20 Best Tulum Beach Restaurants: Avoid The Bad Ones [2024]

There are many tourist traps (far too expensive for what they serve) among the restaurants in Tulum Beach.

Where to eat right on the beach? What is the specialty of each restaurant? The establishment’s atmosphere? Which ones are really worth it?

Besides my 15 days in Tulum, I spent dozens of hours analyzing the opinions of all the restaurants on Google Maps. In this article, you will find an overview of the 20 best restaurants in Tulum Beach, with helpful information to quickly make your decision.

Bring your fork, and let’s go!

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Where to eat in Tulum Beach: Our Map

Best Restaurants in Tulum Beach: mini-reviews 

Tulum is one of the best spots for foodies who love to travel. Apart from enjoying the beach, you can indulge yourself with delicious food and fresh drinks at upscale or even down-to-earth dining options. 

20# Gitano beach: a trendy party jungle restaurant 

Gitano beach (restaurant credit) (2)
Credit: @Gitano.beach

Prices ($$$$) | Rating: 4.5/5 | Menu | Closing days: None | Open hours: 11am to 11pm (kitchen closes) Location: Main Tulum Hotel Zone  

😎 What’s cool?

The vibe is what makes Gitano stand out, no questions asked. We’re talking about the Gitano beach property here. Gitano runs multiple restaurants and bars in Tulum and the rest of the Riviera Maya. You get a mixture of the Tulum jungle scene with the pearly white beach. It’s the perfect place to show off your chic outfit to match the Bohemian Tulum scene. You can come here for brunch or dinner and stay at the club until the early hours of the next day.   

🤤 What’s tasty?

You want to go with the fresh seafood tacos or tostadas as your starters, with some guacamole. The wide array of mezcal-infused drinks they serve here is a little better than the food. The mix of fresh Mexican seafood and drinks works wonders, though.       

💡 Insider tips

It’s not a cash-only venue, but they charge extra to pay with a card. They have parking, but that costs around 400 pesos or 20 dollars. Also, the staff is known to be tip hungry! 

19# Boccanera Pizzería y Cervecería: Affordable & delicious pizza

Boccanera Pizzería restaurant credit)
Credit: @Boccanerapizza

Prices ($$) | Rating: 4.8/5 | MenuClosing days: None | Open hours: 3pm to 10pm Location: Main Tulum Hotel Zone 

😎 What’s cool?

This delicious old-school pizzeria will be a perfect stop after a tour of the famous Tulum ruins. This is the spot if you’re tired of eating Mexican food or want a chill place to have pizza and wine with friends. 

🤤 What’s tasty?

The bruschettas and the pizzas with “exotic” toppings are what you come here for. They’re made in a brick oven, so you really get that pizzeria taste that you probably didn’t expect to find in Tulum. If they expanded their wine menu, finding a good pairing for their cheese and deli plates would be easier, but those are still two good starter options. 

💡 Insider tips

It’s less expensive than other spots, but it’s another place that almost demands 15% tips and adds 5% to the tab if you want to pay with a card. Simple, bring cash, also dine in, if not, the pizza can get soggy and chewy if you take it out. 

18# ARCA: Luxury experience with untypical local flavors

Credit: @Arcatulum

Prices ($$$$) | Rating: 4.5/5 | Menu | Closing days: None | Open hours 5:30pm to 10:30 pm Location: South Tulum Beach

😎 What’s cool?

ARCA is a well-themed restaurant that allows you to step into the heart of the Tulum jungle. You’ll be stepping on hardened sand and sitting on wooden tables, and you can wear your casual Tulum look. Unlike many other famous restaurants in Tulum, the food is front and center here.  

🤤 What’s tasty?

Try the bone marrow dishes; they’re a must here. You can have fish tacos at many restaurants in the area, but the soft shell crab tacos here are elite. If you’re into vegan options, you can try the dish with grilled avocado as its main ingredient.   

💡 Insider tips

These are different from the typical Mexican dishes you’re probably accustomed to. Be adventurous and enjoy the “fusion” food.   

17# Hartwood: The most requested dinner on Tulum beach

Credit: @Katieincolor

Prices $$$$ | Rating: 4.4 /5 | Menu: Varies | Closing days: Mondays & Tuesdays | Open hours: 6pm to 10pm location Tulum Beach

😎 What’s cool?

The menu changes depending on what the fresh catch of the day happens to be. That mystery of what you’re going to get is exciting. Also, the place is powered by solar panels. They are big on sustainability. That’s why they source all of their fish and food locally.  

🤤 What’s tasty?

You probably won’t expect this from a restaurant that changes its menu based on the day’s fresh catch, but the ribs are outstanding! Otherwise, I recommend their octopus-based dish. If mystery is not for you, then wait until dessert and get some of their honey cake. That’s sure to be on the menu.   

💡 Insider tips

Getting a spot as a walk-in will be near impossible. They do take reservations via email. If You want to come here, hit them up and get that taken care of at least 1 month before you arrive. 

#16 NÜ Tulum: Romantic dinner with the best mezcal-based cocktails

Nu Tulum restaurant
Credit: @Nutulum

Prices ($$$) | Rating: 4.5/5 | Menu | Closing days: Monday & Tuesday | Open hours: 6pm – 10:30pm Location: South Tulum Beach

😎 What’s cool?

You’re in a garden under the stars with torches lighting your path, and the staff is always burning some incense. You have some upbeat live music on most nights—without being deafening. Overall, this Bohemian spot bleeds that Tulum vibe through and through. Perfect for romantic dinners or a calm evening with friends.   

🤤 What’s tasty?

This is another spot that’s known for its signature cocktails. Feel free to try out certain passion fruit drinks that may be outside your comfort zone. A lot of menu items are inspired by Yucatan/Mayan cuisine. You can find lamb, an oyster mushroom dish, and some typical seafood options.  

💡 Insider tips

Portions are smaller than many people may be accustomed to. Maybe order a few dishes to share with companions and try a bit of everything. Prices are more affordable than in most other restaurants in Tulum, so it works out well.  

#15 Wild Tulum: Restaurant with a delicious tasting menu

Wild Tulum restaurant
Credit: @Wildtulum

Prices ($$$) | Rating: 4.5/5 | MenuClosing days: None | Open hours: 6pm to 11pm  Location: South Tulum Beach 

😎 What’s cool?

Wild is another one of these Tulum restaurants that really leans into the jungle vibe. You will be at tables surrounded by plants with sand in your shoes. You should order their 9-course tasting menu to be carried away in their universe.

🤤 What’s tasty?

If you’re not in the mood to try something new, then maybe stick to the octopus, or don’t come here on that day. You may miss out on something like the huitlacoche ravioli. Go with the full 9-course tasting menu and order a drink with fresh juices and mezcal. 

💡 Insider tips

This is not the spot for a picky eater. You won’t enjoy what the menu has to offer. Wild is not overly expensive, but they add an 18% service fee even if you just order a solo drink at the bar! 

#14 Raw Love Beach: Best vegan beach restaurant in Tulum

Raw love beach - Tulum Restaurant
Credit: @Rauwlovetulum

Prices ($$) | Rating: 4.5/5 | Menu | Closing days: None | Open hours: 9am to 6pm LocationTulum Beach

😎 What’s cool?

You’re directly on the beach and can sit in a beach chair or on a wooden table under the shade. These guys open early, so it’s perfect for those who get a quick jog at the beach. After that, they’re probably looking for a healthy breakfast option. 

🤤 What’s tasty?

The superfood smoothies and bowls are the go-to delicious breakfast that vegans and non-vegans alike can enjoy. If you go for lunch, the coconut curry is undoubtedly a fan favorite. You can’t go wrong with the cakes and brownies, either. Plus, you can come here to get your kombucha fix.

💡 Insider tips

Yet another spot with a 20% mandatory tip and a 5% increase if you pay with a card. It can really rub you the wrong way, too, because service is known to be iffy. 

#13 Ukami: Best sushi Mexican fusion dinner in Tulum

Credit: @ukamijungle

Prices ($$$) | Rating: 4.5/5 | MenuClosing days: None | Open hours: 4pm to 11pm Location: Tulum Beach 

😎 What’s cool?

If you come at night and sit in the main dining area, this is a perfect spot for a candlelit dinner date night. You can get more of a Tulum beach relaxed vibe if you head to an early dinner. The outdoor seating may be better suited for a group of friends since it’s more casual than romantic.  

🤤 What’s tasty?

You can get started with a small hard shell shrimp taco or some tostadas. From there, you have to try one of the rolls, at least. This restaurant prides itself “Mayapanese” food. That means that your typical sushi will have an infusion of Mexican cuisine. Expect avocado and jalapeños to be used in dishes next to soy sauce.   

💡 Insider tips

Make sure to try the margaritas, and at this point, just come to terms with the 20% tips. This is another restaurant that pushes you towards high tips.  

#12 RosaNegra: The best dinner-show restaurant in Tulum

Rosa negra Beach Restaurant - Tulum
Credit: @rosanegrabeach_tulum

Prices ($$$$) | Rating: 4.6/5 | Menu | Closing days: None | Open hours: 5pm to 1am LocationMain Tulum Beach

😎 What’s cool?

Rosa Negra has everything to offer, from a quiet date night to a lively party scene. They have live Dj sets every night that can really put you in the mood. Also, it’s the spot to host a high-end bachelor or bachelorette party dinner. Out of the restaurants in Tulum that double down as a bar or club, this may be the spot with the best food. 

🤤 What’s tasty?

Rosa Negra is one of the only beach restaurants offering an international cuisine mix on their menu. Seafood dishes like ceviche are still the fan favorites. They are one of the few restaurants in Tulum that carry certified Kobe beef. Their selection of steaks is both extensive and expensive but tasty. It may be worth the splurge.   

💡 Insider tips

If you want to avoid the live music DJ sets and enjoy the food, go in for an early dinner. This is one of the truly upscale restaurants in Tulum, so be prepared to spend big. 

#11 Kitchen table: To eat the best ceviche in Tulum

Kitchen Table Tulum Restaurant
Credit: @kitchentabletulum

Prices ($$$$) | Rating: 4.5/5 | Menu | Closing days: None | Open hours: 5pm to 11pm Location: Main Tulum Beach Area 

😎 What’s cool?

Kitchen table is in a Tulum jungle setting, and apart from the ambiance that this brings, their big strength is the open kitchen area. You get to see how a lot of their mainly fresh meals are prepared right in front of you. As the day turns to night, it becomes a quiet spot to try a bit of everything and have a few local drinks.  

🤤 What’s tasty?

Ceviche and some other local seafood dishes are also the highlights of this menu. Each spot has its own dish preparation method, so don’t feel bad about repeating it. The ribs here fall off the bone and are delicious. The coffee here is also freshly ground. It may not be something you’re looking forward to in the heat, but keep it in mind.  

💡 Insider tips

You’ll be in a jungle area, so bring insect repellent! Especially if you come in the summer and heavy rain season. Amansala hotel is the closest parking.

#10 Kogure Tulum Japanese Cuisine: To taste the best Ramen in Tulum

Kogure Tulum Restaurant
Credit: @Koguretulum

Prices ($$) | Rating: 4.6/5 | MenuClosing days: None | Open hours 1 pm to 10:30pm Location: North Tulum Beach

😎 What’s cool?

Kogure is literally on the beach and serves up some fresh sushi, perfect for lunch. The vibe gets more Bohemian at night, with the restaurant only lit by a couple of lanterns and candles. 

🤤 What’s tasty?

You’ll probably want sushi if you get there for a delicious early lunch on a hot day. This sushi will taste more familiar, particularly to American travelers, since it doesn’t have the Mayan fusion you get at Ukami. For later in the day, the ramen is what you can’t miss here. 

💡 Insider tips

Few spots are available.

#9 Mivida: A peaceful beachfront restaurant in Tulum

Mivida Tulum Restaurant
Credit: @mividatulum

Prices ($$$) | Rating: 4.5/5 | MenuClosing days: None | Open hours: 8am to 10pm LocationTulum Hotel Zone Beach

😎 What’s cool?

Mivida is what most restaurants looked like in Tulum 20 or 15 years ago. A shack on the beach that allows you to relax in a hammock with palm trees covering you from the sun. It’s a great spot to chill during the day, right on the beach. You get that without the upbeat music present at most other beach restaurants or beach clubs.   

🤤 What’s tasty?

You better stick with the tacos or anything simple on the menu. The paella is a hit or miss. Explore the signature cocktails. 

💡 Insider tips

Come here to chill and enjoy the typical Tulum boho style overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Don’t come to this beach shack and order a steak or anything too complex; you’ll probably be disappointed.  

#8 BAL NAK: A good alternative to Hartwood

bal nak Tulum Restaurant
Credit: @balnaktulum

Prices ($$$) | Rating: 4.75/5 | MenuClosing days: None | Open hours: 5:30 to 10:30 LocationA Bit Outside The Tulum Beach Main Road

😎 What’s cool?

This is one of Tulum’s best restaurants, which not many people experience because it’s off the grid. The fact that it’s not directly on the Tulum beach main road means that you can escape the constant noise in most areas. You’re in a jungle-themed restaurant that’s dimly lit at night and just serves good food! 

🤤 What’s tasty?

The octopus is, without a doubt, the star dish here. The reason why it’s a Hartwood alternative is that they offer similar specialties. It’s easier to get a table at BAL NAK, though, and the prices are lower for a similar delicious octopus dish. You’ll want to try the Xibalba cocktail with gin hibiscus for cocktails. Like Hartwood, you can also expect local ingredients and a fresh catch option that varies daily.

💡 Insider tips

This place is not easy to find, don’t panic if the cab takes a dirt road to get you there. If you’re driving a rental car, follow Google Maps. 

#7 Los Bowls de Guadalupe: Best healthy lunch on the beach

Prices ($$) | Rating: 4.8/5 | MenuClosing days: None | Open hours: 7am to 6:30pm Location: South Tulum Beach

😎 What’s cool?

This is a spot for a quick vegan breakfast or lunch on the go. You can even order online and pick up your meal at the restaurant. If you want to stay on the beach with your food, there are a couple of tables there for you to look out onto the Caribbean Sea. 

🤤 What’s tasty?

Açaí bowls are getting picked up left and right here, particularly in the morning. If you’re looking for a spot to get a good smoothie or some cold brew, this may just be it. Also, it’s a vegetarian and vegan spot. Why not add an egg to your avocado toast to maximize your breakfast experience? 

💡 Insider tips

It can get busy on some mornings in the peak season. You may want to make your order online, pick it up, and you can stay by the beach if there’s room. 

#6 Ziggy’s: Best beach club in Tulum

Ziggy’s - Tulum Restaurant
Credit: @ziggybeachtulum

Prices ($$$) | Rating: 4.5/5 | Menu | Closing days: XX | Open hours: 7am to 11pm Location

😎 What’s cool?

You’re at one of the best well-kept beaches in Tulum. The resorts in the area make a daily effort to clean up the sargassum on the beach. The vibe can shift as the day progresses, but it is one of the few kid-friendly beach restaurants. Around dinner time, though, Ziggy’s becomes more adult-oriented, with louder music.   

🤤 What’s tasty?

For breakfast, you may want to gravitate towards omelets, chilaquiles, or other Mexican dishes. They are typically less expensive and tastier than salmon toast. Lunch can start with some tuna nachos and have some burgers as your main course. It’s a rather diverse menu for a beach club.   

💡 Insider tips

If you arrive early, you’re more likely to get access to the outdoor seating. That’s what most people come here for. This place offers perhaps the most neutral kid-friendly menu. There’s a 70-dollar minimum consumption fee per adult.

#5 Fresco’s Tulum: Best breakfast in Tulum beach

Frescos Tulum Restaurant (1)
Credit: @frescostulum

Prices ($$$) | Rating: 4.5/5 | Menu | Closing days: None | Open hours 7am to 11pm Location: Main Tulum Beach

😎 What’s cool?

Fresco’s gives off that traditional beach restaurant vibe with its sandy floors and welcome-to-paradise decor. Ironically, it’s across the road from the beach. You can get fresh drinks all day, ideal for grabbing your healthy smoothies whenever you want.

🤤 What’s tasty?

For a healthy breakfast, the smoothie bowls and the egg or avocado toast are the main things you’ll want to look into. If you don’t want to be that healthy try the French toasts. You want to head to lunch here? Maybe stick to the fish tacos or one of the ceviches.  

💡 Insider tips

This is one of the best breakfast spots (only until noon!) in the beach zone that offers vegan options—certainly more of a breakfast spot than a lunch or dinner option. There is free bike parking for the Tulum warriors 😉

#4 Oishi Omakase Sushi Sake Bar: Watch the chef cook for you

Oishi Tulum Restaurant
Credit: @oishitulum

Prices ($$$) | Rating: 4.9/5 | MenuClosing days: None | Open hours 3pm to 1am: LocationMain Tulum Beach Area

😎 What’s cool?

Saying that Oishi is one of the best restaurants in Tulum can be a stretch for some, but it is definitely one of the best dining experiences. You sit around the kitchen and watch, mouth agape, as the chef cooks with fresh ingredients. As an experience, it can rival Vegas restaurants or other spots that offer this direct connection with the kitchen. 

🤤 What’s tasty?

Get the 7 or 9-course menu option, and just let the chef let you know what’s available for that day. These multiple-course menus not only allow you to try a little bit of everything, but it’s also the best way to get a top “cooking show” experience. They also offer vegetarian options. Make sure to see how they can accommodate your meals with what they offer. 

💡 Insider tips

If you’re traveling to Tulum, message them on their site to book in advance. It’s a small restaurant that fills up quickly. 

#3 Chambao: To celebrate your birthday with a group of friends

Chambao Tulum Restaurant
Credit: @chambaotulum

Prices ($$$$) | Rating: 4.75 | Menu | Closing days: None | Open hours: 5pm to 1:30am LocationMain Tulum Beach Road

😎 What’s cool?

You get the beach zone vibe with dim lighting that works for both romantic dinners and a friend’s night out. At the same time, you can dress rather casually, but you’re getting served the best steaks in Tulum. You can get a hookah and share it with friends, along with a couple of drinks. Even if you don’t come here for the food, Chambao has something to offer in the form of performances and live music.  

🤤 What’s tasty?

As they say, go big or go home. In other words, try the Alaskan king crab cluster or a lobster. If you’re tired of seafood, look into the New York steak, you’ll get a quality meal without it being as expensive as other things on the menu.  

💡 Insider tips

Ask about their shisha experience if you want to get a hookah brought to the table. There are a ton of different flavors that you can pick from.

#2 Itzam-na: Reasonably priced restaurant in Tulum beach

Prices ($$) | Rating: 4.7/5 | Menu | Closing days: None | Open hours: 8am to 11:45 pm Location: Zona Hotelera Tulum

😎 What’s cool?

This restaurant is covered with a large “palapa” roof, very much in the typical way beach restaurants in traditional Mexican towns look like. Don’t expect too much in the way of entertainment. You can get delicious food here at a low price. 

🤤 What’s tasty?

Many people love the shrimp burritos here. You can also try different seafood dishes. It’s simple: pick the fish you like and choose your preferred preparation method. You can get quesadillas and tacos on hand-made tortillas if you want something other than an elaborate meal—finally, a spot with authentic Mexican cuisine. 

💡 Insider tips

Another spot that is known to push for mandatory tips. A great place to come if you want to eat good food and not spend a ton. 

#1 CINCO TULUM: Best chill-out beach club in Tulum

Cinco Tulum Restaurant
Credit: @lemontheplanet

Prices ($$$) | Rating: 4.6/5 | Menu | Closing days: None | Open hours: 8am to 10pm Location: North Hotel Zone

😎 What’s cool?

The vibe can vary depending on where you’re sitting. Most people want to head towards the main beach club area, where you can find comfortable beach chairs to chill out on. The music is just right to get you in that pleasant vacation mood. CINCO also knows how to treat its guests well. You get larger food portions than at most other spots. Also, the staff is not pushy about tips, and they don’t include them in the bill. 

🤤 What’s tasty?

If you’re starving, you can order some quesadillas or nachos to share with everyone at your table. Cesar’s salad is decent for people who want to stay healthy. If you want something more elaborate, go with the fish filet.   

💡 Insider tips

As everywhere in Tulum, the beach is usually filled with sargassum, so you want to come here when it’s Sargassum-free. There’s a minimum consumption fee during the high season for the best spots on the beach. If you stay in the restaurant area, you’ll avoid this fee.  

Foodie tips when eating in Tulum beach 

Gitano Beach Tulum Restaurant
Credit: @gitano.beach

Now that you know some of the best places to eat in Tulum Beach, let’s look at what you need to know before you take your first bite. 

Paying at the beach restaurants in Tulum

The best way to pay in Tulum is with pesos in cash. With how expensive some places have gotten, you’d have to carry a ton of cash, which is not ideal. 

When you pay with your card, be sure to pay in pesos and stick to your card provider’s exchange rate. The restaurant’s exchange rate is usually never favorable. Watch out for spots where the waiter takes your card and charges you at the register. Go with them to avoid any issues with duplicate charges. 

The next main issue are tips. 

It’s customary to leave 10 or 15% at most restaurants in Mexico. Some spots are known to demand 20% in Tulum. It’s important to know that they can’t legally require it. You can tip what you want. Nightclub staff can get pushier about tips than most restaurant servers. 

Seasons in Tulum

Traditionally the high season in Tulum is between December and April. It corresponds to the best weather too. If you want to eat at any of the most famous Tulum restaurants during the winter holidays or spring break, be sure to make a reservation in advance—1-3 months for some of them! 

Sargassum is typically overflowing in many Tulum beaches from early April to about the start of October. Note that over the summer months (June to October), you get hurricanes and rainy weather to deal with. 

Mosquitoes are also an issue you have to contend with. Particularly over the summer months, but in the jungle side Tulum beach restaurants, mosquitoes are present year-round. Another thing that you want to keep in mind is that certain restaurants close during the heavy rain season or when tourist arrivals die down. 

October tends to be the month that most Tulum restaurants choose to close. If you have a favorite restaurant you want to visit, double-check if it will be open before you book your trip.   

Restaurants that turn into parties

The Tulum nightlife is filled with restaurants that double down as clubs or bars at night. Plus, the beach clubs always get much rowdier as the day rolls on. Spots like Fresco’s and Ziggy’s are great for breakfast with the kids, for example. The vibe may have moved to adult-friendly by 5 or 6 in the afternoon. 

If you’re looking for these types of parties, Casa Jaguar and Gitano are typical examples of restaurants that turn into clubs. They feature live music in the form of DJ sets later in the day and into the night. Casa Jaguar’s big days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Gitano will be your perfect Friday evening.

For a foodie, these are not the Tulum beach venues you want to be at.

How to move around Tulum 

When you visit Tulum beach, you’ll realize that transportation is the biggest challenge that you’re going to have. 

If you have a rental car, you can avoid the overly expensive cabs or walk on a beach road late at night. This can be a good deal, but not all Tulum restaurants offer free parking. In fact, some of the best restaurants in Tulum beach don’t offer parking at all. 

If you have to get in a cab, ensure you agree on a price before you get on. You may want to pick a hotel within the middle of the Tulum beach zone. That way, you can walk to many of these spots—don’t do it too late at night for safety reasons.


Most of the Tulum restaurants in the beach zone will give you a chance to sit on the jungle side or the beachside. The jungle side can be an unexpected peace change, with a relaxed/romantic atmosphere and candlelight dinners. Also, there’s usually a lot more shade, and it’s not as hot on the jungle side. 

If you pick up any Tulum restaurant guide, it may not say to bring bug spray. Trust me, you’re doing yourself a big favor if you use insect repellent.

Location can also determine the prices at a restaurant. The restaurants in Tulum downtown cater more to locals, and that’s why they tend to offer lower prices. Your value for money will be a lot better.

Hype doesn’t mean good

The best restaurants are not always the ones that get all the hype. In fact, you might want to skip these places when visiting Tulum. Casa Jaguar is the perfect example of this. 

If you become a Tulum regular, you’ll know how to differentiate between hype and actual quality. Sadly, a lot of people who come here for the first time get that fear of missing out. Hopefully, this guide allows you to create a list of your favorite restaurants and help you avoid the hype traps!  

Bon appétit!


I have been traveling around Colombia and Mexico since 2015 to discover new experiences and help travelers make the right choices.

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