[ITINERARY] Best Trip To Colombia For Mr. Sociable Traveler (3/3 Leticia and Bogota)

[ITINERARY] Best Trip To Colombia For Mr. Sociable Traveler (3/3 Leticia and Bogota)
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It’s not easy to plan the best trip to Colombia. Everyone is different and has various expectations about it.

To help everyone to make the best choices, I’ve decided to create 11 itineraries of 20 nights each. They all are different depending on the personality of the traveler.

Today, we are with Mr. sociable traveler. He is doing the last week of his best trip to Colombia.

Is it the first time you see this title? It means that you’ve missed two episodes – Don’t be sad, you can read it here: First week best trip to Colombia Mr. Sociable Traveler 🙂

And here the Second week of Mr. Sociable in Colombia

Mr. Sociable: I Want An Entertaining Best Trip To Colombia Where I Can Meet People And Monkeys (Episode 3)

You have met many travelers but 0 monkeys yet – Except some hairy dudes. It’s time to be a little more adventurous for this best trip to Colombia. Let’s go to the Amazonas!!!


Table of contents

    1. Day 15: On the way to Leticia
    2. Day 16: Leticia and Tanimboca Reserve
    3. Day 17: Leticia and a Parque Ecologico
    4. Day 18: Puerto Nariño
    5. Day 19: Puerto Nariño and the Tarapoto Laguna
    6. Day 20: One last night in Bogota
    7. Day 21: The End
    8. Conclusion


Vamos a Leticia to look for Mowgli!


DAY 15: I believe I can fly – And I hope I will

Ok, today it’s an early wake up because you need to take a flight from Armenia to Bogota then another one to Leticia. You say bye to the horse keeper – Yep, I said horse – and wait for the jeep on the road. As usual, they are late.

Sunset over the Amazon in Leticia
Sunset over the Amazon in Leticia

Within the last 2 weeks, you’ve learned something. Time is not as much important as you think – especially for 5 minutes – however, it’s still fu***ng matter when you have to catch a flight.

The night before you asked to book a taxi to Armenia’s airport in Salento or to Gabriel directly. It’s a little bit expensive, but it’s the easiest way to catch an early flight. And you don’t want to miss it!!!

Ah, I’ve forgotten to give you the schedule. Are you ready to hate me?

You have to move early as all the flights going to Leticia leave from Bogota. And the last departure from the capital is around midday.

On Momondo – my favorite booking flight website, did you read my method to get a cheap flight to Colombia? – There is a flight leaving at 08h10 AM.

As Salento is 1 hour away from the airport and you need to be there 2 hours before your departure, I would advise you to leave around 5 AM.

Your flight is with Avianca (which is not a low-cost airline company), and they allow you one hand luggage, and one checked luggage with no extra fees – Oh yeah!

Once you have passed the security gates at the airport, you are free to let your imagination wander. You should arrive around 2h00 PM.

Did you remark that Colombia is one of the only countries where the guards are smiling at you? It’s nice not to be considered as a terrorist who hopes to avoid an nth anal search.

Security airport best trip to Colombia

You should also check if you have:

  • Enough repellent to fight against an army of mosquitos
  • Plastic bags to protect your day bag when you will take the boats

The roadmap

  • 5 AM: Taxi from Yambolombia to Armenia’s Airport – Around 80 000 COP (27$) / 1 hour
  • 8h10 AM: Flight to Bogota – 320 000 COP (105$ – In total) / 1 hour
  • 12h00 AM: Flight to Leticia / 2 hours
  • 2h09 PM: Land in Leticia

During the flight, you observe the green sea from the window. The plane slowly begins to descend. There is a “plop” in your ears, and you feel a little weight in your chest until the final bump of the plane on the airfield.

Amazonas from the sky
Source: Wikimedia

Here you are, here is Leticia.

Quickly you realize the difference in climate – It’s warm, humid and sweaty- in comparison with the aircon of the plane. You avoid all the tour sellers, pay your tax entrance30 000 COP (10$) – and take a taxi20 000 COP (7$) – to go to your new hostel.

There are some good hostels in Leticia. Even Fulano Backpacker has opened one recently. Unfortunately, it’s the little bit outside of town, and you prefer to be near the center this time – Moreover you will save money on the transport as everything is more expensive in Leticia.

I recommend you Leticia guest house (or Leticia Casa de Huespedes) because it’s only 10 min away from the “noisy” center. The staff is excellent, the beers are cheap, and you can jump into the pool after a long day trip in the jungle. You will see, your sweaty body will appreciate the gesture.

My choice for this best trip to Colombia: Leticia guest house – 30 000 COP (10$) for a night in Dorm.

Find Out The Best Prices

Drop your bag and relax in the pool with a beer after this exhausting day spent in the transport. Now you have plenty of time to relax.

TIPS about the seasons:

  • December to May – The river level is rising. More chance to be wet but boats can go everywhere
  • June to November – The river level is decreasing – Summer from September to November, it’s more complicated to take the boat
River boat on the Amazon -Leticia in Colombia
Speedboat on the Amazon


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DAY 16: I want to learn more about the Jungle and find Mowgli

Did you remark that I’m very interested in Mowgli? Yes, I can be very obstinate.

You wake up with the noise of the jungle – more appreciable than the horrible alarm telling you to go to work – and you take a delicious breakfast.

Today is an adventure day.

You can book many tours in Leticia. However, you don’t have to take one. You will save money and will have as much luck to observe the wildlife by doing it by yourself. And you’re an adventurer today, so you prefer to explore with only your dick and knife (french expression) and be eaten by a Lion – It was a test, there are no lions.

If you don’t trust me – you suck -, I advise you to book a tour with a respectful tour operator. They’re considering more the environment and the wildlife, they have real insurance, and there is a higher chance for you to survive. The average price is around 350 000 COP (115$) per day each for a small group (4 persons) – Accommodation, foods, and transport included. I advise you to book with Amazonas Jungle tour operator.


Tanimboca Reserve

Ask at the reception where you can catch the public bus to get to Tanimboca. The reserve is 11 km away from Leticia – up north- and it will cost you around 2500 COP (<1$). Take a small bag with water, snacks, and repellent.

I let you watch the promotional video. I’m a big fan of the acting performance during the first 20 seconds

Tanimboca is a vast reserve where it’s possible to do plenty of activities like kayaking, climbing, canopying, rappelling, bling bling.

There is also a hotel where you can sleep inside some cabanas in the trees.

TIP: Interested? Here is the link for the different packages.

At the entrance, they explain you the rules, the policy and they give you a guide. He will accompany you during the next 5-6 hours. They are friendly, and you can ask all the questions you want about the indigenous, fauna and flora. Look around you to find monkeys, birds, and snakes!

After a walk through the reserve, the adventure starts. Be ready to climb huge trees. At the top, you will realize how thick is the forest.

Jumping from tree to tree during the canopy activity, Mowgli is unfortunately missing. But you still have lots of fun – Climbing tree or throwing rocks are activities that can’t be boring anyway.

The last sports event, the kayaking, leads you to a restaurant where you can devour your grilled fish brought on banana leaves. Then, it’s time for a nap before going back to the entrance.

Some information:

  • Opening hours: 8 am to 5 pm – Better to do it in the morning to have lunch not too late
  • Entrance + all the activities + guide + lunch: 130 000 COP (43$)
  • Time: 5-6 hours
  • Address: Km 11

The refreshing liquid is enveloping all your body, your corporal temperature is cooling down, and there is a stupid happy smile on your face. Yes, you guess right, you’ve jumped in the swimming pool of Leticia Guesthouse.


Santander Park

There is a great activity to do every evening. It’s going to the Santander Park for the sunset.

Once the sun starts going down, you will see appearing 1, 2, 10, 100, thousands of parrots coming back to the park for the night. They’re able to hide the sky by their numbers.

TIP: If you arrive early, you can go to the top of the church for 2-3 000 COP (1$). It’s even more impressive.

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DAY 17: I want to learn about the indigenous culture


Parque Ecologico Mundo Amazonico

As you know, recycling and the protection of the environment are not always a priority for South American countries (Colombia is making lots of efforts now as the tourism increases very fast). Do you imagine to be in a place lost in the Amazonas, where there is no “easy” solution?

But things are evolving pretty well in Leticia. They’ve even opened a natural reserve to educate the people about the environment.

The Ecologico Mundo Amazonico Park has five trails, each one with a different theme. Take the same public bus than yesterday but stop at km 7.

I know there is a little hippy traveler in your soul who should enjoy it. Each trail is independent, costs 10 000 COP, and you need 1 hour more or less. The staff is friendly and fluent in English.

I give you the five trails to do – If humidity doesn’t kill you first. Don’t hesitate to have a break with a delicious lunch for 20 000 COP.

Botanic garden: They show you all the medicinal plants -Do you have diarrhea?- that the natives use.

Amazonas Products: Amazonas is a big green supermarket when you know where to find products. Locals are making marmalade, sweeties, beverages…

Traditional house: Take the time machine with Marty Mc Fly and learn about the indigenous culture. Visit a Maloca, play with different instruments and learn how to shoot with a bow!

Fish of the Amazon: Tomorrow, you will jump in the brownish water of the river. You should have a look at the future friends you could meet.

The jungle tour: It’s similar to the one you did yesterday. But it’s the occasion to observe more animals.

With the last 2 days, I guess you’re becoming a little Mowgli now! Perfect, it’s time to test your skills by traveling to another village, swim with pink dolphins and fish piranhas.

On the way to your new destination, it’s possible to make a stop on monkey’s island (Isla de Los Micos). Do you want to go? Buy your ticket today in Leticia. It’s 30 000 COP (10$).

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Leticia by night

Puerto Nariño, where the traveler can be a monkey whisperer


Day 18: Puerto Nariño, Colombia’s green lungs

Early in the morning, say goodbye to the clear blue water of the pool. Now it’s time to stop being a princess and jump into the mysterious brown river’s water. Let your big backpack at the hostel and take only your day bag with plastic bags, sunscreen, repellent – I should stop being your mother.

Go near the river and find a speedboat to start your new adventure through the Amazonas. Today you are going to the 2nd biggest town in the department – With only 3000 inhabitants -, People can’t drive cars or scooters, and they live in harmony with nature around them. Let’s go direction Puerto Nariño!

Animals in the Amazonas Colombia

On the way, you can stop at Isla de Los Minos, to have fun with squirrel monkeys. They love tourists. The guides put some bananas on you, and the monkeys jump to get the food. In the end, you look like a  giant smashed uncooked plantain. It’s fun, but it’s not something you HAVE to do. There are plenty of monkeys where you will be tonight. 😉


  • Leticia to Isla de Los Minos: 45 min
  • Isla to Puerto Nariño: 1 hour

Price: 30 000 COP (10$), if you don’t stop at Isla de Los Minos

Once you arrive, you realize how peaceful is the place. And there is even better! Buy some foods and go in the direction of the best hostel in the Amazonas.

Imagine a place in nature, where your alarm is the sounds of the jungle a little before sunrise. Everything is green and peaceful around you, and there is no noise pollution. Suddenly a parrot lands few meters away from you, and a squirrel monkey jumps on your back and starts playing with you. It’s a young male full of energy but at the end, exhausted, he collapses on your knees to sleep.

Ok, do you have this picture in mind? It’s possible to realize this dream by going to the hostel Alto de Aguila. The rooms are simple, cheap and the surrounding is amazing.

My choice for this best trip to Colombia: Alto de Aguila – Around 30 000 COP (10$) for a private room

At sunset, go to the mirador for another unforgettable memory of the sun vanishing in the green ocean.

Chris from See Colombia loves Perto Nariño and alto de Aguila too!

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DAY 19: Be Mowgli

How was your natural wake up? Pretty wild, isn’t it?

You know the plants, the animals, the jungle. From now on, the Amazonas is your playground! But we gonna take a tour (just in case ^^).

In Alto de Aguila, you can easily contact local guides to have a tour of the area. You want to discover the Laguna Tarapoto. The tour costs around 70 000 COP (23$) and lasts 3 hours.

It’s a lovely place where you can observe pink dolphins – Did you see how ugly they are?- and gray dolphins. If the guide authorizes you, you can jump in the river. Yes, piranhas live there too, but they only attack humans in the movie or if you’re bleeding.

Fishing piranhas Best trip to Colombia

Do you know the pink dolphins eat them?

It’s possible to fish -Not the dolphins, I’m not a monster- thanks to a simple technique. You take a wood stick and create a fish line with nylon and a big hook.

By adding any kind of meat – the thumbs of your girlfriend is she is complaining once again about her hair-, you can fish an impressive quantity of piranhas. It’s not easy in the beginning, but we catch the gesture quite fast. Then, it’s time to grill them!!

Take a last nap with the squirrel monkeys then take a boat back to Leticia.

Cry in the swimming pool. Thus, nobody can see your tears. Or forget your sorrow with beers. Tomorrow you will leave the Amazonas for one last night in the capital before your final departure.

Don’t want to go back home yet?

You can pursue your adventure to Peru. In Leticia, jump into a fast boat in the direction of Iquitos. But don’t forget to stamp out first 😉

Did you have fun in the Amazonas during this best trip to Colombia? Mi Viaje did a great reporting job with 4 articles (In Spanish) about Leticia and Puerto Nariño. You should check this out here!

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View above puerto Narino
Puerto Nariño

Let’s be crazy in Bogota one last time.


DAY 20: I want to try the best club in the capital

On your way to the airport – you don’t need to arrive 2 hours in advance this time -, you give one last look at the jungle around you. Ciao parrots and squirrel monkeys, Ciao swimming pool and Adios mosquitos!

The plane is already there on the aircraft, and in a few hours, you will be in the Capital. I don’t know what you think about it, but I love going back to the same hostels. There is a home feeling as you already know the staff, the address and the district around.

And, it’s the best way to forget Pacho, the squirrel monkey who fell asleep on your knees in Puerto Nariño.

You catch a taxi or an Uber at the airport and you find a hostel in the Chapinero district.

Flight Leticia – Bogota:  150 000 COP (50$) / 2 hours

Departure: 11h58 AM

If you travel alone, you have the afternoon to meet people. Invite them to play billiard, buy them a beer, Use Couchsurfing, travel buddy or Tinder. You need to find some pals; you go out tonight.

Here is a list of bars you can check out around your hostel

Fulano Backpacker

First, check if something is happening at the hostel. Nothing is better than live music.

El Ingles

Yep, it’s a British bar. I know you are in Colombia, but you have to admit English have a solid reputation for craft beers and it should be perfect to start your bar crawl. It’s 1 min away from Fulano

Bogota Beer Company

Before leaving, You have to honor the Colombian beer. They’ve opened a pub at  El Parque 93 recently. I believe there is a happy hour from 12 AM to 7 PM.

Yumi Yumi

Be ready to do “Glou Glou” in this bar where the happy hour is king on Saturday (Until 9h30 pm and until 6h30 pm for the other nights). And cocktails are fantastic!!!

Parque 93 (Zona Rosa)

As I told you last time, the trendy place to go out in Bogota is la Zona Rosa. Good restaurants and fancy bars, if you want to explode your wallet – French expression – with your last Colombian pesos, it’s the perfect area.

To achieve this sublime night, I advice to party in the biggest club in Bogota. 4 floors, 13 rooms with different ambiances, good music and open bar until 2 am. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m very honored to introduce you Mr. Night Club Theatron!!!


It’s in Chapinero South, and the entrance fee is 45 000 COP (15$). You have access to the bar for free until 2 am. After that, you have to pay for your beverages. As every best club in the world, it’s a gay club. But straight people are more than welcome, and there are different rooms! There is even a strip club, and you can buy fast food directly in the club.

The dress code is strict. You have to say goodbye to your favorite singlet and flip-flop for the night.

Pub crawl Bogota Best trip to Colombia

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Day 21: Hangover, tears, and flight return

I hope you’ve set your alarm yesterday night. Fortunately, there is only one airport so you can’t make a mistake.

Believe me. It can happen ;). Two years ago, a couple of friends came to visit me in Argentina. At the end of their backpack adventure, we decided to celebrate our great two weeks with a pub crawl in the Tango’s Capital.

Their return flight was at 9 am. We choose the only decision that any grown men would have taken – “Let’s do party all night, you will sleep at the airport.”

Crazy night, lots of fun, secret pictures of my phone. We came back to the hostel drunk, exhausted, and we fell to sleep on the couch. I bet you have guessed the end of the story.

The alarm rang, rang and rang again. 1 hours later, they wake up in a hurry, run to the taxi and ask in broken Spanish to go to the airport.

Unfortunately, there are two airports in Buenos Aires, and they arrived at the wrong one. Bye bye flight!

Don’t be sad for them; they managed to get another one for free – Yep, they are lucky fellows.

My last advice for this best trip to Colombia:

If you decide to go out and sleep at the terminal, don’t take a nap at 5 am and check how many airports there are.

Rain Forest

Recap: One of the best trip to Colombia for Mr. Sociable Traveler

It’s the end of your adventure; I hope you had lots of fun for this last week. We didn’t find Mowgli but many squirrel monkeys, parrots, and pink dolphins. And you have learned a lot about nature. Who knows, maybe the end of the world is close, and you will be able to survive longer in a Walking dead scenario – You’re welcome.


  • 4 nights

Average budget per person:

  • Accommodations: 40 $
  • Transport (Included Taxi): 190 $
  • Activities: 65 $

Total: 295 $

Puerto Narino

  • 1 night

Average budget per person:

  • Accommodation: 10 $
  • Transport (Included Taxi): 20 $
  • Activities: 35 $

Total: 65 $


  • 1 night

Average Budget per person:

  • Accommodation: 10 $
  • Transport (Included Taxi): 15 $
  • Activities (Pub crawl + Night club): 40 $

Total: 65 $

Total 3rd Week: 425 $

Every time, I consider you have found some friends to share the taxi 


During this 3 weeks, I’ve tried to give you a mix of small colonial villages and big cities, crazy parties and chill hammock sessions, social events, and exploration in the jungle.

Colombia is a remarkable country with many different landscapes and places to go. I know that you want to travel everywhere. But, you will spend almost half your time and money on the transports.

Is it not better to focus on 2-3 areas and explore around? To have a chance to create memories because of amazing activities and people you have met? To be less stressed about the time during your trip?

In my itinerary for Mr. Sociable traveler, he only paid 842 $ (food and alcohol not included, except for the last night) for one of the best trips to Colombia. And for 3 weeks! With 3 flights, many activities and an expedition to the Amazonas. It’s a good deal, no?

1st week of Mr. Sociable Traveler: Bogota and Medellin

2nd week of Mr. Sociable Traveler: Guatape, Jardin, and Salento

Are you interested in this trip? Don’t hesitate and book your flight now!

Find Out The Best Prices To Fly To Colombia


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Parrot eyes from the Amazon in Colombia


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All the places have been personally tested by myself or approved by very close friends. I will do my best never to disappoint you.

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