Tayrona Park

Find out the best travel tips about Tayrona to create your Colombia Itinerary.

Cabo San Juan In Tayrona: My favorite tricks (2020)

Cabo San Juan in Tayrona is the most famous beach inside the national park.

It means that tens of thousands of tourists dream to visit it every year.

As you know, a crowded beach is never pleasant.

So, what can you do to enjoy Cabo San Juan in parque Tayrona?

You have to be smart.

Panoramic view cabo San Juan in Tayrona park

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Enter in Parque Tayrona early

The main entrance – Zaino – in Parque Tayrona opens at 8 am.

Be there.

Thus, you avoid most of the tourists

To enter, you have to:

  • Watch an induction video
  • Present your passport and pay
  • Empty your bag. No alcohol or plastic bags are allowed

Learn more about it in our travel guide about Tayrona

Once inside, you still have to walk 2h along the coast before reaching Cabo San Juan in Tayrona.

Most of the tourists should be behind you when you arrive – Except the ones sleeping in Cabo San Juan.

Moreover, the boats coming from Taganga don’t show up before 10h30 am.

Path going to the beach in Tayrona
Path going to the beach in Tayrona

Wake up early and leave from Playa Brava

Playa Brava is another gorgeous beach in Parque Tayrona – accessible from the Calabazo entrance.

There, different accommodations are available for beachgoers.

The sun rises around 6 am. If you leave at 7 am, you should arrive at 9 am in Cabo San Juan.

Although this itinerary is doable in 2 days, I recommend you to do it in 3 days: 1 night in Playa Brava and 1 night in Cabo San Juan/Arrecife.

Where to stay: Cabo San Juan in Tayrona

Otherwise, the best way to appreciate Cabo San Juan in Tayrona is to sleep there.

The camp is quite vast and there are numerous accommodations. Moreover, there is a restaurant, a little shop, toilets and showers.

  • Tent 1 pers: 40 000 COP
  • Tent 2 pers: 80 000 COP
  • If you bring your own tent: 20 000 COP / Pers
  • Private cabin: 200 000 COP / 2 pers | Only 2 cabins
  • Hammock near the camping zone: 40 000 COP
  • Hammock on the watchtower: 50 000 COP

The hammocks on the watchtower and the private cabins are popular and you should book them in advance.

I’m not a big fan of their tents. Many of them were soaked because of the rain.

Hammocks are rented with a mosquito net.

A. How to book your hammock on the watchtower in advance in Cabo San Juan? (+)

There are 2 options.

The easiest way is to book a hotel near the park and arrive at 8 am at the Zaino Entrance.

Then, book your hammock at the desk office.

The second solution is to make a deposit of at least 50% on a Colombian account.

I’ve never tried it.

Whatsapp contact: +57 310 49 78 272 | website

In case you decide to enter by Calabazo, it won’t be possible to book it in advance. Therefore, you should leave early from Playa Brava and run at the Cabo San Juan’s reception.

B. Is the hammock on the watchtower in Cabo San Juan worth it? (+)

I’ve got mixed feelings. I don’t know if it’s worth the extra 10 000 COP.

The view is astonishing but it’s freezing up there because of the wind.

Don’t forget your blanket.

C. What should you pack for Cabo San Juan in Tayrona? (+)

You don’t have to worry about water and food during your adventure inside Tayrona Park

In Cabo San Juan, the restaurant serves many different meals (15 – 30 000 COP) and there is a shop where you can buy water.

However, the climate is very humid. Drink a lot.

  • 2 L of water
  • Blanket – There is a breeze at night
  • Cash – There is no ATM
  • Repellent
  • Lock – There are lockers you can use for free
  • Rain jacket
  • Toilet paper

Avoid the high season in Parque Tayrona

Cabo San Juan in Tayrona is extremely famous and Colombians love the Caribbean Coast.

Therefore, avoid going to Tayrona during weekends, public holidays – There are seventeen of them! – and the holy week.

Cabo San Juan in Tayrona in a few words

Cabo San Juan is a victim of its own success. The beach is gorgeous but the experience isn’t the same anymore.

Fortunately, there are other beaches less frequented.

Yes, Cabo San Juan is still worth it. But I recommend you to add other stops while you’re visiting the National Park.

Start from Calabazo and spend the night – almost alone – on Playa Brava. The following day, wake up early and walk in the direction of Cabo San Juan. Once you’re there, book your hammock before enjoying the beach.

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Cabo San Juan in Tayrona

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Cabo San Juan Tayrona

Beach in Tayrona: The Ultimate Guide – Full list (2020)

What would be your ideal beach in Tayrona?

The question seems simple but there is no easy answer.

As is the case with relationships, it will depend on your affinities and tastes. Not all of us fell in love with the most popular girl in Highschool.

Inside Tayrona, you will discover different types of beaches. Some of them are beautiful but crowded, others are secret but dangerous, or unknown but difficult of access.

All these beaches are scattered on the coast. Therefore, your choices will determine how you should visit the Parque Tayrona

Note: Since March 2019, 3 beaches in Tayrona are closed to the public:
Chengue, Los Naranjos, and the oriental zone of Bahia Concha.

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Beaches in Tayrona near Santa Marta

Tayrona is a vast national park and not all the beaches are accessible from Calabazo or Zaino.

The following beaches are accessible from Santa Marta thanks to Public or Private transports

A] The Beach Bahia Concha

Learn about Bahia Concha

Bahia Concha is located 50 min away from Santa Marta.

It’s easy to access and you’re allowed to set up your tent or hammock. There is no cabin and you can buy some food in the few shops around.

However, I recommend you to buy in advance everything you need.

How to get there: Public bus + moto taxi from Santa Marta | 50 min

The Beach Cabo San Juan in the National Park of Tayrona
The Beach Cabo San Juan in the National Park of Tayrona | Credit: @tristan29photography

B] The beach Neguanje

Learn about Beach Neguanje

It’s a long day trip from Neguanje and you won’t be able to do it with public transports.

But, it’s worth it.

Neguanje is the largest beach in Tayrona and there are some cool spots for snorkeling.

A restaurant sells some expensive meals. Or you can buy some foods from some little shops. Or you bring your food from Santa Marta.

Unfortunately, you can’t sleep on Neguanje beach.

Try to explore Playa Cristal once you’re there!

How to get there: 2 hours with private transport from Rodadero

C] Playa Cristal or Playa Muerte, a hidden beach in Tayrona

Learn about Playa Cristal

It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in Tayrona and only 300 persons per day have access to it.

In other words, you should try to arrive early and avoid weekends and public holidays.

Enjoy the white-sand beach, the crystal-blue water, cold beers, and fantastic snorkel sessions.

How to get there: 10 min boat from the beach Neguanje or 1-hour boat from Taganga.

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Beaches in Tayrona: Access from Calabazo (Shorter way)

Calabazo is a small entrance located 14km away from the main entrance – The Zaino.

I recommend you to buy your Tayrona tickets there if you like hiking.

A] Playa Brava, the secret beach in Tayrona

Learn more about Playa Brava

Are you looking for a quiet beach where only a few brave travelers stay at night?

Then, you should opt for Playa Brava.

Once you’ve done the checkpoint in Calabazo, hike 3-4 hours on a trail unfrequented by the lambda tourists to arrive in Playa Brava.

There, a large white-sandy beach welcomes adventurers with coconuts and palm trees.

The hotel Playa Brava Teyumakke offers different sleeping options (Hammocks, tents, and cabins) and serves hot meals.

Note: I’ve heard there is a new path that allows travelers to reach Playa Nudista and Cabo San Juan without passing by Pueblito. It’s a 2h30 hike.

How to get there: Hike 3-4 hours from the Calabazo Entrance

Beaches in Tayrona: Access from the Zaino (Shorter way)

All the following beaches in Tayrona are also accessible from Calabazo. But, it’s a longer hike.

A] Playa Nudista, the naked beach in Tayrona

Learn more about Playa Nudista

Don’t like crowded beaches?

I’m the same.

Thus, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered there was nobody on Playa Nudista.

Once you are in Cabo San Juan, continue to walk 10 min more – after the massive boulders – to take a sexy dip in the ocean.

Be careful, currents can be strong. But, there are are some signs telling you where you can swim.

Ps: Yes, you can keep your clothes on.

How to get there: 10 min walk from Cabo San Juan

Playa Nudista Tayrona Colombia
Nudist Beach

B] Cabo San Juan, the most famous beach in Tayrona

Learn more about Cabo San Juan

Cabo San Juan… The beach that is more famous than Tayrona.

And, I understand why.

It’s gorgeous.

Unfortunately, like every high touristic spot, it becomes ugly when it’s crowded.

But, there is always a solution to have it all for himself.

  • Avoid the weekends and public holidays
  • Same for the period Mid-December to Mid-January
  • People leave around 4 pm
  • Sleep in Cabo San Juan and wake up early

There are the “best” amenities of the park in Cabo San Juan: Restaurant, toilets, showers, hammocks, tents, 2 private rooms, little shop.

How to get there: Walk 2h from the Zaino entrance or take a 1-hour boat from Taganga.

Panoramic view cabo San Juan in Tayrona park, Colombia
Panoramic view cabo San Juan in Tayrona park

C] The Beach la Piscina in Tayrona

Learn more about La Piscina

La Piscina is a peaceful beach protected by large boulders. Therefore, travelers can relax and enjoy a quiet swim in this natural pool.

The place is also great for snorkeling.

It’s a nice spot if you’re allergic to people as most of them continue to Cabo San Juan.

There is no accommodation or restaurant.

How to get there: 1h30 walk from the Zaino entrance or 30 min walk from Cabo San Juan (On your way back to the Zaino)

Beaches In Tayrona Where You Can’t Swim

The Caribbean sea isn’t as peaceful as you think. There had more than 200 deads over the years inside the Parque Tayrona.


Because of dangerous currents – and also because many Colombians don’t swim well)

Anyway. Read the signs and everything gonna be alright.

The following beaches are the first you will encounter when you start the trail from the Zaino entrance.

A. Cañaveral beach at Tayrona’s entrance

Learn more about Playa Cañaveral

Cañaveral beach is located at the entrance of Parque Tayrona.

There, the luxury Ecohabs welcomes – with its 14 cabins – the wealthy tourists who came to explore the park.

How to get there: At the beginning of the trail, once the shuttle dropped you from the Zaino entrance.

B] Playa Castilletes, camping in Tayrona

Learn more about Playa Castilletes

Castilletes beach is on the east side of Cañaveral. This coastline, unknown from the public, is beautiful.

There is a vast zone for tents and hammocks. Or you can decide to sleep in one of their private cabins.

How to get there: A few min walk Via Cañaveral

Camping in Tayrona Los Castilletes

C] Beach Arrecife in Parque Tayrona

Learn more about Playa Arrecife

Arrecife is another beautiful but dangerous beach in Tayrona.

It’s a lovely place where travelers enjoy a panoramic view of white sands, blue ocean and green vegetations under the shadows of palm trees.

It’s Arrecife that you will be able to find the cheapest accommodations – tents or hammocks.

Also, try to wake up early. The sunrise is gorgeous there.

How to get there: 50 min walk from Cañaveral

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Beach in Tayrona

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Beaches in Tayrona

How to get Tayrona National Park Tickets?

Psst, Psst! Are you looking for Tayrona National Park tickets?

I’m not the guy who is going to sell you some under his long dark coat.

However, I can give a clear explanation that will answer all the questions you’ve in mind.

It’s actually pretty simple.

The most important tip is the following one:

You don’t need to book a tour to explore Tayrona. Also, it’s super easy to buy your Tayrona ticket on-site.

Ok, let’s see what you can do to get these Tayrona National Park Tickets.

EDIT 03/03/2020: You CAN’T buy your ticket Online.

Decide where and how to travel to Colombia

Where to buy your Tayrona National Park ticket

There are 2 methods to get your tickets

  • Online with the park national (Not available till further information)
  • At the park entrance

A] Buy your Tayrona ticket online -> You CAN’T until further information

I never did it myself because I’m an old school guy. Moreover, the websites aren’t very friendly in Colombia. I don’t like them.

But I have to admit the Tayrona website – Managed by Parque Nacional – seems okay. Edit March 2020: Their website is not working anymore.

On their homepage, you have to select Zona Calabazo Or Zona El Zaino. It’s both park entrances.

Most of the travelers take the Zaino entrance – it’s the main one,- but I recommend the Calabazo entrance if you want to spend more days inside the park.

Find out the beaches you can visit from Zaino and Calabazo

The two other entrances are beaches accessible from Santa Marta

Once, you have selected your zone, the number of visitors and the date, click on “Check”.

Then, you must pick “foreign” and “Sign in” – do it quickly with your Facebook. Yeah I know, it’s boring.

Then, you will have to pay by credit card.

When I did the simulation, the final price was 56 000 COP. It’s the official price, without any surcharge.

You have 48 hours to pay or you have to do it again. Please note you must show the receipt at the park entrance.

The pros and the cons of buying your Tayrona tickets online (+)

The Pros:

  • Limited visitors per day: 1850. By buying online your Tayrona National Park tickets, you’re sure to be one of them
  • You don’t have to wait to buy your ticket
  • It’s the official price, without any surcharge.

The Cons:

  • It says you have to pay a daily fee for the insurance but you can’t choose an exiting day

B] Buy your Tayrona National Park Tickets on site

Map Tayrona Colombia Park
Map Tayrona (Pueblito isn’t open to the public anymore)

If you don’t trust the technology, you still can buy your ticket at the park entrance.

There are two entrances to explore the Parque Tayrona:

  • The Zaino – Main entrance
  • Calabazo – My favorite secret entrance

You have to show your passport and pay in cash – Inside the park too.

Start early to avoid the crowd. Therefore, you should pick an accommodation near the entrance.

  • Opening hours The Zaino: 8.00 AM – 5.00 PM
  • Opening hours Calabazo: 6.00 AM – 2.00 PM

My favorite accommodations near Tayrona (+)

What are the advantages to enter by Calabazo (+)

  • It’s faster than the Zaino
  • There are fewer people on the trail
  • The path is more enjoyable
  • You have access to Playa Brava

How much does a Tayrona National Park Ticket cost?

There are 2 factors that change the final price of your ticket:

  • High and Low season
  • If you’re a foreigner or not

List of the prices for Parque Tayrona 2019

  • Kids (foreigners or not) 0 – 4 years old: Free
  • Foreigner (5 or more):
    • Low Season: 53 500 COP
    • High Season: 61500 COP
  • Daily fee insurance: 2 500 COP

More details here (In Spanish)

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Tayrona National Park Tickets

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Tayrona National Park Ticket

How to get from Santa Marta to Tayrona: Our recommendations

How to travel from Santa Marta to Tayrona?

Like many other travelers, you have been seduced by the pictures of the Parque Tayrona.

Nestled on the Caribbean Coast, between Santa Marta and Palomino, Tayrona attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

And, the simplest way to get access to the park is to first stop in Santa Marta.

Must read: Our travel guide to explore Tayrona

The coast in the Tayrona National Park

Santa Marta is a tourist hub

Santa Marta isn’t a pleasant city – Except for the area around Parque de Los Novios. Or some beaches near Rodadero.

My favorite highlights around Santa Marta (+)

But, there are many highlights to visit all around:

We wrote a list of the best trips to organize from Santa Marta.

Over the years, more and more tourists have decided to stay in Santa Marta instead of Cartagena.

Therefore, the city is well deserved by the public transports:

  • There is a national airport with flights from Bogota and Medellin | 1 hour
  • There are buses from
    • Cartagena: 4-6 hours
    • San Gil: 13 hours
    • Bogota: 18-20 hours
    • Medellin: 16 hours

Must read: Our travel guide to visit Santa Marta

Best Ways To Travel From Santa Marta To Tayrona

A) Take the public bus Santa Marta – Tayrona

Duration and price (+)

There are two places where you can take the bus Santa Marta to Tayrona:

  • At the main bus station – Outside the city
  • At the Mercado Publico (Market) | Calle 11 con Carrera 11

Bus Santa Marta – Tayrona: 1 hour | Price: Around 8 000 COP

B) Take a bus to Taganga then a boat to Tayrona

Explanation, prices, and duration (+)

The boat Taganga – Tayrona is the fastest way to get to Cabo San Juan in Tayrona.

First, travel to Taganga:

  • Blue Public buses
  • Taxi

Blue Buses To Taganga – On the Carrera 5 | 25 min | Around 2 000 COP

Taxi Santa Marta – Taganga | 20 min | Around 12 000 COP

Once you’re in Taganga, you have to find a boat to Tayrona National Natural Park

  • Ask the fishermen on the dock
  • The last boats leave before 9h30
  • The sea is rough from October to March. This boat ride is scary for the people who are not used to it
  • Boats leave from Cabo San Juan around 4 pm

Boat Taganga – Tayrona | 1 hour | 50 000 COP (1 way)

C) Private transports from Santa Marta

Prices and durations (+)

Another easy way to travel to Tayrona from Santa Marta is to contact a private transport

Where to travel after Tayrona

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Camping in Tayrona National Park: The best spots

You’re traveling on the Coast for your Caribbean Holidays, and you wish to go camping in Tayrona Park. You still don’t know yet if you have to sleep in Santa Marta or near the entrance of the park and more importantly, how you should organize your expedition in Tayrona National park.

Since I’m a kid, I camped many times with my family and friends – And I love the Crazy Uno games at night.

Let’s find out where you can stay in Tayrona National Park

Must read: Our travel guide to explore Tayrona

I) Short Answer: Camping In Tayrona National Park

  • You can bring your tent or rent one inside the park
  • It costs Around 10 – 15 000 COP per pers. with your tent
  • It costs Around 15 – 25 000 COP per pers. if you’re renting a tent
  • The places are more expensive In Cabo San Juan
  • Wilderness camping is prohibited
  • You’re not allowed to make fire

There are 6 areas where you can camp in Tayrona:

  • Camping in Bahia Concha
  • Camping Playa Brava
  • Camping in Cabo San Juan
  • Camping in Arrecife
  • Camping in Carñaveral
  • Camping in Castillete
Map Tayrona Colombia Park

II) Where Can You Camp In Tayrona?

A] Camping in Bahia Concha – Tayrona

Bahia Concha is the closest beach from Santa Marta, just after Taganga. It’s another section of the national park and Colombians are going there to escape the crowd from Rodadero beach.

The clear water and the white beach provide a beautiful area for the camping lovers. However, it’s not the most exciting part of the park – But you won’t pay the same price either.

You have to bring your tent.

How to get to Bahia Concha (+)

  • You can book a taxi. It’s around 60 000 COP round trip

Prices Camping Bahia Concha (+)

  • 5 000 COP for the park entrance
  • 25 000 COP for the tent
Bahia Concha Camping in Tayrona
Bahia Concha in Tayrona

Credit: @memocarrasco

For the next camps, you have to pay the regular Tayrona ticket (around 50 000 COP if you’re a foreigner)

B] Camping Los Castilletes – Tayrona

At the end of the dirty road – Where the shuttle drops you -, there is the camping the Castillete on your right. It’s a massive Finca where you can set up your tent and use the facilities.

Unfortunately, the currents are dangerous by there. It’s forbidden to swim. I don’t recommend you to book this accommodation in Tayrona park because it’s near the “2nd entrance”.

How to get to Los Castilletes (+)

  • You can take the shuttle at the park entrance (Zaino) – 3000 COP – or walk the 4 km. Then it will be on your right.

Price Camping Los Castilletes (+)

  • 15 000 COP per pers. with your tent
  • Between 15 – 20 000 COP per pers if you’re renting a tent
Camping in Tayrona Los Castilletes
Camping in Tayrona Los Castilletes

Credit: @stevyuk

C] Camping Carñaveral – Tayrona

The camping in Carñaveral is “far” from the beach, but it could be a good option if you’re trekking for 3 days in Tayrona Park. There is a lovely walk called the 9 Piedras hike, unknown among the tourists as this part is less visited.

Still, you can’t swim (Too dangerous).

How to get to Carñaveral (+)

  • Walk 10 min after the 2nd entrance – where the shuttle dropped you – in the direction of Arrecife

Price Camping Carñaveral (+)

  • Around 15 000 COP per pers.
View Trail 9 Piedras Tayrona
View from the Trail “9 Piedras”

Credit: @lajc123

D] Camping Arrecife – Tayrona

In Arrecife, there are two camps, Don Pedro and Yuluka. The good point is there are no many tourists. It’s a little too far for the lazy wanderers, and you still have to walk 50 min to get to the highlight of Tayrona.

20 min away from Arrecife, there is a great beach called la Piscina where you can finally swim!

Also, I’ve heard you can make a bonfire and cook in Don Pedro.

How to get to Arrecife (+)

  • Walk 50 min after the 2nd entrance (where the shuttle dropped you)

Prices camping in Arrecife (+)

  • Don Pedro: Around 12 000 COP per pers. but you have to bring your tent
  • Yuluka: Around 15 000 COP per pers.
Camping in Tayrona Arrecife

Credit: @yiscela.vilo

E] Camping in Cabo San Juan

Cabo San Juan is the FAMOUS beach in Tayrona park. Tourists are coming here by boat, horse or paragliding.

Because of it, the place can be crowded, especially on weekends, and travelers who are looking for peace and quietness could not appreciate it. However, the scenery is still extraordinary, and giant boulders protect the sea from the dangerous currents. You can swim!

I slept in a tent one night, and I got wet… So bring your tent if you wish to go camping in Tayrona Cabo San Juan 😉

How to get to Cabo San Juan (2 options) (+)

  • Walk from the 2nd entrance (where the shuttle dropped you): 2 hours
  • Or Boat from Taganga: 50 000 COP/ 1 h

Price camping in Cabo San Juan (2018) (+)

  • 35 000 COP per pers. with your tent
  • 40 000 COP per pers. if you’re renting a tent
Cabo San Juan Camping in Tayrona
Cabo San Juan – The camping is behind me

F] Camping Playa Brava

Playa Brava is a secret beach, hidden from the ignorant. Between lush vegetation, raw landscapes and simple infrastructures, it’s the ideal place if you’re looking for authenticity – Without 10 tourists around taking a duck face selfie in bath suit.

Tourists are not going there as you have to hike a little mountain before going down to the beach. Also, you should stay 2 nights in Tayrona if you plan to get to Playa Brava.

How to get to Playa Brava (+)

  • Start from the secondary entrance – El Calabazo – and hike for 3 hours.

Price Camping Playa Brava (+)

  • Around 25 000 COP per pers.
Playa Brava Camping in Tayrona
Playa Brava

Credit: @playabrava_tayrona

III) Information Camping In Tayrona

The Tayrona national park is a protected area. There are rules to follow, and you can’t do whatever you want to go camping in Tayrona.

First, wilderness camping is prohibited. You have to camp in one of the 6 sites cited below. It’s also forbidden to make fire.

The treatment of the trash can be a real problem when a park is visited a lot. Please bring back your garbages to the main entrance to help the maintenance of Tayrona.

Also, your bag will be checked at the main entrance. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited too. Moreover, to preserve Tayrona’s wildlife, pets are not allowed inside.

As it’s a humid zone, you will probably sweat a lot. I know some tourists have problems dealing with this climate. You can easily buy food and water bottles in the camps. It means you don’t have to carry a heavy bag. And please, let your backpack – a day bag is sufficient – in your previous hotel near Tayrona.

If camping in Tayrona is not your thing, there are hammocks available for the same price or even cheaper. 

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Camping in Tayrona Park

10 Best Hostels and Hotels next to Tayrona park in Colombia

To avoid the heat and a long queue with tourists in flip-flops, there is only one solution: leave early.

To do this, make your life easier and choose a hotel that is not too far from Tayrona Park.

Besides, resting on the beach with your back leaning against a palm tree is much nicer than sweating in the streets of Santa Marta.

There is a very nice offer of hotels and hostels close to the entrance of Tayrona Park. Which ones are really worth it? Where should you spend your Colombian pesos?

We tell you everything in this article.

Hotels near Tayrona: what you must know

Where is Tayrona: it is a national park located between Santa Marta and Palomino.

How to enter the park: There are two entrances to Tayrona – El Zaino and Calabazo.

Park opening hours: 8 a.m. for El Zaino and 6 a.m. for Calabazo.

Closure periods (2020): the park is closed from 01/02 to 28/02, from 01/06 to 15/06 and from 19/10 to 02/11.

How to get to the park entrance: the hotel can arrange a taxi for you. If not, you just have to stop a bus on the side of the road (there is only one). There are also many motorcycle taxis.

How to get to your hotel: take the bus that leaves for Tayrona from the Mercado Municipal in Santa Marta. Tell the driver the name of your hotel so that he thinks about pulling over (and double-check your GPS). You can also take a taxi (1 hour) for about 120,000 COP.anta Marta.

What are the areas where to book your hotel: near the entrance El Zaino, Playa los Naranjos (5 min), Costeño beach (20 min), Buritaca (25 min). Each area has a different atmosphere!

My favorite hostel: Eco Hostal Yuluka (El Zaino)

My favorite hotel: Quetzal dorado (El Zaino)

My favorite boutique hotels: Casa Tayrona (Los Naranjos) or La Mar de bien (Buritaca).

How many days: ideally, 2 nights (1 before Tayrona and 1 after Tayrona). You can also stay an extra night if you plan to go tubing at Palomino.

My favorite advice:

  • The lodgings close to the park are a little noisier because of the road.
  • There are no ATMs in the area.
  • There are sandflies on the beach. The coconut oil keeps them from eating you.
  • The current is dangerous. Be cautious when swimming in the ocean.

Discover our guide on Tayrona to access, in a few clicks, all the practical information to visit the national park.

Where to travel after Tayrona

Where to stay? What to do? How to get there? Find easily the answers for more than 45 Colombian destinations.

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Table of contents: Where to stay near Tayrona?

  1. Hotels next to the park entrance
  2. Hotels located in Playa Los Naranjos
  3. Hotels located in Costeño Beach
  4. Hotels located in Buritaca
  5. Get our free travel guide
  6. We’ll take care of your travel arrangements

Hotels next to the entrance of Tayrona Park

The small problem with these hotels is that they are close to the main road that connects Santa Marta to Riohacha. This is far from being unbearable, but it can be a problem for some people.

However, you’re less than three minutes drive from Tayrona Park. This is convenient if you are in a hurry and want to get back to Santa Marta quickly to catch your plane.

Find all our recommendations to visit Tayrona Park in this article.

Must Read: Our practical guide on Tayrona

$$ – Eco Hostel Yuluka – Economic

The outer gate doesn’t look like much, but everything changes once you’re inside. The mix of lush plants, stone steps, and individual huts built of bamboo and palm leaves is entirely successful. You will fall in love with the large bathtubs available in some of the rooms! The jungle atmosphere and the sound of the waterfall make you quickly forget the outside world. There is a restaurant with good food and prices, and you won’t find a better place to dine in the surrounding area.

$$- Quetzal Eco Lodge – Breathtaking view

Beautiful facilities built down the road so that you can barely hear the noise of cars. A stone staircase crisscrosses the property to bring guests to simple but comfortable rooms, brightened by large windows. The view from the pool over the immensity of the Sierra Nevada is captivating. This is also the case from the restaurant. Take the opportunity to order one of their delicious dishes.

Hotels in Playa Los Naranjos

Where to stay near Tayrona?

The setting is idyllic, with upscale establishments located between the edge of Tayrona Park and the long beach of Playa Los Naranjos.

This is the ideal option to easily visit the Tayrona Park and recharge your batteries before continuing your adventure to other paradisiacal places in Colombia.

You can’t expect to party there or go out looking for a little restaurant. Also, don’t plan on using the internet to watch Netflix on your phone.

Each hotel offers a quality restaurant and bar service.

These hotels are 5 minutes from Tayrona.

$$$ – Eco Hab los Naranjos – In a little committee

With only 8 bungalows for 2 people, Eco Hab Los Naranjos is the ideal hotel to come and relax in a quiet and pleasant place. A wooden deck makes it possible to walk barefoot and to move easily to the swimming pool and the restaurant (which serves delicious small dishes). The entrance to Tayrona Park is a 5 min drive away, and there is only a 10 min walk to a semi-private beach.


$$$$ – Maloka Barlovento – Along the river

Eco-lodge built at the junction of the Rio Piedra River with the Caribbean Sea. There is a magnificent view of Tayrona Park and direct access to the beach. The buildings blend into the scenery, and it is delightful to move from one location to another. Take advantage of the many hammocks and deckchairs at the edge of the pool to take a nap, lulled by the sound of the waves. Meals are served on large tables so that you can socialize with other travelers.


$$$$ – Casa Tayrona – Caribbean Delight

Casa Tayrona is a boutique hotel by excellence. It is difficult to find a more magical place in Colombia. There are only 5 rooms, two of which have a 180-degree view overlooking the sea. A magnificent sight that you can also admire from the deck and the large L-shaped swimming pool. And, if you get tired of the freshwater, you just have to go down the stairs to get to the beach and pretend to be a dolphin in the waves. Don’t forget to take a look at the restaurant’s menu. The dishes are to die for.

Hotels in Costeño beach

Where to stay near Tayrona?

If the hotels in Playa Naranjos exceed your budget or you want to exchange with other travelers, the accommodations on Costeño beach should appeal to you.

It’s more of a backpackers’ and young adventurers’ corner. You have to take a motorcycle taxi from the roadside to get there. It is therefore much more convenient to travel with a backpack rather than a suitcase on wheels.

Don’t expect 4-star hotels with personalized customer service. On the other hand, if you like coconut flavors, cocktails, music, and beachfront cabins, then you should find what you need.

You can also stay around Palomino if you’re looking for this type of vibe.

Each establishment offers a restaurant and bar service.

These hotels are 20 minutes from Tayrona.

To read: Our practical guide to discover Tayrona

$$ – Costeño Beach – Surfing Paradise

Costeño Beach is one of the first hostels in the area (and probably the best known). The establishment was built in the middle of the coconut trees and extends over a large part of the beach. There are many facilities for you to occupy yourself between your excursions to Palomino or Tayrona. Organize a beach volleyball tournament, improve your balance on the slackline or refresh yourself in a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by tall trees. It’s also the perfect spot to learn to surf. You can rent a lot of boards, and there are group lessons!

Costeño beach hostel

$$ – Blue Mango Beach hotel – Colourful houses

Located about 100 meters from the Costeño beach hostel, Blue mango is a hotel for those who travel as a couple and want to enjoy a pleasant setting on a reasonable budget, without being surrounded by a horde of party backpackers. The wooden cabins are painted in different colors, and the swimming pool faces the sea. Meals are served on small tables scattered in the shade of the trees. Please note that not all rooms have private showers.


Hotels in Buritaca

Where to stay near Tayrona?

Buritaca is a small fishing village. Some very pleasant establishments lead to the beach that surrounds the village. There is something for every budget.

In the end, it looks like a mix between Playa Naranjos and Costeño beach. The beach is more easily accessible than Playa Naranjos but there are not as many backpackers as in Costeño Beach. Hotels are of better quality (for higher prices).

Be careful, the currents are quite strong in the ocean. Don’t go too far away.

Each establishment offers a restaurant and bar service.

These hotels are 25 minutes from Tayrona Park.

$$ – Rio Hostel – River and parties

Rio Hostel is a meeting place for travelers who are willing to sacrifice a lot of comforts to live in the woods, with plastic buoys to float on the river and party. The beach is a 30-minute walk away, but you won’t feel the need to go there. Every Saturday, Hostel El Rio organizes unforgettable parties. And on the other days of the week, travelers can rest, enjoy the tranquility of nature and take part in some activities like yoga, rubbing, and kayaking. Get there before 6 pm otherwise you will have problems finding a motorcycle taxi. It’s not easy to drive on a dirt road when it’s dark.

El Rio Best hotels and hostels near Santa Marta and Tayrona

$$$ – Viajero Hostel Tayrona – Pleasant Resort

Hostel Viajero has all the necessary facilities to make your stay pleasant. Many travelers can be there at the same time since there are 4 dormitories. So don’t expect fast and personal customer service. But, if you don’t mind waiting with your feet in the pool or in the sand, then it shouldn’t be a problem. The private cabins are huge and secluded so guests can enjoy their privacy. During the day, you can rent a surfboard or get a massage before you wiggle your hips on the dance floor at sunset.

$$$$ – La Mar de Bien – Haven of peace

Come to Hotel La Mar de Bien if you want to be pampered by the attentive staff and if you like to eat delicious dishes. This establishment with only 6 rooms is away from other hotels and travelers can enjoy a beautiful beachfront property with a swimming pool, sun loungers, and coconut trees. Customer attention is excellent and Sergio, the owner, will be able to give you lots of tips on how to visit the area. This is the ideal place to rest after an adventure to la Ciudad Perdida or Tayrona.


In short, where to stay near Tayrona?

To put it simply:

  • If you’re looking for an affordable and convenient place (because you don’t want to stick around), then the hotels near El Zaino will be very good. In this article, discover our method for creating a successful itinerary in Colombia.
  • For upscale accommodation with an almost private beach fringed by forest, choose a hotel towards Playa Los Naranjos.
  • If you want to visit the area and meet other travelers, then you can set your sights on a hostel on Costeño beach.
  • And for a mix of both atmospheres, the Buritaca corner will do the trick perfectly.

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Where to stay Tayrona Colombia

Tayrona National Park’s best-kept secrets (2020), Colombia

Because there is almost 0 good information about Tayrona National Park, 70% of travelers make the same mistakes when visiting it. I’m here to help you to plan the perfect itinerary for exploring Parque Tayrona. Let’s do it!

Tayrona National Park, Colombia: What you must know

Where: Parque Tayrona is a park located in the Sierra Nevada, on the Caribbean Coast. It’s near to Santa Marta, Palomino, Minca.

When: In 2020, the park is closed on 01/02 to 28/02, 01/06 to 15/06 and 19/10 to 02/11.

Weather: It’s warm and humid. The rainiest months are May, September, October, and November. More information about the weather in Colombia.

Tayrona’s entrances: There are two entrances. El Zaino (8 am) is the main one, and Calabazo (6 am) is the small entrance.

Tayrona tickets: Buy them at one of the 2 entrances. Around 16$. More info here.

Tayrona beaches: There are various beaches in Parque Tayrona. Cabo San Juan is the most famous one.

Tayrona hikes: You don’t need a guide. Follow the trails. Hiking shoes or sneakers are perfect.

Where to stay in Tayrona: There are various camping and hammocks area inside the Parque Tayrona. You can’t find them on the internet, except for Playa Brava.

Where to stay around Tayrona: Stay near Tayrona the night before, so that you can start early!

Restaurant and Water: You can order food and buy bottles of water inside the park.

Tayrona safety: Depending on the beach, you’re not allowed to swim because of the currents. Watch over your belongings. More safety tips here.

Duration: 1 to 3 days depending on your plans to visit the park. Add it to your Colombia itinerary.

My favorite Tayrona’s tips: Avoid going on the weekend and on a public holiday. Bring some cash, you can’t pay by credit card.

Best tour in the Sierra Nevada: If you want an amazing in-depth jungle experience, then I recommend this tour.

More information: Our Tayrona Guide

Have a look at our table of contents to get more in-depth information about Parque Tayrona.

Decide where and how to travel to Colombia

Where to travel after Parque Tayrona, Colombia

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Table of Contents: Parque Tayrona, Colombia

  1. Tayrona national park in few words
  2. The history of the Tayrona national park
  3. Where to stay next to the park
  4. Best periods of the year
  5. How to get to Tayrona National Park
  6. What should you pack
  7. Safety advice
  8. Getting inside Tayrona
  9. The distances between the beaches
  10. How and Where are the beaches
  11. Where to stay in Tayrona National Park
  12. Other activities in the park
  13. Map of the Tayrona National Park
  14. Itineraries for Tayrona
  15. Where to go after Tayrona
  16. FAQ
  17. Start creating on your Colombia itinerary
  18. Use our premium service and lay back
Panoramic view cabo San Juan in Tayrona park, Colombia
Panoramic view Cabo San Juan in Tayrona national park, Colombia

Tayrona National Park: Interesting facts

The caracteristics of El Parque Tayrona (+)

  • It’s a vast national park with 150 square kilometers of land.
  • There is no hotel after Carñaveral in the Tayrona National Natural Park.
  • There are two entrances, and you need to walk at least 1h30 to get to the most beautiful beach (Or take a boat from Taganga).
  • Edit May 2018: You can book your hammock for Cabo San Juan at the Zaino entrance.
  • There are monkeys, birds, pumas, jaguars, caimans, etc. But you will probably observe monkeys and birds only.
  • It’s a touristy place with many Colombians over the weekend and the public holidays.
  • You can do many hikes, and it’s not hard to avoid the horde of lazy tourists.
  • It’s sweaty, humid and the path can be muddy. It’s not a complicated hike, but some people can have little problems to cope with the heat, humidity and the mosquitos. Welcome to the jungle.
  • It’s a little pricey compared to other places in Colombia but still worth it – If you stay at least 1 night.

In my opinion, it’s not worth to visit the Parque Tayrona if you don’t stay overnight.

La Piscina Tayrona

The History Behind Tayrona, Colombia

It's a sacred land for the indigenous (+)

Tairona is the name of the people who were living in Colombia hundreds of years before the colonization by the Spaniards. Some of them escaped the genocide by going more deeply in the Sierra Nevada. Nowadays, the Kogi, Wiwa, Arthuacos, and Karkuamo people are their direct descendants.

The most important ruins you can visit is a city named Ciudad Perdida (A five-day trek in the Sierra Nevada).

They believe in Nature (the great mother, Pachamama). They consider the globalization of our world – and our way of living – is destroying the planet.

It’s the reason why the National park closes one month every year, to let Tayrona lives and breaths as before, among its worshippers.

The city paper Bogota explains perfectly the gains from keeping the park closed for a month.

Where to stay the night before entering inside Tayrona National Park

It’s not convenient to hike in the Tayrona National Park with your huge backpack. And you shouldn’t load it on a poor horse either. Assume your burden.

But, if you don’t want to carry your backpack, there is an easy solution.

Let most of your stuff in your hostel and hike to Parque Tayrona with a day back.

Read more: Our favorite accommodations around Tayrona.

#1 Where to stay in Santa Marta

Although I’m not fond of Santa Marta, you can decide to start your trip to Tayrona National park from there. It’s a 1h bus drive to reach the park entrance.

My favorite hotels in Santa Marta (+)

#2 Where to stay near the Tayrona’s entrances

It’s a smart decision to book a place near the Parque Tayrona’s entrances. Thus, you will arrive early, avoid the other tourists and spend more time in the park.

My favorite hotels near Tayrona (+)

Best Time To Visit Tayrona National Natural Park

I guess you don’t like the rain.

So avoid visiting the park in May, September, October, and November. But, if you’re there during this period, no worries. You will still enjoy it – I did it in May, and we had loads of fun.

Also, I recommend you to AVOID the weekends, Easter holidays, Christmas holidays and Public holidays – Except if your secret dream is to swim among hundreds of Colombians.

The Zaino entrance opens at 8am, and the Calabazo entrance opens at 6 am.

The previous years, the Tayrona National Park was closing on February. It’s different this year 2020. The new closing dates are: 01 February to 15 February; 01 June to 15 June; 19 October to 02 November

How to get to Tayrona National Natural Park, Colombia

Bus Palomino to Tayrona (+)

It’s easy. Stop a bus Palomino – Tayrona on the main road, in the direction of Santa Marta.

Bus Palomino – Tayrona: 1 hour
Price: 7 000 COP

Bus Santa Marta to Tayrona (+)

You have to take the bus Santa Marta – Tayrona from Calle 11 con Carerra 11. If you are lost, ask a local the direction of the Mercado Principal (Market).

It’s easy to walk there. Otherwise, take a cab for 5 – 7000 COP.

Bus Santa Marta – Tayrona: 1 hour
Price: 8000 COP

The boat Taganga - Tayrona (+)

The boat leaves early from the beach and when they are full (Nothing after 9h30 am) – From what I heard. Look for other backpackers. They drop you directly to the most famous beach in Cabo San Juan. Boats return to Taganga at 4 pm.

Boat Taganga – Tayrona: Around 1h00
Price: 50 000 COP – one way

From December to the end of March, the sea can be extremely rough and it can be terrifying (and dangerous) to travel by boat to Tayrona. Check the waves before taking your decision.

From Cartagena to Tayrona (+)

There are 2 options to get to Tayrona from Cartagena.

1rst option: You can decide to stop in Santa Marta first (buses are more frequent):

  • Bus Cartagena – Santa Marta: 5-6 hours | 22 000 COP
  • Bus Santa Marta – Tayrona in the direction of Rioacha: 1 hour | Around 10 000 COP

Or you can grab a bus in the direction of Palomino and stop at the Zaino Entrance – Don’t forget to ask the driver first.

In this case, you should:

  • Leave early from Cartagena
  • Bus Cartagena – Tayrona: 6-7 hours | Around 30 000 COP

Use the 2nd option if you’re in a hurry:

Marsol is a private shuttle company. They will pick you up at your hostel in Cartagena to drop you at your accommodation near Tayrona. 

  • Private Shuttle Cartagena – Tayrona National Natural Park: 5 – 6 hours | Around 75 000 COP
Caribbean Coast+ Palm trees in Tayrona park, Colombia

What to Pack For Tayrona National Park, Colombia

The Tayrona National Park is easy to explore and you won’t need many things in your day bag. You can let your ice pick and bow at home.

Essential stuff for Tayrona National Park (+)

  • Your passport – You have to show it at the entrance. A photocopy is enough.
  • Yellow fever certificate vaccination – The vaccine is usually not mandatory. However, I recommend being vaccinated for the Yellow Fever before going to Colombia.
  • 2 L of water – You gonna sweat a lot.
  • Some snacks.
  • Swimming shorts and towels.
  • Sunscreen.
  • Hat.
  • Trainers – Don’t hike with Flip Flop!
  • Repellent – Against mosquitos and sand flies.
  • Avoid plastic bags
  • A trash bag to bring back your garbage.
  • A blanket – Nights can be coldish.
  • A Jumper and socks – To survive to the sandflies.
  • A torch.
  • Toilet paper.
  • A lock.
  • Enough Cash! – No ATM.
  • Snorkel gears.

Also, you can’t enter Parque Tayrona with alcohol bottles.

Is Parque Tayrona Safe?

Firstly, nobody gonna tries to kill you. Jaguars and Puma are very rare, go out at night, and they don’t attack humans.

However, there are still some safety points you should be aware of.

Our recommendations about Tayrona (+)

  • You can’t swim everywhere. There are some signs where it’s forbidden because of strong currents. Be careful.
  • Drink water. The weather is humid, and you gonna sweat.
  • Cabo San Juan is the most famous beach. More people = More chance to have your stuff stolen. Don’t let your valuables unattended
  • Bring a lock and use the lockers
  • I don’t take Malaria pills. The risk is low in Colombia and the secondary effects of the pills are annoying
  • Do your Yellow Fever injection before coming to Colombia – Just in case

Read: Learn our favorite tips to travel safer in Colombia

Getting Inside The Tayrona National Park in Colombia

hike Tayrona national park

Ok, if you have to read ONE thing, it’s this one:

There are TWO entrances to get inside The Tayrona National Natural Park

#1 How much does it cost to enter in Parque Tayrona?

Tayrona Park Entrance Fee: 53 500 COP (March 2019) – It’s increasing every year. You can stay as long as you want.

During the high season (December to February), and the public holidays the price increases to 63 500 COP.

You also have to pay insurance for 2 500 COP per day.

#2 El Zaino is the main Tayrona national park’s entrance

Why should you enter by the Zaino entrance (+)

  • You are in a rush, and despite all my recommendation you want to do it in one day
  • You don’t like hiking too much or you’re too old
  • You want to horse ride
  • You want to arrive first in Cabo San Juan to book the hammocks on the watchtower

If you do not belong to the groups above, you should opt for the 2nd entrance.

Entrance process for the Zaino Entrance (+)

  • You have to watch a 20 min video (in Spanish).
  • They will check your bag
  • Then you have to take another small bus (3000 COP) to go to the “real” entrance (Cañaveral). It’s 4km on a dirt road.
  • Walk a little more than 1h30 to arrive at the main beach (Cabo San Juan)

Most people enter by El Zaino because they’re not aware of Calabazo.

El Zaino entrance opens at 8 am and you can’t enter from 2 pm.

#3 Calabazo is The secret entrance of Parque Tayrona

EDIT MARCH 2019: Pueblito is now closed to the public but you can still hike from Playa Brava to Cabo San Juan.

Why should you enter by the Calabazo entrance (+)

  • You don’t like tourists
  • You want to increase your odds to observe animals
  • You like hiking
  • You want to be alone on Playa Brava
  • You want to hike a few days inside the Tayrona National Park

Entrance process for the Calabazo entrance (+)

  • First, you need to tell the bus driver you want to stop at Calabazo | It’s 10 min before Zaino
  • Cross the road and follow the short muddy path.
  • You will see one guard on a small chair
  • He will check your passport and maybe your bag
  • No video and no waiting line and probably no map. But I drew one for you 😉
  • It takes 3.5 hours to arrive at Cabo San Juan or Playa Brava

The first-hour hike is a bit steep but nothing that can’t be overcome. Most of the Colombians don’t like to walk. Use this advantage to be alone in the Parque Tayrona!

Calabazo opens at 6 am and closes around 2 pm

Path going to the beach in Tayrona
A path going to the beach in Tayrona

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Distances Between The Tayrona Park Highlights

Check the distance between the different highlights (+)

  • Time from Zaino entrance to Cañaveral: 8 min with the shuttle
  • Time from Cañaveral to Arrecife: 50 min
  • Time from Arrecife to La Piscina: 20 min
  • Time from La Piscina to Cabo San Juan: 30 min
  • Time from Cabo San Juan to the nudist beach: 15 min
  • Time from Cabo San Juan to Pueblito: less than 2 h
  • Time from Pueblito to Playa Brava: Around 1h30
  • Time from Calabazo to Pueblito: Around 2 h
  • Time from Calabazo to Playa Brava: Around 3 h
  • Time from Playa Brava to Cabo San Juan: Around 2.5 – 3 h
  • Time from Zaino Entrance to Cabo San Juan: Around 1h30
  • Time from EcoHabs to Cañaveral: Around 15 min

Where Are The Beaches In Tayrona National Park, Colombia

There are many options to get your butt tanned.

List of the Tayrona beaches (+)

  • Playa Brava: It’s a secluded beach where you can swim. But still, be careful in case of big waves
  • Nudist beach: Lovely beach with nobody around. It’s a good way to escape from the crowd in Cabo San Juan. And it’s maybe the occasion to swim naked!
  • Cabo San Juan: It’s beautiful. Big boulders surround 2 little bays. There is no current, and you can snorkel. However, it can be crowded on weekends and holidays. You should wake up early to enjoy it.
  • La piscina: Natural pool protected by many rocks. There are fewer people compared to Cabo San Juan, but there is no Campsite.
  • Arrecife: Beach where you can’t swim – It’s dangerous because of the currents and aggressive mermaids.

Read more: Full Explanation about the beaches in Tayrona

Where to stay in Tayrona National Park, Colombia

If you want to find a place to stay in Tayrona National Park, you have to be ready to sleep in a hammock (or tent).

Indeed, there is no hostel inside Tayrona National Natural Park.

I’m sure you will love the experience. The only reason why you should take one of the few expensive bungalows at the park entrance is that you’re on honeymoon.

Read more: Are you looking to go camping in Tayrona?

#1 Where to stay in Playa Brava

Teyumakke – | Hidden paradise & secluded beach

In Playa Brava, you can stay in Teyumakke.

The facilities are basics – don’t be surprised, you are in the middle of nowhere – but the food is good (and a bit expensive).

More information about it (+)

Send them an email to book your hammock in advance.

Or you can reserve on booking your private accommodation in Tayrona.

Email: [email protected]

You can swim in Playa Brava. However, you should be always cautious – More than 200 people died in Tayrona.

Prices for the accommodations in Playa Brava:
  • Hammock: Around 30 000 COP. They give you a mosquito net and a blanket.
  • Private cabin: Around 180 000 COP/pers for 2 people | Bad Bed mattress
  • Lunch or Dinner 30 000 COP with a juice
  • Breakfast: 20 000 COP

#2 Where to stay in Cabo San Juan, Tayrona

EDIT MAY 2018: You can book in advance your hammock for Cabo San Juan at the Zaino Entrance. It’s not the case at the Calabazo Entrance.

List of the price for 2019 (+)

  • Tent 1 pers: 40 000 COP
  • Tent 2 pers: 80 000 COP
  • If you bring your own tent: 20 000 COP / Pers
  • Private cabin: 200 000 COP / 2 pers | Only 2 cabins
  • Hammock near the camping zone: 40 000 COP
  • Hammock on the watchtower: 50 000 COP

The facilities are basics and there is a good restaurant – From 15 to 40 000 COP (Around 20 000 COP for Pasta). The sunset and sunrise are sensational.

Read: Mistakes to avoid on Cabo San Juan Beach

Cabo San Juan Tayrona Colombia

C] Where to stay in Arrecife

There are two campsites in Arrecife: Camping Dan Pedro and Yuluka.

There, you can choose between hammocks or tents.

More information about Arrecife (+)

The installations are very basics and hammocks are extremely close to each other. But, it’s a lot cheaper and less crowded than in Cabo San Juan. There is also a shop where you can buy food and beverages.

You don’t like hammocks? Book your room in the Ecohab located on the beach.

It’s expensive and the price doesn’t include the entrance ticket. But it looks gorgeous and you can sleep up to 5 pers in each cabin.

Prices accommodations in Arrecife:

  • Hammock: 15 000 COP
  • Cabin: 780 000 COP

#4 Where to stay in Cañaveral

There is one reason why you would like to sleep near the Zaino entrance.

You wanna sleep in the Tayrona Ecohabs.

This luxury hotel offers private cabins with a great view of the ocean. During your stay, you can decide to pay for different private tours or explore the park on your own.

There are all the facilities you need: Gourmet restaurant, spa, showers, etc.

Price: Ecohab Tayrona: Around 1 200 000 COP – up to 4 people

More things To Do In Tayrona National Park, Colombia

There are not only beaches in Tayrona National Park: 

  • Horse riding to go to the different beaches between Carñaveral and Cabo San Juan (40 000 COP)
  • Snorkeling at La Piscina and Cabo San Juan
  • Do the 9 Piedras trail (Big rocks with a hole in the middle) near Cañaveral. There is the best point of view of the Tayrona Colombia, and it’s not touristy at all! 

The Most Accurate Tayrona National Park Map

Map Tayrona Colombia Park

EDIT MARCH 2019: There is a new path from Playa Brava to Cabo San Juan: 2.5 hours. It’s steep!

How to plan your trip inside Tayrona National Park

Excited to go to Tayrona National Park in Colombia? Would you like to add it to your 1-week itinerary?


Now, it’s time to decide how long you would like to stay.

1-day Trip in Tayrona National Park (+)

  • Sleep in a hotel in Santa Marta the night before
  • Leave around 6h30 – 7h00 am to catch a bus on the road.
  • Stop at the Zaino entrance
  • Hike to Cabo San Juan
  • Have lunch in Cabo and enjoy the surrounding (La piscina, the beaches).
  • Take the boat at Cabo direction Taganga around 4 pm.
  • Then, take a cab to your hotel in Santa Marta – Around 20 min.

2-day Trip in Tayrona National Park (+)

  • Day 1: Start early your hike from Calabazo entrance
  • Hike to Playa Brava and chill
  • Day 2: Wake up early and hike to Cabo San Juan. Have lunch there and leave in the direction of the Zaino around 3 pm – Thus, you will arrive before the nightfall
  • The 2nd is a long day hike.

3-day Trip in Tayrona National Park (+)

  • Day 1: Start early from Calabazo entrance
  • Hike to Playa Brava and stay overnight.
  • Day 2: Wake up early and hike Playa Brava to Cabo San Juan. Book your hammock
  • Day 3: Hang out inside the park. If you’re not too tired, you can hike the 9 Piedras trail (Around 1 hour)
  • Leave in the direction of El Zaino
Beaches Tayrona Park

Where To Go After The National Park, Colombia

Frequent Questions About Tayrona National Natural Park, Colombia

Read the answers to the common questions about Tayrona (+)

Should I book a Tayrona National Park tour?
There is no interest to book a Tayrona National Park tour. The hikes are easy, and the trails are well indicated. 

If you want to make it easier, you can book a boat from Taganga or ride a horse from the Zaino Entrance. 

Any idea of how safe/secure the hammock option is?
There are few lockers in Cabo San Juan. Otherwise, you should always keep your valuables with you in a small bag or give them to someone.

Were there cooking facilities at Cabo San Juan?
No. There are some in Arrecife (bonfire).

If we have a rental car can we drive into the park all the way to the campsite?
No. You will have to stop at Carñaveral.

Can we reserve/book in advance?
Yes, there is a counter at the Zaino entrance where you can book your hammock in Cabo San Juan before entering in Tayrona National park.

Do hammocks in the Cabo San Juan campsite have mosquito nets?
Yes. But, take some repellent and wear long sleeves at night.

Do I need mosquito repellent?

Do I have to take Malaria pills?
In my opinion, no. But I recommend being vaccinated against the Yellow Fever.

Is it possible to visit Tayrona National Park in one day only?
Yes, if you start very early. But it will be a long day, and you will not appreciate the park.

Is it difficult to hike in Tayrona National Park?
Not really. The climate can make it exhausting because it’s hot and humid. You should take your runners and some water. You will cool down in the ocean!

How to avoid tourists?
Use the Calabazo entrance and don’t go to Tayrona National park during the weekend and Colombian holidays

Do I need my yellow fever proof?
It can be asked at the entrance

Can I bring alcohol?
No, they will check your bag at the entrance

Can I let my big backpack at the entrance?

Yes, at the Zaino entrance

My 2 cents about Tayrona Natural National Park

In my opinion, Tayrona National Natural Park is a highlight on the Caribbean coast if you’re doing it well. There are interesting wildlife, beautiful nature and gorgeous beaches.

You should avoid weekends and Public holidays. The crowded part will always be Cabo San Juan, but you just have to walk 15 min more to find a quiet spot.

The entrance fee is expensive – compared to other prices in Colombia – but you can stay as long as you want. This is why I recommend you to stay for more than 1 day. It’s a perfect place to hike for 2 or 3 days. It’s an easy trail, you can buy food and water, and there are many accommodations. Be ready to sleep in a hammock.

Also, your experience will be better if you start hiking from Calabazo entrance. Yes, it’s steeper and longer, but there is a high chance that you will be alone on the trail. I think it’s a no-brainer decision. 

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