Cancun Weather in July and August: 19 Top Facts [2024]

You’ll be soon on vacation, and you’ll like to know about the typical Cancun weather in July and August.

Well, I was in Cancun from May to July, and I had a great time. However, you should know several important facts to avoid being disappointed.

Read on to learn how to enjoy Cancun in August and July!

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Cancun Weather in August and July: The Takeaway

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The hot Cancun weather in August and July is perfect for numerous beach and pool activities. Cancun has pleasant weather, perfect for beach parties. The temperatures are pretty hot, averaging 26°C, but due to high humidity in this season, you’ll probably feel its hot sun. It’s the perfect weather to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, or observing sea turtles and whales. 

Night temperatures are usually lower but still don’t go lower than 26°C. Often, a few days in the month, you’ll experience short rains or storms that may slightly alter the temperatures. It comes with a lot of seaweed too. However, you shouldn’t worry about hurricanes as there are few to no recorded hurricanes during this period. 

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How Is the Weather in Cancun in July and August? 

The weather elements in Cancun in August and July affect your activity choices during your stay. Understanding the different variations in the weather helps you plan your trip accordingly.

1# Rain

Cancun rain - Cancun December Weather

Cancun experiences an average rainfall of 1400mm, especially during the shoulder season. Most rainy days are from May to November. However, there are heavy but frequent tropical showers in July and August.

Rain pours in small quantities over select areas for 10 to 11 days on average in July (86mm average). August has fewer rainy days perfect for whale shark tours, especially in the afternoon, for shorter periods of an hour or less. 

You may experience storms during these months since it’s the rainy season. However, you can only anticipate such storms a week before it occurs. It should give you enough time to plan fun activities other than beach time.

These storms usually discourage tourists from visiting the Cancun beaches during this period giving you ample space and time to enjoy the less crowded warm beach.

2# Sunshine

Cancun sunshine - Cancun Weather

Cancun has a large cloud cover in July and August. Thus, don’t expect to bask on the beautiful beaches in the Yucatan Peninsula often. Its weather may be similar to that in Playa del Carmen.

However, you can take advantage of the warm temperatures and increased daylight hours that could make your stay more enjoyable. 

You’ll have more hours of daylight where the sun rises at about 0610hrs and sets at 1930hrs. It allows you to enjoy more activities. When the sun goes down, temperatures usually drop slightly, enhancing your evening experience as you take evening walks and sunsets.

3# Temperature

Cancun temperature - Cancun Weather

Expect a hot environment in Cancun in these summer months. July and August are the hottest months in Cancun, with afternoons at peak temperatures. You’ll have to get cold afternoon cocktails or ice cream to make them memorable. Temperatures go as high as 29°C and won’t drop below 23°C, even at night. 

The average temperature in August and July ranges between 25 and 26°C, respectively. The August weather has high temperatures with frequent rain showers that begin to taper off toward the end of the month.

Consider these temperatures when choosing your holiday home and activities like visiting Chichen Itza. 

4# Humidity

Cancun Humidity - Cancun Weather

Avoid getting stuffy rooms since Cancun weather is more of heat and high humidity. If you decide to explore Cancún, you’ll likely be sweating all day unless you’re inside the pools or dive into the ocean (highly recommended). Get rooms with air conditioning for comfort and to enjoy your holiday in the warm Cancun weather. 

5# Hurricanes

The Cancun weather changes to hurricane season or tropical storms from time to time. But it also has its perks since hotel rates are usually fair in downtown Cancun.

It’s challenging to predict a hurricane season. But with their advanced weather equipment, experts will warn you of any impending danger. You must consult with your hotel or booking agent before traveling to understand the weather at the time. 

Though Cancun has only had two hurricane season hits in the previous 35 years, there’s little possibility of having hurricanes in August. Ensure you inquire about a comprehensive report, including travel insurance, before you settle on a Cancun visit.

How Is the Sea in Cancun in August and July?

The average sea temperature and warm weather are the primary attractions of Cancun. The sea life and its exciting nature have a unique way of lighting up your days in Cancun. These characteristics of the sea make it possible during your time there. 

6# Water Temperature 

Water Temperature in Cancún - Cancun Weather

Though the water on the ocean’s shores is usually warm throughout the year, it’s warmer in July and August. It is the perfect time to visit a water park. The average water temperature is usually 28°C across July and August, among the highest temperatures in the year. 

Some people dive without wet suits because of the warm sea waters. You’ll enjoy the warm waters in swimming pools and snorkeling tours during the hottest month without worrying about the cold. 

7# Visibility

The ocean view spices up the Cancun weather since it usually has a blue haze that spreads to the far horizon. However, divers could have difficulty seeing far because of the frequent rains and less sunlight. Rain stirs up particles in the ocean, affecting visibility while diving in these months. 

The low likelihood of sunlight hinders the diver’s visibility because of the dullness. There’s usually less than a 30% possibility of the sun in Cancun, which lowers your visibility even in clear waters or coral reefs. 

8# Wind

Wind in Cancún - Cancun Weather

Despite the potential risk of having strong winds due to tropical storms in July and August, Cancun is less windy. The average wind speed recorded was 10.7 km/h in August, which is usually the lowest of the year. It allows you to enjoy activities like kitesurfing or playing at the beach. Ensure you look into the wind forecasts before traveling. 

9# Waves

The sea waves in Cancun in July and August are usually calmer compared to other months of the year. If you’re yearning for a serene boat ride, visit Cancun during these months. Because it’s less windy, you’ll have a calmer boat ride. 

What To Wear in Cancun in July and August?

Isla Mujeres day trip Catamaran Tom & Aleja

The hot temperatures, high humidity levels, and the occasional rains are the typical weather in Cancun. Bring light, comfortable, and loose-fitting clothing. And don’t forget your swimsuit to enjoy the warm water at sea and your hotel’s pool.

If you are sensitive to cold, you could add your wetsuit, a light sweater, or jacket, but it may not come in handy because of the warm waters and temperatures. 

Free or short dresses, leather sandals, or flip-flops could be picture-perfect for your Cancun travel seasons. Men can don beach shorts and shirts that bring in the Cancun good weather while at the beach. Don’t overdress but blend in with nature at the shore or ocean. 

Festivals in Cancun in August and July

Party in Cancun (2)

Besides the activities like swimming, watching sea life, snorkeling tours, or simply enjoying the view, you can join the area festivals or explore ancient ruins. Though they aren’t many, you can catch some of them during your stay. 

1# El Dia Fuera del Tiempo

The people celebrate this festival on July 25th. Its translation to English means ‘Day out of time.’ It’s a period in the Gregorian calendar where the previous year ended on July 24th while the new year starts on July 26th as per the lunar cycle. Thus, July 25th is a special day when they honor it and purify themselves for the new year. 

It symbolizes the start of the new year in the Mayan calendar. Different resorts and the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum hold festivities to enjoy their crossing over. People reflect on the past year and the start of the new year. More significant festivals are usually in the Mayan ruins of Tulum, where you can enjoy their culture and celebrations. 

2# Destination X: The Urban Summer Oasis 

If you’re a partying fan, attending Destination X The Urban Summer Oasis will satisfy your hunger. It’s a four-day party with different themes involving partying, drinking, beach and pool parties, and enjoying yourself. The thematic experience makes it a versatile festive season where you’ll appreciate how people interpret their partying.

Cancun Travel Tips for August and July

These tips will help you enjoy your Cancun trip in August and July. Once you understand the weather and what you can do during this time, you’ll have a memorable trip. 

1# High Season 


August and July aren’t part of the high season (December to April). Visitors are usually wary of storms and less sunlight, making it a period with fewer crowds at the beach. You’ll find most Mexican families in the area in July; hence you’ll have to plan and book your accommodation and activities earlier. 

2# Prices

The prices of food and accommodation in Cancun are fairer in July and August because of the lesser traffic. During the peak season in December, you’ll find higher prices which can affect your budgeting and planning. Investigate and compare prices and choose places that fit your financial budget and expectations. 

3# Sargassum

Cancun Seaweed

Suppose you intend to swim and enjoy your time at the shores of the sea, to look for accommodation areas in Costa Mujeres or Isla Mujeres with less seaweed. In July and August, Sargassum (seaweed) is at its peak. This seaweed gets deposited at the shores, decomposing, and rots, giving a bad smell. 

Unfortunately, Mayans don’t have a foolproof method of dealing with seaweed. Ensure you get a good area that has less seaweed. Check out different areas to reach clear waters where you can swim or watch the sea life comfortably. Alternatively, you can book a hotel or apartment with a good swimming pool that you can dunk into on the hotter days.

4# Mosquitoes

The Mayan jungle has pesky mosquitoes. When swimming in crystal clear areas like cenotes or while lying on the beach, be careful and wear your clothes once out of the water. 

Using mosquito repellents poisons the cenote water and is thus not advisable. Look into alternative methods of protecting yourself, like using pills in such areas.

5# Plan Your Activities For The Morning

It usually rains less in the morning!

When planning your Cancun trip, jot down the activities you’d like to do in the area. It will help you plan each day effectively which actions you will take.

You’ll know whether there will be more humid or rainy days and plan accordingly. It also helps you choose appropriate clothes for the day. Areas like cenotes will require lighter but more covering clothing. Consult your guide or agent to find out how to maximize your day. Don’t have too many activities in one day as you’ll not enjoy every action. 

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6# Whale Sharks

Whale shark tour Cancun Tom

Whale sharks usually migrate between Holxbox and Isla Mujeres from May to September because of the delicious food they can find in the warmer waters. July and August are the best months to swim with them, and it’s best to leave from Cancun!

7# Boat Trips

Isla Mujeres day trip Catamaran Aleja

July and August are calmer and less windy. These characteristics are perfect for a boat trip. You can book a boat trip into the calm waters to enjoy nature and observe the ocean’s beauty.

You can spend a couple of hours to a full day out in the waters as you enjoy being surrounded by marine life. You can carry your cameras and snacks to spend longer in the water. Inquire about different islands and which will best suit your expectations and adventure. Isla Mujeres is among the best ones you can visit.

8# Turtles

You’ll find many young sea turtles in the water adapting to their new aquatic life. Turtles are an endangered species in Mexico. Hence, some resorts take protective measures to collect and protect their eggs. The end of July sees most turtles hurdle up at the shores for mating. 

Resorts and different groups of people usually take time at the end of July (the nesting season) to hatch the eggs as they take their first steps into the sea. You can inquire from the locals to discover where you can witness this critical step in the turtle life cycle. 

You can also plan for night diving to observe the groups of sea turtles as they prepare to rest. This beautiful view can be an excellent way to end your day.

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