Nowadays, many phone apps make the travel easier and safer. It can be complicated to know which ones are essentials and which ones are less important than Toilette paper with one layer only.

Which applications should you download on your phone

You have all the world in your pocket, and you consult any map with an internet connection! All you need to do in to download the map of the country before.

It’s even working with most of the different paths in the mountains! (You still need to receive a signal if you want to have your geolocalization)

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Book and pay a car with a private driver directly on your phone. It’s safe and straightforward. The driver will always know the direction by using his phone.

It’s a great solution if you are worried to take a taxi in a foreigner country.

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Easy Taxi

The number one taxi solution for consumers and businesses in 420 cities worldwide. Easy and safe to book your taxi because the service knows which one you have taken.

It’s a great solution if you are worried to take a taxi in a foreigner country.

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THE app to travel in the big city. They are employing complicated technologies (That I don’t understand) to give you the best itinerary with all the different kind of transportation used in the city.

You can download the maps on your phone, but you won’t have the geolocalisation if your phone is offline.

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In love with nature? Do you prefer trek without a guide?

Wikiloc gathers many paths added directly by the travellers. You can pay for optional features like the navigation pack and the live tracking.

You can download the map in advance and use it your phone with no need for internet access!

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The websites you should know

World Weather Online

It’s your best chance to attempt to know the season of the differents cities. You have all the records of the temperatures, rain precipitation, etc. of the last seven years.

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Happy Cow

Are you Vegetarian or Vegan? Are you tired to eat everyday rice, patacones and beans? Happy Cow is here to save you and put some new flavours in your mouth.  Select your city and find all the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants!!

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National parks Colombia (Parques Nationales Naturales de Colombia)

Find all the information about any National Parks of Colombia (Price, information, fauna and flora, indigenous, etc.). It’s only in Spanish.

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