20 Best Tulum Beach Hotels: My Favorite Options [2024]

Let’s face it. It is challenging to find the best beach hotels in Tulum. The area stretches over many kilometers, some accommodations are way too expensive (the so-called hype) for the comfort they offer, and few people want to sleep next to a noisy beach club (surprise!).

Luckily I wrote this kick-ass guide to help you see things more clearly.

After staying more than 15 days in Tulum and reading thousands of hotel reviews online, here are my favorite places.

My top 3 are:

The first section lists the best Tulum beach hotels for each category. The second section is a booking guide to avoid staying in a place you would hate.

Drink your margarita, and let’s go!

La Valise Tulum
  • Top-notch staff
  • Quiet & beautiful beach area
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Best Tulum beach hotels: the Map

Depending on your budget, here is a little pre-taste of your day at the best beach hotels in Tulum.

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Best affordable hotels in Tulum beach (< 500 $)

Our selection for a reasonable budget Tulum Beach hotel.

1# Sueños Tulum – best affordable hotel overall

Credit: Sueños Tulum | See more photos

As you open your eyes in your bungalow, you and your lover will be drawn to the Mayan turtle painted on the whitewashed wall next to the porthole overlooking the sea.

After a local breakfast served with a smile, your day begins with a yoga session under the superb dome of wood and palms.

Hours flow at will, a dive into the turquoise water, a nap in the hammock under the fan in your room, or a reading while sipping a local juice at the Zen-like bar.

After enjoying a Mexican dish, you and your lover dream in front of a wood fire at night, cozying up among cushions on the white sand beach.

✔️ Sueños Tulum strong points

  • This 13-suite boutique hotel is ecologically engaged.
  • The vegetation, natural materials, and decoration inspired by Mayan art create a harmonious mood.
  • Lovers can celebrate their wedding.

❌ Sueños Tulum Drawbacks

  • Solar-powered air conditioning only works at night.

Price: From 450 $; Location: Bohemian area, South of Tulum Beach; Air conditioning: Yes (only at night); Beach: Private beach; Swimming pool: External pool; Yoga classes/Spa services: Yes; Food/drinks: Bar and restaurant – Bio & Mexican food – Good.

2# Habitas Tulum – Best Cabañas

Credit: Habitas Tulum | See more photos

It’s early morning, and an iguana wandering through the bushes pulls you from sleep. You go down the wooden stairs of your palapa tent to cool off in your outdoor bamboo shower while listening to the surrounding noises of the jungle.

Back from the Mayan site of Tulum, you and your lover hesitate between a Mayan craft workshop or a massage in expert hands.

In the evening, you enjoy a Mezcal cocktail at the lounge bar in the soft light of palm lanterns waving in the sea breeze.

After a delicious wood-grilled fish and a little walk on the beach, you pull back the curtains of your cabana and fall into Morpheus’ arms.

✔️ Habitas Tulum strong points

  • Natural materials, lush vegetation, and carpets on the floor give this eco-lodge a cozy eco-chic style.
  • The Eco-lodge is located in the North Tulum Beach area, with paradisiacal beaches.
  • You can enjoy your breakfast in the shade of your private terrace.

❌ Habitas Tulum Drawbacks

  • The tents are not soundproofed, and road noise can reach the ones bordering the domain.

💡 Tips

  • If you have mobility problems, make sure a ground-level cabana is available.
  • For your honeymoon, choose the intimacy of a cabana hidden in tropical vegetation with its private plunge pool.
  • A DJ performs concerts on Sunday evenings.

Price: From 390 $; Location: North Tulum Beach; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach (lovely); Swimming pool: External pool; Yoga classes/Spa services: Spa; Food/drinks: Bar and restaurant (fire cooking) – very good.

3# Los Arrecifes – Best deal in the party area

Credit: Los Arrecifes | See more photos

The sun is already high. You have a long stretch looking at the sea from your room. You meet your friends for a good breakfast before jumping in the turquoise waters of the palm tree-lined white sandy beach.

As you drink a coffee after having enjoyed a ceviche for some or a Tikinxic fish filet for others, you all decide that tonight you will experience Tulum’s nightlife. A little nap in the hammock of your room balcony is necessary.

At night, all dressed up, you meet at the lobby and go on an adventure, advised by the hotel staff. The night will be long.

✔️ Los Arrecifes strong points

  • The hotel is very close to the festive center of Tulum’s hotel zone.
  • All 10 rooms have a sea view.
  • Los Arrecifes is ecofriendly.
  • A delicious Margarita will welcome you.

❌ Los Arrecifes Drawbacks

  • The nearby beach club, which plays music late at night, can disturb your sleep.

💡 Tips

  • Breakfast service starts at 9.00 am. If you plan an early morning excursion the next day, inform the hotel the day before, and they will prepare a snack.
  • For your day or night outings around, the hotel provides bikes free of charge.

Price: From 210 $; Location: Center Tulum Beach; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach; Swimming pool: External pool; Yoga classes/Spa services: Yes; Food/drinks: Bar and restaurant (local food) – Good.

4# Villa Pescadores – Best affordable hotel Near Tulum ruins

Credit: Villa Pescadores | See more photos

A sun ray filters through the curtains of your hut, rippling under the fan’s breath. You and your lover wake up on the high, palm-woven ceiling.

You open the large bay window onto a pristine white beach with colorful fishing boats asleep. Breakfast is waiting for you on your terrace.

Back from your visit to the Tulum ruins, you have a sandwich at the Beach Club desk on the swings serving as seats.

Your hours slip by, lulled by the sound of the waves while dozing on sun loungers in the shade of a voile and sipping a fresh fruit cocktail.

At night, you enjoy a grilled lobster toe in the sand.

✔️ Villa Pescadores’ strong points

  • The price/quality ratio of this eco-friendly rustic is excellent.
  • Natural materials, draperies, and soft tones create a relaxed and serene vibe.
  • The hotel is located at a 15-minute walking distance from the Tulum site.

❌ Villa Pescadores Drawbacks

  • The air conditioning only works at night.

💡 Tips

  • The hotel offers a wide range of suites with garden or sea views and various options. Choose your own!
  • Fun and sports activities are available, including fishing trips.

Price: From 240 $; Location: Near Tulum Ruins; Air conditioning: Yes (only at night); Beach: Private Beach (lovely); Swimming pool: External pool (small); Yoga classes/Spa services: Yoga; Food/drinks: Bar and restaurant (varied food) – Good.

5# Playa Selva – Best budget hotel

Credit: Playa Selva | See more photos

The little house wakes up to the birds singing, soon covered by the joyful cries of your kids.

Breakfast is quickly swallowed in the kitchenette of your bungalow in the middle of coconut trees facing the sea.

The whole family runs down the wooden stairs to the beautiful white sandy beach for a swim. You supervise your tribe in the shade of a palapa umbrella.

After an improvised picnic on the terrace, it’s time to regale your cute blondes with a delicious big ice cream in a nearby bar.

At night, you’ll grill steaks and Shamallows on the BBQ.

✔️ Playa Selva strong points

  • The hotel is close to bars and restaurants.
  • The cabanas are comfortable, the furniture is functional, and the décor is modern and peppy.

 Playa Selva Drawbacks

  • There is no air conditioning.
  • It may be noisy in the evening.

💡 Tips

  • A two-night minimum stay is required.
  • There are bungalows for two. It can also be a good option to travel with a fellow couple.
  • Your pet is welcome.

Price: From 190 $; Location: Middle of Tulum Beach; Air conditioning: No; Beach: Private Beach (lovely); Swimming pool: No; Yoga classes/Spa services: No; Food/drinks: No.

6# Luv Tulum – Best Ecofriendly hotel

Credit: Luv Tulum | See more photos

The coconut trees’ tall palms brush against your hut’s palapa roof. Behind the immaculate white curtains closing your palanquin bed, you gently wake up your lover. The fans purr softly.

You delight your taste buds in the garden’s shade with warm baked bread, and a soft-boiled egg picked up that morning.

Back from your Freddie-curated excursion, you dive into the sea for a swim before snacking on homemade tacos at the beach bar.

You doze in the sea breeze, lulled by the swaying of your hammock as the light fades over the huts.

Late in the silence of the night, you listen to the waves, curled up in the armchairs of your terrace.

✔️ Luv Tulum strong points

  • Simple wooden furniture inspired by Mayan art with a dominant white color gives this eco-retreat a romantic, refined touch.
  • Luv Tulum is engaged in an eco-responsible process (short market, solar energy, and filtered rainwater).
  • The hotel is delightfully quiet despite its proximity to Tulum Beach.

❌ Luv Tulum Drawbacks

  • Some will deplore the lack of air conditioning and a swimming pool; this is deliberate!

💡 Tips

  • The hotel proposes a honeymoon pack.
  • Luv Tulum supports the turtle conservation program by reducing beach lighting.

Price: From 330 $ (Breakfast included); Location: South of Tulum, Bohemian Area; Air conditioning: No; Beach: Private Beach (paradisiac); Swimming pool: No (hotel ethics); Yoga classes/Spa services: No; Food/drinks: Bar & Restaurant (local and fresh food) – delicious.

7# Cinco Tulum – Affordable Glamping

Credit: Cinco Tulum | See more photos

It’s still dark. With sleepy eyes, you step onto the mats covering the ground and slide out of your tent. No noise under the coconut palms; the neighbors are sleeping. Clutching your lover, you smile at the rising sun.

The day flows from sea bathing to lounging in your hammock. You succumb to the temptation of a delicious homemade fresh fruit sorbet.

The sun has gone down. You feel drunk with sea breath and the Tin Tan, a mezcal cocktail you sipped at the beach club before dining under the wavering light of the cane lamps.

At night, you whisper, seated in front of your camp in the middle of a forest of tents bathed in soft light playing with silhouettes.

✔️ Cinco Tulum strong points

  • The whiteness of tents and fabrics make a stylish mix with the clean elegance of the wooden furniture for chic camping.
  • There are safe boxes to store your belongings.
  • Cocktails are great.

❌ Cinco Tulum Drawbacks

  • Despite the air-conditioning, it can be hot in the tent.
  • The outdoor showers are shared.

💡 Tips

  • Tell your hosts your arrival time; they will welcome you warmly.
  • If you’re in shape, rent a bike on-site and ride to the Mayan ruins.

Price: From 170 $ (Breakfast included); Location: Playa Paraiso Tulum; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach (lovely); Swimming pool: No; Yoga classes/Spa services: No; Food/drinks: Bar & Restaurant – Mexican and varied food – good.

Best mid-budget hotel in Tulum beach (500 – 900 $)

Our favorite boutique hotels for a more comfortable budget.

8# Cabanas Tulum – Best mid-range hotel overall

Credit: Cabanas Tulum | See more photos

You open your eyes in the silence of your pure white room; the sea is calm. Your lover is still asleep. You climb quietly onto the rooftop for a morning swim in your private pool.

Toes in the sand, you savor a delicious muesli.

A yoga session under the superb pyramid-shaped yoga palapa leaves you with a happy smile of well-being.

You enjoy the charm of this sheltered and peaceful spot, alternating a few swims in the crystalline waters and a lazy nap on a cozy sunbed.

The sun goes down. The sea breeze refreshes your tanned skin, and you enjoy a cocktail at Ziggy’s Club Hotel while listening to music before returning to your little nest by walking along the beach.

✔️ Cabanas Tulum strong points

  • The hotel is a small haven of tranquillity at an attractive price.
  • Its tropical chic decoration in white with blue touches evoking the sea, and an attentive staff give a feeling of wellness.

❌ Cabanas Tulum Drawbacks

  • Some may be looking for a TV set.

💡 Tips

  • Only kids aged 13 and over are allowed.
  • Surprise your lover with a romantic surprise dinner at Ziggy’s Club Beach.
  • The vanilla loft can accommodate up to 6 adults.

Price: From 650 $ (breakfast included); Location: Tulum beach; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach (great); Swimming pool: Yes; Yoga classes/Spa services: Yes (great); Food/drinks: Bar & Restaurant (on-site restaurant: Fresco – Health food – Ziggy’s Club Beach at 100 m) – Good.

9# Kanan Tulum – Best Design

Credit: Kanan Tulum | See more photos

It’s early morning. You stretch out slowly on your balcony, perched in the middle of the vegetation. The sea is at your feet.

The sound of a little waterfall wakes you from your reverie. Your lover is preparing a perfumed bath for you. You soak in the bathtub, paneled with shiny wood.

You play hide and seek in the labyrinth of footbridges above the coconut palms, stop on a swing, and go down to the beach.

There, you’re welcomed with a smile for a massage by the sea. Hand in hand with your lover, you fall back to sleep, soothed by the warm stones and flowery fragrances.

Time slips away into the evening. The double sunbeds under their canvas canopy are so comfy.

You enjoy a romantic dinner at sunset, alone in the world in a rooftop bird’s nest.

✔️ Kanan Tulum strong points

  • This eco-friendly hotel, with its stunning architecture and furniture of wood and interlaced branches, will make your childhood dream of living in a treehouse come true.
  • Close to bars and restaurants, Kanan Tulum is at the heart of Tulum’s music and cultural scene.

❌ Kanan Tulum Drawbacks

  • Geeks may find the technology rudimentary.
  • People who can’t stand any noise at night might hear a few notes from the club next door.

💡 Tips

  • Kanan Tulum is for adults only
  • Musical events are held on weekends.

Price: From 600 $; Location: Center Tulum beach; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach: Yes; Swimming pool: Yes; Yoga classes/Spa services: Spa & wellness center; Food/drinks: Bar & Restaurant (Mexican – till 6.00 pm – suppers on a rooftop) – Good.

10# Alaya Tulum – Best Apartments & Villas

Credit: Aleya Tulum | See more photos

The sun’s rays filter through the curtains of the large bay windows opening 180° onto the balcony facing the sea. A bright light illuminates the blonde woodwork and the rounded palapa ceiling of your room.

A large glass of fresh fruit juice and you release all tension on your yoga mat, guided by the soft voice of your coach. Your companion prefers to lift a few dumbbells made of raw materials at the fitness center on the beach.

In the garden’s shade, with toes in the sand, your taste buds discover the sweet and salty flavors of an Ajal, under the attentive eye of the waiters.

At night, after a bath in the turquoise waters, you sit comfortably on your balcony and breathe in the deep marine scents as you watch the lights of the neighboring cottages turn off one by one.

✔️ Alaya Tulum strong points

  • With its small, soft-shaped wooden and stone villas, Alaya Tulum looks like a peaceful Mayan village nestled between the jungle and the sea.
  • Noble and tasteful materials in warm tones create a rustic and cozy-healthy character similar to its sister hotel, the famous Ahau Hotel.

❌ Alaya Tulum Drawbacks

  • Forget your e-mails; Wifi might go on holiday.

💡 Tips

  • Choose private rooms on the top floor; it’s even better.
  • There are family rooms available.

Price: From 430 $; Location: South of Tulum beach, Bohemian area; Air conditioning: Yes (only at night); Beach: Private Beach: Yes; Swimming pool: No; Yoga classes/Spa services: Yoga & Meditation; Food/drinks: Bar & Restaurant (South American cuisine – healthy & local products) – good.

11# NEST Tulum – perfect for a wedding

Credit: Nest Tulum | See more photos

Pale sunlight caresses the terrace of your room, evoking a cozy seaside cabana. Unable to sleep any longer, you breathe in the first perfumes of the most beautiful day of your life. Today, toes in the water, you are getting married.

A quick morning bath and a healthy breakfast relax your nerves a little before going into the expert hands of your esthetician, supported by your closest friends. The day promises to be magical and full of emotion.

The night is now well advanced; the music has stopped. Snuggled up against your lover on the fresh sand and heady with air and joy, you relive each moment of your romantic bohemian wedding marvelously orchestrated by an attentive and professional team.

✔️ NEST Tulum strong points

  • NEST Tulum is a small peaceful haven in a garden bathed by the sea.
  • A delicate balance between rustic materials and minimalist decoration creates an elegant and simple mood.
  • An effective and discrete staff respects your intimacy.

❌ NEST Tulum Drawbacks

  • Those who are fond of swimming pools will have to live without them.

💡 Tips

  • This boutique hotel is for adults only.
  • Although it has just 12 accommodations, NEST Tulum offers a variety of options of various standings.
  • Bike rentals on-site.

Price: From 620 $ (Breakfast included); Location: South of Tulum Beach, Bohemian area; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach: Yes; Swimming pool: No; Yoga classes/Spa services: Yes; Food/drinks: Bar & Restaurant (Modern Caribbean food) – Good.

12# Sanará – Wellness

Credit: Sanara | See more photos

It’s early morning. You open your eyes after a deep sleep, watched over by the big dream catcher hanging on the white wall above your bed.

An invigorating bath in the bathtub on feet in the undercover patio, and it’s time for you to go to the wellness center to be pampered.

Revitalized, you feel like tasting the Caribbean’s crystalline waters. A small blackboard bearing your name indicates your sunbed on the beach.

A Veggie Burger and a subtly spiced fruity smoothy calm your hunger pangs.

The light is softer. To the soothing voice of your coach, you relax into the magic of the Kundalini session you booked.

Tonight, you will leave peacefully in the country of beautiful dreams.

✔️ Sanará strong points

  • Pure architecture and design, a gentle vibe, and a focus on well-being make the Sanará the perfect place to pamper yourself with elegance.
  • The staff is highly attentive.

 Sanará Drawbacks

  • The bungalows on the jungle side (near the road) are noisier than the beach bungalows.

💡 Tips

  • There are family suites.
  • Some suites have a kitchenette, and the open patio overlooks a small pool shared with the neighboring bungalows.
  • Musical brunches on weekends.

Price: From 600 $; Location: Bohemian area; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach: Yes; Swimming pool: Yes; Yoga classes/Spa services: Yes; Food/drinks: Bar & Restaurant (healthy & vegan + gluten-free options) – Good.

13# Radhoo Tulum – Best pool

Credit: Radhoo Tulum | See more photos

The rustle of leaves and impatient bird twittering pull you out of your dreams. You open an eye on the waving branches behind the window overlooking the pool. The palapa woven ceiling and the pale ochre walls filter the light.

You follow the wooden pathways through the lush vegetation of the tropical garden and cross the road for a romantic morning walk along the pleasant beach of the Encantada.

The wind gently shakes the large palms of the coconuts; time has paused. You sip a cocktail on a sunbed in the shade of a palapa by the outdoor pool, bordered by duckboards.

Late at night, after dancing to the swaying rhythms of one of the seaside clubs, you return to the calm of your little Mayan village, sleeping around the charming basin.

✔️ Radhoo Tulum strong points

  • Perfectly integrated into a lush green environment, this boutique hotel plays with wooden materials and design elements inspired by the Mayan culture to create a peaceful “Nature Chic” vibe.
  • A very nice outdoor swimming pool with sun loungers occupies the heart of the domain.

❌ Radhoo Tulum Drawbacks

  • The basic rooms lack a little light and storage space.
  • The Radhoo Tulum has no direct access to a beach.

💡 Tips

  • The Radhoo Tulum is for adults only.
  • Guests of the hotel can enjoy the beach and the wellness center of the Encantada, its sister hotel, across the road.
  • The private terraces of the Deluxe Junior Suites extend to a net over the canopy, ideal for re-reading The Jungle Book.

Price: From 580 $ (breakfast included); Location: Bohemian area; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach: No (Beach over the road – sister Encantada hotel); Swimming pool: Yes (great); Yoga classes/Spa services: Yes but not on-site (wellness center Encantada); Food/drinks: Bar & Restaurant (Modern Caribbean food) – Good.

14# Dune Boutique Hotel – Best mid-budget hotel to enjoy the nightlife

Credit: Dune Boutique Hotel | See more photos

You pull back the big yellow curtains. The sun shines brightly on the white walls of the room. You open the bay window and deeply breathe in the breeze’s marine scents.

The Luk’Ul Spa awaits you for a wellness and beauty ritual inspired by Mayan tradition.

Glowing, you meet your lover back from his morning jog on the beach for a greedy breakfast.

Before enjoying a swim in the turquoise waters, you stop in the small suspended garden where the Chef cultivates chilies and aromatic herbs with love and take a selfie in the “nest” swinging by the pool.

A delicious Mango Margarita at the lounge bar in the sunset, and you are ready to dive into the festive nightlife of Tulum.

✔️ Dune Boutique hotel strong points

  • The white walls and the combination of bamboo and rope create a chic Mexican hacienda style.
  • Ideally located in the party zone of Tulum, no need to take a taxi; bars, restaurants, and clubs are a short walk away.
  • The staff is accommodating and attentive.

 Dune Boutique hotel Drawbacks

  • Depending on the location of your room, your sleep may be disturbed by the music of the nearby Taboo club.

💡 Tips

  • The hotel is for adults only.
  • Some suites have private plunge pools.
  • A Cena Maya is served in the evening, offering traditional dishes.

Price: From 700 $ (great breakfast included); Location: Center Tulum beach; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach: Yes (lovely); Swimming pool: Yes (small); Yoga classes/Spa services: Spa; Food/drinks: Bar & Restaurant (international breakfast – Gourmet dining) – Good.

Best luxury hotels in Tulum Beach (> 900$)

In the mood for some luxury? Choose within these luxury Tulum Beach hotels.

15# La Valise Tulum – Best luxury hotel overall

Credit: La Valise Tulum | See more photos

The jungle wakes up. You open your eyes to the high, pointed ceiling of your hut room. A docile hemp puma bench stands guard at the foot of the clawfoot bathtub.

You operate the rails, sliding your bed onto your terrace above the treetops. Surprised by the last freshness of the night, you pull up the linen sheet over you; against your lover, you look at the sun lighting up the jungle.

This day is yours. A massage at the Spa to soothe your backache, a bath in the turquoise sea, a nap on a sunbed in the delicate shade of a bamboo pergola, some reading in the cozy colonial lobby.

In the evening, in the restaurant’s soft light and ocean perfumes, you taste the warm and colored flavors of Mexican cuisine.

✔️ La Valise Tulum strong points

  • Beautiful woodwork, white linen, and decorative elements evoking Mayan culture give elegance and softness to this luxurious haven nestled in the jungle and open to the Caribbean Sea.
  • The boutique hotel has an infinity swimming pool with duckboards and sunbeds.

❌ La Valise Tulum Drawbacks

  • Music from nearby clubs can be heard on Friday and Saturday nights in the jungle suites.

💡 Tips

  • La Valise is a two-wing property with 11 beachfront suites and 11 jungle suites across the road.
  • It’s an ideal place for a romantic getaway or a wedding anniversary. Just whisper the date in a staff member’s ear, and champagne and petals of roses will wait for your sweetheart in your room.
  • Only kids aged 12 and over are allowed.

Price: From 900 $ (Tax, fees, and great breakfast included); Location: Bohemian area; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach: Yes (lovely); Swimming pool: Yes (heated infinity pool); Yoga classes/Spa services: Spa & wellness center; Food/drinks: Bar & Restaurant (Mexican & Maya food) – Good.

La Valise Tulum
  • Top-notch staff
  • Quiet & beautiful beach area
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16# Casa Malca – Best luxurious rooms

Credit: Casa Malca | See more photos

You’re already awake. The bay window is open onto the balcony overlooking the sea. You inspect your second-floor manor room from your bed: grey whitewashed walls, thick purple curtains, ochre velvet Louis XV armchairs. Curious yellow fellows staring at you with laughing eyes seem to escape from a large painting with a psychedelic atmosphere.

No time to lose; you need to wander around the many corners of this rather mad place.

You get lost in the tropical gardens, startle at the meeting of huge piled-up buckets, a giant headless bust.

You hesitate between the turquoise sea and the pool set in the garden, and finally, you choose both.

At dinner time, in the restaurant with its floor covered with Persian carpets, a waiter invites you to sit on an armchair with a huge heart smiling at you.

The night will be full of dreams.

✔️ Casa Malca strong points

  • Located on a pristine beach at the tip of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, this former home of Pablo Escobar has been transformed into a haven of peace that cleverly blends architectural nobility with stunning pieces of contemporary art.
  • Casa Malca has 3 swimming pools, one of which is indoor.
  • Brown tones with touches of warm colors, a mixture of materials and styles, and a Dali-style decoration, Casa Malca will surprise you.

❌ Casa Malca Drawbacks

  • There can be a lot of seaweed in season (like everywhere in Tulum), although the staff regularly cleans the beach.

💡 Tips

  • Living spaces have been added to the original manor house by the gallery owner Malca who acquired, renovated, and decorated the property.
  • Only kids aged 12 and over are allowed.

Price: From 770 $ (excellent breakfast included); Location: Bohemian area; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach: Yes; Swimming pool: Yes (2 outdoor – 1 indoor); Yoga classes/Spa services: rooftop Spa & wellness center; Food/drinks: Bar & Restaurant (refined and sensory cuisine) – Good.

17# La Zebra a Colibri Boutique Hotel – Beach club

Credit: La zebra a Colibri | See more photos

The sun shines through the curtains, lighting up your jungle-chic bungalow in bright white. You gently shake your two still-sleeping teenagers. They jump out of their beds at the word “breakfast.”

Facing the sea, you join your friends and their kids seated at a wooden table decorated with a large portrait of Frida Kahlo.

Today is the parents’ day, between sea bathing and chatting on the terrace with your feet in the private plunge pool of your suite.

In the soft light of this late afternoon, you enjoy the best Mulberry cocktail of your life at the pleasant pool bar of the beach club.

In a little while, you’ll get dressed up for a Mexican dinner and sway to the Latin rhythms on the dance floor on the beach.

✔️ La Zebra a Colibri Boutique Hotel strong points

  • With its small stone and wooden houses on a white sand beach surrounded by palm trees and its great beach club, this boutique hotel offers a nice jungle-chic vibe.
  • Alone, as a couple, with family or friends, as long as you like a trendy ambiance with a nice touch of elegance and wellness, this luxury boutique hotel is for you.

❌ La Zebra a Colibri Boutique Hotel Drawbacks

  • All suites have a maximum capacity of 4 people, but there is only one room (1 king-size bed + 1 single bed + 1 rollaway bed).

💡 Tips

  • Thursday is Tacos night with Latin music live.
  • Handicraft market on Saturday night.
  • The hotel has a kids’ play area and recreational workshops on Sundays.
  • The suites on the ground floor have a private plunge pool with a terrace.

Price: From 1900 $ (Tax & fees included); Location: Bohemian area; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach; Swimming pool: Yes (+ pool bar); Yoga classes/Spa services: Spa; Food/drinks: Bar & Restaurant (super bar – great cocktails – great dinner experience) – Excellent.

18# Mi Amor – Best romantic hotel

Credit: Mi amor a Colibri | See more photos

A light sea breeze enters through the half-open bay window. With your lover, you listen to the sound of the waves as they roll over the stones down the cliff.

You enjoy the pleasure of a rain shower before going to the Spa, where you relax in expert hands for Mayan-inspired body care.

The afternoon flows on the quiet swing of a hammock chair at the infinity pool while sipping a cocktail prepared by a smiling waiter at the Besame Mucho Bar.

At night, at the end of a small wooden pontoon, set on the rocks and lit by the soft light of lanterns, your cabana awaits you for a romantic dinner.

Under the moonlight reflecting in the sleeping Caribbean Sea, you get gently drunk with a glass of white wine served with a delicious seafood dish.

✔️ Mi Amor strong points

  • Nestled in the heart of tropical vegetation on a cliff, with a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea, Mi Amor is a haven of calm and sophistication for a romantic stay.
  • A modern, minimalist design in light colors provides an elegant atmosphere.
  • The staff is very attentive and efficient.

❌ Mi Amor Drawbacks

  • There is no direct access to the beach. Guests have free access to the beach at the Mezzanine, a sister hotel 5 minutes from Mi Amor.

💡 Tips

  • Mi Amor is for adults only.
  • The boutique hotel has special considerations for honeymooners.
  • If you’re planning to experience Tulum Nightlife, forget it.

Price: From 1400 $ (Tax & fees included); Location: Near Tulum Ruins; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach: No – access through Mezzanine property – 5 mn walk; Swimming pool: Yes (infinity pool); Yoga classes/Spa services: Spa (great); Food/drinks: Yes – Bar & Restaurant (inventive and refined cuisine inspired by traditional recipes) – Excellent.

19# Encantada Tulum -Best small hotel boutique

Credit: Encantada Tulum | See more photos

Well sheltered by the mosquito net that drapes the bed, a ray of sunlight caresses your cheek.

Slipping your feet on the golden floor, you open the bay window onto the terrace and breathe in the morning fragrance. Under the sea breeze, the thatch roof rustles, and the hammock sways.

Hand in hand, delightfully surprised by the coolness of the white sand under your feet, you walk down a pathway that runs through the garden. You reach the spa, where you’re welcomed for hot stone care.

After a bath in the turquoise waters and a nap under a palapa, it’s time to go to the mezcal-tasting workshop to learn more about this sacred beverage.

Snuggled up in the armchairs of your terrace, you listen to the waves until the cool of the night whispers to you to go back to your bed.

✔️ Encantada Tulum strong points

  • Although close to all amenities, Encantada Tulum is located on a strip of beach preserved from the hustle and bustle.
  • With only 8 rooms, it is a tiny and luxurious haven of peace hidden in a tropical garden open to the sea.
  • Blond woodwork, fine handcrafted furniture, and a dominant white color provide a harmonious and serene vibe.
  • The staff is extremely thoughtful and kind.

❌ Encantada Tulum Drawbacks

  • There is no swimming pool.

💡 Tips

  • Only kids aged 12 and over are accepted.
  • The hotel doesn’t take reservations for groups of more than 3 rooms.
  • Encantada Tulum offers a range of mind-body wellness experiences and cultural workshops.
  • A Mayan Shaman can perform your wedding ceremony.

Price: From 800 $ (Tax, fees & great breakfast included); Location: Bohemian Area; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach: Yes – South Tulum Beach at 150 m; Swimming pool: No; Yoga classes/Spa services: Yoga & Spa (great); Food/drinks: Yes – Bar & Restaurant (Mexican & international cuisine) – Good.

20# The beach Tulum – with private plunge pools

Credit: The Beach Tulum | See more photos

It’s early morning. As soon as your eyes open, you push the mosquito net and climb onto the rooftop of your suite to fully wake up in the jacuzzi. Laying on the queen-size sofa, you smile as you feel the sun’s gentle rays warming your back.

A session in the fitness center stimulates your appetite for a snack on the beach in the shade of the sunbeds assigned to your room.

On the terrace, with the gentle movement of the hammock and in a bit of air from the sea, you fall asleep on your book.

The night lasts under the large palapa dome of Ziggy’s beach club while you sip a cocktail created by an inventive bartender and beat your feet to the seductive music of a Latino band.

✔️ The Beach Tulum strong points

  • With a stylish, minimalist design and excellent wellness facilities, The Beach Tulum offers a luxurious, cocooning environment with bare feet in the sand.
  • All rooms are beachfront. They have a rooftop with a jacuzzi or a private plunge pool for others.
  • The Beach Tulum is located in the heart of the hotel zone. Shops and restaurants are within easy walking distance.

❌ The Beach Tulum Drawbacks

  • The hotel is a bit far from the tourist interest spots.
  • Some guests’ sleep may be disturbed by the music from Ziggy’s Beach Club.

💡 Tips

  • The Beach Tulum is for adults only.
  • The Beach Tulum pampers honeymooners.

Price: From 1360 $ (Tax, fees & great breakfast included); Location: Center of Tulum beach; Air conditioning: Yes; Beach: Private Beach; Swimming pool: Yes (lovely river pool with swings); Yoga classes/Spa services: Yes -Yoga & Spa + wellness center; Food/drinks: Yes – Bar & Restaurant (Caribbean, Mexican & international cuisine) – Good.

Booking guide: How to pick your Tulum beach hotel

Let me add some valuable tips to help you choose within the beachfront Tulum hotels.

Read our top notch Tulum Beach Travel Guide

Book early

Credit: La Valise Tulum hotel | See more photos

Remember that the tourist season peaks in January, February, July, August, and late December. The best beach hotels sell like hotcakes.

So better to choose yours 6 or even 9 months in advance.

What to expect in Tulum

Credit: Cabañas Tulum Hotel | See more photos

Tulum evolves. Here is the actual situation.

Party scene

For the delight of fans of festive nightlife, electronic music, and more, Tulum’s international fame as a mythic place for partying is well known.

Many bars, clubs, and beach hotels welcome partygoers, and the best DJs in the world come to perform in the most famous places.

The most popular nightlife venues follow a weekly calendar:

  • Tuesdays & Wednesdays: Batey Mojito & Guarapo Bar in the town
  • Thursdays: Casa Jaguar in the beach zone
  • Fridays: Gitano in the beach zone
  • Saturdays: Papaya Playa Project in the beach town
  • Sundays: Salsa Night at La Zebra Hotel in the southern beach zone

There is an entrance fee (unless it’s in your hotel, of course). It’s more expensive in the beach zone. For concerts with famous DJs, check the program and prices to book.

Yoga & Meditation

Many beach hotels in Tulum do not escape the yoga and meditation classes trend.

Some offer top-quality services, such as Encantada and Sanara. Some are far too expensive for what they propose.

If you’re a meditation addict, it’s up to you to learn about the programs and the sessions’ descriptions to choose wisely.


I bet you’ve heard the horror stories about the cartels running the clubs. Most are true. Be street-wise, and you’ll be fine.

My recommendations are don’t use drugs, avoid dark alleys & don’t drive at night.

Famous hotels that aren’t worth the hype

Are you really willing to spend all your money in a so-so hotel?


An Instagrammer will indeed be charmed by the original and photogenic architecture and design of this place, but honestly, the services are not up to the pretensions and don’t invite the guests to come back. Read reviews.


If you use the AC, which only works at night, you will be charged 25 USD daily.

Moreover, the maintenance of the hotel and some services are unsatisfactory. Read reviews.

Papaya Playa project

It’s a mecca for Tulum’s nightlife, so it’s very noisy at night. Better to stay in another place and come here to party! Read reviews.

Coco Unlimited

The lack of decoration in the rooms creates a rather unwelcoming atmosphere. Moreover, the soundproofing is very poor, and smells permeate. Read reviews.

Ahau hotel

Its neighbor, the Alaya Tulum hotel, is much better and quieter. 

All-inclusive experience

There are very few all-inclusive resorts in Tulum; they are more on the Riviera Maya side, around Playa del Carmen & Cancun.

The closest family resort is Dreams Tulum, located 10 minutes north of Tulum Beach. It is a massive resort with over 430 suites. While it includes many family-friendly amenities, it lacks the charm and quality of the best Tulum Beach Hotels.

The Kore Tulum Retreat and Spa Resort on Tulum Beach is also an option for enthusiasts of an all-inclusive experience. It’s for adults only. Located on a rocky coast, it has no sandy beach.

Things have changed

Appreciated for the beauty of its beaches and its tranquility as well as the will of the hotels to preserve their environment, for a few years, Tulum has changed gradually.

Tulum is not exempt from the growing tourism industry, which is more and more eager for profit. Some previously idyllic areas are now crowded with restaurants and clubs always noisier to attract partygoers.

Places famous for their crazy nightlife are becoming fashionable places to meet “the beau monde” and celebrities worldwide. Finally, Tulum is taking on Ibiza-like looks. An ever-increasing number of tourists, not always respectful, causes problems with waste management and security.

In addition to this human wave, for reasons that scientists are still trying to clarify, the beaches of Tulum, which ten years ago were still spared from seaweed, are increasingly invaded by this algae.

However, please don’t be too alarmed; some areas, such as the Bohemian area, still keep their charm and quietness.

Large groups will have a problem staying in the same room

Apart from Cabanas Tulum, with its loft with 3 double rooms, the beach hotels in Tulum don’t have good group facilities. Furthermore, as many have a relatively small capacity, some restrict the number of rooms per booking (e.g., the Ecantada Tulum – no more than 3 rooms).

Suppose you travel in groups, you could rent a villa on the beach, possibly with a chef’s service. La Veleta and Aldea Zama are good alternatives for finding a flat or an Airbnb.

Failing infrastructure

Under the pressure of overzealous developers, the overly intensive and uncontrolled development of the Tulum Beach Hotel Zone causes water and electricity problems.

As the beach isn’t connected to the power network, electricity is provided by diesel generators that run day and night. Breakdowns are frequent.

The beach isn’t linked to the sewage system either, and waste infiltrates the subsoil and the sea, causing the death of the coral reef.


Tulum will hurt your bank account.


Tulum has a well-founded reputation as the most expensive place in Mexico, although the logistical challenges caused by the region’s growth are not always up to par.

Taxis have increased their prices considerably without any negotiation margin, and the American dollar is the king.

This attractive alternative for travelers escaping Cancun’s hustle and bustle is slowly losing appeal.

Barefoot luxury is sometimes a joke

Be careful with hotels that promise luxury with your feet in the sand. Sometimes all you have is your bare foot. Go fishing for good tips.

Some hotels don’t include the VAT and the City Tax in their prices

Check carefully before booking; it’s about 20% of the total!

When is the best time to visit Tulum


Open your Google Calendar.


The best time to enjoy the crystalline waters is winter (mid-November to mid-March).

And if you have to travel out of this period, choose a hotel with a pool.


The period from November to May is the most pleasant in terms of weather. It’s hot (max. 29°C) but not oppressive. It rains less, and a wind from the Caribbean Sea brings a pleasant breeze.


Tulum is situated in the jungle, so avoiding bugs is difficult. Close to the sea, they are kept at a distance by the sea breeze, but it is better to bring your repellent as soon as you cross the road to the jungle.

Mosquitoes are most numerous in the rainy season (June to October-November). Bring repellents or buy natural ones; citronella candles are available everywhere in Tulum.

Where to stay on Tulum Beach

Credit: Encantada Tulum | See more photos

Location is always key. Let me help you decide where you should stay in Tulum.

Near the ruins

There are some great and quiet beaches close to the ruins of Tulum. The best Tulum beach hotels are Villa PescadoresCinco Tulum, and Mi Amor.

Playa Paraiso

Its white sand and turquoise waters make it perfect for a quiet afternoon.

Playa Pescadores

A little further north, Playa Pescadores, with its calm and transparent waters, offers a beautiful view of the Tulum ruins. You can enjoy a delicious Ceviche and then go back to the sand and listen to the sound of the waves.

Snorkelers can negotiate a guided tour and see turtles between May and November.

In the evening, there is often live music on the beach.

Playa Las Palmas

This secluded beach, lined with trees that offer shade and quiet waters, is a large public beach suitable for the whole family.

Street vendors will try to sell you some souvenirs.

Beware, if you come by taxi, better to leave before 5.00 pm.

North Tulum Beach (near Papaya Playa Project)

North Tulum Beach probably has the most beautiful beaches. Somewhat well protected from frenetic tourist development, the area still has a broad beachfront. The bars are not overly expensive. However, they are very busy during the high season.

North Tulum is home to the Papaya Playa Project, a hot spot for Tulum nightlife.

The best hotel is Habitas Tulum.

Center Tulum Beach (Near TABOO)

With a concentration of restaurants, bars, and beach clubs, including the famous Taboo, it’s the party zone of Tulum.

Although the sand is as white as ever and the waters as turquoise, beaches are more lively.

Some of the best Tulum beach hotels are Sueños TulumLos ArrecifesPlaya SelvaCabañas TulumDune boutique hotel, and The Beach Tulum.

South Tulum Beach (Near FOLLOW THAT DREAM Sign)

This is the bohemians’ favorite area. The place is quiet, although many bars and restaurants are easily accessible. There are great tacos, and the prices are more affordable.

The beaches are still very nice. Less than in the North Tulum Beach area, though.

Some of the best Tulum beach hotels are AlayaNestValiseSanaráLa Zebra, and Encantada.

Once you’re in Tulum

Tulum cenote tours and cenote ruins

Keep in mind these practical tips.


To withdraw cash in pesos, only use ATMs associated with a bank to avoid unpleasant surprises (abusive fees, even fraud). Get some money at the airport upon arrival or from the main supermarkets in Tulum Pueblo. There are no secure ATMs on the beach in Tulum.

The lowest fees are 30 to 50 pesos per transaction which may be plus fees your bank charges. Some might charge you over 150 pesos! Before traveling, find out if your bank has partnerships with some Mexican banks.

No-fee cards like Charles Schwab or online banks like the N26 I use are good options.

Always have cash on you; the exchange rate of USD in hotels is terrible.

Getting Around in Tulum

You can easily find a taxi to get around, but the prices are increasingly high, and they often try to force the rate.

10 to 30 USD per trip is a fair price depending on the destination.

Don’t hesitate to rent a scooter or a bike (bring a good lock) or even walk!

What to do in Tulum

The main activity is sunbathing.

Although the beaches are public in Mexico, their access is difficult because of the many hotels. Playa Paraiso is an exception.

Book a hotel in the area to enjoy Tulum beach or buy a day pass.

During the Sargasso season, forget your morning swim in the ocean. Choose one with a pool and plan several trips to the nearby cenotes.

Q&A about the best Tulum beach hotels

Tulum (1)

The answers to questions you may have.

  1. What part of Tulum beach is best?

    Still preserving its charm and peacefulness, the Bohemian area is the most enjoyable part of Tulum Beach.

  2. Should I stay on the beach or in town in Tulum?

    It depends on your desires and your budget. The town may be cheaper, but the beach is the place to relax or have fun.
    The beach is far from the city (5 km on a dangerous road).

  3. Where do celebrities go in Tulum?

    Celebrities love Tulum.
    Of course, they frequent trendy clubs, such as the Gitano.

  4. Are the beaches nicer in Cancun or Tulum?

    With postal card crystal clear waters and white sand, the beaches of Tulum are the most beautiful but more exposed to the Sargasso.

  5. What is the most popular beach in Tulum?

    Playa Paraiso is the most popular beach in Tulum. It’s large, with wonderful turquoise waters and palm trees.
    And it’s easy to get to.

  6. Can you walk from Tulum town to the beach?

    Tulum beach is about 4 to 5 km from downtown Tulum.
    On foot, it will take you more than one hour under the hot sun and 30 minutes if you go by bike.
    If you want to avoid taxis, take a colectivo.

  7. How many days is enough for Tulum?

    To take the time to visit the ruins, have a refreshing bath in a cenote, and relax on the beach, count on 2 full days on Tulum, or even 3.

  8. Is Tulum beach clothing optional?

    If you like to practice naturism, the only option you have is the Azulik Resort Tulum beach.

  9. Can you not flush toilet paper in Tulum?

    Generally, paper is not flushed down the toilet in Mexico but is collected in a wastebasket.
    Tulum Beach has no sewage system, so please respect this rule.

  10. Are there free beaches in Tulum?

    Only Playa Paraiso is easily accessible. The beaches of Tulum are “attached” by the hotels. So unless you stay in one of them, you will have to buy a day pass.


I have been traveling around Colombia and Mexico since 2015 to discover new experiences and help travelers make the right choices.

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