Parce, Find Out About The Best Spanish School in Medellin

Parce, Find Out About The Best Spanish School in Medellin

You don’t understand the word “Parce” and you are looking for the best Spanish School in Medellin?

Perfect, you’re in the right place.

There are 2 things you should know about Colombia.

Firstly, the country is called Colombia and not Columbia.

Secondly, not many people speak English.

Since the beginning of our project, Adrien and I knew that we had to improve our Spanish before exploring the country.

We quickly decided it would be Medellín.

Watch the video to discover why you should visit Colombia!

Why Should You take your Spanish class in Medellín?

For us, it was a no-brainer.

I traveled a few times around the big cities of Colombia. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. But Medellin stands out.

There are a lot of good arguments, aren’t there?

This is why we picked Medellin to learn Colombian Spanish.

View of Medellin from Morro de Moravia-min
View of Medellin from Morro de Moravia – Field trip with Colombia Immersion

Spanish School in Medellin: We chose Colombia Immersion

But, how to find the best Spanish school in Medellin?

You see, there are many schools and private teachers giving Spanish lessons in Medellin, It’s hard to make a choice, especially when you don’t know the city at all.

From my experience in Medellin, I wouldn’t recommend booking a school in Poblado.

You will want to find a place near your Spanish School so you won’t have to spend money on Ubers and Taxis. The Zona Rosa is great for parties, but there are so many foreigners that you will speak English most of the time.

There are 2 other districts that I consider perfect for studying Spanish in Medellin.

  • Laureles is a district located near the center of the city. It’s safe, and there are metro stations that you can use to move around in Medellin. Moreover, there are 2 famous areas where you can go out at night: La 70 and La 33.
  • Envigado is a little town in the South that belongs to Medellin. More and more ex-pats and wealthy Colombian families are settling in this quiet area of the city. It’s also one of the safest districts of Medellin.
Colombia Immersion in Laureles Spanish School in Medellin
Colombia Immersion in Laureles

Colombia Immersion offers you the possibility to learn Spanish in both places.

Also, I think a mix of activities, small groups of classes and private Spanish classes are essential to learning how to speak like a Colombian, especially if you’re a beginner.

I know It’s never easy to start learning a new language.

“Al principio, me dolia la Cabeza “– At first, It hurt my brain. And it was a bit scary to speak with locals.

But if you don’t chat, you won’t progress.

Spanish Lessons in Medellin Laureles
Adrien trying to memorize all the Spanish Rules

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On Colombia Immersion’s website, we can read that we will:

  • Speak with young teachers full of energy
  • Enjoy daily activities to learn about Colombia, Medellin and its culture
  • Get Spanish classes in small groups
  • Explore the city and get off the beaten path

It was more than enough to convince us to make the jump with them.

So, here we are, in front of the old house in Laureles, ready to become mas Paisa que la Arepa.*

*Medellin expression.

Spanish Group Classes with Colombia Immersion in Medellin
Spanish Group Classes with Colombia Immersion

Now, I hand the keyboard to Adrien. Tell us about your Colombian Immersion Experience!

Adrien’s experience in Colombia Immersion, Medellin.

A] Why learning Spanish in Medellin was important to me

Before going to Colombia, Thomas and I agreed on one thing. We had to improve our Spanish a lot to be more confident in dealing with our project.

We looked on the internet to find the best Spanish school in Medellin to learn this ‘’new’’ language. We finally chose a school called Colombia Immersion six weeks before leaving.

We didn’t know yet, but we had made an excellent choice.

Our first contact with the school was friendly and professional. We took our first leveling test on the internet whilst in France. A week later, we got a phone call to complete our level test.

Friendly staff in Colombia Immersion
Johanna and Andrey 🙂

Thanks to the results, the school can determine your Spanish level and put you in the class that suits you the most.

Once in Colombia, we decided to have a look at our future Spanish School before starting the classes.

We discovered a lovely two-floor house close to Plaza La America in a neighborhood of Medellin called Laureles.

All around the house, a black gate protects the entrance.

There are fences because it’s the house where Pablo Escobar was killed. Each day, lots of tourists were trying to come inside the house to take pictures. Therefore, it was necessary to stop them to keep the place quiet for the students.

We rang the bell to come inside.

What an enthusiastic welcome from the staff!

I LOVE Buñuelos <3

They offered coffee, cookies and big hugs. We immediately felt comfortable. We loved it because a family atmosphere is one of the most important things to learn Spanish or any other language.

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish yet, everyone is able to speak English as well if needed.

And in case you’re from France, you will have to use your body language to communicate.

But it shouldn’t matter anyway! You are here to speak, eat and dream in Spanish.

Are you a bit scared?

You shouldn’t be mate.

Let me tell you how I dealt with that.

B] My experience in the Spanish School Colombia immersion

My Spanish wasn’t good although I knew some basic stuff to ‘’survive’’ in Colombia. I decided to take the full immersion package.

What a great choice!

It’s a good mix of Spanish courses with teachers and fun chats with Colombians. It’s a useful package to improve your Spanish skills quickly.

Also, I enjoy the fact the school is in a house. You bump into staff members, teachers, and the other students every time. It’s easy to meet people, make new friends and start conversations in Spanish.

Spanish Students taking a break between two Spanish Classes
Spanish Students taking a break between two Spanish Classes

Every Monday morning, Buñuelos (a Colombian specialty), hot coffee and broad smiles from the staff welcome you to begin your week on the right foot.

a – My Spanish Classes in Medellin

I met the other students from my group on Monday. We were with six in my class which is the maximum.

Can you imagine one teacher for only six people?

It’s an excellent opportunity to discuss, ask any questions you want and stay focused all the time. I enjoyed the desire of our teacher to make our lessons and courses alive. He put a lot of energy and enthusiasm to find different activities to make us participate. And believe me, it’s not that simple with a bunch of beginner students.

I had 4 hours per day of Spanish Class with my group.

Spanish Group class with Sergio
Spanish Group class with Sergio

b – Let’s do one-to-one talks in Spanish

Coaching is like a “one to one” discussion with a Colombian. It hurts the brain, but it’s an excellent method for learning a new language. I liked the fact that you can talk about anything you want without any pressure or judgment. You can also give a rendez-vous in a bar or a park.

I met many interesting students, and it was fun to discuss hundreds of different subjects. Moreover, I appreciated I could organize my private coaching as I wanted in order to attend the daily school activities.

Oh, I didn’t mention the activities yet!

Spanish Coaching 1 to 1 with awesome Colombians :)
Spanish Coaching 1 to 1 with awesome Colombians 🙂

c – Daily Free Activities with our Spanish School in Medellin

Each day, the Spanish School gives you the opportunity to register to an activity. Most of them are free and are running by an excellent guide named Felipe.

The tours are very diversified and allow you to discover more of the Colombian Culture, find out how Medellin works and learn thousands of great tips from your guide.

  • How to give your direction to a taxi driver
  • Know the different kinds of supermarkets
  • How it works with daily restaurant and their “Menu Del Dia” – Menu of the day

I went to the Laureles Tour, where one of the two schools of Colombia Immersion is located.

It was formidable to know the story of the neighborhood. We learned about the way the streets of the city were built, and how the addresses work.

Also, our guide was always happy to answer our questions and did his best to maintain good vibes during all the tour.

Hence, I recommend you to register for all of them. It’s a great way to improve your Spanish, and you will get to know your classmates better.

A free Cooking Class + Salsa Activity for free with Colombia Immersion
A free Cooking Class + Salsa Activity for free with Colombia Immersion
A free Cooking Class + Salsa Activity for free with Colombia Immersion

A community is essential to learn a language 😉

d – Field trip in Spanish in Medellin every Thursday

Beside the daily activities, students can join the field trips on Thursdays. Medellin is divided into 16 communes and 275 districts. Each part of the city has an exciting story to tell. And Colombia Immersion wants that its students get the possibility to learn more about it.

Each Thursday, thanks to 2 local guides, we explored a different district for more than 4 hours with our Spanish school in Medellin. We learned about the history, admired hidden graffiti streets, and visited untouristic places like Moravia.

Morro de Moravia | Field Trip with Colombia Immersion
Morro de Moravia | Field Trip with Colombia Immersion

During the 50’s, Moravia was the official dump in the middle of the city. And, because of its strategic location, poor people decided progressively to build houses made of bric-a-brac.

This district wasn’t safe at all. Methane emissions came out from the tons of garbage, the ground was unstable, and a significant wildfire destroyed hundreds of houses.

To protect its inhabitants, the city of Medellin decided to shut down the dump in 1984 and started to offer other accommodation options to the people. Nowadays, trees and flower have replaced the mountains of trashes.

Morro de Moravia | Field Trip with Colombia Immersion
Morro de Moravia | Field Trip with Colombia Immersion

During the tour, we were able to wander among the streets, eat the best empañadas of Moravia and understand the efforts made by the city to improve the quality of life in the disadvantaged neighborhoods.

It was very instructive.

e – Let’s speak Spanish in Envigado on Friday nights

I had 25 hours of Spanish practice after my first week with Colombia Immersion. And it’s without taking into consideration the activities!

I felt more at ease while speaking Spanish and I was excited to practice even more with unknown Colombians. It was the perfect moment to intend our first Language Exchange in Spanish.

Every Friday, Colombia Immersion organizes one in Envigado.

It was quite simple to get there. We took the metro to Envigado station then we walked 15 min. The Language exchange starts at 6h30 pm. I recommend you to use the metro if you stay in Laureles. From 5 to 7 pm, it’s rushing hour in Medellin, so you will be stuck in the traffic if you take a taxi.

Like in Laureles, I immediately could feel the family vibes in the school in Envigado.

At the first floor, there is a large terrace where people can sit and interact while drinking a cold beer. We all know it’s a bit easier to speak another language with a club Colombia in our blood 🙂

Salud, Cheers, santé, Saúde, Proost!

Every Friday, more than 70 people from different countries come here to meet and improve their language skills. And to facilitate the interactions, members of Colombia immersion organizes fun games!

There is one rule. If you’re a foreigner, you have to speak in Spanish!

I had to guess the animal written on my forehead. Conejo!

The language exchange ended at 10 pm. Then, with our new friends, we have decided to join another party at Social Club to dance Salsa all night long!

An activity organized by our Spanish school in Medellin, Colombia Immersion

We had a great time in Colombia Immersion and when the week was over, we were glad to still have one left.

Since day 1, everyone did their best to make us feel at ease. Colombia Immersion is a lot more than a simple language school. It’s a home where you meet amazing people that become friends.

Remember, people and experiences make memories, not selfies.

The essentials about our favorite Spanish School in Medellin

Colombia Immersion owns two establishments in Medellin:

  • Cra 40 # 40D Sur – 49 El Dorado, Envigado
  • Cra 79B # 45D – 94 Los Olivos, Laureles

They offer different options to learn Spanish at your own pace:

  • Semi-Intensive Group Classes: 10 hours per week
  • Intensive Group Classes: 20 hours per week
  • Full Immersion Package: Intensive Classes + Field Trip + 5 hours of Coaching
  • Private Classes: 10 hours with a private teacher

Get all the prices here

Moreover, Thanks to the leveling test, you will be in class with students with similar levels in Spanish!


More information about Medellín

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