Colombia Travel Blog: The full list (2020)

Colombia Travel Blog: The full list (2020)

Consulting a Colombia travel blog is a great way to get inspired and find resourceful information about Colombia.

They give lots of travel tips about the latest Colombian destinations and how to improve your Colombia Itinerary.

It’s actually a lot better than all the guidebooks written by Lonely Planet, Guide du Routard or Moon.

They are sometimes much better than all the guides written by Lonely Planet, le Guide du Routard or Moon which can be quickly outdated in their information in a country that moves as fast as Colombia.
In addition, many wonderful but less touristy destinations may not be included when they are mentioned by experts in the country.

However, you shouldn’t rely on just one website – Except ours 😀.

  • Data are maybe outdated
  • Your tastes can be different from the writer

To help you out in your research of information, I’ve listed my favorite Colombia travel blog.

Tomplanmytrip: Plan the perfect trip

Colombia travel blog

Logo TPMT 3

Yes, Tomplanmytrip is our travel website. We fell in love with Colombia in 2016 and we quickly realized the lack of information about this country – Although nowadays things are improving.

We aim to help travelers to create different Colombia itineraries. We don’t want our readers to follow the same paths. Colombia is a vast country and possibilities are endless. Moreover, we try to convince travelers to slow down. For us, experiences are better than selfies.

We built our Colombia travel blog in a way that makes it easy for you to organize your trip.

Start here if you want to start planning your trip

Colombia Insider: Travel stress-free

Colombia travel blog

Colombia Insider is our travel service to create Colombia itineraries from scratch. Moreover, you can get a lot of resourceful information without paying for our services!

Use the filter on our page “experience” to find all the activities you can do in a place.

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Travelgrafia: Tons of tips

Colombia travel blog

I love the post written by Travelgrafia. They find interesting topics like “Best glamping”, “Best pictures of Colombia in 2019” and they write about unknown places. Moreover, they always use amazing pictures!

They wrote in Spanish and English.

Website: Travelgrafia

Chipviajero: shoestring budgets

Colombia travel blog

Jonathan and Lizeth have been in many places in Colombia. They write practical travel guides to help travelers to get in each destination without spending too much money.

Find also lots of information about hotels & restaurants.

Website: Chipviajero

The Unconventional route: Medellin & Pacific

Chris and Kim is an adorable Canadian couple who lived for 6 months in Colombia.

Like many other long-term travelers, they don’t want to be like everyone else and get the be-an-adult-and-work-and-die life. They are always looking for new experiences and off the beaten path activities. You will find a lot of good articles about hikes around Medellin and the Pacific coast.

Their website is clear and I’m a big fan of their writing style.

Website: The unconventional route

Pacific Coast Hammock Colombia Travel blog
Guachalito – Pacific coast

Along dusty roads: Gorgeous pictures

Andrew and Emily sold everything to live from their passion: travels & Photographies. After 2 years in South America, they began to become famous and make a living from their website.

They liked Colombia so much that they’ve decided to travel there a 2nd time.

They always try to keep their content updated and their pictures are fantastic. It’s a great Colombia travel blog to be inspired for your next trip.

Website: Along dusty roads

Mon voyage en Colombie: French

Colombia travel blog

Samuel and Angelica are a friendly French-Colombian couple who, like us, helps travelers to plan their trip to Colombia. They advocate tourism sustainable and write about local travel agencies. Moreover, articles are always updates thanks to their many contacts in the country.

This travel blog is only about Colombia and you’ll find plenty of useful information. Learn French or use Google Translate :D.

Website: Mon voyage en Colombie

Medellin Guru: Great Medellin tips

Colombia travel blog

Jeff and other fellows travel writers give lots of amazing travel tips about the city of eternal spring.

Through this Colombia travel blog about Medellin, learn about the best restaurants, bars and day trips. Moreover, Jeff helps every year tens of new expats to settle in Medellin. You will find resourceful information about retirement and relocation tips.

Website: Medellin Guru

Moravia district in Medellin
Moravia – Medellin

Cartagena Explorer: Great Cartagena tips

Colombia travel blog

Adam has been living in Cartagena since 2012 and he won’t leave any time soon. He loves sharing about his travel adventures in the Walled City. Don’t hesitate to read his Colombia travel guide before coming to Cartagena.

Website: Cartagena Explorer

Cali Adventure: Great Cali tips

Colombia travel blog

Patrick is one of the owners of Lifeafar – they provide furnished apartments – and he lives in Cali.

I love Cali, and I’m surprised to see how many travelers don’t even consider to add it to their Colombia itinerary.

Thanks to Patrick, you will know all the Cali’s hidden gems.

Website: Cali adventurer

Bogotastic: Bogota travel tips

Colombia travel blog

Jade is an expat who describes Colombia the way she sees it. There is no happy ending and bull-shitting. She loves writing about her cultural experiences and give tips to help other travelers to settle in Colombia.

Through her Colombia travel blog, find out many trip ideas to explore the region around Bogota!

Website: Bogotastic

Lagoons in the National park Chingaza

Flavors of Bogota: Coffee and food

Karen is a joyful coffee expert who is in love with Colombia. Through her blog, she gives lots of tips about food and coffee! She even published a book about it!

Her writing style is smooth and you will devour her articles.

Ps: Don’t hesitate to book her tours to decide how you like your coffee.

Website: Flavors of Bogota

Colombia Calling Radio: Podcast

Everything in Colombia is complex… history, politics, food, safety, social marginalization…

Fortunately, the Anglo Canadian Richard McColl clarifies many interesting topics with its podcasts. Don’t hesitate to download them so you can listen to them while driving to your job. It’s ideal to improve your knowledge of Colombia.

Website: Richard McColl

How to Bogota: Expat Blog for the capital

Naomi is a freelance content marketing writer who came to Colombia for love. Bogota is huge and can be quite overwhelming. You need to understand it to start liking it.

Naomi helps you out with this.

Her blog is perfect for people who want to explore or settle in the capital.

Website: How to Bogota

Coffee Axis Travel: Coffee region

Colombia travel blog

Erin has been living and working in Colombia since 2012, in Caldas, one of the 3 departments in the coffee region.

She tells the story of life and travels in Colombia through creativity, open-minded philosophies and an artistic approach to blogging.

Recently, she also owns another travel website called Open mind travelers.

Website: Coffee Axis Travel

Buenavista View Colombia Travel Blog Coffee Region
View in Buenavista

Desk to Dirt Bag: Backpackers

Ryan explains to his readers how to travel cheaper, live better, and embrace the “buy less, do more” mantra.

He lived in Medellin and stayed over three years in total, traveling everywhere with its truck. As you can understand, Ryan knows Colombia pretty well.

Read his blog to explore Colombia on a shoestring budget.

Website: Desktodirtbag

Laidback trip: Colombia stories & travel tips

Lucie and Martin wrote some awesome and recent articles about Colombia. They always put a lot of effort to create practical travel guides about their travel adventure. Besides, they take amazing pictures!

Check out their website to find some inspirations and recommendations.

Website: Laidback trip

Youtube Channels about Colombia

  • Sam is an adventurer and a businessman who fell in love with Colombia. Explore the country on his motorbike!
  • Zack is a funny guy who loves doing pranks and creates entertaining videos.
  • Veni, Qué hay pa’ hacer create awesome travel guide videos to discover off the beaten places. In Spanish.

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