[Costa Rica] Episode 2 – The Caribbean coast of Costa Rica

2 nice stops on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica

CAHUITA -23 & 24 December 2016

6 am, wake up naturally. It’s funny how it’s easy to wake up early when you are on vacation. Big breakfast, now direction our first national park on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica: Cahuita National Park. 2 min far away from the toilette of our Apartment in Cahuita. So cool.

Apartment River Side – Cahuita
Morning in Cahuita, Costa Rica

Nobody on the path, it’s quiet!!!! We are looking for animals. Dad loves birds. We prefer monkeys and sloths.

Cahuita National Park, Costa Rica

Waiting for dad for the third time in 3 minutes. Take a chance to look around. Bim! A sloth sleeping at 2 m from us. Like a smooth hairy ball, he doesn’t care about the life around him. Cute. I want to hug him, my sister, too. We know we can’t. We continue.

30 min later, meeting with howler monkeys. Far at the beginning, they come to us step by step. Some of them jump as Spiderman from tree to tree. It’s impressive. A baby tries to do the same. Approach the end of the branch, wait, jump. Suspense…. He succeeds. We applause.

Fuck, we are in a trap! Monkeys are doing their show so the mosquitos can eat us alive. We run.

Arrive in Punta Cahuita. We are alone. Time to swim. Mum is looking for the sun. The Courant is strong. It’s maybe better after.

Playa Blanca, Cahuita national park, Costa Rica
Punta Cahuita, Cahuita National Park, Costa Rica

A boat with some tourists arrives on the beach. We are not sharing. We leave. We can’t stay longer anyway because we need to check out at 12.00 am.

We continue our trip on the Caribbean Coast. Direction Puerto Viejo. On the way, I ate one of the best sandwiches in the last 18 month. The bus is high-speed. It’s only 45min from Cahuita.

Basilic, Cahuita National Park, Costa Rica
Bird, Cahuita National Park, Costa Rica

Christmas on the Caribbean Coast in Puerto Viejo

Looking for our Airbnb. The only address we have is Puerto Viejo and a big dote in the sea on our Google map.

Call, going back 4 times. After 30min walking in a circle, we find the place. It was near the first place we went at the beginning…

Small wood house, 1 floor, in the middle of the jungle. We are just at 100 m from the beach but this place seems totally lost. Birds are whistling the welcoming. I think as I don’t speak the bird language. The swimming pool is half full because there is a hole in it. Life is shit. I cry. (joke)

Airbnb in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
View on our garden, Puerto Viejo

With dad, we take the bicycles to go to the centre. Our mission: Find the food for Christmas. Tonight, it’s chakchouka. It’s an Israel meal. We need a lot of veggies. Lucky us, Costa Rica has plenty of food in its supermarkets.

Shopping is easy, we have time for a beer. Time to come back. Guacamole, homemade chips, chakchouka and red wine are perfect together. No special dress code for tonight, just relax and smile.  Pass out around 11h00 pm.

For Christmas, you will chill. 25 December 2016

It’s Christmas Day. Nobody realises it because we are in tee-shirt, short and flip flop on the balcony. I offer a Shakira to Emma and Patricia. My dad has a Mola. Both are presents from San Blas, the islands where I’m working as a guide.

Shakira, San Blas Island. Kuna Bracelet

Chill out during the morning. Expedition in town in the afternoon. Puerto Viejo is an excellent place where you can feel the hippie wave. All the activities are on the main street in the centre and the road following the coast. Do you want to go somewhere? Take a bicycle and do some exercise. The town is also a location for the surfer. Beers and bars on the coast, listening Reggae or Deep House. A cool dreadlocks dude is our DJ for this end of the afternoon.

Beach, Puerto Viejo, Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
Phone call from Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

We eat again Chakchuca. Mum and Emma give up.

Visit of the Jaguar Rescue Center, 26 December 2017.

We have to check out this morning and the mission for today is to go to the Jaguar Rescue Center. There is only one visit at 9h30 am before our bus to San Jose. Take our backpack, direction the town on foot then we jump in a cab.

The centre is very famous in the area. They heal all the animals that people brings and they release them in nature. Very nice concept even if the entrance is expensive: 20 dollars

You can see volunteers taking care of monkeys. When they are babies, they are like me. They are always missing affection. So girls need to hug them all day long.

Sloths are also present and represent a big percentage of the animals rescued. Most of the time, it’s because of dogs or electric line.

Locals are not a big fan of the centre. They said it’s still a zoo and the centre needs an animal to ask 20 dollars to the tourists. I understand the logic behind but how many animals could have been saved thanks to this centre?

I believe it’s a good initiative, so I still like them. Oh, do you know? In Costa Rica, you can’t release a speaking parrot. Otherwise, he could teach it to all the others parrots in the jungle.

Beach Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
Simple life, happy life. Puerto Viejo

Time to catch our bus to San Jose.

Tips for the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica:

  • By the entrance in Cahuita, you pay the entrance fee you want.
  • The fur of the sloth is “alive”. Many insects are leaving in this smooth hairy ball.
  • The howler monkey used to defend their territory by throwing their poop to their opponents.
  • Think to put some repellent before your visit of the National Park.
  • You need time to visit the National Park. Go early. It’s easily 6 hours. They open at 6 am.
  • Only 2 visits a day for the Jaguar Rescue Center. 9H30 and 11H30.

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