How to Convince your GrandMa To Travel To Colombia (40 Cool Reasons)

How to Convince your GrandMa To Travel To Colombia (40 Cool Reasons)

When I told my friends that I wanted to travel to Colombia, they asked me ” But, why do you plan a tour in Colombia?”

Then, when I canceled my trip around the world to come back to Colombia, people questioned me again “But, why  do you want to fly to Colombia?

And now that I’ve decided to live in Colombia, guess what people are saying: “But, why do you want to work in Colombia tourism?

When you’re traveling, some countries kick you in the gut. You’re more at ease; everything seems natural. It’s my case with Colombia.

This country has stolen my heart. So let me answer this recurrent question that keeps on burning your mouth: But Why  Do I love Colombia?

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1. The smile of the Colombians

Colombians are curious by nature. They don’t hesitate to observe you without embarrassment.  And if you meet their look, they will smile at you  – sometimes with their eyes too. It’s funny how the “I look at you” culture is different from one country to another. In China, they’re faking to take pictures all around them to have a secret snapshot of your face. In France, they… just don’t care and look at their feet in the subway.

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2. Visit Colombia and Become friends with the locals

After a few days of traveling through Colombia, you will be “shocked” by the kindness of the people. At first, you are suspicious – And it’s normal, how can you imagine a world like that. You avoid answering their smile or questions and refuse to listen to their advice or invitation. Then, you start being used to it. Step by step, you open a little more your heart to all this kindness. At the end of your trip to Colombia, it seems natural for you to share an Ajiaco (traditional meal from Bogota) with people you met 1 hour ago.

Friendship TRIP TO Colombia

3. Communicate with sign language if you speak English only while visiting Colombia

Colombians are not the best people to talk in English with – Except for some youths from Bogota or Medellin. But, they are very patient to try to understand you. Take your time, a deep breath, use the 2-3 words that you’ve learned from a Spanish book – Si, Por Favor, and Cerveza – and translate all the other words with your hands. It’s always funny to observe an Australian trying to speak another language. But you know what? It’s the best way to learn 😉

Yida Sign Langage trip to Colombia

4. Learn some slang during your trip to Colombia to show off with your friends

Like in any country, Colombians are using their slang – Chilians are the Nb 1, it’s not even Spanish anymore. It’s perfect to impress your friends and to make Colombians smile. They will love you in less than 30.4 seconds. I’m a big fan of “Que Chimba” (super cool), “Parcero” (Friends, Medellin expression), “Chevere” (super cool), “Marica” (Gay, friendly expression between friends).

Slang teacher trip to Colombia

5. You never have the feeling to be lost if you Travel to Colombia

You always find someone to help you during your trip to Colombia. Once, I arrived in San Antero without knowing anything about the town. I was planning to go to Capurgana, and I wanted to discover some other parts of the Caribbean Coast on my way. The shuttle drops me in the center, and I decide to have lunch before looking for a place. In 10 min, the owner speaks with me, advises me a hotel and calls a friend with a bike to pick me up.

Mud volcano trip to Colombia

I arrived at Manglecolorao hotel. I ate delicious seafood, surrounded by a lovely family vibe. In 3 days, I’ve been asked to play “je l’aime à mourir” with a ukulele minimum 5 times – I had the feeling to be a rockstar -, went to a mud volcano and received 34 mangos for free – That I couldn’t finish.

6. Colombians call you Corazon, Papy, Mi Amor, A la Orden all the time

I’m not coming from a place where you receive a thank you for every good service. Most of the time, it seems natural that you have to do it. It’s fabulous to hear a “Corazon” or a “Mi Amor” when you say good morning or thank you to a lady. Would you like to know my favorite?

” A la Orden mi Amor” – Oh my gosh, you’re killing me Mamita. (At your service my love)

Check out this post to learn some useful colombian expressions.

Colombian girl Taganga trip to Colombia

7. Travel to Colombia to Sleep in amazing hostels

There are plenty of hostels in Colombia. It became a business because more and more travelers are falling in love with this country. They take their chance to establish some atypical places to welcome the new backpackers. And the result is astonishing! Casa Loma in Minca, Casa En El Aire near Medellin, The Dreamer in Palomino, The Wandering paisa in Medellin, La Serrana in Salento, Casa En El Agua (San Bernardo) and many others. They all have a different energy and awesome vibe to offer.

Casa En el Agua trip to Colombia
Credit: @ticcoish

8. Live within the Darien Gap – A great Colombia Experience

Near the border with Panama, two towns will remain in my heart. With my guide job on San Blas, I’ve been living there for 1 year. I’ve learned to love – and sometimes hate – this place. It’s a little far away from everything, and you can only reach it by boat. There is no car, and for me, it’s like a TeleNovela where everyone knows the dirty secrets of everyone. Not touristy yet – Except by Colombians -, there are cool beaches, waterfalls, fruit juices, homemade ice creams – I miss you Chila! Ah yes, the towns are Capurgana and Sapzurro.

You should try to get there if you plan a trip to Colombia!

Cabo Tiburon Sapzurro Trip to Colombia

9. Travel to Colombia to Chill on islands in the Caribbean Sea

Fortunately for us, only Cartagena,  Rosario Islandsand Santa Marta are famous on the Caribbean coast. If you travel to Colombia, you will have access to incredible islands where almost nobody goes – Except during the Colombian holidays. I swear, I had the feeling to be like Richard Branson with less hair. Go and have a look at unusual trees on Isla Fuerte, play ping pong on Isla Mucura, and swim in the 7 colors sea in Providencia.

Isla Mucura San Bernardo Trip to Colombia
Credit: @anama0430

10. Kitesurfing in the desert of La Guajira, a magical Colombia destination

Yep, there are also deserts in Colombia. La Guajira desert is in the North. The northern city is Cabo de la Vela. It’s an adventure to arrive, but it’s part of the fun – You should do it by yourself. But Cabo is not only famous for its geographic location. It’s also the Mecca if you want to do Kitesurfing and Windsurfing. It never rains, and the wind is omnipresent. There are plenty of schools just waiting for you. Travel to Colombia and become a flying superstar!

Kitesurfing trip to Colombia

11. Travel to Colombia to visit the most northern point of South America

From Cabo de la Vela, you can book a 2-days tour to go to Punta Gallinas (Jeep and boat). There are flamingos, a fantastic landscape made of dunes, different blue waters, sandy rocks and you can try the best hammocks of your life. They called it Chinchorro. OMG, you have to try it, it’s better than a bed. I made a mistake by choosing a “simple” hammock the first time. I was so jealous of Dom (my travel buddy).

Punta Gallinas trip to Colombia

12. Watch the whales on the Pacific coast with a Colombia travel guide

You can have access to the Pacific Coast by boat or flight only. And the inhabitants refuse to build a road to their hometown. Black sand, cliffs, intense nature and music. It’s all you need. You can forget the internet on the Pacific Coast if you travel to Colombia. You go fishing, dancing in rhythm with percussions and running naked in the jungle – optional. Then you can observe the whales from a tiny boat.

Whale Watching Pacific Coast Trip to Colombia
Credit: @annysadventures / Website: annysadventures

13. Travel to Colombia to Discover the Amazon

Did you know there is a town on the border with 3 countries? That you can observe pink dolphins, piranhas, parrots, monkeys, Mowgly – Ok for him, I’m not sure yet – easily? Take a flight from Bogota to Leticia and come to live a unique experience. Treks in the jungle, Ecological park, hostel surrounded by animals – mosquitos included – and learn about the indigenous culture. You should stay 5 days minimum, and if you’re researching by the police, you can escape to Brazil or Peru through the river.

Parrots - Leticia trip to Colombia
Credit: @raul.gmt

14. Travel to Colombia to Hike amazing mountains

There are 3 branches of the Andes crossing all Colombia. These mountains cover 33 % of the country! As a result, there is the possibility to hike through amazing and unusual landscapes like the Paramo (a unique ecosystem between the treeline and the glaciers in Colombia), relax in natural hot springs and climb 5000 m altitude summits. Most of them are protected and sometimes you need the authorization to explore them (booking in advance or with a guide). I went to the Paramo of Los Nevados. It was cold and muddy. We have been lost in the area called “The lost valley” – What a coincidence! It was an adventure I will never forget.

15. Live in a National Park without A Colombian guide

There are 58 protected areas in Colombia, and they represent 11% of the territory. Tayrona Park is one of the most famous. Its access is easy, flat -Almost- and on the Caribbean Coast. For these reasons, it can be super touristy. Fortunately for you, most of the people are just going to Cabo San Juan. Travel to Colombia and wander 3 days without a guide in the Sierra Nevada. It’s one of my favorite places to visit in Colombia.

Cabo San Juan Tayrona trip to Colombia

16. The tallest palm trees in the world, a fantastic Colombia tourist attraction

They can be up to 60 m high. I tried to size them myself, but I’m way too short to be efficient. So I’ve decided to use my fingers. We all have a mate saying “You know buddy, the gap between my thumb and my pinky is a perfect 20 cm“. After 5 attempts, I failed with this technique too. So I invite you to come to Valle de Cocora and do the experience yourself – Instead of laughing behind your screen :D.

Valle de Cocora trip to Colombia

17. Birdwatching in the best spots in Colombia

There are 1900 species of birds in Colombia. It’s 20% of the total number of species on the planet. Be ready to observe Parrots, Hummingbirds, Andean Condor, Colombian Woodpecker, Quetzal… – You have to be lucky to spot the more rare ones. All Colombia is a playground for Birds lover, especially the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta, Los Nevados, the rainforest in Antioquia, the Amazon and the Pacific coast.

Andean - Cock of the rock trip to Colombia

18. Visit a peaceful and splendid Colombian colonial town

The sun is going up quickly from behind the mountains. Now, the sunlight reaches the white walls of the houses. Two kids wearing the same uniform, brother and sister I suppose, are walking on the cobblestones of the street. It’s Monday, and it’s time to go to school. Both are smiling and join their friends in the main square. Around, in the shade of the balconies, some men are already drinking coffee, sitting on their colorful chairs.

Isn’t it lovely? Welcome to the countryside of Colombia. I’m a big fan of Villa de Leyva and the Department of Antioquia. You should definitely pass by there if you travel to Colombia.

Villa de Leyva trip to Colombia

19. Have fun with the river/waterfalls when traveling to Colombia

In Nature, I love big trees and water. I guess it wakes up my “Peter Pan” side and makes me want to jump and swim everywhere – I don’t want to become a boring adult, fuck that. Do you like that too? Have a look at the tallest waterfall (La Chorrera) near Bogota, swim in some natural “hole-tube” in Las Gachas or admire the 7 colors river in La Macarena. Say hi to Wendy for me.

20. Travel to Colombia to Visit a typical coffee farm

Colombian coffee is famous in all the world. An effective marketing campaign (Juan Valdez’s Character) took place around the 30’s to promote the quality of their beans. They select all the good seeds for the exportation and keep the bad ones in the country – more or less. Some Finca/Hacienda – Farm – are open to the public. You can learn more about the coffee history and the different processes. You will find most of them in the coffee triangle (Armenia; Manizales; Pereira).

21. Learn Salsa in Cali, A unique Colombia Experience

Every night, there is a party somewhere. The game is always the same. First, they glance at each other, evaluating their skills, and wondering how it would be together. The music stops, another one starts, and he takes the occasion to grab her wrist. Their bodies are flying on the stage, their eyes half-closed to feel the music. They are beautiful, and the other dancers stop dancing to observe them. You think they are falling in love, that in the end, they will run away from the club to take a taxi. But the music stops, another one starts again, and another man takes her hand. Without any last look, the alchemy between these two ephemeral lovers disappeared. Welcome to Cali.

Cali Feria trip to Colombia

22. Be drunk with happiness and dance, dance, dance

There are many different kinds of sounds and dances in Colombia. Colombians spend their days in music, dancing with life without any worries. Ok, they have an advantage, they have rhythm in their blood. Boys are dancing with their mum since they are kids. Stand up from your chair, smile, and let your body speaks instead of your mouth

23. To discover that in the end, you like Reggaeton

I can already hear people saying: “Heresy! This Tom has no taste”. First, you’re partly right. I have a preference for old rock/indie or Deep techno, but I’m able to listen to any music if I like the rhythm. I agree, the lyrics are shit and degrading for women. But you have to admit one thing, when there is a Reggaeton song at a party, you only want to do one thing, moving your body like Enrique!

Reggaeton trip to Colombia

24. Sunday is a party day with Vallenato

Ok, this one is a special one, and you need to go to Capurgana to understand it. I’m always amazed how Colombians think about Sunday as a party day. Most of us (Europeans, Americans, etc.) are crying on Sunday – most of the time with a hangover – because the next day is Monday. But during my travels to Colombia, it was the day to put out speakers, beers, tables, and dominos to play and gamble.

Valledupar trip to Colombia

25. Electronic music in Bogota, best Colombia city for partying at night

Bored with Colombian music? You want to dance alone, only moving your head and shoulders from left to right. I agree it can be relaxing. In Bogota, there is a significant electronic music culture. Skip Medellin or Cartagena if you want to enjoy an excellent electronic party in a club. And travel to the capital of Colombia!

Electronic Music Bogota trip to Colombia
Credit: @cluboctava

26. The carnival in Barranquilla and Feria de Las Flores in Medellin

Barranquilla in Colombia is the third biggest carnival in the world. There are parades and foam fights every day but what I’ve really enjoyed is the vibe in the streets at night!!! Speakers are out – as usual – at every street corners, youths and old people dance together, and the birds can hear the laughs of the Colombian Grandma. Tomorrow doesn’t matter. Tonight the music is on and everyone dances to celebrate it.

The Feria de Las Flores in Medellin is one of the events you don’t want to miss if you travel to Colombia in August. Every year, the city organizes a HUGE festival where the inhabitants are competing to build the most impressive floral designs. And with Colombia being one of the main producers of flowers in the world, let me tell you they’ve got the talent for creating fantastic work of arts made with billions of petals.

Read the article written by CircaWanderlust to discover 10 other Colombian Festivals!

👉 Learn about the most famous festivals in Colombia.

Barranquilla Carnaval trip to Colombia

27. Settle in Colombia, A perfect place for digital nomads

Before, people who wanted to travel the world had to set up for a time in big cities and look for a job (waiter, teacher, etc.). Thanks to technology, there is another alternative now. You can work remotely from your computer. Welcome to the digital nomad world. Colombia -especially Medellin – is a perfect destination for that.

Medellin Digital Nomad Trip to Colombia

28. Attend a Football game at the Stadium when you travel to Colombia

I’m receiving buckets of water on my head for 20 min. It seems the weather is not happy tonight. Whatever it is, I’m waiting in line with my group of friends. The Security guard checks us; I guess we don’t look like bad boys as it’s done quickly. We take our seat – which looks more like a small bath now -, and I wave a guy to get a beer. My friend stops me before I commit a horrible crime. It’s without alcohol. I’m thinking “whaaat da fu***ck” but say “no I’m fine. Thank you”. I hear a whistle, the game starts. People are all standing, in the rain with their green plastic poncho. They sing, jump, applause, yell at the referee. It gonna be a fun football match.

29. Play Tejo, a Colombian national sport

One day, a smart guy wakes up with a brilliant idea. He decides to create a game where the goal is to throw metal disks into a box full of clay, iron circles, and papers with small quantities of gunpowder inside them to make some explosions.

Ok, It’s not the real story, but it gives you a rough idea of what Tejo is.

Tejo Trip to Colombia

30. Take a nap in the hammocks while visiting Colombia

I have a fusional relationship with hammocks. I had to use them many times at my job, and I think nobody can feel sad about it. It’s a cozy cocoon that can swing. It’s hard to do better, no? Colombia has perfect weather all year long for hammocks. It’s always the best time to visit Colombia

Hammock trip to Colombia

31. Drink a cold Aguila to escape the heat in Colombia

Aguila is like Reggaeton. First, you’re not a fan, then you don’t care, and in the end, you like it. If you travel to Colombia, you will quickly notice the weather is humid and warm. You will be happy to get a cold beer in your hands.

Aguila trip to Colombia

32. Drink amazing juices and eat weird/unknown fruits

I tried a fruit which was supposed to be like viagra, I ate another one with a cheese taste – Disgusting – but what I remember the most are the delicious fruit juices that I could have every morning, every lunch, every afternoon. Sellers are everywhere, be curious, try them all!

Fruit juice trip to Colombia

33. Eat amazing homemade spicy sauces with your Colombian meals

Colombians don’t like spices. But they make AMAZING homemade spicy sauces. They mix chilly, garlic, spring onions, and some secret ingredients. I always camp in front of the stand with my empañadas. The spoon of the spicy sauce stays in my hand until my snack is over – Except when someone is waiting. In this case, I’m sad.

Spicy sauce trip to Colombia

34. Eat hundreds of different arepas, A Colombian food specialty

I’m not a big fan of arepas – My friends know that quite enough. But arepas are part of the Colombian culture, and you can eat many different ones. It’s like when Tom Hanks explains what we can do with shrimps. You can find Arepas with eggs, with cheese, for breakfast, for hamburgers, from Medellin, from Venezuela, with butter, dry, not dry etc.

Arepa trip to Colombia

35. Time doesn’t matter when you travel to Colombia

The soldier’s minute. In a battle that’s all you get. One minute of everything… at once. And anything before is nothing. Everything after… nothing. Nothing in comparison to that one minute” – Thomas – Peaky Blinders.

Colombians have a different relationship with time. They just don’t care as much as we do. It’s why they can’t answer you correctly to the question: – And, how long does it take?  I’m still pissed of when I have to wait 30 min at the cashier in a supermarket, but I’m learning 🙂

time in Colombia

36. Plans are made to be changed during your trip to Colombia

We all like to make plans, bestand it’s normal. It’s reassuring. Do you remember how annoying it is when you have to change your plans sometimes? Ok, this situation will happen all the time in Colombia. But you don’t care because there is always a solution and someone to help you during your trip to Colombia. It’s magical but true. Like Woody Allen said, whatever works 😉

Change your plan trip to Colombia

37. Learn to do nothing during your adventure in Colombia

You will have plenty of time doing nothing while traveling to Colombia: Because you have to wait for a flight, because you are on a bus or because you’re fucking lost, with no battery and you’re expecting someone comes to help you. In any case, take the example of this old grandpa on his chair in front of his door. He’s chill and happy to do nothing. Try, it’s not so easy to do!

Doing nothing Jardin Colombia

38. Travel to Colombia now because It’s not touristy yet

Colombia is not touristy yet – Except few places like Tayrona, Santa Marta, Cartagena, Poblado, and Salento. It’s a chance for us because it’s more authentic. Many travelers are spreading the words that Colombia is incredible – like me -, so hurry up! But you have to promise me one thing. Respect the country and the people! Let’s keep this fantastic vibe of dance and kindness. Don’t be the stupid vacuum guy coming for his white powder.

Colombia cali Friends

39. You can see the smile of the moon and the shade of a rabbit

As the moon is only the reflecting light of the sun, we see it differently according to where we are on earth. In Colombia, the moon is smiling at us. You can even see the shape of a rabbit when it’s full moon. And I swear I wasn’t drunk!

Moon rabbit trip to Colombia

40. Make your own opinion of Colombia

This point will be the last, and it will serve as a conclusion. Many people have a terrible idea of Colombia because they see it only through the headlines in the newspaper and the Narco’s series. It’s true that Colombia had a bloody history and the country is not perfect. There are still drug problems and paramilitaries in the country. But you know what, they don’t give a shit about the tourists. 

I have got a survey online asking the travelers who have been to Colombia to give their opinion. For now, 35 travelers have answered. I let you read the results.

Edit: Last results: 44 Yes & 1 No

Survey trip to Colombia

Crazy, right?

And now, grab your mp3 full of songs about Traveling and be ready to explore Colombia!

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  1. Gladys says:

    Everything is so true
    Now when I listen to reggae ton I want to dance which was not an option two month ago !
    I realize there are still lots of things I have missed in two months being there… it’s only been 6 days I am out of colombia and yet I want to come back…
    Best country in the world !

    • says:

      I’m learning some reggaeton on my Ukulele. It’s terrible… hahaha. You’re so cute with the monkey on your picture!!

  2. Becci Abroad says:

    I can so understand why you fell in love with Colombia! I only spent a month there and left with the feeling of wanting more 😉 And your post just made me so aware of aaaall the things I missed.

    Great reasons you have come up with for visiting! I laughed so much with your description of the place that feels like “a TeleNovela where everyone knows the dirty secrets of everyone”. Soooo, great a picture in South America!

    Thanks for sharing! Will share on Twitter 😉

    • says:

      Oh, Thank you for your kind words Becci!! And I understand why you fell in love with B.A. – I had a great time there too!

  3. Daniel says:

    Thanks for the blog. I’ve been to Colombia last year and loved it – that’s why I’m going back this year (2019) for more. I’m super excited about Santa Marta region, Minca in particular.

    Country is safe enough, beautiful and cheap. From gorgeous Cartagena to wild Amazon in the same country. Did I mention it’s cheap everywhere and you good food!!! So far my retirement destination 🙂

  4. Angela Santana says:

    Thanks for your blog. It’s totally accurate. Always I read one of your articles, I cannot stop smiling. I am Colombian, I love my country. Anything that you or any traveler need don’t hesitate to contact me, I would help as much as I can. It’ll be my pleasure.

    Instagram: sapuaradevica

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