The Tools To Travel Like A Professional Backpacker

Are you a little scared about your first backpack adventure in Colombia?

You don’t know where to go to, how to find a good restaurant, where to sleep.

Moreover, what do you have to take in your backpack?? Is it warm all year round? Do you need a Visa? Oh s**t, I forgot to take an insurance.


I won’t lie to you. You will do some mistakes. Everyone does.

You will:

  • trust the wrong person
  • be lost in places where you have no idea how to take the next bus
  • be ripped off hundreds of time by the taxi drivers and street sellers
  • miss your bus
  • go to the wrong airport
  • follow this beautiful girl but she will ask you money at the end, etc.

But at the end, nothing is serious. All these “accidents’ will be funny stories for your friends and you will become stronger, more confident because you went outside of your comfort zone.

Nevertheless, I want to HELP YOU to have the best trip experience in Colombia.

First, did you download my Free Ebook? ==> Get the Perfect Ebook Guide of Colombia

Next, I’ve gathered all the Tools I use to save money and time while I’m travelling. Everyone loves Toolbox, enjoy 😉

What Can You Find In My Toolbox

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You have different categories, you can select them directly in the pull-down menu

  1. How to save money on the accommodations
  2. The applications and website to make your travelling life easier
  3. What should I put inside my backpack
  4. My Ebook to plan the best trip ever in Colombia
  5. How to get a cheap flight
  6. Oh shit, I forgot to take a travel insurance
  7. I refuse to give more money to my bank