The price of a flight is sometimes higher than the budget of one month of travel. Fortunately, you have some perfect website to help you to have the best prices

How can I get cheap flight

But first, I would like to write down the different tips I learned during my travels

  1. Avoid the weekends, the holidays, the public holidays. I like the function of Google flight; You can see the different prices in the calendar when you’re a selecting the departure and arrival dates
  2. Think to look at different cities for the arrivals and the departures. It’s possible to have a big price difference
  3. Don’t put a dead elephant in your bag. First, it’s bad! Second, the airline company charges a lot the extra weight
  4. Do you have a travel credit card? There is a great explanation from Matt Nomadic
  5. Use Momondo and Skyscanner to compare all the flights in the world and get the best price


Skyscanner compares millions of flights to find you the cheapest deal, fast. Whether you want to go to Cali or Bogota, they’ll find low-cost flights to get you there.

The utilisation of the website is free with no hidden charges and no added fees


It’s the main competitor of Skyscanner. They check the prices of thousands of airlines companies. They even won lots of awards as best flight comparison site. If you are using Skyscanner and Momondo, you’re sure to have the best deals!

Click on the images if you want to know how much you will pay for your next travel in Colombia!


Google flight

Find cheap flights and airline tickets. Google Flights helps you compare and track airfares on hundreds of airlines to help you find the best flight deals.

They have a great function: Explore your destination. It allows you to find the cheapest city to travel from any airport

You have a great article from Johnny Jet on Forbs about 8 amazing tips Google flight! 

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