Cancun Itinerary 3 Days: I Give You 5 Epic Trips For 2024

Want to get some good ideas for your 3-day itinerary in Cancun?

There is so much to do in Cancún that it can be confusing to make choices. And your program will vary depending on how you want to enjoy your vacation!

Don’t stress. I’m here to help you. I spent 2 months exploring this part of Mexico to help our readers make the right decision.

Keep reading to find 5 examples of itineraries for a 3-day stay in Cancun. These are perfect for a trip with friends, family, or honeymooners!

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Beaches & fast boatSnorkeling with turtlesPrivate cenote tour
Endless ZiplinesFood tour & HistoryBeaches & romantic evening
How to spend 3 days in Cancun

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In 2 months, I’ve spent more than 10,000 USD to test the best activities in the Riviera Maya. Stay with me to quickly decide which experiences you should do and learn how to make the most of your trip.

Cancun itinerary 3 days with Friends

Is 3 days enough time in Cancun?

Here is a fabulous trip with your friends for a fun break in Cancun without regretting your money!

👉 Don’t hesitate to read our Cancun guide to plan your vacation and not make any more mistakes. You will find all our articles about this destination.


You are a group of young and active friends, and you don’t want to spend the last three days of your holiday lazing in a hotel. You are looking for adventure and relaxation with a touch of fun. You may have got a bachelor party to celebrate.


Your day-by-day Cancun itinerary 

First, let’s find you a cool place to stay.

Where to stay

Breathless Cancun Soul Resort & Spa (6)
Credit: Breathless Cancun Soul Resort | See more photos

To enjoy the nightlife of Cancun, choose your hotel in Punta Cancun ( north of the Zona Hotelera). This is THE popular party area of Cancun where bars, restaurants, and clubs like the Coco Bongo, the most famous of them, are located.

The Beachscape Kin Ha Villas & Suites is a good option.

Or why not try the Breathless Cancun Soul Resort & Spa, a party resort that combines comfort and a festive mood?

Day 1: Isla Mujeres: Private Catamaran

Today, we are sailing!

Morning & Afternoon

It’s 9 am, sun cream in your bag and hat on your head. You board a private catamaran for a sailing journey on the Caribbean Sea! If you have abused Tequila the evening before, don’t worry, you can choose to leave at 11 am.

The rolling turquoise waters will gently rock you as you breathe in the scents of the sea and sip a drink. To stretch your legs, your skipper will suggest visiting the Arte subaquatic museum and snorkeling in the reefs.

This little aquatic excursion will surely open your appetite. For your lunch break, it will be time to dock on Isla Mujeres, a beautiful island 30 minutes from the Yucatan peninsula. You will have free time to choose your beach club under the palapas.

After enjoying a good fish or seafood dish, you can have a nap on the famous beach of Playa Norte, swim in its clear and shallow waters, or, for the more adventurous among you, rent a golf cart to explore the island.

As the sun falls into the sea in the late afternoon, the skipper will take you back to the marina filled with fresh Caribbean air and a full head of images and sensations.

👉 Check the prices and Pre-book your private catamaran for free.

Cancun Hotel Zone - Cocobongo

A good shower, and you’re ready to end this first day happily!

You will enjoy a good meal in the amazing atmosphere of the Chambao, watching an acrobatic or musical show. Or you can dine at a more affordable price at the Mayan monkey Hostel, exchanging ideas with other travelers from different countries.

Once the bellies are satisfied, it’s time to enjoy the nightlife of Punta Cancun, with its many bars and nightclubs.

Why not have a good time at the famous Coco Bongo; for a hundred dollars, drinks included, super dancers will delight you at 11 pm. At 10 pm at the Mandala, for a more reasonable price and an equally fun vibe, you’ll attend a show with a new theme every night.

Wherever you choose to party, you’ll undoubtedly sleep deeply after your first full day!

Day 2: Hangover, beaches, and fast boat

Playa Tortuga

Take it easy today.

Late morning

It’s going to be a bit hard to wake up this morning, so let’s go to one of the beautiful Cancun beaches and relax!

At Playa Forum or Playa Gaviota Azul, you will enjoy a drink and a snack in a lively and musical ambiance.

If you are too hungover, you will extend your night on the beautiful public beach, Playa Delfines, in the shadow of a palapa, if one is still available.

The more intrepid will choose Playa Tortugas for water activities such as snorkeling.

Fast boat Cancun

It’s 3 pm, and after some safety advice, you take control of a fast boat for a jungle tour through the Nichupté lagoon mangrove, where your guide will teach you a bit more about this stunning ecosystem. The more adventurous can push the pedal harder to get their adrenaline flowing.

You will go to Punta Nizuc, where you will snorkel in the middle of its fascinating coral reef. All equipment will be provided.

You will return to the starting point, still piloting your fast boat.

👉 Check the prices and Pre-book your fast boat for free.

ziplines Cancun (1)

Tonight you visit Cancun downtown.

You’ll start with a pleasant glimpse of the Mexican atmosphere by going to Parque de Las Palapas. In this lively and friendly park, mixing with locals, you will wander among locals and enjoy a tasty meal in one of the many food trucks of the park.

Keep some room for the famous Marquesita, a deliciously filled & crispy Yucatecan crepe.

Day 3: Enjoy the best ziplines in the Riviera Maya

ziplines Cancun

It’s time to fly.

Morning & Afternoon

It’s your last day, so let’s enjoy it!

After a good sleep, at 7.30 am, you leave for a day trip of aerial sensations in the jungle!

In the heart of the forest, well-equipped and totally safe, you will take off on the 10 zip line circuits; some are more than 400 m long. On the last one, you will even land in the water! Plouf.

And if you are not afraid of vertigo, you can jump from a 10 m height for a bungee swing.

The day will end with you playing Tarzan as you slalom between the trees—a kind of roller coaster.

You should return to your hotel around 5 pm.

👉 Check the prices and Pre-book your insane Zipline adventure

IG Lanzarillos in Cancun
Credit: Lorenzillo’s

There’s no better way to end your Cancun vacation than to offer yourself a good dinner in a nice ambiance while admiring the sunset on the Nichupté lagoon. So let’s go for a stylish last evening.

At Lorenzillo’s, you will enjoy a lobster; if you are lucky, you may see a crocodile swimming in the lagoon.

Or you will go to El Fish Fritanga and choose a table with your feet in the sand to taste a good fried fish or a fresh Ceviche.

Cancun itinerary 3 days with Little Money

3 days in Cancun with a tight budget

It’s not because you have a low travel budget that you can’t afford a stop-over to visit Cancun! Come with us!


You’re traveling around Mexico with your backpack, taking public transportation, and you’re not shy about speaking a few Spanish words.

Therefore, you decided to stop in Cancun for 3 days and explore the legendary city with a few bucks.


Your day-by-day Cancun itinerary

First, let’s see where you can stay for cheap.

Where to Stay

You will find affordable hotels in Cancun downtown. A public bus (Lines R1 & R2) will allow you to move around easily, and don’t worry about finding food; there are plenty of cheap street food spots.

Two good plans for you:

The Bed and Breakfast Pecari, for its friendly ambiance and great breakfasts.

Or the Nomads Party Hostel for a cool backpackers’ vibe in single bedrooms or dorms.

Day 1: Explore Isla Mujeres on your own

Bike Isla Mujeres Coconut Aleja

A bit of adventure.

Morning and afternoon

Today you will discover Isla Mujeres, a paradise island in front of the Yucatan peninsula (about 1 hour of sailing time)!

You will get up early to be at the ferry dock of Puerto Juarez before 7.15 am to catch the 7.30 am ferry (jetway).

The bus ride is tricky, so it’s better to take a taxi; it is relatively inexpensive from downtown.

After docking on the island, you will go to Playa Norte, one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico, and it will be almost only for you! It’s still too early in the morning for tourists. What about snorkeling around the Mia Reef Resort in the clear, shallow waters?

The sea will make you hungry, so you will go to Q’Bravo (Q’Bravo) for a great Mexican breakfast in a relaxed environment.

Once your stomach is full, you’ll rent a scooter to explore the island’s south unless you prefer to take a bus (public transportation).

And if you feel like snorkeling again, for a small fee, you can stop at the private beach of Garrafon de Castilla (Garrafon de Castilla)). It is rarely crowded. The southern part of the island is just as lovely as the northern part, although there are fewer sandy beaches. It is also less touristy and therefore less expensive.

Remember to drive to Punta Sur, the island’s highest point, to admire the sight.

Isla Mujeres sunset (4)

Several ferries leave Isla Mujeres for Puerto Juarez until late at night.

So, no rush! You will stay on the island to admire the sunset; it is particularly beautiful from Playa Norte.

To end this outdoor day, you will have dinner at Ruben’s (Ruben’s) for a delicious fish soup or shrimp ceviche in a pleasant atmosphere, or you will prefer to mix with the locals at La Tablita (La Tablita), a simple bar with a cool vibe; you will listen to good music while waiting for the ferry.

Day 2: Explore Cancun Hotel Zone

A bit of History.

Morning & Afternoon

Today, you will leave for a cultural day with relaxing stops in the Cancun Hotel Zone!

You will catch the R1 or R2 bus to the archaeological site of El Rey (El Rey). For a low price, you will learn a little more about the Mayan civilization while wandering among the ruins and under the quiet eye of some iguanas. Check the opening time (around 8.30 am) to be there early enough to avoid the hot times.

For about 10 USD extra, you will get a private guide for 1 hour in English.

After this short tour back in History, you will walk to Playa Delfines (Playa Delfines), one of Cancun’s most beautiful white sand beaches. The sun is hot, you will buy a drink nearby, and you will go to sip it under a palapa (free) if there is still one available.

Your belly will start to be hungry, so you’ll take a bus back to the Pink Coconut Cancun (The Pink Coconut Cancun), a lovely restaurant with vegetarian food. Today, you play it healthy. Order a delicious enfrijolada—a kind of garnished corn omelet.

Once your appetite is satisfied, let’s go to the Mayan Museum of Cancun (Museo Maya de Cancun) to complete your knowledge of the mysterious Mayan culture. A friendly and well-documented little museum which you will need 1h30 to visit.

The Maya civilization has no more secret for you; you will want to enjoy the lively and cool vibe of the beaches of Punta Cancun, like Playa Forum or Playa Gaviota Azul. Here you can have a refreshing swim after your informative excursion.

Palapas Park in Cancun

To finish this day, you will go and mix with the locals who love to meet in the evening at the Las Palapas Park (Parque de Las Palapas) and walk among the artisan stands and food trucks in a friendly musical ambiance. You will have a good taco for a low price without forgetting to taste a delicious Marquesita, a crepe filled with Nutella and cheese!

Day 3: Playa Blanca

For your last day, become Robinson Crusoe in the wild and unspoiled setting of Playa Blanca, far from the hustle and bustle of the Zona Hotelera!

Morning & Evening

There are only 3 buses to get you there (one at 7 am). You better rent a scooter/car for today.

If you really want to enjoy tranquility, avoid Sundays (too many locals)!

After taking an umbrella, cool box, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent, you’ll drive north. You will take a narrow sand track between the Caribbean Sea and the Chacmuchuc Laguna to reach the end of the peninsula and arrive at the paradise of Playa Blanca.

The beach is public; the nearest parking costs about a hundred pesos.

There are no huge hotels, noisy bars, or disco balls, just the turquoise waters that bathe a very long white sand beach.

Before swimming quietly in the shallow waters, you will explore the lagoon to watch for some local wildlife (pelicans, iguanas, crocodiles, perhaps).

Nomads Party Hotel & Hostel - Cancun

This sunny day has made you thirsty, so why not enjoy a few drinks and a snack in a lively place; it’s your last night, so let’s go!

I especially love the vibe of Avenida Carlos Nader for its affordable restaurants.

There are many options to choose from according to your mood!

You can relate your adventures with other solo travelers on the rooftop of the Nomads Party Hostel (Nomads Party Hostel)

or drink and dance at the Barezzito Puerto Cancun (Barezzito Puerto Cancun), a trendy nightclub with vibrant music and strobe lights. Once you’ve recovered on the terrace, you can take a taxi back to your hotel, even if it’s late.

Or, if dancing is not your cup of tea, you can choose one of Cancun’s best bars, La Taberna (La Taberna de Los amigos), to experience the local culture with the regular guys.

Cancun itinerary 3 days with your family

3 days in Cancun to relax

Visiting Cancun is not only for couples or party-goers! Why not enjoy this famous Mexican city with your family?


You prefer easy and organized activities or a guided tour, you have young kids, or you took your grandma on a memorable trip.

You have 3 full days in Cancun before heading to your next destination in the Riviera Maya.

Your budget is correct, but the bill quickly rises for a family; you prefer to limit the activities and enjoy the services of your hotel or resort a little more.


Your day-by-day Cancun itinerary

Let’s find you a peaceful beach area in Cancun.

Where to stay

To enjoy a quiet beach with your kids, choose a hotel in Costa Mujeres.

The all-inclusive family resort, Riu Dunamar, is a good option with its white sand beach and water park, surrounded by beautiful vegetation; it is far from Cancun downtown.

Opt for a beach hotel in the Punta Cancun area if you want to be closer to the lively places.

The Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach is an attractive all-inclusive resort with a private beach with shallow waters and a kids club.

Day 1: 4 cenotes in 1 day

Today, the family leaves to explore magical places; On the road for the “Ruta de los cenotes“!

Morning & Afternoon

A vehicle will pick you up at 8 am at your hotel. After about 1 hour drive, the whole family will be briefed and equipped to enjoy 4 cenotes of the Riviera Maya!

With your guide, the day will be filled with swimming in the cenotes, kayaking in the caves, snorkeling, Ziplines, and listening to the stories of the Maya culture related by the guardians of these mythic sites.

And as adventure makes you hungry, you will delight in eating a snack after each cenote, plus a delicious gourmet picnic lunch.

No doubt some of you will snore in the van that will drive you back to your hotel.

👉 Check the prices and Pre-book your Cenote adventure.

Day 2: Go snorkeling with Turtles

Snorkeling Cancun - turtles

On this second day, kids and adults will live their dream of swimming with the turtles!


A van will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the coral reefs, where the water is clear, warm, and shallow.

Well-equipped and accompanied, you will start by familiarising yourself with your equipment and venture out to see the colorful creatures living among the coral.

You will then wander among the statues of the underwater museum colonized by the local fauna and flora.

Then your guide will take you to a secret turtle sanctuary where you will meet your dream and sea turtles. You may even cross the route of a ray.

At the end of the morning, a vehicle will take you back to your hotel, with your head full of beautiful marine pictures.

👉 Check the prices and Pre-book your snorkeling trip for free.


The day started early this morning, so this afternoon let’s cool off at your resort.

A good book and a nap on the beach in the shade of an umbrella are a must while kids play in the pool or meet new friends in the kids club.

Day 3: Food adventure and Mayans

Today is a cultural day to discover Mexican cuisine and the History of the Mayan nation.


It’s 10 am, and a van will pick you up at your hotel for a tasting tour of Mexican specialties and local food in Cancun.

With your guide, who will explain all the necessary information, you will start by visiting the local market with its colorful fruit and vegetable stalls. You will then stop at a succession of street food spots where you will taste a barbacoa, a spicy beef dish, famous tacos, or other Yucatecan specialties without forgetting to finish this culinary tour with a paleta, a refreshing fresh fruit ice cream.

The van will take you back to your hotel.

👉 Check the prices and Pre-book your delicious Food Tour for Free.


Now that you have tasted Mexican cuisine, let’s go back in time to learn more about the Yucatan.

You will catch public transport (R1 or R2 buses) to the archaeological site of El Rey (El Rey). You can learn about the Mayan civilization at a low price while wandering through the El Rey ruins. To encourage your kids, invite them to watch for iguanas lounging around the site.

For an additional US$10, you will have a private guide for 1 hour in English.

You will then walk to Playa Delfines (Playa Delfines), one of Cancun’s most beautiful white sand beaches. You will immortalize your holiday in Cancun by taking pictures of the whole family in front of the famous CANCUN sign on the beach.

After this recreational interlude, head for the Mayan Museum of Cancun to complete your knowledge of the mysterious Mayan culture (Mayan Museo of Cancun). An excellent little museum, very well documented, whose visit will last about 1h30.


End this full day by climbing to the top of the Torre Escénica del Embarcadero (Torre Escénica) to watch the sunset; All the family will enjoy a breathtaking view of the lagoon and the whole Zona Hotelera.

The cenote tour on the first day will give you free entry.

Cancun itinerary 3 days: Romantic Getaway

3 days in Cancun as a couple

Yes, Cancun is a great destination for lovers! Trust us; we’ll help you capture the heart of the love of your life.


You are traveling as a couple; maybe you chose Mexico to celebrate a special event, and Cancun is your last stop. You booked a nice hotel or resort and want to avoid feeling any pressure during the next 3 days.


Your day-by-day Cancun itinerary

First, let’s find you a romantic and peaceful hotel.

Where to stay

Le blanc Spa - Best 5-star All-Inclusive Resorts in Cancun

Choose a resort in the central or southern part of the Hotel Zone; you will enjoy a quieter environment where you will find the most beautiful beaches and turquoise water.

It’s best to choose an Adult-only resort to avoid being bothered by the plays of cute/evil kids.

The Blanc Spa, with its sophisticated wellness vibe, is perfect for people with a high budget looking for a comfortable stay in a cozy atmosphere.

If you are looking for a peaceful atmosphere at a reasonable price, the Excellence Riviera Cancun near the quiet seaside town of Puerto Morelos is another excellent option.

Day 1: Visit 2 beautiful paradise islands

Today you leave for a boat ride on a speedboat to explore two hidden gems of the Caribbean Sea.

Morning & Afternoon

With a nice sea breeze, you will sail to a snorkeling spot on the second-largest coral reef in the world and swim with colorful fishes.

You will then disembark on the lovely Contoy island, bathed by shallow waters. It’s also a natural reserve where thousands of birds nest. A guide will answer questions from the more curious among you.

After a short instructive excursion and a couple of hours of free time to enjoy the white-sand beach, you will return to your speedboat to reach Isla Mujeres, another tropical paradise. I recommend you stop at ParadIce-Cream before strolling the friendly commercial street.

To end this day of fresh air and sunshine, you will sail back to the ferry dock before returning to your hotel.

👉 Check the prices and Pre-book your paradise island tours for Free.


After a full day at sea, enjoy the peaceful ambiance and the authentic cuisine of the Caribbean Galleon (The Caribbean Galleon) while admiring a beautiful sunset between the Caribbean Sea and Nichupté Lagoon.

Day 2: Exciting private cenote tour

Cenote 7 bocas (1)

A day of snorkeling adventure in the mysterious Cancun cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula!

Morning & Afternoon

This morning no time to laze around; a vehicle will pick you up at 7.30 am at your hotel; let’s go to the first cenote.

All day long, a guide will care of you to explore these fascinating sites and tell you about the History of the Mayan people.

The more adventurous will jump and dive into the second cenote, and you’ll finish this experience by wandering into a third amazing underground cenote.

You will recover your energy and share your impressions with your loved one while enjoying a good lunch before returning to your hotel.

👉 Check the prices and Pre-book your private cenote tour for Free.


A bit tired, perhaps? Tonight you will enjoy your resort’s elegant and cozy atmosphere for a romantic dinner.

Day 3: Sunbath and dinner cruise

Puerto Morelos Cancun

Today is a relaxing day; with your lover, you enjoy the beauty of Cancun’s dreamy beaches and end your stay in a romantic ambiance.

Morning & afternoon

For a nap on soft white sand in the shade of an umbrella and a swim in turquoise waters, choose Playa Marlin (Playa Marlin), one of the most beautiful beaches in Cancun. Although very popular, the beach is big enough to find a quiet spot.

For more peace and tranquility, let’s go to the charming and relaxing beach of Puerto Morelos, a small fishing port. Hand in hand, go and snorkel within the fauna and flora of the coral reefs. You can also have a look at Playa del Carmen, the very close famous seaside resort on the Mayan Riviera.


For your last evening, you board a beautiful sailboat for a romantic dinner while cruising the calm waters of Nichupté Lagoon. At sunset or in the softness of the night, let the crew pamper you and enjoy cocktails, dishes, and wines while evoking your experiences of the last 3 days.

👉 Check the prices 

Cancun itinerary 3 days: Luxury Getaway

The perfect weekend in Cancun

Do you want to taste the luxury of Cancun while enjoying great experiences? Let us take care of you.


You worked hard all year long to make this holiday unforgettable. Three full days in Cancun, and you go back home.

You want adventure, but you also want to enjoy the beautiful hotel you have booked.

You don’t want to count your money; you want the best without worrying about anything.


Your day-by-day Cancun itinerary

There are many luxury accommodations in Cancun. Let’s see where you should go.

Where to stay

NIzuc Resort & Spa

If you want to be pampered in a sophisticated atmosphere, choose the Blanc Spa, an all-inclusive adult-only hotel in the middle of the Hotel Zone.

A sleek and elegant design, fine cuisine, and beautiful wellness facilities will give you the comfort you need.

If you dream of waking up to a stunning view of the Caribbean Sea, the Nizuc Resort & Spa in the lovely, secluded Punta Nizuc is an excellent option. Easily accessible from Cancun international airport, you will enjoy quality services in a pleasant environment.

Day 1: Sunrise chichen itza tour

Today you have an intimate rendez-vous with the sun in the most iconic site of the Mayan culture.

Morning & Afternoon

Early wake-up call! Away from the crowds and before the heat falls, a private vehicle will pick you up from your hotel to watch the sun rise over the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza. Just you and the sun!

After a leisurely walk through this magical place and taking tons of photos without having to wait in vain for tourists to come out of the shot, your guide will take you to enjoy a bath in the cool and mysterious waters of a cenote (Ik-Kil). Being the sole master of your program, you can choose to continue your archaeological exploration of ancient cities, such as Tulum ruins or Coba, before returning to your hotel.

👉 Check the prices and Pre-book your private Chichen Itza tour for Free.


Nothing could be better than tasting Mexican specialties for dinner to end your Mayan day.

In the cozy garden of La Habichuela (La Habichuela), a restaurant in Cancun downtown, attentive staff will suggest a breaded fish fillet with amaranths and mango sauce, or the famous cream of habichuelas, beans with seafood.

If you prefer to stay in the Hotel Zone, enjoy a delicious fish dish in the elegant and cheerful atmosphere of Porfirio’s Cancun (Porfirio’s Cancun), with a breathtaking view of the Nichupté Lagoon.

Day 2: Private boat tour

On this second day in Cancun, let’s leave for an entire trip on the sea!

Morning & Afternoon

If your stay is between June and September, embark on a Whale sharks tour.

Opt for a private tour to really enjoy this thrilling adventure without worrying about other swimmers.

In the early morning, a vehicle will pick you up at your hotel and drive you to the marina.

Your boat will take you to a protected site in the Caribbean Sea. After being briefed on the correct behavior to adopt with this fascinating animal, you will snorkel among the sharks with naturalist guides and biologists.

You will then have lunch before being driven back to the marina and your hotel.

👉 Check the prices and Pre-book your private Whale Sharks Tour for Free.

Option 2

Off shark pick season, rent a private catamaran for the day to sail to Isla Mujeres and discover the beauty of this Mexican Caribbean gem.

A vehicle will pick you up at your hotel, and your captain will invite you to board your catamaran.

During the cruise, you will enjoy the open bar to sip a drink on the deck while breathing the fresh air of the Caribbean Sea and listening to the music of your choice.

A friendly crew will be on hand to satisfy your desire to snorkel in the clear waters of the coral reef before docking on Isla Mujeres.

You’ll rent a golf cart to drive around the island, enjoy the colorful atmosphere, and have lunch. After sunbathing and swimming in the beautiful shallow waters of the famous Playa Norte, you will sail back to the marina, where a car will wait to take you back to your hotel.

👉 Check the prices and Pre-book your private catamaran for free.


Undoubtedly, after this day in the sun, you will feel like a quiet dinner in one of your resort’s restaurants before falling asleep in the comfort of your room.

Day 3: Enjoy your hotel

Nizuc Resort & Spa - Cancún

After two well-filled days, nothing is better than to let yourself go and enjoy the fantastic facilities of your hotel before boarding the plane that will take you back home.

Get up whenever you like, and after a good brunch with a sea view from your room or by the pool, how about a relaxing massage at the Spa?

Then what? Listen to your desires! Sea bathing, a short activity at the hotel club, or a nap. You will have no difficulty savoring the pleasure of not doing anything at all!

How many days in Cancun

You can decide to stay longer (or shorter) in Cancun. Here are some practical trip ideas:



I have been traveling around Colombia and Mexico since 2015 to discover new experiences and help travelers make the right choices.

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