La Miel in Panama, a step by step explanation

La Miel in Panama, a step by step explanation

La Miel Panama is like most of the villages on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia. The inhabitants are napping during the day and sleeping at night. Growing on the beach, tall palm trees are waiting to kill someone with their coconuts, and two or three restaurants are facing the white-sand beach and the crystal-blue water.

La Miel Panama
The beach Playa Blanca and the duty-free shop (blue roof)- Credit: @fl.jr

How To Get To La Miel Panama

It’s not that hard, and you just need a passport, some cash, a boat and your legs.

La Miel Panama
Credit: @uaolla

Step 1: Capurgana to Sapzurro

First, you have to travel from Capurgana to Sapzurro.

There are two options for that.

Option 1: Take a speedboat from the Dock in Capurgana. It should cost you around 10 000 COP, but you will have to wait for other travelers to fill the boat. It should be fast anyway.

Option 2: There is a nice walk from Capurgana to Sapzurro, and it will take around 1h30. As you are going to the other side of the hill, you get the opportunity to admire a pretty cool viewpoint at the summit.

La Miel Panama
The dock in La Miel – Credit: @_anamaria_99

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Step 2: Walk from Sapzurro to La Miel Panama

Behind the church, 200 stairs are waiting for you. Once at the top, you will have to show your passport to the Panamanian militaries.

But you won’t receive a stamp.

Indeed, they have to check your identity because you’re going to Panama. However, you can’t stay overnight. Also, there is no path after La Miel Panama so you can’t go further.

Be careful, they close the border at 6 pm and then won’t let you pass after.

Go down another 200 stairs to arrive in La Miel.

La Miel Panama Border
Welcome at the border – Credit: @qm.lisa

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What To Do In La Miel Panama

My advice would be that you get to La Miel in the morning. They clean the beach – Playa Blanca – every day but the current can bring back some rubbish. It’s not fun to swim along with a tampon.

Once you’re down the stairs, take the road to the right. You will pass the military base before arriving. Relax on the beach, grab a beer or take a second breakfast. In la Miel Panama, you can pay with your Colombian Pesos, and the prices are similar to Sapzurro or Capurgana.

  • Beer: 4 000 COP
  • Lunch: Around 15 000 COP

There are also cool reefs to observe with a snorkel.

Before going back to Sapzurro, have a look at the duty-free shop. I know it’s so Frenchy to say that, but I was missing wine a lot in Colombia. It will be your best opportunity to get cheap a Chilenian Wine bottle.

Wine bottle: 6 – 8 $

There are also loads of different alcohol. Every time I had to get back to Sapzurro, my bag was sooo heavy…

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What to bring to La Miel Panama

  • Passport (for the border)
  • Day Bag (for the wine)
  • Cash 
  • Sunscreen, hat, snorkel 

Where to travel after La Miel

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