6 Best Cabins and Glamping Near Cali, Valle del Cauca [2023]

6 Best Cabins and Glamping Near Cali, Valle del Cauca [2023]

There is more to do in Valle del Cauca than just dancing salsa in Cali. To help you plan some incredible days off, I selected for you the best cabins and glamping in Valle del Cauca.

Where should you choose your glamping destination? What will be the ideal glamping or cabin for you? What activities?

To help you, I used my travel experience in Colombia (since 2015) and analyzed for many hours the best lodging options in Valle del Cauca.

I classified them into categories:

Read on to find out why I chose them.

Best Cabins & Glamping in Valle del Cauca

In this section, I have highlighted the most important features of the best glamping in Valle del Cauca to help you choose the ideal one.

Best luxury glamping in Valle del Cauca: Bosque El Descanso (Jamundí)

Credit: Bosque El Descanso | See more pictures

Bosque El Descanso is an excellent option near Cali to rest in the middle of nature with all the comforts and luxuries you can imagine. Choose from large safari tents, glass bungalows, and beautiful cabins. Each lodge is different and with an exquisite design that blends very well with the dense vegetation that surrounds it.

Why stay at Bosque El Descanso:

  • The campsites are large and with a deck. The cabins and the bungalow have more outstanding designs, but if you want something with more glamour you should choose the glass bungalow. Depending on the option you choose, you will have a net and an outdoor shower.
  • It is close to Jamundí but in the middle of an idyllic environment that refills you with energy. You can even sleep lulled by the sound of the nearby river.
  • You will have plenty of activities to entertain you: ecological hike, night shows, campfire, waterfall, and more.
  • Nothing better than resting and receiving great customer service. The service offered by the staff is outstanding. Children of any age and pets are allowed.

The drawback of Bosque El Descanso:

  • Several guests commented that the restaurant should have more options.

Price: From 405,000 COP / 2 pers (breakfast included) | Cancellation policy: 14 days | Location: 15 min. from Jamundí by car and 1h30 min from Cali.

Best Glamping in Calima, Valle del Cauca: Adama Biohotel

Credit: Adama | See more pictures

Adama is a beautiful lodge that offers you a romantic experience in private and eco-friendly cabins. You will have all the amenities needed including a jacuzzi. The main highlight? From your room, you will be able to enjoy the magical view of the mountains and the Calima Lake.

Why stay at Adama:

  • The cabins are very well designed and equipped. They can accommodate up to 4 people. You will sleep in a king-size bed, have a TV, minibar, large bathroom, your own deck, and Jacuzzi with hydro-massage.
  • The common facilities include a restaurant and bar service, so how about enjoying your jacuzzi with a cocktail in your hand?
  • Being greeted and attended by the owners themselves gives a very personalized touch that is highlighted by the guests.
  • If you want to do extra activities, at Adama they have a person who provides nautical services to enjoy the lake — at extra charge.
  • Children from 5 years old can be accommodated and smaller pets are allowed on request.

The drawback of Adama:

  • The road to Adama is not indicated, but with good directions from the owners, you will be able to get there easily.

Price: From 576,000 COP / 2 pers (breakfast included) | Cancellation policy: 7 days | Location: 20 min. drive from Calima and 2h from Cali.

Best Glamping in Dagua, Valle del Cauca: Los Pirineos

Credit: Ginebra Glamping | See more pictures

At Los Pirineos, you can stay in a cozy wooden cabin that is full of charm. Disconnect from technology and be in touch with nature in this beautiful property with a garden, flowers, and an incredible view of mountains and pine trees. Los Pirineos has all the necessary amenities and enough activities to spend an unforgettable private stay.

Why stay at Los Pirineos:

  • The cabin has 3 rooms that can accommodate from two to eleven people, so you can have a great time with your partner, family, or friends. You can even bring your children and your pet.
  • The cabin is cozy, authentic, and simple. You have a kitchen at your disposal, a swimming pool, a river within walking distance, tennis courts, a kiosk, a grill, a terrace, walking trails, and a beautiful colorful garden.
  • You will enjoy complete privacy. Yet you will be greeted by Tulio, the friendly butler who lives nearby and will be attentive if you need anything.
  • You will not have restaurant service but you have a kitchen and all its utensils at your disposal.
  • The climate is delightful. The day is cool and the night is cold.

The drawback of Los Pirineos:

  • Due to COVID measures, the pool was out of service. If this is important to you, ask the owner before booking.

Price: From 220,000 COP / 2 pers | Cancellation policy: 14 days | Location: 1h15 min. from Cali by car.

Best Glamping in Genebra, Valle del Cauca: Ginebra Glamping

Credit: Ginebra Glamping | See more pictures

Ginebra Glamping is a traditional farm that has rooms but also tents. It is an economical and simple option for those who have a tight budget but still want to live a glamping experience full of tranquility while enjoying a natural and authentic environment.

Why stay at Geneva Glamping:

  • The tent has only what is necessary for camping, which is a comfortable double bed.
  • A delicious breakfast with local flavors, highly praised among guests and prepared with vegetables grown on the farm, awaits you. It is included in the glamping price.
  • You will receive 5-star treatment. Tino and Bernard – the owners, will spare no effort to make you feel special.
  • You will have several activities to do in the area. Swimming pool with natural water, an ecological trail, and a lookout point. 40 minutes away you will find a local river attraction called Puente Piedra.

The drawback of Ginebra Glamping:

  • Some guests complained about noise from nearby farms and dogs.
  • Bad internet.

Price: From 180,000 COP / 2 pers (breakfast included) | Cancellation policy: 14 days | Location: 10 minutes from Ginebra (Vereda la Floresta) and 1h30 min. from Cali by car.

Best glamping in Palmira, Valle del Cauca: Cristal House Glamping

Credit: Cristal House | See more pictures

Cristal House is a wonderful three-story glass cabin located near Palmira. Stay here with your bestie to enjoy the incredible view of the Andes mountains and to experience nature: feed up to 13 species of hummingbirds, swim in a lake, and hike nature trails.

Why stay at Cristal House:

  • At Cristal House, you have a room, a kitchen, a washing machine, a living room, a balcony, and, among many other things, glass walls that allow you to contemplate the natural spectacle that surrounds it.
  • There are many activities that make this accommodation a magical experience. Watch birds, watch the sunset from your net, enjoy the lake, go hiking and start a campfire at dusk.
  • You have the glamping site to yourself, but Michelle, the hostess, is close by for any concerns you may have.
  • You can bring food to cook, order it from nearby restaurants, or indicate in advance that you want to eat on site.
  • Up to 4 people can stay (including children over 8 years old) since there is a sofa bed on site.

Price: From 287,000 COP / 2 pers | Cancellation policy: Non-refundable | Location: 30 min. from Palmira by car and 1h45 min. from Cali.

Best glamping in Valle del Cauca: Calochorno (Alcalá)

Credit: Calachorno | See more pictures

Calochorno is a green space with several tents next to each other and a central pool for common use where you can cool off with your partner or your family. Although it is located in Valle del Cauca, it is closer to Pereira, which makes it perfect if you want to make a trip from Cali to the coffee region and stop for a low-cost camping experience.

Why stay at Calochorno:

  • The tents are basic but perfect if you are not looking for a luxury glamping experience. You will have an indoor bathroom, terrace with chairs, tv, towel, bedding, and an outdoor dining area.
  • You will have common areas to enjoy the whole site. Hammock area, swimming pool, and playground for children.
  • You can go with your family or friends because it is possible to accommodate up to 4 people and pets are allowed.
  • If the price already seems economical, you will be happy to know that breakfast is included.

The drawback of Calochorno:

  • Some guests complained about the noise from the main road.
  • Keep in mind that the restaurant is open until 6 p.m. and there is no place nearby to order meals.

Price: From 170,000 COP / 2 pers. | Cancellation policy: 3 days | Location: 10 min. from Alcalá and 3h30 min from Cali.

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Booking guide: cabins and Glamping near Cali

If you are still torn between two or more options, in this section you will find tips to help you decide.

👉 By the way, I wrote an amazing Cali city guide. You should read it too before you come. You’ll find tons of tips, activities, and much more!

What do you want in your glamping

→ If you are looking for a place to celebrate a special date with your partner, choose Bosque El Descanso for its tasteful design, personal attention, and activities, or choose Adama Biohotel which also has a private jacuzzi.

→ If you want a luxury option, at Bosque El Descanso you can enjoy comfortable and beautiful cabins.

→ If you are looking for a place to stay with a swimming pool, Adama Biohotel has a heated and outdoor swimming pool, and Calochorno is a budget option with a large swimming pool.

→ Do you prefer to enjoy lakes or rivers? 5 of the 6 options on this list have a lake or river, but the most popular ones are Calima Lake at Adama and el Río Danubio which is a short drive from Los Pirineos.

→ If you want a glamping site with enough activities, Bosque El Descanso and Cristal House are the glamping with the most outdoor activities.

→ If you are a bird lover, in Cristal House you can observe beautiful birds, among which you will find 13 species of hummingbirds. You can even feed them.

→If you are looking for tranquility, in each of these properties you will be able to disconnect, but Los Pirineos is noted among guests for being a cut-from-the-world site.

→ If you are looking for a Jacuzzi, at Adama Biohotel you will enjoy a delicious jacuzzi with hydromassage.

Why choose your glamping in Ginebra

Ginebra is a small town in Valle del Cauca known for its local gastronomy. Prepare your stomach for a great and delicious sancocho – typical Colombian food, and other typical dishes. There you can also enjoy the Puente Piedra river which also has a waterfall of 8 meters, very visited by locals. The best budget glamping in this destination is Ginebra glamping.

Why choose your glamping in Jamundi?

Jamundí is a town known for its delicious cholado vallecaucano, so don’t leave without trying it. It is also known for its spas, although if your glamping has a lake or pool, I don’t find it very interesting to go. If you decide to visit Jamundí and you like history take a walk through its archaeological museum. The best glamping and cabin in Jamundí is Bosque El Descanso.

Why choose your glamping in Calima

Calima is a beautiful municipality that stands out for the lake that bears the same name – Lago Calima. Many travelers come to sleep in cabins near the lake and do water sports. In your glamping Adama Biohotel you will be able to enjoy this lake and its scenery. If you decide to go to town, it is about 20 minutes by car.

Why choose your glamping in Palmira

Palmira attracts attention with its tourist paths. You can visit spas, ecological reserves, adventure sports and visit its main square and churches. For a wonderful experience in Palmira, stay at Cristal House — 30 minutes from town by car.

Glamping more affordable

If you are on a tight budget, your best offer will be Ginebra Glamping or Calochorno.

Glamping Pet-friendly

You can stay with your pet at Bosque El Descanso, Los Pirineos and Calachorno. At Adama,Pets are also allowed if they are small in size and upon request.

Glamping for families

The best option for families is Los Pirineos because there are no age restrictions and it has the capacity to receive up to 11 people. Calochorno is an economical alternative, with an option for 4 people including children.

Conclusion: Best Cabins and Glamping Valle del Cauca

The glamping and cabins in Valle del Cauca on this list are perfect because they have a close connection with nature. Each one stands out for something:

We love Los Pirineos for a 100% disconnection and for families, Cristal House for watching beautiful hummingbirds, Bosque El Descanso and Adama for a romantic atmosphere, and Ginebra and Calochorno for people with a tight budget.

We already have our favorite, which one is yours?

Stop picking your glamping randomly

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