How to Stay in the Best Romantic Cabin in Jardín [Review]

How to Stay in the Best Romantic Cabin in Jardín [Review]

Are you looking for a cozy and peaceful cabin in Jardín? 

Then, you’re going to love the accommodation where we stayed.

I visited Jardín for more than 20 days, and few people know about this magical place, where the time stops, between the whistle of the birds and the rumble of the river.

If you are hooked (and I’m sure you will be), you will find an online form to contact Arley (the host) and make your reservation at the end of the article.

Follow me in a new universe.

Our favorite cabin in Jardín (1)

Why is this the best cabin in Jardín?

That’s a good question, my dear Watson. Let’s see the different characteristics of this cottage in Jardín.

The cabin is built of bamboo

Aleja and Tom
Aleja on the bed Jardín (1)
Toilet cabin in Jardín (1)
Aleja sleeping on the net in Jardín (1)

In Colombia, some talented architects use bamboo (called Guadua in Spanish) in their construction. This natural material can last a hundred years if used properly.

The yellowish-brown color brings a warm atmosphere that appeases the mind. The house blends perfectly with the environment and you connect better with nature.

Inside, this beautiful cabin in Jardín is divided into 2 rooms. The bedroom, with a 2m wide bamboo bed and a warm-toned bathroom — I’m a fan of the stone basin for the sink and the green plant hanging in the shower.

On the other side of the bedroom, there is another door that opens onto a small terrace. The view of the river and the surrounding nature is magnificent. Also, don’t hesitate to install yourself with a blanket on the 2m square net suspended above the ground. 

👉 Speak directly with Arley and book this place.

In the evening, there is a warm lighting

Warm lightning cabin in Jardín
Warm lightning cabin in Jardín

In Colombia, most hotels use cold white lighting, a bit like hospitals.

This somewhat breaks the romantic atmosphere of the place.

It’s not the case in this Jardín’s cabin. Arley (the owner) has done things right. On the outside, string lights illuminate the bamboo facades. And inside, two hanging lamps with wicker shades frame the bed.

And there is also a space in the garden to make a wood fire. Don’t forget the wooden picks and marshmallows.

Fruit trees and colorful birds

Eating oranges in Jardín
Barranquero bird Jardín

A natural tunnel made of intertwined branches leads to the gate of the property. The fairy tale will begin when Arley opens the door.


The rolling gate opens onto a carefully maintained garden. The grass is cut regularly and tickles your feet when you walk barefoot. Fruit-filled trees surround the bamboo cabin. You only have to stretch your arm to have breakfast.

At the feet of these appetizing trees, flowers in various shades (yellow, orange, purple, pink) add a touch of color to this pictorial scenery.

As you can imagine, this makes it a paradise for birds.

And it’s not just an expression.

At 6 am, I put chunks of bananas on a table in the garden. Then I settled down with my blanket in one of the 2 hammocks. Within 15 minutes, I had the visit of a Barranquero and a Pava de monte.

👉 Speak directly with Arley and book this place.

It’s cold

Comfy bed cabin in Jardín (1)

This wooden cabin in Jardín is located outside the colonial town, and there is a river about 20 meters below. 

At nightfall, temperatures drop to about 15 degrees.

I know, it doesn’t sound very romantic.

And yet it is, thanks to the ….. 2m bamboo bed!

This comfortable canopy bed has 6 pillows and several blankets. I have to ask Arley what laundry he uses. They smell delicious.

Once snuggled against your partner, let yourself be lulled by the sound of the river. You will never want to leave this cozy nest.

A private nature reserve and access to the river

Nature reserve river Jardín (1)

The garden in front of the bamboo house is beautiful. But our favorite cabin in Jardín has more surprises for you.

Guests who rent this house enjoy the right to walk in a private natural reserve of 20,000 square meters. There is a trail that starts from the cottage and leads to the river. Along the way, Arley has planted native trees (over 100 species) to provide shade and attract more colorful birds!

During the winter (rainy season), the river current is too strong for swimming. When the weather is better, there are several pools where you can swim.

And since this is a 100% private location, do you know what that means?

Skinny dipping!

You won’t care if it rains

In front of the cabin in Jardín (1)

Jardín is a destination in Colombia where it rains regularly. Most of the time, it is short showers. But if you are not lucky, it can last all day.

Have you ever been stuck in a cabin or glamping tent because of bad weather? It’s often very annoying.

This won’t be the case if you book our favorite house in Jardín.

Arley built a 30m square shelter, divided into a kitchen and a living room. I love the decoration, made of 70’s furniture and lots of natural elements. Tree trunks serve as lamp posts or tables, and an old TV rests two bales of hay.

* Wow, you will not believe me. The barranquero has just landed 2m from me.

👉 Speak directly with Arley and book this place.

Best cabin in Jardin: Practical information

→ Our favorite cabin in Jardín is a 10-minute walk from the village, just past the lovely and flowery path named La Herrera. Tuk-tuks can take you there for about 5000 COP. 

→ You are near other tourist sites such as Cascada del Amor and Charco Corazón.

→ Arley, the friendly owner, lives about 50 meters from the house. He will be there when you arrive to show you the property. He loves to talk about birds and trees. Don’t hesitate to ask him to accompany you on your first walk in the nature reserve. Moreover, he can help you organize your stay in Jardín or provide you with private transportation. His nickname is Super-Arley.

Internet speed is sufficient to work online.

→ The access to the river (10 min walk) is quite well maintained, but there are some slippery sections. I advise you to take walking shoes. 

→ The kitchen facilities are excellent, and you will find everything you need (barbecue, coal, gas stove, salt, pepper, dishes, aromatic plants). Arley even has bottles of wine and snacks for sale.

→ Along the river, there is a canyon that can be visited when the water level is low. I didn’t get to go there, but it looks spectacular. You might be able to see two famous birds: the Guacharos and the Gallito de Roca.

→ You will sleep in a bamboo house in the middle of a nature reserve. You will be awakened by the singing of birds early in the morning, and there are insects (including some mosquitoes). Welcome to nature.

→ It is cold at night. Take a jacket.

→ Arley can arrange private transportation from Medellin.

👉 Speak directly with Arley and book this place.

Best rental house in Jardín: Prices

This cabin in Jardín is for 2 people.

Prices vary depending on the day of the week. I’m putting the prices here for your information. Arley will confirm the prices once you have entered your information in our online form.

  • Monday to Thursday: 300 000 COP/night
  • Friday to Sunday: 350 000 COP/night
  • Friday to Monday (if public holiday): 400 000 COP/night

Arley offers VERY interesting discounts for extended stays. 

  • 30% discount if you stay for the week 
  • 50% discount if you stay for the month

It’s a fantastic deal for digital nomads!

If it is a larger group, it will be possible to stay in one of Arley’s apartments (50 m from the house) for an extra 50,000 COP/pers. (up to 18 pers). We also stayed one night in one of his apartments. They are modern, clean, and comfortable.

Best rental house in Jardín: Plan your trip NOW

I travel to Colombia to find little paradise places like this one.

The romantic atmosphere of the bamboo house and the beautiful environment make it one of my favorite accommodations on Jardín.

Arley is one of our local partners. You can contact him directly through our online form and easily book your stay. He speaks Spanish but he knows how to use Google Translate.

There is only one type of cabin like this in Jardín. If you are interested, I advise you to book in advance 😉

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