Find out the best travel tips about Medellin to create your Colombia Itinerary.

40 Best Things to Do in Medellin (2020): What Travelers Love (+bonus)

I wrote down a complete list of things to do in Medellin and around so that you can decide the length of your stay there.

Through this post, you will get insightful and practical information to decide what to do in Medellin. I put on the side all the useless stuff like visiting the commercial center or banal activities like eating a Bandeja Paisa.

Use our post to create a fantastic itinerary to explore Antioquia.

Also, there is a bonus at the end of this post. I give you a list of things to do in Medellin for each day of the week. Don’t miss it. 😉

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Table of Contents: Things to do in Medellin

  1. Entertainment
  2. Free walking tour
  3. Paid cultural tours
  4. Museums and places
  5. Hikes in Medellin
  6. Outdoor activity paradise
  7. Colonial towns
  8. Hikes around Medellin
  9. Things to do during the week
  10. Start deciding which places you visit
  11. Lay back while we do the hard job

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What to do inside Medellin, Colombia

Let’s start with the fun things to do in Medellin. Because of its growing popularity, new local agencies offer excellent tours and cool social events are scheduled every week.

Entertainment in the city

Things to do in Medellin

Many travelers stick to Poblado when traveling to Medellin. Don’t hesitate to venture to other districts to be soaked by the city’s atmosphere. I’m personally a big fan of Laureles.

#1 Drink beers in the 3 Cordilleras factory

It’s one of my favorite places to hang out in Medellin. You pay a cheap cover to drink 5 tasty craft beers and listen to some live music.

When going to 3 cordilleras (+)

  • Where: Ciudad del Rio | 10 min taxi from Poblado
  • Duration: 2-4 h
  • Price: $
  • Tips: Get there early to have a table. Only on Thursday and Friday.
  • Website: 3 Cordilleras

#2 Dancing Salsa in Medellin

Travelers love to party in Poblado, but they miss the opportunity to learn some Salsa moves. There are free classes during the week in various bars.

Best salsa bars (+)

  • Where: Son Havana (Laureles) and Social Club Academia (South of Poblado).
  • Duration: 1h
  • Price: Free
  • Tips: Wed – Thu > Son Havana. Thu – Sat > Social Club. Better to arrive early
  • Website: Son Havana | Social Club

We recommend: Explore Medellin by night with these guys

#3 Play Tejo in Medellin

It’s a national game where you throw a metal disk and hope for loud explosions. You MUST drink beers. It’s a fun thing to do in Medellin and some locals are super skilled!

Where to play in Medellin (+)

  • Where: Cancha de Tejo Polideportivo Sur (Envigado) | 25 min from Poblado
  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Price: $
  • Tips: Avoid the rush hour from 5 to 8 pm.
  • Website: You can practice with these guys!

#4 Watch a football game at the Stadium

Colombians love football. Players’ performances on the field aren’t spectacular, but the atmosphere is a lot of fun. Don’t wear the wrong colors! It’s the most authentic experience to do in Medellin.

Our favorite tour (+)

  • Where: Estadio (Laureles) | 20 min from Poblado
  • Duration: 6h
  • Price: $$
  • Tips: There is a game twice a week. Ask locals to know the dates. Buy your ticket in advance.

We recommend: Go to a game with locals!

#5 Ciclovia on Sunday in Medellin

Colombians are fond of the “Tour de France”. Every Sunday morning, they close several main roads so that inhabitants can ride -almost- all over Medellin.

More about it (+)

  • Where: Avenida Poblado, from the south in Envigado until El Centro in the north
  • Duration: From 7 am to 1 pm – Sunday
  • Price: Free
  • Tips: Only on Sunday and Public holidays
  • Article: Ciclovia in Medellin

#6 Paragliding above Medellin

From the sky, the city of Medellin is quite impressive. Head to San Felix and pick one of the several certified companies.

Our favorite tour (+)

We recommend: Ask these guys to drive you to San Felix

#7 Horse riding in the green hills

Horse riding Medellin

Traveling is a great opportunity for experiencing new things. Ask Andres to pick you up wherever you want in Medellin and explore the surroundings on a well-trained horse.

Our favorite tour (+)

  • Where: Sabaneta | 45 min away from Poblado
  • Duration: 3h
  • Price: $$$
  • Tips: Morning activities are always better

We recommend: Travelers love to do it with that guy!

#8 Rafting on the most beautiful Antioquia’s river

Rio Verde and Rio Samana are two beautiful rivers hidden in the hilly landscapes of Antioquia. You can pick a 1 or 2-day rafting trip. The local agency takes care of everything. I’m a big fan! It’s a thing to do in Medellín if you like adventures.

Our favorite tour (+)

  • Where: San Francisco | 2-hours jeep drive from Medellin
  • Duration: 1 or 2 days
  • Price: $$$$
  • Tips: Fantastic experience. You can get there on your own to reduce the cost.
  • Booking below: We always work with these guys. I’m putting my foot down that your experience is going to be unbelievable.

Plan your 1-day expedition with real professionals

If you’re an adventurer, plan on a 2-day –> unforgettable one

#9 Language Exchanges: have a chat with locals

Colombian woman

I know that it is not easy to talk with locals when you don’t speak Spanish. Look on the internet the Language Exchanges events to practice and meet new people! It’s one of my favorite things to do in Medellin.

Where to meet locals (+)

#10 Mountain bikes and adrenaline rush

mOUNTAIN BIke Medellin

Ask Medellin Adventure tours to show you their favorite biking spots. Breathless landscapes and unforgettable experiences. They’ve got excellent pieces of equipment.

Our favorite tour (+)

  • Where: They pick you up In Medellin or at the Jose Cordova Airport
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: $$$
  • Tips: Book it only if you’re in an excellent physical condition
  • Website: Medellin adventure tours

We recommend: Add it to your Colombia itinerary

Free Walking Tours

Things to do in Medellin

A free walking tour is a cheap and informative thing to do in Medellin. You join a local guide who shows you his city and give you tons of information. Then, you give a tip at the end.

I love it because it’s an excellent way to understand a city/country and get a more in-depth travel experience.

#11 Visit the center of Medellin

Real City Tours does a great job to explain to you the complicated past of Medellin while showing you the various monuments and places. Do it if you can’t afford to book a private tour. It’s an enlightening experience to plan in Medellin.

Our favorite tour (+)

  • Where: Alpujarra Metro Station | Near the center
  • Duration: 3.5 hours
  • Price: Free, but don’t forget to let a tip
  • Tips: Book it a couple of days in advance
  • Website: Real City tour

#12 Visit the Comuna 13 in Medellin

The stories behind the colorful streets of Comuna 13 are super interesting, but there are too many tourists nowadays.

Our favorite tour (+)

  • Where: San Javier Station| 15 min by metro from Laureles
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: Free, but don’t forget to let a tip
  • Tips: Pick the morning tour. Don’t forget your sunscreen.
  • Website: Zippy Tour

Best cultural tours to experience

Things to do in Medellin

While Free walking tours are an excellent choice when you travel on a shoestring budget, you can’t compare it with a private tour (or at least a small group size).

Also, you don’t interact much with your environment when strolling randomly among the streets – without mentioning the fact that big Colombia cities aren’t sexy.

If you really want to learn from this trip, then booking at least one cultural tour is the thing to do in Medellin.

#13 Bike tour to visit several districts at once

Moutain bike Valle de Cocora Salento

Medellin is situated in a valley. It means the roads are mostly flat. Also, there are many cycling routes, so you won’t die hitten by a truck (hopefully).

Our favorite tour (+)

  • Where: Departure from Poblado. 19 Km.
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Price: $
  • Tips: Do it in the morning.
  • Website: Bici tour

We recommend: Travelers love to do it with that guy!

#14 Food tour to la Minorista Market

I love eating street food and fruits when I’m in Colombia. It’s even better when you do it in a massive market with hundreds of stands. There is no interest if you don’t do it with a tour as you’ll miss all the interesting explanations. It’s a must-do in Medellin.

Our favorite tour (+)

  • Where: La Minorista Market | 15 min from Laureles
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Price: $
  • Tips: Don’t eat before the tour!
  • Website: Real City Tour

# 15 Visit of a local brewery in Medellin

Microbrewery are becoming a big thing in Colombia. Pay your entrance fee to get 5 samples and visit the Apostol’s Factory.

Our favorite tour (+)

  • Where: Sabaneta | 30 min from Poblado
  • Duration: 3 hours.
  • Price: $
  • Tips: Every Thursday, at 6h30 pm. Better to make a reservation. Spanish only.
  • Facebook Page: Apostol

#16 La Sierra: A great alternative to Comuna 13

Be an insider and go where 99% of the tourist are not. The district of La Sierra was one of the most dangerous in Medellin. Learn its history. Fantastic view of Medellin.

Our favorite tour (+)

  • Where: The tour starts in San Antonio, then you take the tramway and the cable car to get to La Sierra (30 min).
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: $
  • Tips: Contact the local agency before showing up. There are many stairs.
  • Website: La Sierra Tours

#17 Visit a coffee farm in Medellin

You can visit a coffee farm even if you don’t plan to visit the coffee region. Ask Andres to pick you up at your hotel then visit a Finca in Sabaneta. Andres knows tons of stuff about coffee. It’s a tour we did last year in Medellin and we loved it.

Our favorite tour (+)

  • Where: Andres picks you up wherever you want. The farm is in Sabaneta, a 35-min drive from Poblado.
  • Duration: 3 hours on-site.
  • Price: $$$
  • Tips: Do it in the morning.

We recommend : Travelers love to do it with that guy!

#18 Coffee and walking tour in La Floresta

Stroll in the district of La Floresta and Santa Lucia with your local guide and speak about coffee and architecture. You’ll visit a coffee roaster!

Our favorite tour (+)

  • Where: Tour starts at La Floresta Metro Station. | 10 min taxi from Laureles.
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: $
  • Tips: Contact the local guide by Whatsapp first. He speaks English.
  • Facebook page: Urban coffee tour

#19 Cook delicious meals with locals in Medellin

Cooking is a universal language and an excellent way to bring some delicious memories back home. Go shopping to a traditional market then cook with a lovely Colombian family. It’s a tasty thing to do in Medellin.

Our favorite tour (+)

#19′ Smell the colorful flowers of Santa Elena

Santa Elena

The Flower Fair is an important event in Medellin. Each year hundreds of Silleteros parade to show their creations. Learn about their traditions in Santa Elena.

Our favorite tour (+)

  • Where: Santa Elena | 45 min from Laureles
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: $$$
  • Tips: Don’t go there if you’re not interested in flowers.
  • Website: More information here

Lovely hikes to do in Medellin

Things to do in Medellin

There are several hikes you can do to admire the city of Medellin. You can also find many hiking tips around Medellin on this post.

I don’t recommend Arvi Park (boring).

Because the most dangerous areas of Medellin are on the outskirts, you should always ask around you before hiking somewhere in the city.

#20 Sunday hike to 3 Cruces in Medellin

Colombians love to hike to 3 cruces on Sunday. It’s super steep, and the view from the top is outstanding. Besides, it’s also a funny thing to do in Medellin to observe the fashion style of its inhabitants.

How to plan this hike (+)

  • Where: Start from the Collegio Padre Manyanet | 20 min from Poblado
  • Duration: 1h to get to the top
  • Price: Free
  • Tips: Take a bottle of water and a hat. There is no shade. Do it early morning on Sunday.
  • Website: Kinkaju organizes many hikes around Medellin

Places, museums, and gardens

Things to do in Medellin

While there are not so many interesting museums in Medellin, some of them are worth visiting if it’s a rainy day.

You won’t find lots of content in English or French inside the museums. We know some excellent local guides if you need it.

#21 Museo del Castillo in Medellin

Museo del Castillo

A wealthy Colombian, fond of the middle age, built the castle in 1930. Now, it belongs to the State. You can admire the gardens and there is a tour to contemplate the piece of arts inside.

More about this Museum (+)

  • Where: Next to Poblado
  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Price: $
  • Tips: Take the time to lay back in the garden. Visit only in Spanish
  • Website: Museo El Castillo

#22 Get to know el Señor Botero in Medellin

Botero is a world-famous artist who loves to exaggerate the proportions of his subjects. Many of its sculptures are in front of the Museo de Antioquia, that you can also visit to learn more about Botero’s life. It’s an interesting thing to do in Medellin.

More about this Museum (+)

  • Where: Plaza Botero | 15 min from Laureles
  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Price: $
  • Website: Museo de Antioquia

#23 Museo Moderno del Arte in Medellin

Beautiful building with a small art collection, various exhibits throughout the year. It’s also a good option to watch independent movies and the view from the terrace is quite nice!

More about this Museum (+)

  • Where: Ciudad del Rio | 10 min from Poblado
  • Duration: 1 – 2 hours
  • Price: $
  • Tips: There is an open house every last Friday of the month, at 6 pm.
  • Website: MAMM

#24 Museo de la Memoria in Medellin

An instructive thing to do in Medellin to get a better understanding of the various conflicts in Colombia. Many different communication supports to make this visit very interesting.

More about this Museum (+)

  • Where: In the center | 30 min from Poblado
  • Duration: There are lots of content, but your brain will probably blow up after 2 hours.
  • Price: Free
  • Tips: Take a cab to get there, the neighborhood is dodgy. Go early to avoid the crowd. Spanish only.
  • Website: Museo de la Memoria

#25 Parque Explora in Medellin

Parque Explora

I’m a big fan of that park/museum. You can visit the aquarium and learn in a playful way through many experiments. It’s a fun thing to do in Medellin with your family.

More about this Museum (+)

  • Where: Metro station Universidad | 20 min from Laureles.
  • Duration: You can easily stay 6h
  • Price: $
  • Tips: Go early and during the week.
  • Website: Parque Explora

# 26 Jardin Botanico & butterflies

Jardin Botanico

You won’t learn a lot about flowers but it’s a lovely place to hang out for 30 min. Visit the butterfly garden and look for the iguanas. You can pair it with Parque Explora.

Where is the Botanical garden (+)

  • Where: Metro station Universidad | 20 min from Laureles.
  • Duration: 30 min
  • Price: Free
  • Tips: Go early to be able to enter in the butterfly garden. Have lunch at In Situ.
  • Website: Jardin Botanico

#27 Take the Metro Cable in Medellin

Cable Car

It’s not a secret, and every traveler does it. Get to Santo Domingo at sunset and admire the city by night.

Information (+)

  • Where: Metro Station Santo Domingo
  • Duration: 30 min by metro from Laureles
  • Price: $
  • Tips: Don’t wander too far away from the metro station.

Things to do around Medellin, Colombia

The region of Antioquia offers many opportunities for day trips from Medellin.

Colonial towns in the region, with colorful wooden doors and gigantic main squares, are among the most charming cities in Colombia. Also, travelers who like adventure trips will be spoilt for choice.

With all our suggestions, you can easily travel for one month just in Antioquia.

Use the following information to decide your favorite things to do around Medellin.

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Where to get your adrenaline fix

Things to do in Medellin

There are beautiful rivers that flow through the hilly landscapes of Antioquia.

#28 Tubing in San Rafael

San Rafael

San Rafael is a little town surrounded by natural pools and waterfalls. It’s an excellent place for tubing.

Read our travel guide (+)

  • Where: 3h bus drive from Medellin | Terminal North
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Tips: Stay in San Rafael and visit Guatape on the way back.
  • Travel guide: San Rafael

#29 Canyoning in San Carlos

San Carlos is a little town that offers stunning canyoning opportunities and lovely hikes.

Read our travel guide (+)

  • Where: 5 hours bus from Medellin | Terminal North
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Tips: You can include Guatape and San Rafael in the loop.
  • Travel guide: San Carlos

#30 Tamesis, a town with a mind-blowing view

Tamesis Antioquia

You won’t meet many travelers in Tamesis despite it’s an excellent spot for extreme sports and outdoor activities.

Read our travel guide (+)

  • Where: 4 hours bus from Medellin | Terminal South
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Tips: You must stay at least one night at the Hotel Monte Magico.
  • Travel guide: Tamesis

#31 La Peña, the paradise for rock climbers

Stay at Casa en El Air hostel or at La Peña Abejorral and plan your climbing activities.

Where to stay in La Peña (+)

  • Where: 5 hours from Medellin | Terminal North
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Tips: Book many days in advance, avoid the weekends.
  • Website: La Peña Abejorral

#32 Magical stay in Rio Claro

Rio Claro is a nature reserve with crystal-clear water and lush vegetation. The park offers various activities like tubing, zipline, and cave exploring and you can stay overnight!

How to get to Rio Claro (+)

  • Where: 4 hours from Medellin | Terminal North
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Tips: Customer service isn’t great
  • Website: Rio Claro

Lovely colonials towns around Medellin

Things to do in Medellin

There are many cute colonial towns in Antioquia that are perfect for a multi-day trip from Medellin. Don’t hesitate to take the Chivas (colorful buses typical from this region) to move from one town to another.

There is one thing you must keep in mind: You can’t rush if you really want to enjoy the experience.

#33 Guatape and El Peñol

Hikes around Guatape

Every traveler plans a trip to Guatape. The view from el Peñon (the rock on the picture) is fantastic, but the town is a bit overrated.

Read our travel guide (+)

  • Where: 2 hours bus from Medellin | Terminal North
  • Duration: Day trip or stay overnight near the lake
  • Tips: Avoid going on a public holiday. You can continue your trip to San Rafael, it’s just 45 min away.
  • Travel guide: Guatape

Make it easy: Ask these guys to show you around if you’re in a hurry

#34 Santa Fe de Antioquia and its famous bridge

It’s a lovely colonial town with some beautiful hotels – pick one with a pool. You can learn about gold seekers and contemplate the bridge “El Puente del Occidente”.

Our favorite trip (+)

  • Where: 1.5h bus from Medellin | Terminal North
  • Duration: Day trips or 2 days
  • Tips: It’s not worth it if you don’t book a tour. You will miss 95% of the experience.
  • Website: More information here

#35 Horizontes, our best-kept secret

Horizontes is a tiny colonial town, up a hill, with a great view of the valley. The inhabitants all know each other and you won’t find any tourists. It’s an excellent tour if you pair it with Belmira and Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Our favorite trip (+)

  • Where: 2h bus to Belmira (Terminal north) + 2 h Chiva to Horizontes.
  • Duration: Package 3 days
  • More information here

#36 Jerico, a religious colonial town

Jerico Antioquia

Jerico is a colonial town made up of colorful houses and magnificent churches. It’s ideal for staying a couple of days and be soaked by the atmosphere.

Read our travel guide (+)

  • Where: 3.5 hours from Medellin | Terminal South
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Tips: Don’t miss the Finca Ariel and the waterfall Arco Iris
  • Travel guide: Jerico

We recommend: This kick-ass tour to Finca Ariel

#37 Jardin, cowboys’ land and waterfalls

Jardin Antioquia

Jardin is a vibrant town where the inhabitants drink coffees all day on a vast and flowery main square. It offers several beautiful hikes to reach mighty waterfalls.

Read our travel guide (+)

  • Where: 4 hours bus from Medellin | Terminal South
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Tips: There is a Chiva Jerico-Andes twice a day, and you can do a 2-day hike to Tamesis.
  • Travel guide: Jardin

Hikes to plan from Medellin, Colombia

Things to do in Medellin

There are many opportunities around Medellin if you’re a mountain lover.

#38 The Paramo de Belmira

A tough 11km hike to get to the laguna and come back through the Paramo. You can hire a local guide in Belmira. Departure from town.

How to get to Belmira (+)

  • Where: Belmira, 2 hours bus from Medellin | Terminal North
  • Duration: 7 hours hike (in total)
  • Tips: Leave super early from Medellin.
  • The trail: Wikiloc.

#39 Cerro Tusa, the biggest natural pyramid

A super steep hike to reach the super-sharp end of the mountain. The view is beautiful. You must get a bus to Venecia first, then ask for a local guide.

How to get to Cerro Tusa (+)

  • Where: Venecia, 2h from Medellin | Terminal South, Flota Fredonia
  • Duration: 2-3 hours to get to the top.
  • Tips: Stay overnight in Venecia. Stay in Las Palmas. Do it during the week.
  • More information: Here

#40 Multi-day hike to El Paramo del Sol

A stunning 2 or 3-days hike to get to the highest point in Antioquia. Dreamy sceneries and super cold. You can take a local guide in Urrao and get your camping gear.

How to plan this trip (+)

  • Where: Urrao is 5h away from Medellin | Terminal South
  • Duration: 2 or 3-day hike
  • Tips: Be a maximum prepared and opt for the 3-day tour
  • More information: here

Going out in Medellin

Medellin is a vibrant city, and you will always find something to do (if you know what to look for).

I want to give some cool weekly events you can add to your Colombia itinerary.

The schedule of the event can regularly change, so double-check on the Facebook/Instagram pages.

You can find a cheat-sheet of the weekly events (for Bogota, Cartagena, Cali, and Medellin) in our Free travel guide.

Things to do in Medellin on Monday

Things to do in Medellin on Tuesday

Things to do in Medellin on Wednesday

  • Listen to live music at Cafe Zorba (delicious pizza) | 8 pm | Poblado
  • Free Salsa Class at Son Havana | 8 pm | Laureles

Things to do in Medellin on Thursday

Things to do in Medellin on Friday

Things to do in Medellin on Saturday

  • Listen to live music at El Arranque | 8 pm | Poblado
  • Listen to live Salsa Music at Son Havana | 11 pm | Laureles
  • Electro DJ’s at Club 1984 | Ciudad del Rio
  • Language exchange and live music at Dance Free | 8 pm | Poblado

Things to do in Medellin on Sunday

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Things to do after Medellin

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Things to do in Medellin (1)

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Things to do in Medellin

Fun Medellin Nightlife for 2020: Best bars and clubs

There is very little good information about Medellin nightlife in Colombia. Many articles speak about the same boring bars and clubs.

Let me help you to find out the best bars, nightclubs, and neighborhoods so you can build unforgettable memories and party like a Colombian.

Medellin Nightlife: What you must know

Laureles: It’s a district “near” the center. It’s safe to party at night. Traditional loud Colombian bars and clubs and hidden salsa places.

The center: Don’t walk there at night, it’s super dodgy. However, there are a few nice parties going on.

Las Palmas: Famous district to pick a good restaurant and breathe some fresh air.

Barrio Colombia: The place to be for partying in massive night clubs while listening to Colombian music. It’s more expensive.

Poblado: The epicenter of Medellin nightlife. Lots of foreigners and locals. Tens of bars, make your choice before going or you’ll be lost. Pick this district if you want to listen to electro music.

Safety in Medellin: Take an Uber at night and don’t look for hookers or cocaine.

Best tour with a hangover: Join this excellent group tour to enjoy Guatape

Discover our guide on Medellin to access, in a few clicks, all the practical information to visit this fantastic city.

Read our Medellin travel guide

Where to travel after partying in Medellin

Where to stay? What to do? How to get there? Find easily the answers HERE

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Download: Our map “Eat & Party in Colombia” on Mapstr with all the best restaurants, bars and clubs in Colombia.

Table of Contents: Medellin nightlife

  1. Why do I love Colombia nightlife
  2. Best district in Medellin for partying
  3. Selection of the best bars in Medellin
  4. Selection of the best nightclub
  5. Where to dance salsa in Medellin
  6. Is Medellin safe at night
  7. Where to go out during the week
  8. Start working on your itinerary
  9. Use our premium travel service

Why Colombia nightlife is so famous?

Medellin Nightlife has a tremendous reputation among travelers who visit Colombia. And, while I think the nightlife in Bogota offers more variety, I easily understand why people fall in love with this Paisa’s land – AKA People living in Medellin.

I plead guilty too.

When we created Colombia Insider, there was no doubt in my mind. We had to settle in Medellin. And, I’m glad we did it.

After a few months of living here, I realized we only knew the tip of the iceberg regarding the Medellin Nightlife.

Some of you probably think about hookers and drugs. You’re right and wrong at the same time.

Yes, there are hookers and drugs in Medellin. And some tourists only come to Colombia for these reasons. Those are idiots. It’s because of the customers that Prostitution and cocaine are a scourge for the country.

There are so many other reasons why people would enjoy partying in Colombia!

1. Colombians are friendly (+)

It’s in their blood and flesh. Italians love pasta, French are grumpy and Colombians are friendly.

Foreigners aren’t uncommon anymore. Nobody will jump on you. However, if you do the first steps, they will love to speak with you.

2. They dance Salsa (+)

Colombians LOVE to dance. They do it since they are kids. For them, sitting at a table without doing nothing except drinking is boring.

And I couldn’t agree more.

So, put on the side your shot of aguardiente and move your hips! There is only one hitch. Besides Reggaeton, people dance by two. Have a look on Youtube or book a few dance classes to learn the basics. Then invite Colombians and ask them to teach you!

I tell you later in this article where to dance Salsa and find some free classes.

3. Colombia Nightlife is cheap (+)

Don’t get me wrong. You could spend thousands of dollars in one night if you want it.

But, if you avoid tourist traps and luxury clubs, you should be alright.

  • National beer in a shop (Poker, aguila, club…) : Around 3 000 COP | 1$
  • National beer in a bar or Nightclub in Colombia: Around 6 000 COP | 2$
  • Famous Artisanal beer in a shop (BBC, 3 cordilleras…): Around 6 000 COP | 2$
  • Famous Artisanal beer in a bar or Nighclub in Colombia: Around 10 000 COP | 3$
  • Good beer in a VIP nightclub: Around 15 000 COP | 5$
  • Excellent cocktail in bar & Nightclub: Around 25 000 COP | 8$
  • Cover for an event or a nightclub: 15 – 30 000 COP | 5 – 10$
  • Bottle of Rum or Aguardiente in a cheap bar: 50 – 80 000 COP | 17$ – 27$
  • Bottle of Rum or Aguardiente in a club: 100 – 200 000 COP | 33$ – 66$
  • Taxi, Uber or Beat: 6 – 15 000 COP | 2$ – 5$

Also, the prices change a lot according to the area where you decide to party.

Moreover, the budgets aren’ the same among the largest cities in Colombia.

The nightlife in Cartagena is the most expensive. Then it’s the nightlife in Bogota and Medellin. The cheaper city is Cali!

4. Women are gorgeous (+)

I’m sorry girls, but it’s true.

Their long black hair is beautiful; their deep dark eyes look through your soul when they speak to you, and they know how to dance.

Add a bit of drama from the TeleNovela they like to watch and you will understand why guys fall in love with Colombian girls.

Now, let’s get into the bare bones of the topic. Here are my favorite Medellin nightlife tips.

We also help you to find the perfect Medellin district in this post.

Where are the best areas to party in Medellin

Medellin’s nightlife

According to what you’re looking for, you shouldn’t head to the same party spots in Medellin.

There are 5 main areas where you can enjoy the best Medellin Nightlife:

  • El Poblado
  • La 70
  • La 33
  • Barrio Colombia
  • Las Palmas

Once the weekend is over, feel free to plan a multi-day excursion outside Medellin.

1. Poblado, la Zona Rosa de Medellin

When coming for the first time to Medellin, travelers usually hang out in Poblado. There are many tourists and prices are more expensive. But, It’s where most of the clubs in Medellin are.

Besides, lots of Colombians love to go out in Poblado too. So, you won’t be only surrounded by drunk foreigners who don’t dance.

Within the Zona Rosa of Medellin – AKA Party district -, There are 3 sub-districts where you would like to get a drink and move your hips.

  • Lleras Park in Medellin: It was the place-to-be 10 years ago, but now it’s not that good. However, there are still some fun clubs around.
  • Provenza: The chic part of Poblado. It’s one street of dazzling lights and bars
  • Manila: The newest one. This part of Poblado is quiet but it’s great to have a few drinks before starting your crazy nightlife in Medellin.

2. The Street “la Setenta” – 70: Pre-party & Salsa in Medellin

If you prefer a nightlife a bit more authentic, you should head to Laureles. Alcohol is cheap, music is loud, and there are almost no foreigners.

La 70 is a short street between the Stadium and La Universidad Pontifica.

Many bars play crossover Latin music and it’s where football fans love to celebrate their victory or drown their sorrow with a pola – Cold beer.

Moreover, there are two bars perfect to learn some new Salsa moves, Son Havana and El Tibiri.

3. The Street “Trenta y tres” – 33: Colombian Nightclubs

Once people are bored to hang out in La 70, they usually move to La 33. There are many clubs in this loooong street.

Don’t start walking around, it would be exhausting. Pick a club before and go there directly by taxi.

4. Las Palmas and Barrio Colombia: VIP Nightclubs in Medellin

Las Palmas is a hill located near the metro station “Expositiones”. The place is packed with VIP nightclubs, good restaurants, and hotels. The view at night is pretty cool and a cool breeze always wakes up the late partygoers.

Another famous place to party in Medellin is Barrio Colombia. Located 10min away by taxi from Poblado, this industrial zone filled with empty warehouses has been turned into an I-m-drunk-so-I-can-finally-move-my-hips spot.

Both places I great to get a fun nightlife in Medellin. But, be ready to spend a lot more and bring some girls if you wish to enter in the most famous nightclubs.

Where are the best bars in Medellin

Medellin’s nightlife

Bars in Medellin are everywhere. You can start the night in a local brewery or look on Facebook for a live band event. The BBC bars are in many areas of the city and are always a good option too.

There is no dress code and nobody will ask for your ID.

Here is a selection of my favorite bars in Medellin:

1. Bars in Laureles: Not many tourists

My favorite bars in Laureles (+)

  • Cafe Cliché is a French Cafe that organizes events from Wednesday to Saturday. Massive choice of home-made rum punches and delicious desserts | Close at midnight on weekends
  • Panorama Rooftop bar is a good pick if you want to get a drink under the stars. Prices are a bit more expensive. Close at 2 am on Weekends
  • La Abadia Gastropub will make the beer lovers happy. Their wallet too. Close at 2 am
  • Del Patio Bar is a heaven for travelers on a shoestring budget. Close at 1 am
  • Barrio Central is one of the favorite bars for the expats living in Laureles. Good music, events almost every night and a large variety of beers | Close at 2 am on weekends

2. Bars in Manila, A chill Medellin nightlife in El Poblado

My favorite bars in Manila (+)

  • 20Missions Cerveza is a vast warehouse serving 6 delicious craft beers on tap. Ribs party on Tuesdays and live music on Thursdays. Close at 2 am on weekends
  • Le rooftop of Los PatiosExcellent hostel – is a fun place to get a few drinks to meet other travelers
  • El Arranque Cafe offers a tasty range of cocktails. Besides, there is live music on weekends | Close at 2 am
  • Victoria Regia is the place to be if you want to start dancing early. Open from Wednesday to Saturday, they propose a different kind of music each day.

3. Bars near Parque Lleras, Zona Rosa del Poblado

My favorite bars Parque Lleras (+)

  • Berlin Bar serves delicious beers. Perfect to start the evening. Close at 2 am
  • Envy rooftop is the best rooftop in Medellin. It belongs to the famous hotel The Charlee. The view is astonishing and there is even a pool you can use on Sundays for Brunch. Live Salsa music on Tuesdays. Let your flip flop at home and bring your wallet
  • La Octava bar is the place to be if you’re bored of listening to Latin music. Plus, you can jump into a giant ball pit. Close at 4 am on weekends
  • Woka Lounge is a cool place to bring a date and attempt to impress her with an expensive cocktail – I’m joking. Cool decoration and rooftop.

4. Bars in Provenza, the trendy Medellin Nightlife in El Poblado

My favorite bars in Provenza (+)

  • El Social is one of the oldest bars in Medellin. Crossover music on three floors, it’s a cool spot to get a few cheap drinks and watch the Medellin Nightlife. Close at 2 am
  • Mad Radio has got great outdoor seating and a giant Jenga. DJ’s performs every weekend. Close at 2 am

Best nightclubs to party

Medellin’s nightlife

In Medellin, most of the nightclubs close at 4 am. According to the place you’re heading to, you will have to give up the flip-flop and shorts. Moreover, hype clubs won’t let you in if you’re a bunch of dudes – Like a bachelor party. Most of them charge a cover between 10 – 20 000 COP.

List of the best clubs in Medellin (+)

  • La Tienda la 70 is a typical Colombian club with dazzling lights and loud music. Buy a cheap aguardiente bottle and go with the flow | La 70
  • Club 1984 is a place where you can hear House, Techno, hip-hop with the best local, national and foreign artists. A fantastic terrace that offers a great view of the mountains of the Antioquia capital | Barrio Colombia
  • Dulce Jesus Mio hosts typical Colombian parties with aguardiente, entertainment, colorful lights, loud music | Barrio Colombia
  • Bendito Seas is a famous spot to meet cute Colombian girls (many girls night events). They organize open bar every Thursday for 50 000 COP | Parque Lleras, El Poblado
  • Calle 9+1 is a perfect spot for backpackers or people who don’t want to bother with a dress code. Cool artists and DJ’s | Parque Lleras, El Poblado
  • The Blue Bar is for old school music lovers | Parque Lleras, El Poblado
  • Babylon is another option if you’re not a big fan of Bendito Seas. Open Bar Thursday and Friday till 1 or 2 am  and lots of Colombian Women | Parque Lleras, El Poblado
  • SkyBar is a VIP club where you can learn Bachata and Kizomba on Thursdays for free | Parque Lleras, El Poblado
  • Vintrash is one of the most famous clubs in El Poblado. 2 Floors and a Rooftop. They play 2 kinds of music, Reggaeton an Electro | Provenza, El Poblado

How to experience a fun Salsa Night in Medellin

You won’t find many Salsa places in El Poblado. You have to get out of the “Gringo Area” to dance in the best salsa bars.

I advise you to learn the basic steps if you want to make the most of your Medellin Nightlife. Most of us don’t have the Latin beats in our blood. Hence, it’s not easy to “learn on the job”.

It’s one of the experience I loved to learn when traveling to Colombia.

The best Salsa Schools (+)

Once you’re at ease on the dance floor, it’s time to practice in a real situation.

The best Salsa bars in Medellin

My favorite Salsa bars (+)

  • Son Havana is a little bar located on Avenida San Juan. It can be really busy on weekends but it’s my favorite spot to dance Salsa on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Besides, they give free Salsa lessons at 8 pm. Live bands on Saturdays. Close at 3 am.
  • El Tibiri is located on La 70. Let’s be frank, this place is a small hot cave. But, the best salsa dancers love to meet there. It’s perfect to get a glimpse of the salsa nightlife in Medellin. Close at 2 am
  • El Eslabon Prendido is the place to be on a Tuesday night. Live bands. However, don’t hang out in the neighborhood. It’s sketchy. 7:30pm-2am Tue & Thu-Sat
  • Cuchitril is a perfect nightclub for going out on weekends. Live bands. Close at 3 am
  • DanceFree is Salsa School in El Poblado. There are live bands playing on Friday and Saturday nights. The place is packed with foreigners.
  • Social Club Academia is the secret spot to dance Salsa. Located within a roundabout, they offer free Salsa classes from Thursday to Saturday. It’s an open space with a continuous breeze. You have to get there to understand what I’m talking about.

Is it safe to party in Medellin at Night?

Medellin nightlife

Yes, the Nightlife in Medellin is safe. But, there are a few basic rules of safety you should always follow.

I’m going to tell you how to No dar Papaya. It’s a Colombian saying more important than Yoda’s quotes.

It means “don’t give the stick to be beaten with”.

My favorite safety tips (+)

  • When coming back home at night, don’t walk. Take uber.
  • Don’t accept a glass or bottle from someone else, except if you saw other people drinking from it before
  • Don’t let your glass without surveillance. There is a drug called Scopolamine, used by thieves. It makes you gentle as a lamb, it’s perfect for robbing you.
  • Don’t take your passport, a photocopy of it is enough
  • Withdraw some cash before going out and let your credit card at home
  • If a cute girl comes to you, ask her some questions and see if she came with friends. It could be a hooker.
  • Use Uber instead of cabs at night
  • Don’t be wasted

A bar for each day of the week

Medellin nightlife

  • Monday: Getting a drink At Los Patios Hostel
  • Tuesday: Dancing salsa in Eslabon Prendido
  • Wednesday: Dancing Salsa in Son Havana or listen to some Jazz Music at Cafe Zorba
  • Thursday: Drinking some beers at the factory 3 Cordilleras or listen to live bands in La Pascasia
  • Friday: Language exchange with Colombia Immersion at Envigado then dancing salsa at El Social Club Academia
  • Saturday: It could be everywhere in the bars and nightclubs listed in this article
  • Sunday: A beer in a BBC pub

Still, keep in mind there are plenty of cool tours and activities to do in Medellin. Don’t go to bed too late ;).

Q&A to get the most of the Medellin nightlife

At what time should you go out in clubs?

Some clubs will let you in for free before midnight. It can be a smart move if there is a live band or an open bar event. Otherwise, I recommend being there around 1 am. Regarding the pubs, 10 pm is fine.

Do you need girls to enter a club?

Not if you decide to go out in El Poblado or Laureles. However, fancy clubs in Barrio Colombia and Las Palmas could refuse you the entrance if they notice too much testosterone in your group.

Is there a dress code to enter in Nightclubs?

Casual clothes like jeans and tee shirts are perfect. Give up flip flops and shorts.

Are there parties going on after 4 am?

Yes, indeed. Club Seven, Club Fahrenheit and the Palmahia area in Itagui close around 7 am.

Bogota VS Medellin: Where is the better nightlife?

It’s a no brainer. The answer is Bogota. Yes, the weather in the capital is terrible. However, the large choice of events and clubs makes it a fantastic place to party.

Do I need my Passport?

Keep a photocopy of your passport in your wallet. Some clubs could ask for it before letting you in. And the police can check your ID too.

Which days are the best for enjoying the Medellin Nightlife?

Most of the nightclubs open from Thursday to Saturday. However, there are parties every day of the week if you know where to look for. Besides, Colombians love to go out when they receive their paycheck – around the fifteenth and at the end of the month.

So, tell me, are you willing to add Medellin to your Colombia itinerary and party all night?

Read our Medellin travel guide

All you need to create your itinerary

Why bother if we do it better?

Have fun while we do the hard job

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Great guide to explore Medellin by Night

Paragliding In Medellin: Admire The City With Birds

Are you in Medellin? Are you looking for an exciting activity because you’re bored? Perfect, I have some excellent news for you. It’s time for Paragliding in Medellin to admire the city from the sky.

Watch Our Paragliding experience in Medellin

San Felix, the official departure runway for Paragliding in Medellin

As you know, it’s always complicated to find out all the best things to do before visiting a city. There is a lot of information to retain.

Sometimes, we miss a fantastic opportunity to try something new. And, when we realize it – because of this horrible friend who posts great things on Instagram -, it’s too late.

Like every traveler who doesn’t know the city, I’ve made a few mistakes the first time I came to Medellin.

Fortunately for you, I’m here to help you to make better decisions 🙂.

First, read this amazing list of the best things to do in Medellin.

Paraglidin in San Felix, Departure Runway

A] Why did we choose Parapente San Felix

Randomly. Almost.

There are 8 certified Paragliding companies in San Felix. And it seems that nobody dies during the paragliding sessions. Hence, we couldn’t sort the companies by the number of deaths. Youhou.

Then, like a ninja, I checked their Facebook page.

Parapente San Felix has more than 47 000 followers. I guess they can’t be bad with such a number. Moreover, they let you record your experience with your camera whereas some other paragliding companies prohibit it for money security reasons.

Psst, Fabio did 900 jumps last year.

B] What are the different steps to book a paragliding tour in Medellin

You can contact Parapente San Felix with WhatsApp or/and email to book your tour. Fabio answered us very quickly.

Email: [email protected]


  • (+57) 3012239089
  • (+57) 3003098284

Everyone uses WhatsApp in Colombia. So you should download it on your phone right now ;).

In no time, we were able to pick a date and time, and we received a detailed file with all the information we needed to arrive in San Felix with the public transportation and be prepared for this exciting paragliding adventure. I tell you more about it in the second part of this article 😉

All the documents were in Spanish, but they can also send it to you in English.

Would like to learn Spanish in Medellin? We had an amazing time with Colombia Immersion.

Read the Field trip (+)

The D-day, we wake up and discover that a horrible fog had invaded the city. Medellin’s nickname is City of the eternal spring but the weather can change 4 times a day during the raining season

While we were wondering if we should cancel or not our paragliding session, Fabio sent a text to reassure us. The altitude in San Felix is 1 000 m higher than Medellin, and the climate can be entirely different. Moreover, thanks to a bunch of websites and their weather-skills, they’re able to tell you if the conditions are right or not for paragliding.

If not, they will inform you before you leave to San Felix.

View from Medellin - Paragliding in San Felix

C] The last 20 min before the big jump over Medellin

After a short 50 min ride, we get off the bus just in front of their small office. A lovely lady and Fabio welcomed us with a huge smile and directly put us at ease. 

They asked us if it was our first time paragliding and if we had any concerns. 

Then, we sat in front of a huge screen to watch a short explanatory video in English. In a nutshell, you have to do nothing except running a the beginning. Easy Peasy. 

After that, the lovely lady handed us a form with a bunch of health questions like medical history, plastic surgery, phobias and so on. It’s part of their medical insurance of flight. As a reward, you will get an orange bracelet with all the necessary information. 

Parapente San Felix Office
Parapente San Felix Office

Once outside the office, we took the 167 steps – I didn’t count – to reach the official departure runway for paragliding above Medellin. 

Fabio and his employe were already waiting for us. Behind them, we could discern a green slope and a deep valley.  Down there, Bello – North of Medellin – spread everywhere like a paint can which has felt on the floor.

Paragliding Instructor Parapente San Felix

D] You run, run, run

The staff set up the canvas on the grass and Fabio checked his material out loud with me:

  • First-aid kit: Ok
  • Emergency Parachute: Ok
  • Helmet: Ok
  • Weather condition: Ok

Then, he hooked me my equipment and asked to run the fastest I could while he was holding my seat. I don’t remember my diaper-childhood when I was a kid, but I think I was running in a similar way. 

 The staff checked once again our equipment then we started running down the slope.

Equipement preparation Paragliding in Medellin

E] Paragliding in Medellin with birds

– “Run, run, run!”

The canvas quickly expanded because of the wind and before the last “run” my feet couldn’t touch the ground anymore. 

Then, it was silent.

Below me, I could spot tiny people, coffee plantations, waterfalls and admire the large city of Medellìn in the valley. 

Because you’re comfortably sat with someone at your back, paragliding isn’t a scary experience. During the 20 min flight, I was able to appreciate every moment, with the wind in my hair on my face and birds on my sides. 

Paragliding Instructor and Thomas

Some time to time. Fabio gave me the names of the rivers and showed me the different parts of Medellin. Then we did a few twists for fun before going down toward Bello*. 

– “Ok Thomas, now raise your legs and do nothing else.”

It was time to say goodbye to the birds and get back to the ground.

*Most of the time, you will fly back to San Felix instead of landing in Bello. 

Landing in Bello - Paragliding in Medellin

Must Read: Our travel guide to visit Medellin

II) Useful Information for paragliding in Medellin

A. Book the paragliding in Medellin at least a few days in advance (+)

We had a great time doing it with Parapente San Felix but the other companies seem great too. Take the time to contact them a few days in advance so you can organize your trip.

Moreover, the weather change often in April – June & September – November. Every day, they will let you know if the conditions are right or not. Try paragliding the first day when you arrive. Thus, you will be able to reschedule it in case of bad weather.

B. What should you pack for Paragliding in Medellin (+)

Paragliding is an outside activity. You have to be protected from the cold and the sun.

  • Comfortable and warm clothing: Jacket and pants
  • Sneakers
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
Departure Runway Paragliding san Felix

C] How to travel to San Felix for Paragliding in Medellin

1. Private transport to travel to San Felix (Paragliding departure) (+)

There are transport companies that can pick you up in the city of Medellin, drive to the flight site, wait for you during the activity and then drive back to your accommodation.


  • 1 to 4 people: 100 000 COP in total
  • 5 to 8 people: 200 000 COP in total

How to contact them:

  • Ask the paragliding company
  • Some hostels offer to book for you the activity and the transports

2. Taxi and Uber to travel to San Felix (Paragliding departure) (+)

It’s easy to book an Uber or a taxi to get to San Felix from Medellin

  • Price: Around 30 000 COP
  • Duration: 50 min

However, once you’re paragliding experience is over, it will be complicated to find another taxi/uber to get back to Medellin.

But don’t worry, you won’t be stuck forever.

Wait on the side of the road to catch a bus in the direction of Medellin.

  • Frequency: every 15 min from 5 am to 8 pm
  • Price: 4 800 COP
  • Duration: 50 min
  • Final stop: North Bus Station (Caribe metro station)

Then you can take a taxi/uber or the Metro.

3. Public transport to travel to San Felix (Paragliding departure) (+)

It’s simple and cheap to get to San Felix with public transport, especially if you stay in Laureles.

  1. Take the metro and stop at Caribe Station.
  2. Cross the bridge to arrive at the North Bus Station
  3. Look for the Counter 11 and buy a ticket to San Felix
  4. Tell the bus driver you want paragliding. He will know where to stop.

For the way back, follow the steps in the previous section. 


  • Metro: 2 625 COP
  • Bus: 4 800 COP – 1 Way


  • 50 min
  • Buses leave every 20 min – More or less.
Feet Paragliding above Medellin

D] Prices for Paragliding in Medellin [2019]

All the paragliding companies in San Felix offer similar prices – except the illegal ones.

  • Paragliding flight of 15 min: 130 000 COP
  • Paragliding flight of 20 min: 160 000 COP
  • Paragliding flight of 30 min: 220 000 COP
  • Photo and video service: 40 000 COP

Check the updated prices with Parapente San Felix

Decide where and how to travel to Colombia

Where to travel after Medellin

Where to stay? What to do? How to get there? Find easily the answers HERE

Get our FREE guidebook to decide where to travel to Colombia

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Have fun while we do the hard job

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Parce, Find Out About The Best Spanish School in Medellin

You don’t understand the word “Parce” and you are looking for the best Spanish School in Medellin?

Perfect, you’re in the right place.

There are 2 things you should know about Colombia.

Firstly, the country is called Colombia and not Columbia.

Secondly, not many people speak English.

Since the beginning of our project, Adrien and I knew that we had to improve our Spanish before exploring the country.

We quickly decided it would be Medellín.

Watch the video to discover why you should visit Colombia!

Why Should You take your Spanish class in Medellín?

For us, it was a no-brainer.

I traveled a few times around the big cities of Colombia. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. But Medellin stands out.

There are a lot of good arguments, aren’t there?

This is why we picked Medellin to learn Colombian Spanish.

View of Medellin from Morro de Moravia-min
View of Medellin from Morro de Moravia – Field trip with Colombia Immersion

Spanish School in Medellin: We chose Colombia Immersion

But, how to find the best Spanish school in Medellin?

You see, there are many schools and private teachers giving Spanish lessons in Medellin, It’s hard to make a choice, especially when you don’t know the city at all.

From my experience in Medellin, I wouldn’t recommend booking a school in Poblado.

You will want to find a place near your Spanish School so you won’t have to spend money on Ubers and Taxis. The Zona Rosa is great for parties, but there are so many foreigners that you will speak English most of the time.

There are 2 other districts that I consider perfect for studying Spanish in Medellin.

  • Laureles is a district located near the center of the city. It’s safe, and there are metro stations that you can use to move around in Medellin. Moreover, there are 2 famous areas where you can go out at night: La 70 and La 33.
  • Envigado is a little town in the South that belongs to Medellin. More and more ex-pats and wealthy Colombian families are settling in this quiet area of the city. It’s also one of the safest districts of Medellin.
Colombia Immersion in Laureles Spanish School in Medellin
Colombia Immersion in Laureles

Colombia Immersion offers you the possibility to learn Spanish in both places.

Also, I think a mix of activities, small groups of classes and private Spanish classes are essential to learning how to speak like a Colombian, especially if you’re a beginner.

I know It’s never easy to start learning a new language.

“Al principio, me dolia la Cabeza “– At first, It hurt my brain. And it was a bit scary to speak with locals.

But if you don’t chat, you won’t progress.

Spanish Lessons in Medellin Laureles
Adrien trying to memorize all the Spanish Rules

Must read: Our travel guide to visit Medellin

On Colombia Immersion’s website, we can read that we will:

  • Speak with young teachers full of energy
  • Enjoy daily activities to learn about Colombia, Medellin and its culture
  • Get Spanish classes in small groups
  • Explore the city and get off the beaten path

It was more than enough to convince us to make the jump with them.

So, here we are, in front of the old house in Laureles, ready to become mas Paisa que la Arepa.*

*Medellin expression.

Spanish Group Classes with Colombia Immersion in Medellin
Spanish Group Classes with Colombia Immersion

Now, I hand the keyboard to Adrien. Tell us about your Colombian Immersion Experience!

Adrien’s experience in Colombia Immersion, Medellin.

A] Why learning Spanish in Medellin was important to me

Before going to Colombia, Thomas and I agreed on one thing. We had to improve our Spanish a lot to be more confident in dealing with our project.

We looked on the internet to find the best Spanish school in Medellin to learn this ‘’new’’ language. We finally chose a school called Colombia Immersion six weeks before leaving.

We didn’t know yet, but we had made an excellent choice.

Our first contact with the school was friendly and professional. We took our first leveling test on the internet whilst in France. A week later, we got a phone call to complete our level test.

Friendly staff in Colombia Immersion
Johanna and Andrey 🙂

Thanks to the results, the school can determine your Spanish level and put you in the class that suits you the most.

Once in Colombia, we decided to have a look at our future Spanish School before starting the classes.

We discovered a lovely two-floor house close to Plaza La America in a neighborhood of Medellin called Laureles.

All around the house, a black gate protects the entrance.

There are fences because it’s the house where Pablo Escobar was killed. Each day, lots of tourists were trying to come inside the house to take pictures. Therefore, it was necessary to stop them to keep the place quiet for the students.

We rang the bell to come inside.

What an enthusiastic welcome from the staff!

I LOVE Buñuelos <3

They offered coffee, cookies and big hugs. We immediately felt comfortable. We loved it because a family atmosphere is one of the most important things to learn Spanish or any other language.

Don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish yet, everyone is able to speak English as well if needed.

And in case you’re from France, you will have to use your body language to communicate.

But it shouldn’t matter anyway! You are here to speak, eat and dream in Spanish.

Are you a bit scared?

You shouldn’t be mate.

Let me tell you how I dealt with that.

B] My experience in the Spanish School Colombia immersion

My Spanish wasn’t good although I knew some basic stuff to ‘’survive’’ in Colombia. I decided to take the full immersion package.

What a great choice!

It’s a good mix of Spanish courses with teachers and fun chats with Colombians. It’s a useful package to improve your Spanish skills quickly.

Also, I enjoy the fact the school is in a house. You bump into staff members, teachers, and the other students every time. It’s easy to meet people, make new friends and start conversations in Spanish.

Spanish Students taking a break between two Spanish Classes
Spanish Students taking a break between two Spanish Classes

Every Monday morning, Buñuelos (a Colombian specialty), hot coffee and broad smiles from the staff welcome you to begin your week on the right foot.

a – My Spanish Classes in Medellin

I met the other students from my group on Monday. We were with six in my class which is the maximum.

Can you imagine one teacher for only six people?

It’s an excellent opportunity to discuss, ask any questions you want and stay focused all the time. I enjoyed the desire of our teacher to make our lessons and courses alive. He put a lot of energy and enthusiasm to find different activities to make us participate. And believe me, it’s not that simple with a bunch of beginner students.

I had 4 hours per day of Spanish Class with my group.

Spanish Group class with Sergio
Spanish Group class with Sergio

b – Let’s do one-to-one talks in Spanish

Coaching is like a “one to one” discussion with a Colombian. It hurts the brain, but it’s an excellent method for learning a new language. I liked the fact that you can talk about anything you want without any pressure or judgment. You can also give a rendez-vous in a bar or a park.

I met many interesting students, and it was fun to discuss hundreds of different subjects. Moreover, I appreciated I could organize my private coaching as I wanted in order to attend the daily school activities.

Oh, I didn’t mention the activities yet!

Spanish Coaching 1 to 1 with awesome Colombians :)
Spanish Coaching 1 to 1 with awesome Colombians 🙂

c – Daily Free Activities with our Spanish School in Medellin

Each day, the Spanish School gives you the opportunity to register to an activity. Most of them are free and are running by an excellent guide named Felipe.

The tours are very diversified and allow you to discover more of the Colombian Culture, find out how Medellin works and learn thousands of great tips from your guide.

  • How to give your direction to a taxi driver
  • Know the different kinds of supermarkets
  • How it works with daily restaurant and their “Menu Del Dia” – Menu of the day

I went to the Laureles Tour, where one of the two schools of Colombia Immersion is located.

It was formidable to know the story of the neighborhood. We learned about the way the streets of the city were built, and how the addresses work.

Also, our guide was always happy to answer our questions and did his best to maintain good vibes during all the tour.

Hence, I recommend you to register for all of them. It’s a great way to improve your Spanish, and you will get to know your classmates better.

A free Cooking Class + Salsa Activity for free with Colombia Immersion
A free Cooking Class + Salsa Activity for free with Colombia Immersion
A free Cooking Class + Salsa Activity for free with Colombia Immersion

A community is essential to learn a language 😉

d – Field trip in Spanish in Medellin every Thursday

Beside the daily activities, students can join the field trips on Thursdays. Medellin is divided into 16 communes and 275 districts. Each part of the city has an exciting story to tell. And Colombia Immersion wants that its students get the possibility to learn more about it.

Each Thursday, thanks to 2 local guides, we explored a different district for more than 4 hours with our Spanish school in Medellin. We learned about the history, admired hidden graffiti streets, and visited untouristic places like Moravia.

Morro de Moravia | Field Trip with Colombia Immersion
Morro de Moravia | Field Trip with Colombia Immersion

During the 50’s, Moravia was the official dump in the middle of the city. And, because of its strategic location, poor people decided progressively to build houses made of bric-a-brac.

This district wasn’t safe at all. Methane emissions came out from the tons of garbage, the ground was unstable, and a significant wildfire destroyed hundreds of houses.

To protect its inhabitants, the city of Medellin decided to shut down the dump in 1984 and started to offer other accommodation options to the people. Nowadays, trees and flower have replaced the mountains of trashes.

Morro de Moravia | Field Trip with Colombia Immersion
Morro de Moravia | Field Trip with Colombia Immersion

During the tour, we were able to wander among the streets, eat the best empañadas of Moravia and understand the efforts made by the city to improve the quality of life in the disadvantaged neighborhoods.

It was very instructive.

e – Let’s speak Spanish in Envigado on Friday nights

I had 25 hours of Spanish practice after my first week with Colombia Immersion. And it’s without taking into consideration the activities!

I felt more at ease while speaking Spanish and I was excited to practice even more with unknown Colombians. It was the perfect moment to intend our first Language Exchange in Spanish.

Every Friday, Colombia Immersion organizes one in Envigado.

It was quite simple to get there. We took the metro to Envigado station then we walked 15 min. The Language exchange starts at 6h30 pm. I recommend you to use the metro if you stay in Laureles. From 5 to 7 pm, it’s rushing hour in Medellin, so you will be stuck in the traffic if you take a taxi.

Like in Laureles, I immediately could feel the family vibes in the school in Envigado.

At the first floor, there is a large terrace where people can sit and interact while drinking a cold beer. We all know it’s a bit easier to speak another language with a club Colombia in our blood 🙂

Salud, Cheers, santé, Saúde, Proost!

Every Friday, more than 70 people from different countries come here to meet and improve their language skills. And to facilitate the interactions, members of Colombia immersion organizes fun games!

There is one rule. If you’re a foreigner, you have to speak in Spanish!

I had to guess the animal written on my forehead. Conejo!

The language exchange ended at 10 pm. Then, with our new friends, we have decided to join another party at Social Club to dance Salsa all night long!

An activity organized by our Spanish school in Medellin, Colombia Immersion

We had a great time in Colombia Immersion and when the week was over, we were glad to still have one left.

Since day 1, everyone did their best to make us feel at ease. Colombia Immersion is a lot more than a simple language school. It’s a home where you meet amazing people that become friends.

Remember, people and experiences make memories, not selfies.

The essentials about our favorite Spanish School in Medellin

Colombia Immersion owns two establishments in Medellin:

  • Cra 40 # 40D Sur – 49 El Dorado, Envigado
  • Cra 79B # 45D – 94 Los Olivos, Laureles

They offer different options to learn Spanish at your own pace:

  • Semi-Intensive Group Classes: 10 hours per week
  • Intensive Group Classes: 20 hours per week
  • Full Immersion Package: Intensive Classes + Field Trip + 5 hours of Coaching
  • Private Classes: 10 hours with a private teacher

Get all the prices here

Moreover, Thanks to the leveling test, you will be in class with students with similar levels in Spanish!

Email: [email protected]

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Where to travel after Medellin

Where to stay? What to do? How to get there? Find easily the answers HERE

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9 Stunning Day Trips From Medellin (2020) You Will Love

With its green valley, colonial towns, outdoor activities and beautiful Fincas, there are many weekend and day trips from Medellin you can organize to explore the department of Antioquia.

You could stay one month traveling in Antioquia without being bored! Let’s see our favorite day trips from Medellin.

Day trips from Medellin: What you must know

Where: Medellin is situated in Antioquia.

How to get to Medellin: Read our Medellin travel guide to know all the transportation options.

Why should you visit Antioquia: Antioquia is one of my favorite departments. There are many hidden-gems like colonial towns, mind-blowing outdoor activities, and treks through the paramos.

Hiking trips from Medellin: There are tons of hike you can do around Medellin with Kinkaju. Also, you can plan a day trip to the Paramo de Belmira or a 3-day expedition to the Paramo del Sol (Urrao).

River trips from Medellin: If you’re fond of crystal-clear water rivers and waterfalls, then you must head to San Rafael and San Carlos.

Outdoor activities outside of Medellin: Get your adrenaline fix with a 2-day trip rafting on Rio Verde, some rock climbing in Abejorral, and extreme sports activities in Tamesis.

Lovely colonial towns nearby Medellin: Guatape is the most famous Colombia attraction. Do it on your own or book this excellent group tour. Pair a visit to Horizontes and Santa Fe de Antioquia to get off the beaten path and plan a weekend trip to Jardin or Jerico to be soaked by the Colombian farmer’s daily life.

Stunning accommodations and glamping: Pick Casa en El Aire or La Peña to do some rock climbing, Rio Claro to sleep in a Natural reserve. If you want some glam for your vacation, you will love Bosko and TEVA retreat.

Cultural trips from Medellin: Head to Santa Elena to learn about the Silleteras tradition or contemplate the best ceramic objects made in El Carmen de Viboral.

Discover our guide on Medellin to access, in a few clicks, all the practical information to visit our favorite Colombian city.

Read our Medellin travel guide

Where to travel after Medellin

Where to stay? What to do? How to get there? Find easily the answers HERE

Get our FREE guidebook to decide where to travel to Colombia

Table of contents: Day trips from Medellin

  1. Lovely colonial towns
  2. Untypical accommodations
  3. Chasing waterfalls
  4. Our Free Colombia guidebook
  5. Lay back while we do the hard job

Colonial towns: Day trips from Medellin

After a stay in Medellín that you will have organized according to your desires for the things to do in the city of eternal spring, why not enjoy its surroundings?

In Antioquia, there are several colonial towns that worth the visit!

1. Guatape And The Monolith El Peñol

Day trip from Medellin

View from el Peñon Guatape

Guatape is the most famous day trip from Medellin, and the fantastic view from El Peñol is one of the highlights in Colombia.

Artificial lakes and green hills surround the colonial town. Each house is painted with bright colors that give a happy Arlequin-sweet vibe to the streets. In the main square, local restaurants suggest the menu of the day and cold natural juices.

Downhill, visitors, enjoy water games and do a remake of “Pirates of the Caribean” with their new pedalo. But, they still have to improve their Jack Sparrow’s Charisma.  

Colorful Balconies Guatape day trips from Medellin - E - Anamaria Mejia
A colorful house in Guatape

Credit: Anamaria Mejia /Shutterstock

Scattered among the lower slopes, hostels welcome the broken backpackers while upscale hotels put out the flowers for their guests. From the terraces, the travelers have a great view of El Peñol, a colossal monolith standing alone, braving the bad weather for thousands of years.

The Colombian government has built a long stairway (740 steps) to reach the top and enjoy the astonishing view.  

Don’t hesitate to contact Medellin Day Trips (Private transport + tours in English).

Read our Guatape Travel guide

How to get to Guatape (+)

  • Bus at the North Terminal (Metro Station Caribe).
  • There are two counters: 9 & 14
  • Bus Medellin to Guatape: 2 hours – 1 Way

Must read: How to get from Medellin to Guatape

How many days in Guatape (+)

It’s an easy day trip from Medellin, especially if you start early. However, It would be even more enjoyable if you decide to spend the night in Guatape. Thus, you can lay back nearby the lakes, plan a kayak trip or swim in the rivers next to San Rafael.

There are many hostels and hotels with a great view of the lakes and El Peñol from the outside.

  • Number of days I recommend: 2 days

Where to stay in Guatape (+)

View of the monolithe El penol day trip from Medellin

We recommend: Visit a coffee farm and Guatape in one day

2. Santa Fe De Antioquia And The Bridge Puente Del Occidente

Day trip from Medellin

Church Santa Fe de antioquia Day trip from Medellin
Santa Fe de Antioquia

 Santa Fe de Antioquia is another colonial town close to Medellin. There is a massive cathedral on the main square, a lovely park, and cobblestone streets.

10 min outside the city, travelers can cross the Puente del Occidente, a large suspension bridge above the Cauca river. This national monument is supported by 4 pyramidal towers that look a bit like Japanese constructions – No I’ve never been to Japan.  

How to get to Santa Fe (+)

  • Bus at the North Terminal (Metro Station Caribe).
  • There are 3 counters: 13-19, 32 & 34
  • Bus Medellin to Santa Fe de Antioquia: 1h30 – 1 Way

How many days in Santa Fe (+)

You should only travel to Santa Fe de Antioquia if you want to spend the night. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the freshness of the night while you pick up a restaurant before singing with locals in a karaoke bar.

Then you can leave early the next day.

  • Number of days I recommend: 2 days

Where to stay in Santa Fe (+)

Hotel Mariscal is an old colonial building hotel in the center of Santa Fe de Antioquia with a large pool and cozy rooms. Luxury hotel

Hotel Caseron del Parque is a cheaper option than Hotel Mariscal. The bedrooms are comfortable and the pool is huge. Located on the main square of Santa Fe de Antioquia.

Santa Fe de antioquia Day trips from Medellin
A Little square in Santa Fe de Antioquia

Pair it with a tour to Horizontes

Horizontes view

Horizontes is a little and peaceful town, up a hill, with a mind-blowing view of Antioquia’s mountains. The friendly inhabitants all know each other, and they even write their name above the colorful wooden doorways.

To get to Horizontes, you must first arrive at Belmira then take a Chiva. It lasts 4-5h from Medellin.

Otherwise, you can ask us to organize it for you!

3. Jerico, A Religious Colonial Town Lost In The Clouds

Multi-day trip from Medellin

The colonial town of Jerico

 Jerico is a colonial town where Sister Laura Montoya, the saint Colombia’s first was born. A cathedral, a sanctuary, and a few churches watch out the village. It’s damned good protected from Lucifer. Buses have to take a long and winding road among high green hills to drive visitors to Jerico. Travelers can enjoy the quietness of the place and the great landscapes made of coffee plantations and steep slopes.  

Above the village, after 30 min walk, Parque de Los Nubes offers astonishing viewpoints and secret spots for picnicking.  

Read our Jerico Travel guide

How to get to Jerico (+)

  • Bus at the South Terminal (Metro Station Poblado).
  • Counter: 18
  • Bus Medellin to Jerico: 3h – 1 Way

How many days in Jerico (+)

It would be silly to come all the way down from Medellin without spending the night in Jerico. Wander among the cobblestone streets, Chill at the Parque de Los Nubes and visit the different religious sites

I recommend staying for 3 days.

Where to sleep in Jerico (+)

Las Cometas Hostel is a cheap place near the city center. Unfortunately, the mattress are really bad.

Cabañas El Rincon Paisa is probably the best economical option in Jerico. The decoration is original and the owners are friendly and helpful.

Hotel Despertar is a luxury option with excellent value for money. Large rooms with comfortable beds and outstanding views from the jacuzzi.

Cabañas y Flores is less than 5min by tuk tuk from downtown. The garden is incredible, the view of the surrounding mountains is great and the small colourful huts have charm. The place is peaceful and the welcome is warm.

A colorful street in Jerico

Lay back while we include Jerico in your itinerary

4. Jardin, a place for coffee lovers and waterfall hunters

A Multi-day trip from Medellin

Jardin Colonial Town weekend trip from Medellin
The main square in Jardin

Credit: @paintrose2017

In the colonial town of Jardin, coffee is a religion. On the main square, in front of a large and gorgeous basilica, locals drink the brown gold beverage sit on colorful wood chairs. Cowboy hats protect their smiley eyes while life goes on around them. In case of bad weather, tables are pushed against the white walls and the customers use the roofs as shelters. The aroma of the coffee mixes with the smell of the rain while the hot cups warm the worker’s hands.

Jardin is located in a valley surrounded by coffee plantations and waterfalls. It offers to the visitors a perfect balance between activities and moments of relaxation. Moreover, the two old fashion cable cars are a fun way to get a stunning view of the grid pattern made by the cobblestone streets.

Don’t forget to check out the Cock of the rock reserve (Weird beautiful bird with a red head) if you decide to take a weekend trip to Jardin from Medellin.

Read our Jardin travel guide

How to get to Jardin (+)

  • Bus at the South Terminal (Metro Station Poblado).
  • Counter 34 or 2
  • Bus Medellin – Jardin: 4 hours – 1 way

How many days in Jardin (+)

In Jardin, there are excursions to different waterfalls and the visit of coffee plantations. Moreover, easy trails allow travelers to hike around the colonial town and explore the area.

I recommend staying at least 3 days in Jardin.

Where to sleep in Jardin (+)

Sgt Pepper’s hostel is a cozy place with a cool patio in the center of Jardin.

Plantacion is a luxury hotel, eco-friendly, with comfortable rooms and a delicious restaurant.

Lulo hostel is a perfect pick for travelers on a shoestring budget. The establishment is pretty new.

The bed & Breakfast La Boira is situated outside Jardin and the view from the rooms is astonishing. Moreover, the owner is a friendly-original-funny lady.

Casa Pasiflora is a charming boutique hotel located in the heart of the village. The building is pleasant with a lovely garden/jacuzzi area. The rooms are top class and the staff is very attentive.

More information about Jardin (+)

Jardin Colonial Town weekend trip from Medellin
View above Jardin

Untypical lodgings: Day trips from Medellin

When traveling, we love staying at unusual places like a treehouse, inside a nature reserve, in luxury glamping or a hostel hooked on a cliff – yes, it’s literally a cliff. Let’s find out where you can stay!

5. Get your adrenaline fix in Casa En El Aire

Multi-day trip from Medellin

Casa En El Aire - Weekend trip from Medellin
Not the worst spot to enjoy the sunset

Credit: @Oscasisu

Casa En El Aire is unique and can’t be found anywhere else in Colombia. From Abejorral, a truck picks up the explorers ready to get their shot of adrenaline. And after a short drive, they still have to hike through bushes and trees for 20 min to finally get the first glimpse of their future accommodation, 40m above the edge.

Indeed, Casa en el Aire is a freakish hostel made of woods and anchored to a cliff. Beating the view is hard.

Two options for getting in: There is a long and steep rock stairway or you can use the zip line.

During your stay, the hostel offers different activities like enjoying the sunset from suspended hammocks, rappelling and short hikes (with additional cost).

Watch a video of Casa en el Aire on Youtube

How to get to Casa En El Aire (+)

  • Take the bus at the South Terminal (Metro Station Poblado) to Abejorral. Inform the hostel of your arrival in advance as they will send you a driver
  • Counter 23 or 9
  • Bus Medellin to Abejorral : 3 hours
  • + 30 min truck drive
  • +20 min hike

How many days (+)

1 or 2 nights (The rappelling takes 8 hours)

6. Stay in Rio Claro, a stunning nature reserve

Multi-day trip from Medellin

Mode adventure: ON

Credit: @falkenberg_photo

Rio Claro is a natural reserve of 650 hectares near the famous Hacienda Napoles (Pablo Escobar’s mansion) that flanks a crystal-clear river of the same name. In Spanish, Rio Claro means Clear River.

In this fantastic environment, trails lead to a series of cabañas, caves and natural beaches made of sediments. Thus, visitors can wander alone or with a guide through an eerie deep green rainforest to admire the vast biodiversity of birds, butterflies, and plants. And, the river is always within sight distance to cool off during your sweaty expeditions.

The key point is that you can live within the natural reserve for a few days. Accommodations are entirely incorporated into the environment and offer a great view of the forest and the river from the rooms. There is no noise pollution. Here, the Sandman is a lush jungle with bird whistles and river songs to help people to fall into sleep.

How to get to Rio Claro (+)

  • Bus at the North Terminal (Metro Station Caribe)
  • Counter 7
  • Bus Medellin – Rio Claro: 3 hours – 1 way
  • Accommodation in the Reserve: From 120 000 COP (3 meals included)
  • More information: Official Website

How many days in Rio Claro (+)

You should stay in Rio Claro at least 2 nights.

7. Romantic Glamping you don’t wanna miss

Multi-day trip from Medellin

There are several beautiful glamping in the department of Antioquia. It can be an excellent stop before taking your international flight.

  • Bosko is super romantic glamping in Guatape.
  • TEVA Retreat offers top-notch facilities nearby the airport in Rionegro

Crystal-clear water: Day trips from Medellin

Antioquia is also an incredible place to swim in crystal-clear water rivers and organize cool activities like canyoning and tubing.

8. San Rafael: A smart alternative to Guatape.

Multi-day trip from Medellin

San Rafael River

San Rafael is a little town at a 45-min bus drive from Guatape. The town itself isn’t appealing, but the atmosphere it’s 100% authentic and without any tourists.

Also, San Rafael is surrounded by natural pools and waterfalls. Some of them are accessible on foot!

Here is my tip when creating your itinerary around Medellin. If you decide to visit Guatape, consider only spending the day there then take another bus to San Rafael. It’s an excellent combo.

Read our San Rafael travel guide

How to get to San Rafael (+)

  • It’s the same bus as the one going to Guatape.
  • You can stop in Guatape, then take another later the same day.
  • It’s 3h from Medellin

Where to stay in San Rafael (+)

How many days in San Rafael (+)

Leave early for Medellin and stay 2 nights

9. San Carlos: Spanish School and waterfalls

Multi-day trip from Medellin

San Carlos (1)

San Carlos was a war zone, and almost all the inhabitants had to run away during the darkest time of Colombia. Fortunately, the situation improved a lot for the last 10 years, and nowadays San Carlos is an example to follow for many other towns.

Like in San Rafael, travelers who like being wet won’t be bored in San Carlos. Indeed, the town offers various canyoning opportunities and hidden natural pools. Between 2 activities, you can also stroll along the ecological path that leads to a lovely waterfall or hike to the top of El Tambor to enjoy a stunning view of the valley.

Read our San Carlos travel guide

How to get to San Carlos (+)

  • Terminal North
  • It’s a 4-5h bus

Where to stay in San Carlos (+)

  • Hotel Jireh is an unpretentious, quiet and cheap hotel.
  • La Cascada is an old mansion on the way to a lovely waterfall.

How many days in San Carlos (+)

  • You can stay 3 nights if you’re a fan of waterfalls and canyoning.
  • Otherwise, 2 nights could be enough.

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Pinterest & Affiliation (+)

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Day trips from Medellin

Where To Stay in Medellin, Colombia (2020): Stop Making Mistakes

Where to stay in Medellin? It’s complicated to decide among several districts when you’ve never been there. Some neighborhoods have different points of interest, like bars, restaurants, museums, tours, and others are considered as dangerous. Let’s see together the best places to stay in Medellin.

Where to stay in Medellin: What you must know

Why Medellin: Medellin is a friendly city with excellent weather (most of the time). It’s an excellent pick for digital nomads and travelers who want to explore Antioquia or the Pacific coast.

Best districts in Medellin: Choose between Envigado, Laureles, and Poblado. Be aware that neighborhoods are huge in Medellin.

Envigado: South of the city. It’s safe and a good pick if you decide to live in Medellin. I don’t recommend it if you stay for a couple of days as it’s far from all the highlights.

Laureles: Center West. It’s my best district to stay in Medellin, as it’s a mix of bars and restaurants without being as touristic and loud as Poblado. Pick your hotel nearby Primer or Segundo Parque

Poblado: Center South. It’s the most famous district in Medellin. There are many good restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and foreigners. It’s a cool place for partying. Don’t pick your hotel next to bars and clubs. I like the areas of Manila and Provenza.

Where to party in Medellin: The best parties are in El Poblado, nearby la 70 (Laureles), or in Barrio Colombia.

Is Medellin safe: Poblado, Envigado and Laureles are considerated as safe. Follow our safety travel tips.

Weather in Medellin: Medellin’s weather is one of the best in Colombia. However, it can rain quite a lot in April – May, and October – November.

Best tours to enjoy Medellin: There are tons of excellent tours in Medellin.

  • Guatape Tour: if you want to escape the city for a day | See prices
  • Comuna 13 Tour: a cultural visit in group to understand a little more about the evolution of this neighborhood with a tragic history | See prices
  • Private Medellín tour: visit Medellín with a private guide and adapt your route with what you want to see | See prices
  • Paragliding flight: did you know that you can admire Medellín from the sky? | See the prices
  • Rafting: Sail on the most beautiful river of Antioquia in the middle of a virgin jungle | Prices for 1 day & Prices for 2 days
  • Coffee tour: after all these strong sensations, awaken your curiosity and your senses to discover the black gold | See prices
  • Visit the Hacienda Napoles: ideal if you are travelling with your family 😉 | See prices

Discover our guide on Medellin to access, in a few clicks, all the practical information to visit our favorite Colombian city.

Read our Medellin travel guide

Where to travel after Medellin

Where to stay? What to do? How to get there? Find easily the answers HERE

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Table of contents: Where to stay in Medellin

  1. What’s Poblado?
  2. Best hostels in Poblado
  3. Best hotel in Poblado
  4. What’s Laureles?
  5. Best hostels in Laureles
  6. Best hotels in Laureles
  7. What’s Envigado?
  8. Best hotel in Envigado
  9. How to pick your district
  10. Start creating your itinerary
  11. Lay back and use our premium service

Map Where to stay in Medellin

#1 Why staying in El Poblado, Medellin

Explor park in Medellin -E- Fotos593
Explorer park in Medellin
| Shutterstock: Fotos593

Poblado is the most famous and wealthiest districts in Medellin. Foreigners love to hang out in the cozy cafes and delicious restaurants. At night, trendy clubs open their door to welcome well-known DJs and youth middle and high-class Colombians.

In my opinion, Poblado does not represent the real Colombia. Prices are a lot higher than anywhere else in the city, and there are too many fancy places. Moreover, it’s a little too “perfect.” Colombia’s soul is missing. Also, the metro station is a bit far from the center (20 min walking).

However, the strong presence of the police gives a nice feeling of safety, especially at night. And there are dozens of hostels which attract an import flux of backpackers all year long. It can be a morale booster if you’re feeling homesick.

Also, you can stay in Patio Bonito. It’s another district, close to the Metro station El Poblado. There are many parks and offices, and the area is a lot quieter than Parque Lleras. Manila and Astorga are two other areas I recommend staying.

Bonus: You’re near the bus terminal (Terminal Del Sur) to travel to Jardin, Jerico, and Tamesis.

Where to stay in El Poblado, Medellin


Lots of backpackers like to include Medellin in their Colombia itinerary. The majority of the hostels are in El Poblado as we all know that backpackers love to spend their dollars on beers :D.

Our favorite hostels in El Poblado, Medellin

1 - Casa Kiwi (Provenza) - $$ Big (+)

Casa Kiwi is a huge hostel in Medellin situated 20 min away from the Metro station Poblado. There are many facilities and common areas (rooftop, restaurant, pool, hammocks) that make it great if you’re already traveling with a group. However, it could be harder for socializing with other travelers because of its size.

The +++ | Casa Kiwi Hostel

  • Facilities
  • Rooftop
  • Location

The – – – | Casa Kiwi Hostel

  • Private rooms expensive
  • Big hostel
where to stay in Medellin - Casa Kiwi hostel
One of the many common areas in Casa Kiwi

2 - The Black Sheep (Astorga) - $$ Social (+)

The black sheep is a hostel in Medellin near the metro station El Poblado (10 min) where solo travelers love to hang out to drink a beer and share their meals. It’s a social place without being a party hostel (No bar), and it’s 15 min away from the party streets.

The +++ | The Black Sheep hostel

  • Social vibes
  • Common areas
  • Quiet district
  • Near the subway station

The – – – | The Black Sheep Hostel in Medellin

  • Need a few more toilets
  • No Breakfast
Black sheep Where to stay in Medellin
The quiet area of the Black Sheep Hostel

4 - The Garden Of Blues (Provenza) - $ Cheap (+)

The Garden of Blues is a heaven of peace in Poblado. There is a small courtyard with green plants and bunches. It’s a social place without being a party hostel. Moreover, you don’t hear the “Boum Boum” coming from Parque Lleras. And it’s cheap!

The +++ | The Garden of Blues Hostel

  • Friendly staff
  • Quiet
  • Cheap hostel
  • Clean
Where to stay The Garden of Blues Medellin

5 - Los Patios (Manila) - $$$ Upscale (+)

The hostel Boutique Los Patios is perfect for travelers who look for an Upscale hostel in Medellin. The facilities are fantastic, superb rooftop bar, and cozy dorms. You’ll have to walk 10-15 min to get to Parque Lleras, but you’re closer to the Metro.

The +++ | Los Patios Hostel in Medellin

  • Friendly staff
  • Location
  • Rooftop bar
  • Facilities

The — | Los Patios Hostel in Medellin

  • More expensive than usual hostels
Los Patios Hostel Where to stay in Medellin

Best hotels in Poblado, Medellin

With tons of excellent restaurants and bars, you will also find top-notch hotels.

6 - Epic Boutique Hotel (Lleras) - $$ Friendly (+)

Epic Boutique Hotel is a lovely boutique hotel located in front of the Lleras Park (Party/trendy center of Poblado). The friendly vibe and the rooms will make your stay more than pleasant.

The +++ | Epic Boutique Hotel

  • Friendly staff
  • Rooms
  • Location

The – – – | Epic Boutique Hotel

  • Noisy streets
Epic boutique hotel Where to stay in Medellin

7 - Sites Hotel (Astorga) - $$ rooftop (+)

Sites Hotel is an excellent pick for the people who want to enjoy the Poblado nightlife while sleeping peacefully at night. The thoughtful staff will give you many excellent recommendations. Don’t forget to get to the rooftop to enjoy the swimming pool and the view.

The +++ | Sites Hotel

  • Location
  • Rooftop
  • Friendly staff
  • The view
  • Apartments available
  • Excellent facilities (Spa, jacuzzi, swimming pool)
Sites hotel Medellin

8 - Cafe hotel (Lleras) - $$ Location (+)

Cafe hotel is near the best bars in El Poblado, but you won’t be bothered by the music. Rooms are spacious and the value for money is excellent for this type of hotel.

The +++ | Cafe hotel

  • Location
  • Spacious rooms
  • Good value for money

The – – – | Cafe hotel

  • The service can be a bit slow
  • Breakfast isn’t great
Cafe Hotel Medellin

9 - Celestino (Lleras) - $$ Couple (+)

Celestino hotel is located in the middle of the thrilling Medellin’s nightlife. This beautiful hotel is perfectly equipped for young couples who want to have fun at night. Rooms are comfy and designed in a romantic modern way – showers are transparent.

The +++ | Celestino Boutique hotel

  • Decoration
  • Near the bars
  • Excellent staff
  • Comfy rooms

The – – – | Celestino Boutique hotel

  • No natural light at the first floors
  • Loud at night
Celestino Boutique Medellin

10 - Patio del mundo (Provenza) - $$$ hidden (+)

Patio del Mundo is a little paradise hidden among the quiet streets of La Provenza. This lovely hotel boutique, with only 7 rooms, is a must for people who want to explore Medellin in the best conditions. Rooms are spacious, personalized, and super comfy. Also, the lush vegetation in the garden will make you forget that you’re in the city. Don’t forget to look for the jacuzzi!

The +++ | Patio del Mundo Boutique hotel

  • Top-notch bedrooms
  • Hospitality
  • Lush garden
  • Jacuzzi
  • Decoration
  • Near the best restaurant
  • Quiet
Patio Del Mundo à Medellin

11 - The Charlee Hotel - $$$$ Luxury (+)

The Charlee hotel is probably the best hotel in Medellin, located on Parque Lleras square. Everything will be perfect during your stay: Awesome beds, jacuzzi, a rooftop bar with an amazing view, restaurants, friendly staff. It’s quite expensive, but it’s worth it if you look for an unforgettable stay in Medellin.

The +++ | The Charlee Hotel in Medellin

  • Location
  • Rooftop bar and restaurant
  • Staff
  • Services
The Charlee Hotel Medellín

#2 Why staying in Laureles, Medellin

Medellin Stadium - Credit SL-Photography/ Shutterstock
Medellin Stadium | Credit SL-Photography / Shutterstock

Maybe you don’t like to be surrounded by gringos and bakeries offering French “Pain Au Chocolat.” Fortunately, there is more than one trendy district where to stay in Medellin.

Laureles is one of them.

Once you get out of the Metro Station El Estadio, you quickly feel the real Colombia vibe. Streets are less organized, and restaurants are offering menu del Dia (Menu of the day) for 3 $.

Also, Laureles is THE district if you want to party like a local. Forget the techno music. You will move your hips on romantic Bachata and Salsa songs. Or twerk on Reggaeton.

In each big city, the district party is called the Zona Rosa. In Medellin, the Zona Rosa is located on the Setenta avenue (70). There are many bars to drink with friends, giant speakers to feel the music beats and prices are a lot cheaper than in Poblado.

In my opinion, if you look for an authentic district where to stay in Medellin, you should think about Laureles.

Laureles is a vast neighborhood. I recommend staying nearby Primer and Segundo Parque.

Bonus: You’re near the bus terminal to take buses in the direction of Guatape, San Rafael, and San Carlos.

With so many great destinations around Medellin, it’s super easy to spend the week in the Antioquia region.

Where to stay in Laureles, Medellin

Right now, there are not so many housing options in Laureles as travelers still prefer staying in Poblado. Fortunately, we discover more and more excellent hotels and hostels each year.

Our favorite hostels in Laureles

1 - Wandering Paisa (la 70) - $ Social (+)

I fell in love with Wondering Paisa the first time I came here. It’s located 10 min away from the metro station and only a few meters from the 70th street. Inside, hammocks, big kitchen, courtyard, living room, and a bar are perfect for socializing with other travelers. Moreover, they organize social events almost every night (Salsa, local students…). It’s THE perfect hostel for solo travelers in Medellin.

The +++ | Wandering Paisa Hostel

  • Social
  • Cheap hostel
  • Location
  • Social Events

The – – -| Wandering Paisa Hostel

  • Not a lot of space in the dorms
Wandering Paisa Where to stay in Medelllin

Our favorite hotels in Laureles

2 - Pomarosa (Primer Parque) - $ Cheap (+)

Pomarosa is the ideal hotel if you’re traveling on a shoestring budget. The rooms are unpretentious, but clean and functional. You’re near to la 70 and you can easily go out to have a drink.

The +++ | Pomarosa hotel

  • Cheap
  • Location
  • Clean

The – – – | Pomarosa hotel

  • Bedrooms without natural lights
  • Bad soundproofing

3 - Obo (La 70) - $$ Modern (+)

Obo Hotel is close to la 70, but you won’t be bothered by the music. This modern hotel offers cool facilities such as jacuzzi and fitness equipment on the rooftop. There are two excellent Salsa bars nearby: El Tibiri and Son Havana.

The +++ | Obo hotel

  • Massive and comfy beds
  • Perfect for going out
  • Jacuzzi
  • Modern

The – – – | Obo hotel

  • Breakfast isn’t great

4 - JG (La 70) - $$ Apartment (+)

Jorge is an excellent host who rents various furnished apartments next to la 70. There is a bunch of lovely cafes on the same street. These apartments are the perfect option if you want to experience Laureles’s daily life.

The +++ | JG Apartment

  • Furnished apartment
  • Great host
  • Lovely cafes
  • Well-equipped

The – – – | JG Apartment

  • A bit loud on the weekend
JG Apartment Medellin

#3 Why staying in Envigado, Medellin

Envigado is a town in the department of Antioquia. With the extension and growth of Medellín, it tends to be assimilated into one of its neighborhoods, which is not true. Backpackers and travelers don’t go there because you are rather far from all the tourist attractions and nightclubs.

However, Envigado has got the character of the small towns of Antioquia and seduces many ex-pats looking for a peaceful and safe area. Lots of money are invested in public transports and services, upscale buildings, and renovations. As a result, demographic growth is exploding.

There are many tasty restaurants and fun nightlife. Moreover, Envigado is close to Sabaneta, another hotspot for partying.

Where to stay in Envigado, Medellin

They’re not many housing options in Envigado – It was forbidden to open hotels!

Our favorite hotel in Envigado

1 - Arame - $$ New (+)

Arame is the best hotel you will find in Envigado. Modern and comfy rooms. The staff is friendly and helpful. It’s an excellent pick if you won’t want to deal with the chaos of big cities.

The + + + | Arame hotel

  • Modern
  • Spacious room
  • Friendly staff
  • Location
  • Clean
Arame hotel Medellin

Where to stay in Medellin according to your expectations

To find your best place to stay in Medellin will depend on your travel personality, your expectations, and your next destinations.

We also wrote a comprehensive list of the best Medellin experiences. Take a look at it to decide the length of your stay.

Let’s find out your various options


#1 Best place stay in Medellin if you want to learn Spanish

Stay in Laureles or Envigado (+)

Learning another language is one of the best memories you could bring back home. It’s not simple, it takes a lot of time and energy, but the reward is fantastic and timeless.

Many travelers decide to choose Medellin to start learning Spanish. Paisas speak clearly, without any particular accent. Furthermore, they are curious and ask lots of questions. It’s perfect for practicing after your Spanish Classes.

This is why I wouldn’t recommend Poblado (too many foreigners).

There are some excellent Spanish schools in Envigado and Laureles, like Colombia Immersion. I would have a slight preference for Laureles as it’s cheaper and closer to the tourist attractions.

See the hotels and hostels in Laureles and Envigado.

#2 Best place to stay in Medellin to visit many tourist attractions

Stay in Laureles (+)

You won’t do much in two or three days. It is better if you are close to the different things to do in Medellín.

In 2 days, you easily could:

  • Discover the graffiti in Comuna 13
  • Visit El Centro (the center) and Botero square – Book a free walking tour or an excellent private tour.
  • Take the metro cable car.
  • Visit the botanical garden and the Explora Museum
  • Visit La Sierra, a not yet known district in Medellin
  • Fruit tour in the less famous La Minorista market.
  • Attend a football game.
  • Wander an afternoon in El Poblado.

I would choose Laureles. It is near the different tourist attractions and the metro station.

See the hotels and hostels in Laureles.

Cable Car Medellin

#3 If you’re a digital nomad who is missing home.

Stay in Manila, Poblado (+)

Long-term travel can be exhausting. Sometimes, it’s nice to just rest in a cozy place, without doing nothing.

If you’re tired of traveling and want some rest, I would advise you to stay in Poblado, especially in Manila. The district will remind you home, and you can alternate between trendy cafes, healthy foods, and naps in the parks.

See the hostels and hotels in Poblado.

#4 Best place to stay in Medellin if you want to party hard

Stay in Poblado (+)

First, if you’re going to party hard, you should think about staying a few days in Bogota. There are many underground techno parties. You will love it – if you know where to go out.

In Medellin, all the clubs closed at 4. am.

If you want to party with locals on reggaeton, salsa, and bachata music, you have to stay in Laureles or Belen. There are many bars and clubs on the 33rd and 70th street.

If you can’t deal with Latin music anymore, you should stick around El Poblado.

See the hostels and hotels in Poblado.

#5 Best place to stay in Medellin if you’re on a shoestring budget

Stay in Laureles or La Floresta (+)

If you travel on a shoestring, you have to avoid Envigado and El Poblado. The best is to stay in Laureles because:

  • There are cheap restaurants
  • You can use the Metro
  • Bars are cheap

See the hotels and hostels in Laureles.

#6 Best place to stay in Medellin to experience local life

Stay in Laureles or Envigado (+)

There are different options for you.

If you’re in love with Colombia, you won’t appreciate El Poblado. It’s too much Western-style, and you won’t feel the Colombia vibe.

But you need to get high-speed internet. Fortunately, Medellin has the optical fiber, so you shouldn’t be too hard to find a correct place around Laureles.

And if you look for a peaceful stay, I would recommend Envigado.

See the hotels and hostels in Laureles and Envigado.

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