6 Best Glamping in Guatapé: We Analyze You Enjoy [2024]

6 Best Glamping in Guatapé: We Analyze You Enjoy [2024]

Doing glamping in Guatapé is the perfect way to escape the noise of Medellín. Do you prefer to wake up by the lake or near the Piedra del Peñol? Are you going with your partner or your family? Is this your first time in Guatapé or do you already know it?

Depending on your answers, your glamping option will be different.

Thanks to my tourism experience (I travel around Colombia since 2015 and have been to Guatapé 5 times) and hours of research, I picked the best glamping sites in Guatapé.

I have classified them into categories:

Read on to find out why they are the winners in each category.

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Best glamping in Guatapé, Colombia: Mini reviews

In this section, I have highlighted the most important features of each glamping to help you choose your ideal accommodation.

The most luxurious glamping in Guatapé: Bosko Glamping

Credit: See more photos: Bosko

Bosko goes beyond the definition of luxury wilderness camping. With exquisitely designed, spacious domes nestled among lush green hills, you’ll fall in love the moment you arrive — even their showers are open air. You’ll enjoy excellent service and a beautiful view of the lake from your bed and a starry sky, assuming the weather is right.

  • The food is delicious and original. Even vegetarians and vegans will find tasty options. You can use their boasting room service for breakfast or eat in their restaurant with a 360-degree view of the lake and the peñol rock.
  • You won’t want to leave the heated pool that offers a beautiful infinity view of the lake and its thousands of trees.
  • Activities (included or extra charge) to make your stay a great experience. Choose from paddle boarding, kayaking, bonfire, massages, boat tours, and more.
  • They have a spa service that stands out among guests for its quality and affordable price.


  • Only the Deluxe Suite has a private hot tub. The rest have access to the public Jacuzzi.
  • Some guests commented that not all the tented camps offer total privacy.

Price: From 970,000 COP / 2 pers (breakfast included) | Cancellation policy: Non-refundable | Location: 5 minutes by tuk-tuk from Guatapé.

Best Glamping in Guatapé: Levit Glamping

Credit | See more photos: Levit

Levit Glamping defines its uniqueness as the only glamping that takes you to the moon. It seems hard to imagine, but you’ll find out when you sleep in their beautiful, specially designed hanging spheres in the heart of a green and peaceful environment. You will have your own private space, with a terrace, hot tub, a net to lie down at sunset, and a magnificent view of the lake of Guatapé.

  • Levit is ideal if you want to disconnect from the city. In fact, the only way to get to Levit glamping is by boat from Guatapé.
  • The staff is charming and efficient. They usually greet guests with a welcome mojito.
  • Levit offers both free and paid experiences such as bonfires, movie screenings, massages, hikes, kayaks, paddleboats, and other activities.
  • Apparently, these days, all moons have private hot tubs. Check before you book.
  • Adults only accommodation.


  • If you don’t arrive on time at the dock, you will have to pay for a private transfer to get to Levit.
  • Some guests found their privacy compromised, as some moons are in close proximity to each other or to the common areas.

Price: From 728,000 COP/2 persons (breakfast included) | Cancellation: Non-refundable | Location: 25 min by boat from Guatapé.

Best Glamping in Guatapé with water activities: Domus Glamping

Credit: See more photos Domus Glamping

In Domus, you can book your glamping on the shores of the guatapé lake, between the village and La Piedra del Peñol. If that sounds spectacular to you, wait until you get to know all the water activities you can experience there. Connecting you with nature but also with adrenaline and adventure in the middle of all the comforts, seems to be the main mission of Domus Glamping.

  • You can enjoy activities (included or not) such as sailing, wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, boat tours, kayaking, paddle, water biking, and fishing.
  • This amazing place offers excellent and professional service. They welcomed some guests with champagne, perfect to start an incredible experience!
  • 6 large Domos, and some right on the lake. If your desire is to stay as close to the lake as possible, keep that in mind when making your reservation.
  • Exquisite food, so much so that some guests said they would come back just to enjoy the food.
  • Private Jacuzzi on each wooden deck and a net.


  • Some guests complained about noise from the main road and nearby farms.

Price: From 690,000 COP / 2 pers (breakfast included) | Cancellation Policy: Non-refundable | Location: 5 minutes by car from Guatapé.

Best Glamping in Guatapé amidst coffee plantations: Domo Glamping Grinta

Credit: See more photos: Domo Glamping Grinta

How many glamping in Guatapé can you find in the middle of coffee plantations? I couldn’t find more than one. Glamping Grinta provides a coffee-flavored glamping experience for an affordable price. Its charming owners, Fabiano, Nayi, and their pets, will welcome you to this glamping located 45 minutes from Guatapé (in the town of El Peñol) that will connect you with the incredible landscapes and flavors of Colombia.

  • Domo Glamping Grinta is located in El Peñol, but you will surely find the perfect itinerary to experience a cultural, natural, and coffee plan on your trip to Guatapé. It will be easier if you go by private car.
  • You will only find two domes. Each one with a net, a terrace, a spacious interior, an outdoor fire pit with marshmallows, a private bathroom, board games, and a minibar.
  • If you have a pet, you will be happy to know that Fabiano and Nayi will be happy to welcome it.
  • Breakfast and dinner are included in the price of your glamping. Between Fabiano’s Italian preparations and Nayi’s Colombian flavor, you are sure to be delighted.


  • There is no Jacuzzi.

Price: From 400,000 COP / 2 people (breakfast and dinner included) | Cancellation policy: 1 day | Location: 45 min by car from Guatapé including 10 min. of dirt road.

Best Glamping in Guatapé For Couples: Celeste Glamping

Credit| See more photos | Celeste Glamping

With only a few domes, Celeste Glamping offers privileged privacy that will make you feel far away from the rest of the world. It is well thought out for couples not only because it offers the best privacy, but also because it offers decorations for special dates and a private Jacuzzi. Enjoy the company of your partner in a dome with incredible views of Lake Peñol!

  • Celeste is the other glamping in our article which is only accessible by Guatapé (included in the price). Its great location allows you to have a deep connection with nature and full tranquility.
  • You can enjoy activities with your partner. Choose between sunbathing in the solarium, kayaking (included), bonfire, BBQ, and fishing ( extra charge).
  • From your dome and your private jacuzzi with foam, you will have beautiful views of the lake and its natural landscape.
  • Extremely helpful staff and delicious food. You will be happy to know that breakfast and dinner are included.


  • Some guest reviews pointed out that the property should have more activities to better enjoy the great outdoors.

Price: From 815,000 COP / 2 pers (breakfast and dinner included) | Cancellation Policy: 14 days | Location: 20 min by boat from Guatapé.

Best Glamping in Guatapé for Families: Glamping Domo Geodesico

Credit | See more photos: Glamping Domo Geodesico

Glamping Domo Geodesico has a single dome with a capacity for 2 adults and 2 children over 5 years old, which makes it perfect for families, something difficult to find among other glamping. In addition, you will be only 20 minutes away from Guatapé, so you can easily enjoy the town with your family.

  • The dome has a double bed for two people. And two futons that unfold underneath.
  • You can enjoy your private jacuzzi while watching a beautiful view of Guatapé Lake and its wonderful nature.
  • Have fun with your family while kayaking, paddle surfing, biking, fishing, or cruising the lake in a boat with a captain. Activities are with extra charge.
  • Do you also want to bring your pet along for the ride? They can be admitted on request, so don’t hesitate to discuss it with the owner.
  • You will have good free wifi even in your dome.


  • The jacuzzi water is natural, not filtered water, which may (or may not) be a negative point for some guests.
  • Some guests had their tranquility interrupted by noise from nearby farms.

Price: 845,000 COP / 2 pers (breakfast included) | Cancellation Policy: 7 days | Location: 20 min. drive from Guatapé

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Best Glamping in Guatapé: The Booking Guide

If you are still hesitating between two or more options, this section will help you decide between the best glamping in Guatapé.

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Why come to Guatapé

The main interest of Guatapé is the Piedra del Peñol, the colorful streets, and the lake. Other than that, you won’t have much to do in town. As for glamping, it is important that you choose one with enough activities to keep you entertained and make the most of Guatapé’s surroundings.

  • If you love water activities, you will be happy at Domus Glamping.
  • If you want to add a coffee experience to your trip. You’ll love staying among the coffee plantations of Glamping Grinta.
  • If you want to enjoy the lake, most of the glamping in this article has a view and access to the lake. However, Domus Glamping has a noteworthy floating dock and a few lakeside domes.
  • If you want glamping with a swimming pool. You’ll love the beautiful heated infinity pool of Bosko.
  • If you want glamping with SPA service, Bosko, Levit, and Domus should be on top of your list. Bosko’s has the most praise.


Choose your glamping near Guatapé if you want to enjoy the town as much as possible. Bosko and Domus glamping, both within a 5-minute drive from town, will be your best option – Bosko will even give you a free ride if you mention it during check-in.

If what you want is to feel cut off from the world, choose Celeste Glamping or Levit glamping.

Guatapé is one hour away from the international airport of Medellín. Some glamping may offer a paid airport shuttle service.


You will have to decide if you prefer eco-friendly glamping without air conditioning or glamping that has air conditioning to cool down the hot temperatures inside your dome on a sunny day. Levit and Grinta are both eco-friendly.

The nights in Guatapé are chilly. Don’t forget your jacket. If you are very sensitive to cold, Bosko has heating.

Glamping pet-friendly

Your pet will be more than welcome at Glamping Grinta or Glamping Domo Geodesico. But it is always best to confirm with the owners first.

Free Wifi connection

You will hardly have wifi in your glamping. That’s because even with luxuries and all the amenities, the magic of the experience is still camping. In most glamping sites you will find internet in the common areas. But if you absolutely need wifi in your dome, you should stay at Glamping Geodesico.

Most economical glamping

With prices starting at 400,000 for two people, including breakfast and dinner, Glamping Grinta will be your best choice if you are on a tight budget.

Greater privacy and quietness

You will have more privacy and peacefulness in Celeste Glamping. Not only will you be far away from Guatapé, surrounded by nature and water, but you will also be in a glamping site with only a few domes far away from each other.

Parking lot

Almost all glamping sites have free private parking. In case you have booked a hotel with boat access, glamping hotels usually pick up their guests at a certain time at the dock of the marina Navegar de Guatapé. The marina has a 24-hour parking service. But remember to double-check in advance with your lodging.

Best Guatapé Glamping: Bottom line

If this is your first time in Guatapé, you should stay near the town. Bosko or Domus might be a good option. For travelers who prefer peace and quiet, it is advisable to stay further away from Guatapé. I recommend Celeste or Levit.

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