All you need to enjoy Cancun better than anyone else

Cancun is a recent city built in the 70s to offer millions of tourists a comfortable and easy stay. Either you love it. Or you hate it. Besides a wide selection of all-inclusive resorts on paradisiacal beaches, you will find many excursions to explore the Yucatan Peninsula. Cancun is also the only city with an airport in the department of Quintana Roo. I traveled around Cancun and the surrounding area for over 2 months to find the best accommodations and experiences.

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Where is Cancun

Cancun Map

Cancun is the capital of the department of Quintana Roo. Travelers come to Cancun to relax in luxurious resorts or to party— the famous Springbreak and Coco Bongo.

The most famous area is the Hotel Zone (shaped like a 7), but there are also many resorts in the north (Playa Mujeres) and south (Cancún Maya).

In addition to partying in Punta Cancun and basking in the sun, be sure to visit nearby destinations like Puerto Morelos or Isla Mujeres and go swimming with the whale sharks.

Keep in mind that Cancun is not ideally located to explore the other highlights of the Yucatan Peninsula (out of the way and jammed).


Where to stay in Cancun

In addition to my extended stay in Cancun, I spent hundreds of hours analyzing traveler reviews and forums (Reddit, TripAdvisor) to analyze Cancun accommodations.

First, I invite you to read our massive guide about the best areas in Cancun. You’ll get a clear analysis of the best districts:

  • Hotel Zone
  • Downtown
  • Costa/Playa Mujeres
  • Puerto Juarez / Puerto Cancun
  • Isla Mujeres
  • Puerto Morelos

You will also find comprehensive articles on how to find a place to live that suits your budget and needs:


What to do in Cancun

The city of Cancun is not very exciting to visit (even if there are some cool places like the Mayan Museum or the Parque de las Palapas). However, excursions and day trips are not to be missed.

Here are the ones I tried:


Guides to visit the closest cenotes from Cancun


Decide when to visit Cancun

If many travelers are disappointed by Cancun, it is mainly because they were misinformed. It is essential to know the seasons (do you know about the hurricane season?), the best beaches, the months of Seaweed, the high season, the things to do, and so on.

First, learn when it’s the best time to go to Cancun. And if you want a more in-depth analysis, I explain the weather situation for each month:


Build the perfect Cancun Itinerary

How long should you stay in Cancun? Can you include another stop in your trip? Where to go with your family? Your lover? There are many factors to consider when planning your trip. I wrote a mega guide to help create the perfect itinerary for Cancun.


Where to go after Cancun

It’s easy to travel to the different cities nearby Cancun: