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Me taking a picture of the sea in Cabo de la Vela.

A French guy with a French accent (Crazy right?), people say that I’m a funny guy even if they don’t understand me all the time. They all agree on the fact that I have a big tendency to talk shit when I’m eating a sandwich (Ref: How I Met Your Mother).

I lived all around the Mediterranean sea, from Prades to Beausoleil. Being a student in Montpellier, I then got a job in Monaco. Managing the finance of a security company was the second big experience of my life, after my passion for poker. (Thank you Sascha, Bernd and Thien for your trust).

I had to take decisions, speak another language, manage people, deal with millions of dollars… During this period, I had the feeling I wanted to become more mature, to know myself better. I’m sure you already experienced this feeling, no?

Then It was the time for travel. It always has been here, somewhere inside of me. I didn’t even hesitate when I said to my boss I wanted to leave the following year.

Two years of backpacking later, I realized that I didn’t really know myself before this trip. Because you don’t go out of your comfort zone enough, you have less questions about yourself. It’s like if you don’t dig enough. Do you know what I mean?

I know that Backpacking is not for everyone. But, we should all try it once. Because if you like it, it’s going to be very hard for you to stop – like a drug. And the reward of travelling will be amazing.

I decided to share my passion with other people. With this blog, I am trying to convince people to experience backpacking in Colombia. A country that will stay in my heart forever.