Best Hostels and Hotels In Villa De Leyva

Did you know there are many excellent hostels and hotels in Villa de Leyva?

The city is a perfect romantic getaway and Colombians love to travel Villa de Leyva on the weekend to escape from their busy life in Bogota. Cobblestone streets, delicious restaurants, pleasant biking trips, top-notch accommodation, there are all the right conditions to spend a joyful moment before going back home.

I have been to Villa de Leyva 3 times and, through this post, I want to help you choose the hotel that is best for you.

Our favorite accommodation:

There are many beautiful colonial villages in the Boyaca department that are not easy to visit if you don’t have a car. Our local partner offers excellent trips from Bogotá to visit Villa de Leyva, Paipa, Raquira, Zipaquira, Iza and many more!

The Best Hostels in Villa de Leyva

Staying in hostels is an excellent way of traveling. It’s perfect for saving money and meeting other travelers. Moreover, you can decide to sojourn in private rooms to avoid sharing a dorm with a noisy-snorer-sleepwalker traveler.

Villa de Leyva is a small Colombia colonial town. There is no district to pick. You should only decide if you prefer to have your hostel in or outside of Villa de Leyva.

Still, it will be easier for you to plan your tours in Villa de Leyva if you’re hotel is not too far away from town.

$$ – Renacer Guesthouse |Peaceful & Charming

Renacer Guesthouse hostel in Villa de Leyva

The Renacer guesthouse is a lovely hostel outside of town. The flourishing garden, the many wood constructions, and the hammocks offer travelers a peaceful vibe looking for a place to rest. It’s a bit of a walk from the main square – around 20 min -, but it’s the price to pay to get a great view of the mountains. Moreover, the Renacer hostel pays you back the taxi fare when you arrive – 6 000 COP.

The + + + | Hostel Renacer Guesthouse in Villa De Leyva

  • Home feeling
  • Peaceful and ideal for resting
  • Restaurant
  • Hammocks
  • Lovely garden and amazing view
  • Friendly staff
  • Camping Allowed

The – – – | Hostel Renacer Guesthouse in Villa De Leyva

  • 20 min walking from the center
  • The path is a bit dark at night, and there are noisy dogs
  • No Breakfast included if you’re sleeping in dorms

$$ – Hostel Xue | Awesome owners

Xue hostel in Villa de Leyva

Hostel Xue is a big house at the entrance of Villa De Leyva. The two owners know very well the surroundings and are always willing to give heaps of tips. Moreover, they like to cook dinner for everyone, and you can rent bikes for cheaper than in town 😉

The + + +| Xue Hostel in Villa De Leyva

  • Helpful owners with many great tips
  • Renting bikes
  • Comfy beds
  • Spacious Dorms

The – – -| Xue Hostel in Villa De Leyva

  • No breakfast included
  • 1 shared bathroom for the dorms

Fantastic posada and hotels in Villa de Leyva

There are many different boutique hotels in Villa de Leyva that would be perfect for your romantic getaway.

$$$ – Hotel Antonio Nariño | Perfect Location

Antonio Narino one of the best hotels villa de leyva

Hotel Antonio Nariño is an excellent hotel for travelers who want to be in the center of Villa De Leyva. The building is a beautiful colonial house with a vast courtyard surrounded by balconies made of woods.

The + + +| Antonio Nariño Hotel in Villa de Leyva

  • Colonial Building
  • Open courtyard
  • Friendly staff
  • Great location

The – – -| Antonio Nariño Hotel in Villa de Leyva

  • Breakfast not available
  • A bit noisy in the morning if you’re a late riser

$$ – Amonia Casa de Huespedes | Pleasant design

Amonita Casa Huespedes

Amonia Casa de Huespedes is the ideal option for travelers who wish to enjoy Villa de Leyva’s atmosphere while being in a quiet location. This Bed&Breakfast, located 5 min. from the city center, is composed of some very pleasant habitations, whose architectural style is typical of the department of Boyocá. The garden is very well laid out, and you will find many shady places to enjoy your delicious breakfast!

The + + + | Amonia Casa de Huespedes in Villa de Leyva

  • Beautiful architecture
  • Pleasant garden
  • Calm
  • Very good breakfast
  • Excellent value for money
  • Lovely owners

$$ – Hotel Campestre La Periquera | Nature

Campestre La Periquera Hotel in Villa de leyva

Hotel Campestre is located near the waterfall La Periquera – 30 min away from Villa De LeyvaThe place is surrounded by nature and animals. It’s the perfect spot to reconnect with nature and recharge the batteries.

The + + + | Hotel Campestre La Periquera

  • Surrounded by nature
  • Breakfast included
  • 15 min away from the waterfalls
  • Peaceful

The – – -| Hotel Campestre La Periquera

  • You need a car or a taxi to get there – dirt road
  • 30 min drive from town

$$ – Hotel Suite Arcoris | Hidden Gem

Suite Arcoiris Hotel in Villa de Leyva

Hotel Suite Arcoris is a hidden gem full of colorful paintings. The establishment is located on the top of a steep hill, above Villa de Leyva. Travelers can enjoy a great view of the mountains while taking their breakfast.

The + + + | Suite Arcoris Hotel 

  • Common Kitchen
  • Included Breakfast
  • Astonishing view
  • Lovely building
  • Great Decoration
  • Friendly Staff

The – – – | Suite Arcoris Hotel 

  • You need a car or a taxi to get there – dirt road – 15 000 COP
  • 1-hour walk from Town
  • Bad Internet

$$$ – Boutique Hotel Casa Terra | Perfect

Casa Terra one of the best hotels villa de leyva

The boutique hotel Casa Terra is a fantastic establishment that seduces every traveler in Villa de Leyva. The owners are always ready to help and love to give many awesome tips to visit the village. Located 350 m away from the Plaza Mayor, The boutique hotel Casa Terra is a peaceful place. Inside, the rooms are gorgeous and well decored. What are you waiting for?

The + + + | Casa Terra Boutique Hotel in Villa de Leyva

  • Friendly owners
  • Delicious Breakfast
  • Great decoration
  • Comfy Bedrooms
  • Perfect location

$$ – Hotel Maria Bonita | Friendly Staff

Maria Bonita Hotel in Villa de leyva

Hotel Maria Bonita is a great colonial building located on the outskirt of Villa de Leyva. The staff is friendly and does his best to make your stay remarkable. The rooms are clean and spacious. Moreover, the large patio brings a lot of light inside the establishment.

The + + + | Maria Bonita Hotel 

  • Spacious Rooms
  • Friendly staff
  • Quiet place

The – – – | Maria Bonita Hotel 

  • Not many options for breakfast

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Our favorite Hotels SPA in Villa De Leyva

This colonial town is an awesome place to forget everyday problems. Explore the surroundings during the day then relax in your hotel SPA in Villa de Leyva.

I bet you’ll stop thinking that your mother-in-law will visit you soon 😉

$$$ – Hotel and Spa Getsmani | Value for money

Hotel and Spa Getsmani is a great and affordable establishment located in the center of Villa de Leyva. The SPA is composed of a Sauna, a Turkish bath, and a massage room. There is also a large indoor swimming pool. 

The + + + | Getsemani Hotel SPA in Villa De Leyva

  • Sauna, Turkish Bath Jacuzzi & Massage
  • Indoor Swimming pool
  • Delicious included breakfast
  • Restaurant & bar
  • Lovely establishment
  • Friendly staff

$$$ – Hospedaria Centro de Convenciones Duruelo | Luxury

Duruelo Spa Hotel Villa de Leyva

Hotel SPA Duruelo is a fantastic establishment to relax and enjoy a healthy stay. The place is a vast colonial domain with 3 pools, a tennis court, mini-golf, and SPA facilities. Hotel SPA Duruelo is a bit outside of town – 10 min walking from the plaza mayor – and surrounded by flourishing gardens. 

The + + + | Duruelo Hotel SPA in Villa De Leyva

  • 3 swimming pools
  • Awesome facilities (Tennis court, golf, SPA)
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Peaceful
  • Friendly staff
  • Delicious restaurant

Best Camping Spots in Villa De Leyva

Usually, carrying a tent is the cheapest way to discover a country. I wrote down a list of the best campsites in Villa De Leyva if you’re traveling on a shoestring budget.

Camping Area: It’s 400 m away from Plaza Mayor. Vast field with toilet and cold water for the shower |15 000 COP / Pers

Zona Camping de Jorge: Located in the outskirts of Villa De Leyva, Camping de Jorge is a great place to settle your tent.  There are a fireplace, toilets, showers, a private security entrance, and so on | 20 000 COP / Pers

Campo Rio Cane: The Camping Rio Cane is located 25 min driving distance from town. There are all the amenities you need, but it won’t be practical if you wish to visit the city. | From 20 000 COP / Pers

My Buddha Hostel and Camping: Located 20 min walk from the plaza mayor, Buddha hostel offers a great view of the surrounding. There is a chill vibe. Usually fully booked on weekends

Hostal Renancer: My favorite hostel allows travelers to camp within their establishment. And you can use all the amenities. Check out the previous section “Hostel” | From 18 000 COP / Pers

Staying in Villa de Leyva: What you must know

Where: Villa de Leyva is 4 hours north of Bogota, in the Boyaca Department.

Weather: It’s a bit cold at night. Bring a lightweight jacket.

How to get there: There are direct buses (Reina) leaving from the North terminal in Bogota. It takes 4 hours. Learn step by step how to get to Villa de Leyva.

Our favorite restaurants and Cafes:

  • La Feria | Tapas
  • Mercado Municipal | Gourmet
  • Los Gallos | Cafe

The activities you shouldn’t miss:

How many days: At least 3 days

Favorite tips: Book a private vehicle from Villa de Leyva to Bogota’s airport and stop in Raquira on the way. It’s an excellent town to buy souvenirs (and it’s lovely)!

👉 Don’t leave without reading our Villa de Leyva Travel Guide.

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