Los Nevados National Park: 6 Stunning Tours & My Hiking Story

Los Nevados National Park: 6 Stunning Tours & My Hiking Story

Los Nevados National park is one of the best places to plan mind-blowing Colombia treks.

Between the peaks of snow-covered volcanoes and the infinite valleys of frailejones, I’m sure you’ll find a good reason to explore this stunning national park.

In 2019, I had the chance to climb the Nevado Santa Isabel with Eduardo’s agency. I describe that experience at the end of this article.

There are many hiking trails to enjoy amidst its volcanic peaks.

Which one will be the best for you?

After reading this post, you’ll be able to:

  • choose your future los nevados national park tour
  • understand why you should explore los nevados national park with a specialized local agency.

Take your walking sticks and vamos!

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Hiking in Los Nevados: Q&A

Paramillio del Quindio | Credit: Eduardo’s agency.

I know your time is precious.

Travelers contact us every day to help them organize their trips to Colombia. Here are the answers we give about Los Nevados National Park. Maybe we have already answered one of yours 🙂

  1. Where is Los Nevados Park National Natural located?

    Los Nevados is a northern volcanic complex formed by Santa Isabel, El Ruiz, Tolima, Cisne, Santa Rosa, and Quindio. It is spread over 4 departments in Colombia: Tolima, Caldas, Riseralda & Quindio.

  2. How do you get to Los Nevados National Park?

    The several entrances to get to Los Nevados National park are Potosí, El Cedral, Valle del Cocora, Anzoátegui, Las Brisas et Juntas.

  3. Can you hike Nevado del Ruiz?

    You can’t hike Nevado del Ruiz. It is a volcano with important activity and it is closely monitored by scientists. However, you can still reach Las Brisas area by vehicle to enjoy the view.

  4. Day hike to Los Nevados

    There are two one-day hikes you can make to visit Los Nevados National Park: Santa Isabel & Ruiz.

  5. A trek of medium difficulty to discover the Nevados National Natural Park

    I recommend the 3-day trek via Laguna Otún to the summit of Santa Isabel or the 3-day trek to the summit of the Paramillio del Quindio.

  6. A tour in Los Nevados National Park for experienced hikers

    I’m sure you will love the 4-day tour which includes the ascension of Nevado Tolima.

  7. The most complete hike to discover the national park of Los Nevados

    Lovers of challenges and trekking will love the 7-day trek (including the ascent of Tolima) which passes through paths little known to travelers.

👉 Ask Eduardo if you are looking for a reliable agency to organize a memorable trek in Los Nevados.

The treks in Los Nevados National Park

Santa Isabel Los Nevados
Nevado Santa Isabel | Credit: Eduardo

You can do dozens of hikes in Los Nevados National Park.

How to choose?

There are different factors to consider.

  • Is there a summit or a lake you would like to go to?
  • What month of the year would you like to go? (some trails are much muddier during the rainy season)
  • Would you like to go with a guide? Do you have a vehicle?
  • How fit are you?
  • How many days do you have available?

To help you to choose the ideal trek in the Los Nevados National Park, I will present you the most famous highlights

1# Los Nevados National Park: Nevado de Santa Isabel

Nevado Santa Isabel
Nevado Santa Isabel | Credit: Eduardo’s Agency

Santa Isabel is one of the 3 glaciers still present in the Los Nevados National Park.

Depending on the tour you choose, you can stop at the glacier’s border or decide to go to the summit. Few guides have the specialization “glacier,” and the agency will have to provide you with adequate equipment (ice-ax, crampon, helmet, ropes, and harness). Make sure you are well informed before choosing your agency.

The summit of Nevado Santa Isabel peaks at 4,980m.

Although it is necessary to be in good physical shape to reach the summit, there is no technical passage. Moreover, the jeep can take you to the Conejeras site (4100m).

It is therefore the most accessible glacier of the national park.

  • City Departure: Pereira (3h), Santa Rosa de Cabal (3h), Manizales (3.5h)
  • Los Nevados Park Entrance: Potosí ou El Cedral.
  • Elevation: 4980m

Tours to the Nevado Santa Isabel offered by Eduardo’s agency :

  • Laguna del Otún + Santa Isabel (summit)| 3 days | Difficult
  • Laguna verde + Santa Isabel (summit) | 2 days| Difficult
  • Santa Isabel (glacier’s border) | 1 day | Medium

👉 Ask Eduardo to help you plan this adventure

Tip: Ask to stop at the thermal baths of San Vincente on the way back.

2# Los Nevados National Park: Nevado del Tolima

Nevado del Tolima
Nevado del Tolima | Crédit: Eduardo’s agency

The Nevado del Tolima is the sexiest volcano in Colombia. A mix of George Clooney, James, and Maluma.

However, this ascent is not for Mr. Everybody. The Tolima summit has to be earned, with quite technical and very steep passages.

There is no road to reach the camp, and the tours are a minimum of 4 days. Also, there is no shelter. So you will have to camp! -Luckily, Eduardo’s agency uses mules to take care of the logistics (tent, food, down).

Get ready to be amazed on this hike in Los Nevados National Park. The easiest path starts from the Valle del Cocora. Just like our 3-day trek to the Nevado Santa Isabel, you will pass through very different ecosystems. The trail goes through cloud forests before reaching the high Andean wetlands, also known as páramos. Then the frailejones (famous páramo’s plant) give way to volcanic rocks, hot springs, and glaciers.

The summit of Nevado del Tolima peaks at 5,220m.

  • City departure: Salento ou Ibague.
  • Los Nevados Park entrances: Valle del Cocora (from Salento) ou Anzoátegui (from Ibague).
  • Elevation: 5220m.

Tours to the Nevado del Tolima offered by our local partner :

  • Nevado Tolima ascent | Round trip from Valle del Cocora | 4 days | very difficult
  • Nevado Tolima ascent + Termales de Cañon + Laguna del Otún| Departure from Valle del Cocora and arriving at El Cedrál |7 days | very difficult
  • Touching the Tolima glacier | Round trip from Valle del Cocora | 3 days | Difficult

👉 Ask Eduardo to help you plan this adventure

3# Los Nevados National Park: La Laguna del Otún

Jour 2 Los Nevados Laguna Otún (1)

The laguna del Otún is a beautiful lake at the foot of The Nevado Santa Isabel. Located in the páramos, it is an ideal hike for those who wish to discover this intriguing ecosystem.

The starting point is from El Cedrál, and you can get there by taking a Chiva (local bus) from Pereira. The trip takes 2 hours.

This 2 to 3-day hike is possible without the help of a local agency. It is, however, necessary to have an excellent mountain experience. Read Mark and Xin’s adventures to learn more.

  • City departure: Pereira.
  • Los Nevados Park entrance: El Cedrál.
  • Elevation: 3900 m.

Tours to the Otún Lagoon offered by our local partner :

  • Laguna del Otún |Round trip from El Cedrál | 2 days | Medium
  • Nevado Tolima ascent + Termales de Cañon + Laguna del Otún| Departure from Valle del Cocora and arriving at El Cedrál |7 days | very difficult
  • Laguna del Otún + Santa Isabel (summit)| 3 days | Difficult

👉 Ask Eduardo to help you plan this adventure

4# Los Nevados National Park: Termales del Cáñon

Termales del Cañón
Termales del Cañón | Credit: Eduardo’s agency

These are natural hot springs near the Nevado del Tolima.

This is a pleasant area to rest on the third day of your hike in Los Nevados National Park.

However, there is no shelter. You have to get there with everything you need to camp, eat and drink.

  • City departure: Salento ou Ibague.
  • Lso Nevados park entrance: Valle del Cocora or Juntas.
  • Elevation: 4 000 m.

The tours passing through Termales del Cañón and offered by Eduardo’s agency :

  • Valle del Cocora to Ibagué. This is an excellent option to discover Los Nevados National Park. | 5 days| Medium
  • Nevado Tolima ascent + Termales de Cañon + Laguna del Otún| Departure from Valle del Cocora and arriving at El Cedrál |7 days | very difficult

👉 Ask Eduardo to help you plan this adventure

5# Los Nevado National Park: Paramillio del Quindío

Los nevados Paramillo Quindio (2)
Paramillo del Quindío | Credit: Eduardo’s agency

Few articles mention the Paramillo del Quindío.


Because a “Paramillo” is the name given to a Nevado whose glacier has disappeared. It is a kind of ice bald – Yes, it’s a thing. 🥶

It is, however, a wonderful trek with incredible views of the snow-capped mountains. The Paramillo del Quindío is located between the Nevados del Tolima, Ruiz, and Santa Isabel, so you will be able to admire their beautiful snowy peaks (depending on the weather).

  • City departure: Salento.
  • Los Nevados park entrance: Valle del Cocora.
  • Elevation: 4 750 m.

Tours leading to the Paramillo del Quindío and offered by our local partner:

  • Valle del Cocora + Paramillo del Quindío | Medium + | 3 jours

👉 Ask Eduardo to help you plan this adventure

6# Los Nevado National Park: Nevado del Ruiz

Nevado el Ruiz
Nevado el Ruiz | Credit: Eduardo’s agency

With a peak culminating at 5 311m, the Nevado del Ruiz is the highest volcano in Los Nevados National Park.

It is also the most dangerous volcano in Colombia because it is still very active. There were more than 20,000 deaths in 1989.

The volcanic activity is monitored and its access is controlled.

There is a section called the Valle de las Tumbas that you can visit by jeep. It is an easy activity without any physical effort.

The Nevado El Ruiz, nicknamed Kumanday – beautiful peak – by the natives of the region, offers a lunar spectacle to travelers brave enough to approach it.

It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer to arrange transportation on your own or use the services of an agency.

  • City departure: Manizales (2h).
  • Los Nevados park entrance: Las Brisas.
  • Elevation: 4 300m (Valle de las Tumbas).

Tours to the Nevado del Ruiz offered by Eduardo’s agency:

  • Nevado El Ruiz – Valle de las Tumbas | Easy | 1 day

👉 Ask Eduardo to help you plan this adventure

Recommendations for your trek to Los Nevados National Park

Tolima Nevados Summit Eduardo
Tolima | Credit: Eduardo’s agency

Eduardo’s agency will give you all the necessary information to make your trek in Los Nevados go smoothly.

To start getting organized, here are some important things to think about.

1# Weather in Los Nevados National Natural Park

If the sun shows up, you’ll walk around in a T-shirt during the day. On the other hand, you will put on a sweater and a jacket as soon as the night falls.

The páramos are in a very humid area, and the weather can change very quickly. Keep your anorak handy to avoid getting wet.

Here are my little tips to discover the high Andean forests and snow-capped mountains in good conditions:

  • Tell yourself it’s going to rain. Try to have the equipment to protect you as much as possible from the rain: Gore-tex shoes, a raincoat, protection for your bag.
  • If it’s sunny, you must protect yourself. At 4,000 meters above sea level, the skin on your face can quickly smell like burning flesh – Yes, I’m exaggerating a little. Take sunscreen, sunglasses and a cap.
  • There is no heating in the shelters. You will warm yourself in the kitchen and under a mountain of old blankets. In the evening, it is between 5°C and -2°C.
  • Depending on the month, some trails will be very muddy.
  • The best months are from mid-December to February and mid-July to August.

2# The Necessary Equipment for the Los Nevados National Natural Park

The watchword is to keep your bag as light as possible. Let’s see the essentials you’ll need for a trek in Los Nevados National Park.

During the hike:

  • Comfortable walking shoes (waterproof if possible).
  • Thick socks.
  • Gaiters (for mud).
  • Hiking pants.
  • Breathable T-shirt (merino wool).
  • Hiking sweatshirt.
  • Hiking jacket.
  • Raincoat.
  • Walking sticks – Provided by the this local agency if needed.
  • Bag 40 L.
  • Waterproof protection for the bag.
  • 2 L of water.
  • Snacks – Supplied by our local partner.
  • Sandwich for lunch – Supplied by them.
  • Sun cream.
  • Cap.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Headlamp.
  • Towel.

In the evening, it is important that you wear dry clothes:

  • Sandals.
  • Thick socks – Yes, you’ll look awful.
  • Jogging.
  • T-shirt.
  • All the necessary equipment to camp if there is no shelter: At the Nevado del Tolima base camp, near the Laguna del Otún and the Termales del Cañón.

You will need specific equipment to climb to the top of the Nevado del Tolima or Santa Isabel.

Eduardo’s agency will provide you with everything you need the day before the ascent.

  • Helmet.
  • Harness.
  • Ropes.
  • Carabiners.
  • Ice axe.
  • Crampons.

3# Hike Los Nevados National Natural Park Without a Local Agency

If you decide to go on your own (without a local agency’s help), it is important to have a perfect mountain experience.

The trails are poorly indicated (take a GPS with you), and the fog can set in a few minutes.

Here are some recommendations to avoid altitude sickness:

  • Acclimatize yourself to the high altitude before starting your trek.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol.
  • Climb at your own pace.
  • Drink a lot.

For this reason, these activities are not recommended for children under 14 years old.

If you go with Eduardo’s guides, you just need to be in good physical and mental shape. Choose your route according to your abilities, and don’t hesitate to ask the agency for advice.

4# How Much Does a Trek to Los Nevados National Natural Park cost?

Many factors will determine the price of your trek to Los Nevados.

Is this a private tour? Would you like to climb to the top of a Nevado? How many travelers are in the group?

Here is an order of prices for a group of 2 pers:

  • 3 days / 2 nights without glacier ascent: approx. 1,000,000 COP/Pers.
  • 3 days / 2 nights with glacier ascent: approx. 1,400,000 COP/Pers.
  • 5 days / 4 nights with glacier ascent: approx. 1,900,000 COP/Pers

Prices decrease significantly if you are a little more numerous. For 4 pers:

  • 3 days / 2 nights without glacier ascent: approx.800 000 COP/Pers.
  • 3 days / 2 nights with glacier ascent: approx. 1,000,000 COP/Pers.
  • 5 days / 4 nights with glacier ascent: approx. 1,700,000 COP/Pers.

Don’t hesitate to ask Eduardo if he has any groups for the coming weeks.

TPMT Tip: Group tours are selling like hotcakes. You should plan your tour of Los Nevados National Park in advance. Contact Eduardo now.

5# Where to Stay Overnight in Los Nevados

The shelters in Colombia are not supplied by helicopter. In the Los Nevados National Park park, everything happens thanks to the mules (with their arrieros).

As a result, the rooms are basic, poorly insulated, with single wooden beds, foam mattresses, and scratchy old blankets. Don’t worry; after 6 hours of hiking, you will still sleep like a baby.

The shower is a simple pipe connected to the river. The water is, therefore, … icy 🙂

This is part of the charm of Colombia’s national parks. And we have never been disappointed by the friendly atmosphere between these 4 pieces of wood planks.

It is complicated to contact a shelter if you don’t go through an agency.

The shelters where you can sleep are:

  • La Primavera
  • Finca Aquilino
  • La Pastora
  • El Jordán
  • El Cisne
  • L’argentina
  • Buenos Aires

There are also some areas where you will have to camp:

  • Termales del Cañón
  • Nevado del Tolima Base Camp
  • La Laguna del Otún

👉 Ask Eduardo if you are looking for a reliable agency to organize a memorable trek in Los Nevados.

Why booking a trek to Los Nevados with this local agency

Summit Nevados Eduardo
Ascent of the Tolima | Credit: Eduardo’s agency

At this point, you should have an idea of the trek you want to do in Los Nevados National Park.

Now you may have a new question in mind: Do I have to hire a guide to do this trek in Los Nevados?

I’ll keep it short.

The answer is yes.

1# The advantages of going with a guide to Los Nevados National Natural Park

At first thought, it is perhaps difficult to appreciate the usefulness of a mountain guide.

After all, you’re never better served than by yourself, right?


It is the skills and knowledge of these guides that will ensure that you enjoy Los Nevados to the fullest.

  • Peace of mind: Eduardo’s agency takes care of reservations, logistics, and authorizations.
  • Safety: The guides are trained in first aid and can quickly contact their agency if any problems arise — like in case of altitude sickness.
  • Fauna and Flora: The guides have grown up in this region. They have a lot of anecdotes to tell about.
  • Cultural exchanges: The work is hard in the mountains, and the families living in Los Nevados have little time to spend with travelers. The guides make it easier to connect and communicate with them.
  • Getting to the top of the Nevados del Tolima or Santa Isabel: Without a guide, you cannot go there.
  • A lighter bag: Depending on the trek in Los Nevados, the agency will carry some of your equipment by jeep or mules.

2# Why we recommend Eduardo’s agency

Many agencies offer treks in Los Nevados National Park. To be sure to choose the right one, we have talked to some of our local partners.

“You should talk to Sebastián and Eduardo!“, they told us.

In less than 20 minutes with him, we were fans.

2 days later we left for an incredible 3-day trek to the Nevado Santa Isabel.

Why we love our partner:

  • The co-founders are passionate mountain enthusiasts. They know the risks associated with mountaineering and implement numerous procedures to ensure the safety of their clients.
  • The guides are certified WFR (Wilderness First Responder). This is the most advanced rescue training in the world for non-medical personnel.
  • It is an organized agency. With them, everything works like clockwork 🙂
  • They help to preserve the Los Nevados National Park. They minimize their environmental impact during the treks and work with the local communities. The agency is Tourcert certified.
  • The guides are locals.
  • They propose many routes that vary according to the experience and physical fitness of the client.
  • It is a legal company with all the necessary authorizations to go to the top of the Nevado del Tolima and Santa Isabel.
  • They keep the travelers in small numbers (usually no more than 5 people per group). You can also decide to privatize your group.
  • If you wish, Eduardo’s agency will provide you with some of the equipment: helmets, harnesses, crampons, walking sticks, tent, sleeping bag, etc… at no extra cost.
  • Some guides speak English.

👉 Ask Eduardo if you are looking for a reliable agency to organize a memorable trek in Los Nevados.

My hiking stories in Los Nevados

Hiking in los nevados Santa Isabel

I fully understand that some travelers want to save the price of a guide and visit the Los Nevados National Park on their own. This is what I wanted to do in 2016.

1# My Hike Without a Local Guide in 2016

To save money, we decided to go without a local agency. Here is what happened

Day – 2: We Left On a Whim

“I have just been told about a trek of several days above the Valle del Cocora. Besides, you don’t even need a guide. Are you in?”

I look up from the empanadas I just bought in the main square of Salento and ask with a smile. – “Why not. For when?

“In 2 days” answers Thorsten.

We find some information on the internet and then the phone number of a shelter. Unfortunately, this one is full because it’s a 3 days weekend. The famous public holidays of Colombia!

“Never mind, we’ll go camping.”

After finding the only shop that rents mountain equipment, we return to our hostel to prepare our bags.

They weigh 16 kg. I’m tired just thinking about it.

DAY 1: Departure to the Los Nevados National Park

10 am: After a late departure, we finally arrive at the Valle del Cocora. It is already 10 am and there is still 20km of hiking before arriving at the shelter La Primavera.

Knowing that night comes at 6 pm, we better hurry.

11 am: The beginning of the trail is easy to find. The ascent begins.

12h30 pm: The trail is used daily by the farmers with their horses, and it rained the previous days. As a result, we have mud up to our knees.

5h00 pm: We are at the “Lost Valley” section because there is no more indication. Fog and rain get acquainted. By chance, we meet a group with their guide. We follow them.

6h00 pm: Sophie asks me when we are arriving. I have no idea. I tell her it’s soon.

7h00 pm: It’s dark, it’s raining, and I stumble every 30 meters walking on my oversized poncho. Sophie hates me.

8h30 pm: We finally see the shelter. We don’t have the energy to set up the tents in the rain. We dream of a bed and a hot soup.

8h40 pm: There is no bed available. Remember, it’s a 3-day weekend. Luckily there is still some soup left.

9h30 pm: We install our floor mats and sleeping bags in the barn and stick all 4 of us together. I hope Sophie won’t try to kill me in my sleep. 🔪

DAY 2: We finally Have a Bed!

08h00 am: The night was not great. Luckily, some hikers have already left, and we can take their rooms.

08h15 am: I’m buried under 3.5kg of scratchy old blankets. That’s perfect. I sleep.

2h00 pm: Sophie shows us her toes. They have turned blue/black. At least she no longer needs nail polish.

3h00 pm: The sun is shining through the clouds. We profit from it to make a short 20 min walk. Not more than that. We want to be in shape for the return.

4h00 pm: The room is available tonight. The tent will stay in my bag.

DAY 3: Back to Salento

07h00 am: We have learned from our mistakes. Today we are leaving early.

04h00 pm: I finally see the Willys jeeps. Tonight, it’s party time. We’ll dance reggaeton on the tables.

To sum up, I carried a tent for more than 40 km without ever using it, and we were too exhausted to be able to enjoy the Los Nevados National Park on the second day.

It makes for good stories to tell, but at the time, we were less cheerful.

2# My Hike With a Local Agency in 2019

Fortunately, I had the opportunity to explore Los Nevados National Natural park again in September 2019.

This time, I attempted the ascent of the Nevado Santa Isabel.

Day – 5: Meeting with our future local partner

Guide Montañas Colombianas
James & Adrien

Eduardo’s agency offers many treks in Los Nevados. The most difficult thing is to choose.

Sebastian suggests a 3-day trek from El Cedrál to the Santa Isabel glacier.

It is a rather demanding adventure that allows you to admire Los Nevados National Park’s different ecosystems.

The day before departure, we meet our guide, James, to talk about the trek. He looks like a smiling bear with clothes on.

Day 1: We Cross The Andean Cloudforest.

07h00 am: Departure by jeep from Pereira.

09h00 am: We arrive at El Cedrál. This is where we start the adventure. James gives us our snacks. I have enough dried fruit to last 2 weeks in the woods.

10h30 am: The trail we follow is used by the farmers who live in the area. The vegetation that surrounds us is very dense. I hope that jaguars like dried fruits.

02h30 pm: We had a huge lunch at the La Pastora shelter. Fortunately, we had time to take a little nap on about twenty comfortable cushions in the common room. It is now time to get back on the road.

04h30pm: In the distance, we see a beautiful waterfall. This indicates that we have reached the El Jordán Finca.

05h30pm: We warm our hands with a hot drink coffee + panela while waiting for dinner.

7h30pm: I sleep.

Etape 1 Nevado Santa isabel

DAY 2: La Laguna del Otún and the High Andean Wetlands

06h00 am: It’s almost time for breakfast. In the meantime, one of the owners shows us around. I start milking cow’s milk. Without success. Adrien is doing a little better. If there is one day the end of the world as in Walking Dead, he will be the one who will take care of the fields. I’ll do the accounting.

10h00 am: We have just left the tropical forest to venture into the mysterious world of the páramos. Strange plants of 2 to 5m, which look like a cross between an artichoke and a sunflower, surround us. These are the famous frailejones.

10h30 am: The clouds are moving away and we can see in the distance some Los Nevados’ peaks such as the Paramillo del Quindío and the Paramillo de Santa Rosa.

11h00 am: We have lunch near the Laguna del Otún. A condor passes over our heads. He lets himself be carried by the draughts without beating his wings once.

3h00 pm: We arrive at the lodging of El Cisne. Our jeep is already there with the rest of our stuff (crampons, shoes, ice pick, helmet).

Jour 2 Los Nevados Santa Isabel

DAY 3: Santa Isabel Glacier and The Thermal Baths of San Vincente

2h30 am: I’m waking up with a hot cup of coffee in front of my nose. We soon leave for the ascent of Nevado Santa Isabel.

03h30 am: The jeep has dropped us off at the beginning of the trail. We still have 5km left before reaching the summit.

04h30 am: We reach the snow. It’s time to put on the crampons, helmet, and harness. The ascent is not very risky, but these are mandatory safety measures. There are very few guides who are authorized to lead hikers on the glaciers of Los Nevados.

05h30 am: We are at the top! Unfortunately, the sky is cloudy, and we cannot admire the sunrise. The view is still clear, and we can see some peaks, such as the Nevado del Tolima and the Paramillo del Quindío. There is no noise. I find this silence bewitching.

06h00 am: It’s time to descend. On the way back, we discover a beautiful nature that we had not been able to observe because of the darkness. At this altitude, ecosystems change rapidly. We go from snowy summits to a lunar scenery due to the melting of the glacier.

09h00 am: I am in front of a huge plate of rice, plantains, and beans.

10h00 am: No more efforts. It’s the jeep that takes us back to Pereira. On the way, James proposes to us to stop at the hot baths of San Vincente. Our aching muscles need it!

Trek Nevados Santa Isabel Jour 3

This trek to the Nevado Santa Isabel is one of the most beautiful experiences in Colombia.

The ideal mix of adrenaline, wonder, and human adventure.

As you can see, my two experiences in Los Nevados were very different.

I made many mistakes when I left without a guide. Did you find out which ones?

👉 Ask Eduardo if you are looking for a reliable agency to organize a memorable trek in Los Nevados.

Contact Eduardo and Pre-book your trek

hike Nevados Summit Eduardo (1)
Andean Wetlands | Credit: Eduardo’s Agency

Our mission is to help travelers book unique experiences with reliable local agencies

Note: The city of Pereira validated the different bio-security protocols implemented by this local agency to operate during this complicated period of COVID-19.

Easy steps to book your trek to the Los Nevados National Park

  1. Read Eduardo’s profile.
  2. Use our online form to contact him.
  3. Get prices and availability.
  4. Pay an online deposit.
  5. Let’s go

👉 Learn more about Eduardo and his agency

Think to book in advance: To preserve Los Nevados, there is a limited number of visitors per day.

Bottom line: Los Nevados National Park

Los Nevados national park offers many trekking possibilities. To enjoy them (and travel safely), I advise you to pass by a specialized agency. I tested Eduardo’s agency and I loved the experience. Don’t hesitate to contact him to ask for advice on the different tours and start organizing your adventure.

👉 So, are you interested in a trek in Los Nevados National Park on your next trip to Colombia? If so, ask Eduardo’s local agency to organize it for you.

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I have been traveling around Colombia and Mexico since 2015 to discover new experiences and help travelers make the right choices.


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