How To Book a Cheap Flight To Colombia (with Example!)

How To Book a Cheap Flight To Colombia (with Example!)

Like everyone, we all desire a cheap flight to Colombia. And most of us are using the different booking flights websites like Skyscanner or Kayak to get a cheap one.

However, there is a logic and some concepts to master before finding the Holy Grail.

Illustration cheap flight to Colombia

As my purpose is to have the best Colombia travel blog 2018 [Yep, I anticipate a little], I’ve written the ultimate guide to help you to book a cheap flight to Colombia.

Table of contents

  1. Prelude: 4 basics concepts you should be aware
  2. 1st step: Google flight
  3. 2nd step: Hopper and Kiwi
  4. 3rd step: Momondo, Skyscanner, Kayak, and Jetradar
  5. The key points
  6. Pin me

Prelude: 4 basics concepts you should be aware

Concept 1: Say yes to shitty flights

Everyone loves cheap flight tickets. The problem is nobody likes shitty flights.

But now buddy, I’m asking you one question: Do you prefer to spend 200/300$ more to have a direct flight at 10 am?


Do you prefer to take the flight at 6 am,  have a layover of 4 hours before taking another plane and spend the 200/300 $ saved in alcohol extra activities?

Like diving in the Caribbean sea, paragliding above Chicamocha Canyon, Trekking 5 days to the Lost City, take one week of Spanish lessons, doing a non-stop party weekend in Medellin, etc.

I’m not asking you to be happy to take a shitty flight, but you just don’t care. You’re saving 200/300 $ if you travel alone. But Imagine if you’re a family with 4 persons? Yes, it’s 1 200 $ you can save.

Important: you should always check if you have enough time with the layover if it’s not the same airline companies [As they have no obligation to find you another flight if you miss your correspondence because of a delay with the 1st flight]. It’s especially the case with the USA (boring immigration system).

I would say 2 hours minimum for a layover and 3 hours minimum if it’s in the USA.

Concept 2: Travel to Colombia during the low tourist season

It can be complicated if you have kids. Otherwise, you have no excuse. Remember, there are two summer vacations in the world:

  • End of June to End of August [USA, Europe, Canada]
  • Mid-December to End of January [Australia, South America]

To get a better price, you should avoid traveling during this period in Colombia. However, if you’re from Europe, it’s possible to get a cheap flight to Colombia in January and vice versa for the Americans

Concept 3: Be flexible

To get a cheap flight to Colombia [like everywhere else], you should fly on a weekday (Best are Tuesday and Wednesday generally). Keep that in mind when you start your research.

Also, if you take an internal flight to Colombia, you should always be aware of the public holidays [The prices increase]. You have the list here

I know it can be a little complicated with your job, but the price difference can be huge! Stop doing like everyone else, be smarter.

Concept 4: Navigate Incognito

Did you hear about the cookies?

Not this one

They are little text files following you everywhere on the internet. In this files, there is your “Internet Profil” [Browser history, how many times did you come on this page, etc.]. It’s handy for the marketers, as they can retarget their potential customers. [Yep like the ads you see on your Facebook or Google side]

Unfortunately, some websites use them to increase the prices of their products every time you come back to their page. It’s mostly the case of the flight booking websites.

By this way, they push you to buy quicker (As you’re scared the price could increase again)

To be protected from this evil technique, you just have to open EVERY TIME a new window with the incognito mode (in case you are using Google Chrome) when you’re looking for flight tickets. [It’s Private Browsing for Safari and Internet Explorer; It’s new private window for Mozilla]

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 Method to get a cheap flight to Colombia

I’m going to take my hometown as an example. I’m living in a small town named Prades [France], a secret place only famous for its Macdonald. However, it has a great location between the Pyrenees, the Mediterranean Sea and the border with Spain.

I love to think about my plans at the last minute. I wish to leave the next month (October) to Colombia. I’m always doing more or less 3 weeks to coincide with my different itineraries for Colombia

Simulation has been done on Wednesday, September 6, 2017.

1) We use Google flights

Google flight is necessary to help us to have a cheap flight to Colombia. It will give us a general idea of where it’s cheaper to take off, land in and for what dates.

a) The discover destination mode (on the main page of google flights)

Where it’s cheaper to Takeoff

First, we want to check where it’s cheaper to take off to go to Colombia. For this reason, I’m gonna say to Google that I’m leaving the capital of Colombia to go to France.

Yep, I’m doing the research backward.

For me, it could be interesting to leave from Barcelona, Paris or London. I know I have to pay more or less 80 euros more to get to London or Paris [in comparison with Barcelona]. So I should consider that too.

TIP: Always take into consideration the cost to get to the airport[/box]

Anyway, the flight is cheaper from Barcelona, so it’s perfect for me. [Image A]

Where it’s cheaper to Land in

Now, I need to know where it’s cheaper to land in. I’m still using the discover destination mode, and I’m doing the simulations with Barcelona and Paris [as 2nd choice]

The result confirms it’s cheaper to land in Bogota [Image B & C]

Google flight Cheap flight to Colombia

b) The calendar function to find the best dates

Once you’ve written the departure and the arrival, you can select the dates. The advantage with Google flights is that you can have an overlook about the best prices for this trip [Barcelona – Bogota in our case]

The goal is to get the green prices. They indicate which days are the best to leave and come back.

Perfect days google flights cheap flight to Colombia

For us, we can plan 3 weeks from the 4th to the 25th.

Most of the time, google flights never finds the best prices, but it’s perfect to find the places and the dates.

We should still have a look at the different flight it proposes us.

Flights on Google flights Cheap flight To Colombia

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2) We double Check with Hopper and Kiwi

As we want to get a cheap flight to Colombia, it’s better to double check with other booking flight tools.

a) Kiwi, the specialist in long-haul flights

Kiwi has a great algorithm to find the cheapest way for the long haul flights. It means it gonna mix all the airline companies to try to find the best flight combinations.

Indeed, it can be cheaper to book 2 or 3 different flights yourself than paying a “flight package.” However, it’s only interesting if you’re traveling in one way as round trips are always a lot cheaper than 2 “one way.”

With Kiwi, we are checking:

  • A first estimation of the price
  • If we have the best dates.

Kiwi Check Cheap flight to Colombia

You can notice that [Image A] the flight return on the 24th is still the best option.

We have a flight for 609 Euros [With a long Layover, 17 hours in Frankfurt, Image B]. Take this occasion to visit the city by night [Beers and Brezels!!!].

We check the departure from Paris [Image C] again. It’s more expensive 686 Euros, and we still have to pay our train or flight ticket to go to Paris.

b) Hopper, the app which tells you when you should buy your flight ticket

The definition of Hopper on their website: Since Hopper launched, our data-science team has collected a huge historical archive of trillions of flight prices. We analyze that data to share with our users through insightful predictions that consistently perform with 95% accuracy.

It means they can predict when the price of your flight ticket should increase or decrease thanks to the Big data

We launch the application, and we fill in the form with the dates 04/10 and 24/10

Hopper simulation Cheap flight to Colombia

In the image A, we remark that once again, we have a green date.

In the image B, Hopper tells us that we can wait until the 17th (maximum) because maybe we can get a lower price The best price we have with Hopper, for now, is 645 Euros and it thinks we can save maybe 48 Euros more. (645 – 48 = 597). We had 609$ with Kiwi. In my opinion, I will not wait as we only have one month left.

But you can set up an alert in case you want to be informed of the price evolution.

It’s always useful to check again with Hopper if we have the best dates and cities [Image C]

It confirms we have the best cities, but we could save 26 Euros [Image D] if we are leaving on the 5th. It’s still more expensive than Kiwi but let’s check

Hopper simulation 2 cheap flight to Colombia

Now, Hopper advises us to book our flight immediately (it makes more sense). We should check the dates for the 4th and the 5th for the last step.

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3) Let’s buy a cheap flight to Colombia

There are 4 flight booking websites you should check to increase your chance to have a cheap flight to Colombia.


It’s my favorite, and they usually have the best prices.

Momondo cheap flight to Colombia

I want to book my flight  with Momondo

We get a great price! It’s 519 EUROS :). We have a long layover with the outbound flight [Free day in Frankfurt!]

We have two different airlines companies for our return flight, and it’s in the USA. But there is enough time for the layover (more than 3 hours)

I also did a simulation for the 5th (following the advice from Hopper), but it’s the same price and same flight [Image B].


Skyscanner cheap flight to Colombia

The flights are more expensive [Image A]. However, We realize the flight is passing by Paris. So maybe we can have a lower price if you do another simulation with Paris on Skyscanner [Image B]

Unfortunately, it’s still more expensive this time.


Kayak cheap flight to Colombia

It’s the same result than with Skyscanner. It’s more expensive than the flight found by Momondo.


Jetradar found the same flight than Momondo, but it’s a little more expensive.

Our cheap flight to Colombia is from Barcelona (04/10/2017) to Bogota (25/10/2017), and we should book it with Momondo for only 519 EUROS

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The key points to book a cheap flight to Colombia

  • Say Yes to shitty flights
  • Travel during the low tourist season
  • Be flexible with your dates
  • Navigate Incognito [With your brower]
  • Select the cities and the dates with Google flights
  • Double check with Hopper and Kiwi
  • Compare the prices with Momondo, Skyscanner, Kayak, and Jetdradar


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How to book a cheap flight to Colombia

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