5 Best Medellin (or Antioquia) Glamping: We Review You Enjoy

5 Best Medellin (or Antioquia) Glamping: We Review You Enjoy

You may be surprised to know that the best Medellín glamping sites are not exactly in the metropolitan area. They’re hidden in the hilly landscapes of Antioquia.

Don’t worry. I’m here to help you find the best ones.

I spent several months living in Medellín and have been traveling around Colombia since 2015. Between my experience and long hours of research, I present you with the best options to live a magical glamping experience near Medellín.

  • Best Luxury Glamping Near Medellin: Bosko (Guatapé)
  • Best Antioquia Glamping nearby a lake: Domus (Guatapé)
  • Best Glamping in El Peñol: Asis Glamping
  • Best Medellin glamping with Cabins: Sharmont (Guarne)
  • Best Glamping in Santa Elena: Bruma Blanca

Read on to find out why I have selected them.

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Best glamping near Medellin, Antioquia: Mini-reviews

In this section, I have highlighted the most important features of each glamping to help you choose your ideal accommodation.

Best luxurious Glamping near Medellín: BOSKO (Guatapé)

Credit: Bosko | See more pics

At a 2-h drive from Medellín, you’ll find one of the most famous glamping sites in Colombia: Bosko. You will fall in love with its spacious and elegant domes from which you will be able to enjoy views of the beautiful Guatapé Lake and starry nights from your bed. It is an ideal place if you want a getaway full of luxury and comfort and, in addition, visit the colorful town of Guatapé.

Why stay at Bosko:

  • Its large domes are located in the middle of a native forest. They have a king-size bed, wooden deck, minibar, open-air shower, air conditioning and even heating for cold nights.
  • Breakfast is included. You will enjoy exquisite food (with veggie options) and a 360-degree view in their restaurant.
  • You won’t want to leave their heated infinity pool overlooking the lake.
  • You can indicate at check-in if you want to do extra activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, massage, bonfire, local tours, and more – free and for a fee.

Bosko’s drawbacks:

  • A private jacuzzi is available only in their deluxe suite. You can still enjoy their public jacuzzi and pool.
  • Some domes are too close to each other which isn’t ideal for privacy.

Price: From 970,000 COP / 2 pers (breakfast included) | Cancellation policy: Non-refundable | Location: 5 minutes by tuk-tuk from Guatapé and 2 hours from Medellin.

Best glamping near Medellin: Domus Glamping (Guatapé)

Credit: Domus | See more pics

Domus is a glamping site with only 6 domes on the banks of the Guatapé Lake that feature an open sky design for stargazing. You will love having enough space in your dome and a wonderful view of the lake and the surrounding nature. The best: You won’t have time to get bored, there are plenty of water activities to keep you entertained during your stay.

Why stay at Domus:

  • The design of the domes is very well thought out. They are spacious, well designed and with all the amenities: minibar, wooden deck, private jacuzzi, netting, bathroom, furniture.
  • Domus is the glamping on our list with the most water activities. Choose from kayaking, jet skiing, sailing, boat tours, and many more – free or not.
  • Delicious included Breakfast. The chef’s cuisine is a gastronomic experience well worth the trip.
  • Professional service. Friendly and charming staff.

Domus’ drawbacks

  • Some guests commented that noises from the main road or from other domes could be heard.

Price: From 690,000 COP / 2 pers (breakfast included) | Cancellation Policy: Non-refundable | Location: 5 minutes by car from Guatapé and 2 hours from Medellín.

Best glamping near Medellín: Asis Glamping (El Peñol)

Credit: Asis | See more pics

Asis is a glamping experience that many guests define as a magical place. The glamping tents are not domes but big and beautiful tents designed with an aesthetic style, overlooking the lake, surrounded by nature, and adorned with small lights at night. Without a doubt, it is a perfect option for a romantic evening near Medellin.

Why stay at Asis:

  • The tents stand out for their decoration and size. They have furniture, a minibar, a private bathroom, a deck with a jacuzzi, and more.
  • Guests highlight the great service and friendly staff.
  • Breakfast is included. There is also a restaurant that serves à la carte.
  • You will enjoy extra activities such as hiking, kayaking, massages, and bonfires – free or not.

Asis’ drawbacks:

  • Some guests report that access by car is difficult. Alternatively, you can access it by boat from El Peñol.
  • You may be able to hear noises from adjacent tents.

Price: From 600,000 COP / 2 pers (breakfast included) | Cancellation policy: 5 days | Location: 20 minutes by boat from El peñol + 2 hours by car from Medellín.

The best glamping near Medellín: Glamping cabaña sharmont (Guarne)

Credit: Sharmont | See more pics

Sharmont is a glamping cabin style that has a creative and eco-friendly design that does not go unnoticed—it looks like a Pinterest post! Nature and tranquility will surround you while having all the commodities you need. The icing on the cake: Miguel and his family’s kindness will seduce you in no time. Trust me. You won’t be able to leave.

Why stay at Sharmont:

  • In this cozy glamping, you will have everything you need and more: jacuzzi, terrace, kitchen, patio, tv, swing, net.
  • You’ll start the day with a beautiful view of Guarne’s natural landscape, and end it with a warm bonfire and a private hot tub session.
  • Glamping Sharmont is pet friendly. Your pet will be happy to run around the beautiful garden.
  • A delicious and varied breakfast is included. In addition, there are nearby restaurants for take-out.

Price: From 430,000 COP / 2 pers (breakfast included) | Cancellation policy: 7 days | Location: 15 min. drive from Guarne and 1h10min from Medellín.

Best glamping near Medellín: Bruma Blanca (Santa Elena)

Credit: Bruma Blanca | See more pics

This lodging is more than a glamping site; it is a cabin in the middle of the woods, ideal to enjoy nature, the cold of Santa Elena, and trekking. You will love waking up to the birds singing and recharging your batteries in such a peaceful place. For those on a tight budget, Bruma Blanca is an economical option with an excellent value for money that can accommodate up to 4 people.

What stay at Bruma Blanca:

  • Bruma Blanca is a two-story wooden cabin equipped with two bedrooms, wifi, a living room, kitchen, TV, work area, barbecue, hammocks, and even a vegetable garden.
  • Its design is elegant and cozy. You will be able to share unforgettable moments with your friends or your partner in the warmth of a bonfire.
  • Would you like to take your pet with you? This accommodation is pet-friendly!
  • You will have several hiking options, such as going to the famous Arvi Park.
  • It is a 10-minute drive from Santa Elana. It will be better if you go by private car.

Bruma Blanca’s drawback:

  • No jacuzzi.

Price: From 299,000 COP / up to 4 pers | Cancellation policy: 5 days | Location: 10 min. drive from Santa Elena and 1 hour from Medellin.

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Best Glamping near Medellin: The Booking guide

If you are still torn between two or more options, in this section you will find tips to help you decide.

👉 By the way, I wrote an amazing Medellín city guide. You should read it too before you come, you’ll find tons of tips, activities, and much more!

What type of glamping are you looking for?

  • If you want to go glamping with your soulmate, you can pick any of them. They all somehow have a romantic concept. Yet, Asis has a special romantic ambiance.
  • If you are looking for a luxurious glamping experience, you will love Bosko — which even has international fame.
  • If you want a glamping site with lots of activities to entertain you: Domus has the most water sports, followed by Bosko.
  • If you want an option where you have everything at hand, including a kitchen, wifi, and TV, you’ll want to stay at Sharmont or Bruma Blanca.
  • If you love massages, Bosko, Domus and Asis will pamper you. Bosko’s spa service is the most praised.
  • Are you looking for a pool? You’ll love Bosko‘s heated infinity pool.

Why glamping in Guatapé

Guatapé, only 2 hours from Medellín, is the Antioquian destination with the largest number of glamping sites. Depending on where you stay, you will be close enough to the town’s colorful street, the zocalos square and climb up to the Piedra del Peñol. Besides, you will also have a great time nearby the lake (water activities).

The closest glamping sites to Guatapé are: Bosko and Domus. Glamping Asis is further away (El Peñol), but it is a good option if you are looking for tranquility and do not plan to visit Guatapé.

Why glamping in Santa Elena

Just 50 minutes from Medellin, Santa Elena is a perfect destination if you want a place with fewer tourists. Here you can book a visit to a silletera farm to discover a fascinating tradition that is present every year during the Feria de las Flores de Medellín. In addition, you can go hiking in the Arvi Ecotourism Park and on the Montevivo Trail.

You will love staying at Bruma Blanca if you go to Santa Elena.

Why glamping in Guarne

Located 50 minutes from Medellin, Guarne borders Santa Elena and offers hiking opportunities as well as beautiful waterfalls.

The best glamping in Guarne is Sharmont.

Glamping pet-friendly

You will be able to enjoy a delightful stay with your pet at Sharmont and at Bruma Blanca

Free wifi

In most glamping, including the most luxurious ones, you will find internet only in the common areas because you will be in the middle of nature. If you require wifi at all times, Sharmont and Bruma Blanca have internet coverage in their rooms.

Most affordable glamping

If you are on a tight budget, your best offer will be Bruma Blanca.


Being outdoors, most of the glamping sites have free parking. In the case of Asis, which you must access by boat, you can park in the Marina Navegar. Always remember to double-check with the owner first.

Glamping for families

Bruma Blanca is ideal for families. It has cabins that can accommodate 4 or 6 people.

Why I didn’t include Bubblesky and La Montaña Sagrada

Bubblesky glamping is another well-known option in Antioquia with beautiful and large transparent bubbles. We have decided not to include it in our list due to recent reviews about bad service, disrepair, and intense temperatures inside their domes.

La Montaña Sagrada is another beautiful glamping on the way to El Retiro, which we have decided not to include. The site is difficult to enjoy as there is no shade, no extra activities, and a challenging access road.

How to organize your stay in Medellin?

I wrote several articles to help you plan your stay in this exciting city (although few travelers appreciate it).

Here you have a list of our favorite articles:

Bottom line: Best Glamping near Medellin

As you can see, there are several glamping options near Medellín. Bosko, Domus and Asís are located near El Peñol and Guatapé (2 hours from Medellín). It is the ideal place to rest by the water. Mountain lovers can choose the forests of Santa Elena and Guarne. If you choose between Sharmont or Bruma Blanca, you will be closer to Medellín (1 hour), but don’t forget to bring warm clothes.

Where to travel after Medellín

There are excellent destinations to visit in the department of Antioquia:

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