Cancun Weather in September: From Rain to Sun in 2024

Discover the allure of Cancun in September, where paradoxical weather awaits. I won’t lie; It’s the rainiest month, with occasional hurricanes. 

On the good side, showers are short-lived, and discounts abound. Temperatures peak at 31.7°C (89°F) during the day, while evenings offer pleasant coolness. 

With proper planning, you can still enjoy Cancun’s beauty despite the humidity and storm risk. 

As a travel expert with in-depth knowledge of the region, I’ll guide you through this captivating destination, rain or shine. 

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Cancun this September.

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Cancun in September: Your Takeaway

Cancun- El mirador - forum

 It’s the rainiest month of the year, with the occasional hurricane making an appearance. But don’t pack your bags just yet! The rain showers, while sudden and sometimes fierce, are usually short-lived. The sky might be a bit gloomier than usual, but hey, the heavily discounted prices might brighten your day! 

→ On the temperature front, it’s a hot and humid affair during the day, but things cool down pleasantly at night. If you’re an ardent swimmer, the warmest water temperatures of the year in September will have you doing backflips. 

→ It’s also the tail end of the Sargasso season so strandings could occur, but the risk diminishes as the month advances. 

So, if you’re a deal hunter who doesn’t mind a bit of rain, September in Cancun could be your golden ticket to paradise!

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How is the weather in Cancun in September

scuba diving in Cancun - MUSA

Let’s start with a quick recap of Cancun’s climate. 

Overview Cancun weather 

Cancun’s weather is a tropical delight. The temperature barely fluctuates throughout the year, and sunshine is a constant companion. 

The Caribbean Sea lends its breezy touch, ensuring the thermometer doesn’t cross the 36°C (97°F) mark even during the day’s hottest hours. 

The year is divided into two major seasons – the dry season (December to April) and the rainy season (May to October). 

  • The dry season sees clear skies, scarce rainfall, and an average humidity level of 65%. Daytime temperatures hover below 28.3°C/83°F, with January being the coolest month.
  • The rainy season, starting in May, brings an increase in heat, cloud cover, and humidity levels, occasionally hitting a steamy 100% in July and August. The showers come without a warning and can be intense, but they leave as abruptly as they come. July takes the crown for the hottest month.

September is the rainiest month in Cancun

Cancun rain - Cancun December Weather

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but September isn’t exactly known for being the driest month in Cancun. In fact, with an average of 14.4 rainy days, it’s considered the wettest month of the year. 

But before you start rethinking your vacation plans, let me reassure you – not all hope is lost.

Sure, September is hurricane season, so there might be sudden showers. But these tropical downpours are often brief, leaving you enough time to explore the city and enjoy the beaches. 

Still, always have a Plan B ready (I’ve got a few up my sleeve for you), and remember to pack a lightweight rain jacket.

Sunshine and Daylight

Cancun sunshine - Cancun Weather

Remember those long, sun-drenched days in June? 

Well, by September, they start to shorten, with an average of 12.2 daylight hours. Come the fall equinox on September 23rd, the day’s length equals that of the night. 

September might have the least amount of sunshine (an average of 6.5 hours per day) in Cancun, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get any sunny days. Besides, the cloud cover can be a blessing in disguise, making your visit to Chichen Itza or other Mayan ruins more comfortable.

Temperature Talk

Cancun temperature - Cancun Weather

If you’re a fan of warm weather, you’re in luck. September is one of the hottest months in Cancun, with an average high temperature of 31.7°C (89°F) during the day and an average overall temperature of 27.8°C. 

The heat might feel more intense due to high humidity, but a light breeze can offer some relief. 

As for the nights and early mornings, they’re pretty pleasant, with an average low temperature of 24°C (75°F). 

Just remember to stay hydrated and protect yourself from the sun, even on overcast days!


Cancun Humidity - Cancun Weather

September is smack dab in the middle of the rainy season, folks. 

As a result, the humidity likes to tease with levels that hover around 100%, then slightly fall back in the second half of the month. 

You can expect roughly 30 “muggy” days when everything feels like a sauna. 

Still, be prepared to perspire a fair bit. Pack an extra T-shirt and remember to keep the H2O flowing – hydration is key! 


Cancun can sometimes feel like it has a bullseye painted on it, thanks to hurricanes and tropical storms bringing intense rain showers and gale-force winds. 

Hurricane season officially kicks off in June and wraps up in November, with the prime time for these whirling dervishes of weather being from August through early November. Now, I see you pulling that face again! 

Yes, September is the heart of hurricane season, and it would be a fib to say there’s zero risk. 

But before you pack your bags for another destination, let me reassure you. In 35 years, only two hurricanes have actually made a significant impact on Cancun. 

To be honest, the hurricane season in September mostly means unpredictable weather, usually in the form of sudden, intense rainfall.

How’s the Sea in Cancun in September?

Gaviota Cancun Beach - playa gaviota

Now we get to the fun part! I bet you’re dreaming of taking a dip in some heavenly waters. So, let’s dive into the marine weather of Cancun in September. 

Water Temperature in September

Since mid-April, the Caribbean Sea has been gradually heating up like a slowly simmering pot. It hits its peak warmth in early September, with an average sea temperature of a toasty 28.9°C (84°F). 

Got that grin back, haven’t you?

You’ll be able to explore the underwater realm, snorkeling through the coral reef and getting up close and personal with sea turtles. Just don’t forget your scuba gear!

For the truly adventurous, this is also the tail end of the season to swim with the gentle giants known as whale sharks in Cancun’s waters.

Visibility in September

The best time for crystal clear waters in Cancun runs from November through May, with the best visibility from January to March. 

Visibility depends on a combination of factors like sunshine and sea temperature. 

September is the rainiest month with the most cloud cover. So, September isn’t exactly a prime time for top-notch visibility. 

But hold onto your snorkel! The Caribbean Sea is famed for its azure waters, so even in September, it’s still clear enough for you to swim with the turtles and admire the underwater world.

Wind in September

In Cancun, it’s rare to experience a calm day without a breezy kiss from the wind, thanks to the annual average wind speed surpassing 8.00 mph / 13 km/h. 

But if you’re an adrenaline junkie with a penchant for sailing watersports, you might want to plan your trip between October and May, when the wind is at its feistiest. 

September, on the other hand, with its modest average wind speed of 7.00 mph (11.3 km/h), may not provide the best sailing conditions. 

Waves in September

Now, you might think the inviting, warm waters are all about serene swims.

 However, even though the September breeze is not as strong, don’t underestimate the potential for waves and currents. The weather in Cancun can be as unpredictable as a telenovela plotline, making it essential to pay attention to the flag colors on the beaches. 

Especially if you’re not a Michael Phelps in the making or have little ones in tow.

If you’re in the Middle Hotel Zone, brace yourself for more wave action. 

For a more tranquil dip, head north to Playa Mujeres or south to Punta Nizuc in the Cancun Hotel Zone. 

What to Pack in Cancun in September?

Cancún - Ferry Jetway

First thing first – it’s going to be hot! And I mean, like, salsa-dancing-in-the-sun hot. So, keep your luggage light – you won’t need those woolly jumpers where you’re going! 

Loose, comfortable clothes are the way forward. 

And here’s a pro tip—opt for long-sleeved shirts. Not only will they shield you from the sun’s harsh rays, but they’re also a great mosquito deterrent.

And, of course, you can’t hit Cancun without a fabulous swimwear ensemble, right? But here’s another pro tip – pack a light, long-sleeved diving suit, too, especially if you’re planning to snorkel. Trust me; those UV rays are no joke in the water!

Now, September in Cancun could mean a few rain showers. Not to worry – you won’t freeze, but wet clothes can be a buzzkill. So, pack a light rain jacket to keep your party outfit nice and dry! 

Next up – footwear. If you plan to explore the Mayan ruins, you will need comfy shoes. And for those invigorating dips in the Riviera Maya’s magical cenotes, invest in water shoes. Oh, and if you’ve got a GoPro, bring it along for the ride!

Sun cream is a must – it’s a pretty penny locally, so best to bring your own. Opt for one that’s marine-safe because, hey, we all love our oceans, right? 

A hat and insect repellent are also essential for your Cancun adventure in September. And don’t forget a water flask – it’s a much more eco-friendlier option than plastic bottles. 

One last thing – tap water in Cancun is a no-go. So, bring a flask with a filtration system. Trust me; you don’t want a pesky stomach bug cramping your vacation style!

So, there you have it, amigos! With these tips, you’re all set to rock Cancun in September! 

Festivals & events in Cancun in September

Traveling is more than just ticking places off your bucket list. It’s also about immersing yourself in the heart of the culture and rubbing shoulders with the locals at traditional festivals. In that spirit, let’s delve into the main events to look out for in Cancun in September. 

#1 Mexican Independence Day (El Grito de Dolores)

28 de noviembre market cancun

Imagine the 4th of July but with a Mexican twist. That’s Mexican Independence Day for you. This monumental day, September 16, marks the pivotal moment in 1810 when Mexico kicked off its heels and declared its independence from Spain. 

And let me tell you, Cancun knows how to throw a party. Downtown Cancun and the Hotel Zone become a carnival of parades, fireworks, rodeos, brass band concerts, mariachi performances, and folk dances. The fiesta kicks off on the afternoon of September 15 with street performances. 

Then, at 11 PM, during the El Grito ceremony (also known as the Cry of Dolores), the bells chime, and fireworks light up the night sky, marking the start of the festivities that run until late on September 16. 

If you’re a night owl and up for some fun, check out the Hotel Zone. Many nightclubs, such as the famous Coco Bongo and the Mandala Club in Punta Cancun, the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone, throw unforgettable parties for wandering globetrotter.

#2 Fall Equinox at Chichen Itza

tour to Chichen Itza (5)

The Mayans weren’t just about human sacrifices and predicting doomsday. They were also astronomical geniuses, and their architecture is a testament to this. 

On the autumn equinox between September 22 and 23, at sunset in Chichen Itza, a fascinating interplay of light and shadow creates the illusion of a serpent slithering down the steps of the Castillo, the iconic pyramid. This serpent represents Kukulkan, a supreme god of Mayan culture, and let’s just say, it’s quite a sight. 

This ingenious architectural marvel has earned Chichen Itza a slot among the new Seven Wonders of the World. So, if you’re in Cancun around this time, don’t miss this spectacle. Just make sure to arrive early as it tends to get crowded. You can also book a tour for a seamless experience.

#3 Swim with Whale Sharks

Whale shark tour Cancun Tom

If you fancy a dip with the sea’s gentle giants, you’re in luck. Whale sharks grace the waters of Quintana Roo from mid-May to mid-September. 

These magnificent creatures are as harmless as they are awe-inspiring. If your visit to Cancun aligns with their stay, book your tour well in advance. Remember, excursions are only available in small groups to preserve their natural habitat. 

Navigating Cancun in September: An Insider’s Guide

Cancun hotel zone (9)
Hotel zone

You’ve got the basic lowdown about the weather, so let’s get you ready for the ride with some insider tips and tricks. 

The Lowdown on Prices

Cancun Hotel Zone - Cocobongo

September in Cancun is like a clearance sale at your favorite store:

  • It’s the end of the summer season.
  • Visitor numbers are dwindling.
  • Prices are dropping faster than a hot tamale. 

Hotels, flights, excursions—you name it, they’re all offering killer deals

Yes, it’s a bit on the hot and humid side, and yes, it’s smack dab in the middle of hurricane season. Still, if you’re not one to shy away from a bit of heat or the occasional rain shower, September can be a budget-friendly month to tick Cancun off your travel bucket list.

Tourist Traffic (or lack thereof)

Palapas Park in Cancun Downtown
Cancun Downtown

With the peak season waving goodbye, Cancun International Airport isn’t exactly spewing out tourists from every corner of the world. 

Sure, mid-September sees a bit of a crowd for the Mexican Independence Day festivities, but it’s nothing compared to the Easter or Christmas hordes. 

Fewer people mean more room for you to explore—be it the city or the ancient Mayan ruins. 

Speaking of which, if you plan to visit the ruins, do yourself a favor and go early in the morning to avoid the blistering heat. 

And the best part? The beaches are less crowded, so there’s no need to elbow your way to the best sunbed. If you’re lucky, you might even catch the magical sight of baby sea turtles hatching—something you wouldn’t experience during peak season.

Sargasso Situation

Seaweed / sargazo in cancun - playa tortuga

Now, let’s talk about the elephant in the room: Sargasso. 

These brown algae are a blessing for the marine food chain but a curse for the pristine Caribbean beaches. They start showing up in April and usually stick around till September, turning the turquoise waters a murky brown and stinking up the place as they dry up on the sand. 

If you’re visiting Cancun in September, there’s a chance you could run into these pesky invaders. 

But don’t let that put a damper on your plans.

 If you want to dodge the Sargasso bullet, consider staying in Costa Mujeres, north of downtown Cancun. The beaches there are relatively safe thanks to their proximity to Isla Mujeres. 

And if the idea of a small dream island tickles your fancy, the west coast of Isla Mujeres is also a safe bet. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to book a resort with swimming pools; that way, you have a backup plan to beat the heat if the beaches are swamped with Sargasso.

Toss That Weather App Out—It’s Useless Here!

Puerto Morelos Cancun

Who doesn’t love to sneak a peek at the weather forecast while on holiday? 

Well, you can toss that habit out the window if you visit Cancun in September! 

The weather here is as tropical as a ripe mango, which means it can change faster than you can say “Margarita.” 

And since it’s the wet season, you’ll want to have a plan “B” up your sleeve, just in case those rain showers decide to crash your beach party. 

The Mosquitoes are Here to Party Too!

The crowd may be a bit thinner in Cancun in September, but guess what isn’t? The mosquito population! 

Yep, these little party crashers love the hot, humid Cancun weather as much as they love crashing your sunset cocktails. So ensure you’ve always got your bug repellent handy, especially if you’re heading to the Mayan ruins in the Riviera Maya. 

Dressing like you’re on a safari (long sleeves and pants) is a good idea too. 

And remember, mosquitoes are more jungle fans than beach bums. So, if you’re thinking of going all Robinson Crusoe with a bungalow or tent stay in an eco-friendly hotel, be prepared for some uninvited guests!

Surviving the Heat in Cancun in September

Cancun Weather in September

By now, you’ve probably gathered that Cancun in September is hotter than a jalapeno. 

So, it’s essential to plan your activities like a seasoned traveler. 

Unless you’re a desert-dwelling Tuareg, you’d probably want to stick to water-based activities. Snorkeling on the coral reef, swimming, and water sports—the sea breeze makes these activities a great way to beat the heat. But remember, just like those tequila shots, don’t overdo the sun! Keep your sun cream within arm’s reach.

Cooling off in the cenotes, the natural swimming holes of the Riviera Maya are another great option. 

And you just can’t visit Cancun without checking out the Mayan ruins. My advice? Go early in the morning before the heat hits. During the peak heat hours (11AM – 2PM), you can retreat to your air-conditioned room for a quick siesta. And remember, hydration is key! 

Rainy Days in Cancun: Plan B

When rain clouds gather over Cancun in September, it’s no cause for despair. So, grab your poncho and rain boots. We’re off on an adventure!

1# Dive into an Underground River Adventure

Rio secreto Wild Tour Cancun
  • Avoid the crowd
  • Amazing cave
  • Need to be in good shape
See on Viator

When the heavens open, why not dive into the deep end and explore an underground river with cool, clear waters? 

Quintana Roo is the gateway to a vast cave network and underground river system. I heartily recommend a wet and wild adventure to Rio Secreto, just south of Playa del Carmen.

There are three options, depending on your thirst for adventure. But don’t fret, a seasoned pro will be there to guide you through the stunning blue waters of this hidden gem.

2# Discover Mayan History at El Museo Maya

Rainy day? Perfect time to indulge your curiosity and discover the rich Mayan culture at El Museo Maya in Cancun

This architectural beauty houses a fascinating collection of artifacts from the ancient archaeological sites of the Riviera Maya and some pretty nifty ruins. The in-depth explanations will make the time fly until the sun pops back out. 

Block out a couple of hours for a relaxed and immersive tour.

3# Shopping Spree

28 de noviembre market

If retail therapy is your thing, then a rainy day is a perfect excuse for a shopping spree. 

Head to Isla Shopping Village, a posh shopping mall nestled by the Nichupté Lagoon, and lose yourself in the luxurious boutiques. 

Hungry? There’s an array of fine dining options too.

I suggest you check out Forum by the Sea in Punta Cancun, another buzzing shopping complex in the Hotel Zone with an eclectic mix of charming boutiques.

And if your goal is to bag some authentic souvenirs, then make a beeline for Mercado 28 de Noviembre in downtown Cancun. This vibrant flea market is chock-full of clothing stores and souvenir shops, not to mention food stalls offering local delicacies. Remember, haggling is part of the fun here!

4# Resort Relaxation

Breathless Cancun Soul Resort & Spa (6)
Credit: Breathless Cancun Soul

A rainy day is a perfect excuse for some R&R. 

Why not book a massage or join a yoga session under the shelter of a large palapa at your resort? 

Or curl up with a good book in your suite or the lounge, sipping on a delicious local fruit juice or cocktail. Many resorts also have shops to browse. 

Bottom line: Cancun in September

Cancun Downtown (1)

In conclusion, September in Cancun is a captivating tapestry of paradoxes, where rainbows emerge from rain showers, and adventure thrives amidst unpredictable weather. Embrace the golden ticket to paradise, where discounted prices, fewer tourists, and warm waters beckon. 

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