information you need to know about Casa en el Agua and Isla Mucura in this article!

Unfortunately, Dom and I didn’t find any treasures left by the famous Captain Morgan on Isla Fuerte. Parties on the island, Ukulele and hammocks were our daily routine. I’ve even escaped death when a coconut fell from a 7m height at 5cm from my head. During a party, 2 Colombian girls told us there is a small electro festival organised by Casa En El Agua. It’s perfect, Isla Mucura is our next stop anyway. And a good news never comes alone. It’s possible now to do the way La Playita – Casa En El Agua by speed boat!!!!


Small house on the island of Isla Mucura
Isla Mucura

The 10 reasons why you should visit Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura

  • Casa En El Agua is a hostel in the middle of the Caribbean Sea
  • Jump in the water from the balcony
  • Set up your hammock on Isla Mucura
  • Observe the moon rise from a massive wood bridge
  • Play ping pong (Yeah I love ping pong)
  • Drink a beer in front of an amazing sunset in the sea
  • Eating Lobster
  • Be on an island with nobody around
  • Try to have the phone number of this gorgeous Colombian manager
  • Are you still reading or you’re doing your backpack already?

The Backpacking guide of Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura: Table of Content

  1. How to get to Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura
  2. Where to sleep in Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura
  3. What to do around Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura
  4. Where to eat in Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura
  5. Conclusion

How to get to Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura

It’s your last morning in La Playita. You slowly open your eyes, and a little hangover starts to appear. The wind on your face created by the swing of the hammock help a little. You get up and decide to jump in the sea. Australians are doing it that all the time, this is how they can survive to their crazy nights.

Last night, you learned that a speed boat is leaving today around midday to Casa En El Agua. You pack your bag and say goodbye to Jeff and Angie – Great pals, always with a smile or a beer.

He told you the boat is coming soon. As usual, you will leave 2 hours later.

You learned by the captain that the last boat drive was hell. You have your plastic bag in your hand, ready to play a superhero not famous yet: PlasticMan. Fortunately, it’s a good day – Too bad for PlasticMan. You love Karma.

After 2 hours, Casa En El Agua appears to the horizon. Alone in the middle of the water, made of purple and blue woods. The music is on; people are jumping from the balcony, some others are selecting their lobsters for dinner.

It’s the end of the afternoon, and the wind starts to blow. You jump as a pirate on the dock. And you remark something: A very high rate of testosterone in the air. Handsome men are everywhere. You hate karma.

Whatever, you’re here for the islands and the festival.

A long hair Dutch guy starts talking to you with a big smile.

– Hey Guys, What’s up? Are you here for the festival tomorrow? 

– Yep. We will sleep on Isla Mucura. Is it possible to have a boat to drive us to the festival? 

Of course!

The sunset is coming soon, and you would like to have a cold beer in your hand, sitting alone on the sands in front of the ocean. You run at the reception, and you pay a ticket to go to Isla Mucura.

Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura are in the Archipelago of San Bernardo. It means that you need a boat! The boat drive can be bumped (or hell) regarding the season. It’s better from April to October.

Arriving by speed boat to Casa En El Agua

From Isla Fuerte

As a pirate, you are doing the tour of the islands. The owner of La Playita (Hostel in Isla Fuerte) and Casa En El Agua are old friends. They organise a speedboat between their hostels. But, you don’t have to sleep in Casa En El Agua. You can then take another small boat to go to Isla Mucura. They need minimum four people for the shuttle, and It’s still new, so you need to be flexible. Be ready to wait maybe 1 or 2 days (especially in low season).


  • Speed boat La Playita – Casa En El Agua: 70 000 COP
  • Speed boat Casa En El Agua – Isla Mucura: 15 000 COP


  • Speed boat La Playita – Casa En El Agua: 2 hours 
  • Speed boat Casa En El Agua – Isla Mucura: 10 min

Backpacker profile: Runners Backpacker

From Cartagena

You have a speed boat leaving every day from the dock – You need to be at the “Muelle (dock) la bodeguita” (door 1) at 9 am.Click here to see it on google map.


  • Speed boat Cartagena – Casa En El Agua: 100 000 COP
  • Dock fee in Cartagena: 15 000 COP
  • Speed boat Casa En El Agua – Isla Mucura: 15 000 COP


  • Speed boat Cartagena – Casa En El Agua: 2h30 – 3h00 hours 
  • Speed boat Casa En El Agua – Isla Mucura: 10 min

Backpacker profile: Runners Backpacker

From Rincon del Mar

If you want to pay a little less, it possible to go to Rincon del Mar from Cartegena by bus, then take a speed boat to Casa En El Agua or Isla Mucura. You need to go to San Onofre then take a moto taxi.

Rincon del Mar is also “famous’ because Mamallena has finally set up a hostel there. Nothing special to do there. Just chill, relax and chill again.

The price for the boat-drive will depend on the size of the boat and your capacity to bargain

– Hola! Cuanto cuesta para ir a Casa En El Agua ? 

25 000 COP

– Estamos mochileros… Es possible de hacer un precio? *Smile on your face but sad eyes – Keep the eyes contact*

Hm… 22 000 COP cada 

– Muchas Gracias !!!!


  • Bus Cartagena – San Onofre: 25 000 COP
  • Moto taxi: 10 000 COP
  • Speed Boat: 150 000 COP for 6 people so 25 000 COP each if you are 6. Depends on the size of the boat


  • BusCartagena – San Onofre: 2 hours
  • Moto taxi: 30 min
  • A night in Rincon del Mar?
  • Speedboat: 1 hour

Backpacker profile: Flip Flop Backpacker

Have you been to Rincon del Mar? Do you have some others information about how to get there? Tell us all your dark secrets!

From Tolu

If you are in Tolu, it means that you probably came from Capurgana. Or that a beautiful Colombian girl has kidnapped you, but you realised that it was a dude. As your heart is broken, you decide to go to Isla Mucura.  Song Pierre Perret – Estelle

You have to take two buses: one from Necocli to Monteria and then another one to Tolu so you will probably sleep one night there.

It sometimes hard to go directly to Monteria from Necocli. The best is to take a bus in the direction of Cartegena and ask the driver if he can drop you at Monteria.


  • Bus Necocli – Monteria: 20 000 COP
  • Bus Monteria – Tolu: 17 000 COP
  • Speed Boat: Between 30 000 and 50 000 COP.


  • Bus Necocli – Monteria: 2 hours
  • Bus Monteria – Tolu: 3 hours
  • A night in Tolu
  • Speedboat:  1 hour

In Tolu, you have a lot of companies selling a day tour to the archipelago of San Bernardo. The price is between 50 000 to 75 000 COP (depends on the season). You can bargain to have the boat ride to Isla Mucura cheaper.

Isla Mucura deserves more than one afternoon.

Backpacker profile: Flip Flop Backpacker

Have you been to Tolu? Do you have some others information about how to get there? Do you want to tell us about your broken heart story in Tolu?

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Where to sleep in Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura

So now you have to make the first choice. Do you want to stay in Casa En El Agua or Isla Mucura? Or both? What are you looking? Aaaaah so many questions. Your head is going to explode – No worry, I’m here to help you or to pick up the pieces of your brain.

In all case, the comfort will not be premium as you are on islands, but you don’t need so much to enjoy the place anyway. Do you?

Hostel Isla Mucura
Hostel Isla Mucura

You will also be food depend as you are in the middle of nowhere. Maybe, you can buy some snacks before going.

  • If you are looking for a party place, meeting new backpackers, listen to electronic music, Casa En El Agua will be an excellent option.
  • If you are looking for an island for yourself, calm and with a ping pong (may be complicated if you have no friend), Isla Mucura will be the perfect destination.
  • If you are on a budget, Isla Mucura is a better option.

All the islands are near, so it will be easy to visit around.

Do you want to have a quick glimpse of where to sleep in Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura? Watch the video below! HD and English subtitles.

Casa En El Agua

Surrounded by water, Casa En El Agua is an island/hostel. Bar and social area at the bottom and the rooms at the first floor. They have a lot of activities to do around. The snorkelling around the hostel is already wonderful. The hostel is very famous, so you HAVE TO book in advance. They accept only cash (Sometimes PayPal). Be ready to do party. As they don’t have a lot of space, the organisation can be a little tricky sometimes.



Backpacker profile: Double Bed Backpacker

On Isla Mucura, you have differents options for the accommodation. You don’t need to book in advance except maybe for Semana Santa.

Hostal Isla Mucura

It’s the biggest hostel on the island. They are also doing restaurant so you can buy a food package. And it’s delicious. And yes, they have a ping pong table.


  • Camping: 35 000 COP/ Person
  • Hammock: 35 000 COP/ Person
  • Dorm: 50 000 COP/ Person
  • Private (Kiosque): 200 000 COP/ 2 Persons
  • Private 4 persons: 280 000 COP/ 4 Persons
  • Cabins 8 persons: 600 000 COP/ 8 Persons
  • Food package (Breakfast, lunch and dinner): 40 000 COP/ Day


Backpacker profile: Double Bed Backpacker

Hostal Dahlandia

At the end of the island, near the village, you have another hostel even quieter than Hostal Mucura


  • Hammock: 80 000 COP with breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Private: 120 000 COP/ Person with breakfast, lunch and dinner.


  • Email:
  • Tel: 315 340 6052 // 312 522 4616
  • Facebook: TurismoDahlandia –  Don’t forget to check and like Tomplanmytrip at the same time!

Backpacker profile: Hammock Backpacker

Punta Faro

Do you want to celebrate a special occasion with your girlfriend? Punta Faro will be the perfect hotel. Chill place with an excellent staff who speak English, and they also organise for you a bunch of activities. The food is delicious and the rooms fantastic. If you have the budget, you should definitively try!

You have to stay minimum two night, and it’s possible to book by the internet.

Punta Faro, best hotel in the archipelago of San Bernardo

Price: Between 1 500 000 and 2 000 000 COP

Contact:  //

Backpacker profile: Castle Backpacker

Cheapest option

It’s also possible to do camping directly in the small village.

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What to do around Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura

You arrive on Isla Mucura. The boat comes to this HUGE hotel made of wood. A swimming pool, and a bridge on your right. Is it the hostel Isla Mucura? You walk on the dock and the wood crunches under your feet. A person comes to you and confirms what you were thinking. Nope, it’s not the Hostel Isla Mucura but the Mucura club hotel 

Even during the Semana Santa, The Mucura club hotel was  almost empty. It’s seems overpriced and I have no idea how It is making money.

You walk a little, and you find your accommodation. The manager is a beautiful girl with a big smile. In 15 seconds, you have all the information you need.

After that you set up your hammock, you are now going to watch the sunset with a beer. You decide to avoid the people from the “main beach”, and you go in the direction of the cabins of the hostel. In front, they have a cute small white sand beach with only four people.

Bah, you know these people!!! They are all German (yes, I’m sure you noticed that the Backpacker world was ruled by German and Dutch) and they were in La Playita 2 days before.

Butt and feet in the sand and speaker on, the sun is slowly disappearing in the Ocean.

Dom and I Watching the sunset on Isla Mucura

1 hour later, it’s time to the moon to appear. You decide to observe it from the bridge in Mucura club hotel. Confident, you walk through the gate still open. It’s big and shiny. Yep, it’s the full moon tonight. The wind starts blowing stronger. It’s going to be a little cold in your hammock this evening. Don’t forget to sleep with your jumper!

The first night was fantastic, let’s have a look at the activities around for the next days. And don’t hesitate to walk all around the island to discover some secret beaches.

Moonrise from a wood bridge on Isla Mucura
Moonrise from the bridge


Do you want to have a quick glimpse of what to do around Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura? Watch the video below! HD and English subtitles.


All the activities below are with the hostel Isla Mucura.

Snorkelling activities

Isla Palma is famous for its reef. However, I met people more people disappointed than happy. I guess it depends on your expectations and experience. Did you only snorkel in a place where you just have sand and two fish fighting for a piece of rock as in the Mediterranean Sea? Go for it!

Video of snorkelling around Isla Palma

Price: 35 000 COP

Time: Couple of hours

Contact: Hostel Isla Mucura

Bioluminescent Plankton

It’s possible to go to observe the Bioluminescent Plankton around the Mangroves by night.  Know that it depends on the moon (lighter it is, harder is to observe). Dive down a few meters and start tumble-turning, you will put the luminescent little creatures into a magical tailspin. Everyone will love it.

We passed on this activities as there was a full moon. Did you do it? Let us know!!!!

Price: 35 000 COP

Time: around 1 hour

Contact: Hostel Isla Mucura

Isla Tintipan

Isla Tintipan is the most beautiful island in the archipelago. You go there by speedboat to spend the day and come back to Isla Mucura.

Blue water, coconut tree and nobody. Few restaurants are offering you grilled fish, rice and patacones for lunch so think to take your wallet 😉

Price: 15 000 COP

Time: 15 min

Contact: Hostel Isla Mucura

Casa En El Agua

Yes! If you are staying in Isla Mucura, you can decide to spend the afternoon in Casa En El Agua. Cool vibes, nice snorkelling around, good music and a cocktail, can be a good way to spend the time.

Price: 15 000 COP

Time: 10 min

Contact: Hostel Isla Mucura

Visit of Santa Cruz del Islote

Bah, what is that? It’s simply the most densely populated island on earth with 0.12  km square and more than 1200 inhabitants. And the funny things: They have a big and empty island just in front of them.

Go by speedboat and ask him to come back to pick you up at the particular time.

Price: 15 000 COP

Time: 10 min

Contact: Hostel Isla Mucura

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Where to eat around Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura

It’s a good question. You can try to fish with some locals or alone. If your hands are still empty and you are starving, please have a look below.

Hostel Isla Mucura

The best is to buy the food package in the hostel. 40 000 COP included Breakfast, lunch and dinner are very not expensive for an island. And the meals are healthy !!!!

Price: 45 000 COP – Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Casa En El Agua

Why not organise a round trip with your friends to Casa En El Agua and have lunch there?

Price: Around 30 000 COP

Isla Tintipan

Do you have to have lunch in front of the sea? You feet buried in the sand? Do an excursion to Isla Tintipan and have lunch there!

Price: Around 25 000 COP

Cheapest option

You can’t cook on the islands around. If you want to save money, you can walk to the village. Basic meals will be around 10 000 COP, or you can also find some cheap empanadas and papas rellenas.

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Conclusion about Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura 

Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura are in the middle of a paradise. All the islands are near so you can easily travel by boat for a decent price. As it’s a little outside of the gringo trail, you don’t have too many people (Except Casa En El Agua). So this fantastic place is almost only for you.

It’s not so hard to get there, and you just have to be ready to take the speed boat or/and change few times buses. But, it’s worth it.

Think to bring some snack if you want to save money, but you will not have access to a kitchen.

Few activities and no internet, it will be the perfect moment to relax and disconnect from the real world. And you know what? It’s an incredible feeling. 😉

Time: 4 days

Budget a day: 130 000 COP (staying in Hostal Isla Mucura)

Backpacker Profile: Lost on an island

Tips: Withdraw a lots of cash before you arrive on the islands

Isla Mucura - Palm tree

Your life on the island was very chill: Sun, beer, Ping Pong, activities, sunset, beers. But now, you wish to go back to the civilisation, to have the choices between the restaurants and dance with the locals. Let’s go together to the famous city: Cartagena!! I will show you how to enjoy better than anyone the city in ONLY 48 hours 😉

Do you want to read more about Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura? I have selected for you some really cool articles and information:

Also, if you have some others cool places/ideas/activities around Casa En El Agua and Isla Mucura in Colombia or if you have noticed a different price, please let me know (Comments, email, Facebook) !!!

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