You have many solutions to reduce your budget when you’re visiting a country. One of them is to save on the accommodations. And do you know the best part of it? It’s funnier and better than the traditional hotel!

How can you save money on the accommodation


Are you travelling alone and you wish to meet other people? Are you a friendly couple and want to do a big pool party? Are You thinking that meeting amazing people is as much important than monuments?


Are you a slow traveller. Are you taking the time in each place, and you’re never in a rush. It seems you reasonable to relax and chill in the morning and organise a visit/activity in the afternoon.

The best solution for you is to sleep in a HOSTEL

You can decide to share a dorm with other travellers or book a private room as a couple (or not) to have more privacy.

You will have to share the kitchen/bathroom.

Depending on the hostels, the social areas can be astounding: Ping Pong table, hammock, swimming pool, bar, billard, etc…

It’s my favourite kind of accommodation.

Thanks to the hostels, I’ve been able to:

  • Have the craziest party in my life like walking on the bar and drinking shooters after shooters for my birthday (Yep I don’t say it was smart) or do a mangina in front of everyone (I let you check on the internet if you don’t know what it is)
  • Swimming naked in the pool (classic)
  • Fall in love and have sex in not recommendable places
  • Do some 3 days muddy  trek without almost any preparation
  • Meet friends for life
  • Change my itinerary 135.5 times

How can you book the perfect hostel?


With more than 1 000 000 of different hotels, It’s the first website to find your next hotel or Bed & Breakfast at the best price.

Once you did you research, you can select the filter “hostel” in the category “Propriety type”. Use the description, the location, the notes and the reviews to make the best choice!

With Hostelworld

They have millions of hostels reviews, thousand of cities. The website is well done and accurate. It will help you to make the best choices in relation with your taste


Rent a place from an individual

Are you tired of meeting new people? Do you plan to stay few weeks in the same city? Do you just want to be alone (F***k people!)


Do you wish to spend a romantic week end with your lover? Are you travelling with your beautiful family?

It would be amazing to rent a place as long as you want, book it remotely with all the information you need and for a low price.


It’s possible! You can rent a house/room from an individual with Airbnb. It’s simple, safe and fast.

TIPS: You can also rent your own appartment during your vacation. Sometimes, the amount earned by the rent of you appartment is higher than the daily expenses of your travel. It means that you’re earning money while you’re travelling!! Insane! ==> Airbnb

Interested by Airbnb? You can click on the image below to subscribe. It’s free 🙂

Sleep on a couch for free

Do you want to meet locals and learn their language?  Is it important to you to understand the country where you’re travelling? Their history, politics, culture, etc.


Are you travelling on a shoestring budget, and you love sharing your experience, learn something new and cook for the others.

Couchsurfing might be a great experience for you.

You can use the website to look for a future host and send him a request. Everyone has a profile to fill up, and the users write references corresponding to the experiences they had. Thus, it’s easier if you have a lot of good references 😉

The best way is to start becoming a host yourself in your city. Open your apartment and let a traveller sleep on your couch! You will see, you will learn a lot!

Lovely traveller, some links in the article are affiliate links. There is no extra cost for you, and they can give me small commissions if you’re booking through my links. It’s helping me to keep the blog and all the information for free 🙂

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