Palomino Bus: Where, When and How

Palomino Bus: Where, When and How

When you’re traveling to a foreign country, you’re allocating an essential part of your time looking for stuff. It can be for food, bed, parties, drugs, etc. And it’s also the case for buses!

It’s super easy to catch the bus to get to Palomino. Even my grandma could do it, and she has got no leg (joke).


How Can I Get The Palomino Bus

A] Where is Palomino

Palomino is on the Caribbean Coast between Santa Marta and Cabo de la Vela. There is only one road linking these two points. And between, there are other touristic sites like Tayrona or great hostels like El Rio or  Casteño beach. 

For these reasons, many buses are passing through Palomino.

B] Where can I take the Palomino bus in Santa Marta

As I said, it’s the same one that goes to Tayrona. Buses are leaving every 30 min from 7 am to 7 pm – more or less.

  • Address in Santa Marta: Calle 11 and Carrera 9, by the “Mercado Publico”
  • Price and time for the Bus Palomino – Santa Marta: 9000 COP – 2 hours

Also, if you’re at the bus station of Santa Marta – Because you’re arriving from Cartagena de Indias by example, you can take a Palomino bus in the direction of Rioacha – A city after Palomino.

  • Address: Santa Marta Main Bus Terminal
  • Price and time for the bus Palomino – Santa Marta: Around 15 000 COP – 1h45

C] Taking the Palomino bus between Riohacha and Santa Marta

It’s simple! You just have to wait on the side of the road. Buses will stop to pick you up and will ask you where you wanna go.

Here is a quick map of the main road and the different towns.

So, ready to take the bus to get to Palomino?

Palomino Bus Map

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What Should You Know About Colombian buses

If you’re coming from a more developed country like Europe or USA, you could except that price tickets, bus schedules, itineraries, and bus stops are set in stone.


It’s written in sand.

And as we are optimistic travelers, let’s find out the advantages of it.

Palomino Sunset Colombia
Sunset in Palomino

Credit: @kristin_knapp

A] Bargain the prices

Yes, there are official prices for each company. However, as the bus is the public transport the most used in Colombia, there are many companies. And everyone tries to attract as many customers as possible to make each journey profitable – like SNCF or KLM for the trains and flights.

If you’re asking – politely like an English gentleman – if there is a discount, they could answer … YES!

Know that it only works for bus tickets you’re buying at the office. The ones you catch directly on the road usually don’t offer a discount – Mostly because the distances are too short for that.

B] Buses are everywhere

As I said, there are plenty of bus companies in Colombia. You don’t have to stress with your schedule. You will find one anyway.

In the case of long bus distance – big city to big city -, check out the Bus Terminal’s website of the city or ask the reception of your hostels when buses are usually leaving. Arrive at the bus station 1 hour before the departure, and you will get one.

Regarding the shorter distance (1-2 hours). If it’s a touristic place, there are usually buses leaving every 30 min from 7 am to 7 pm. Easy, right?

C] Bus stops are optional

Again, there is a difference between short and long-distance. In the case of a journey Bogota-Medellin, bus companies try to respect a schedule. It means they won’t stop on the side of the road to pick up other passengers.

But it’s not the case for short distances like the Palomino bus. In this situation, they aim to fill in the bus with people, boxes, chickens along the road. It’s not that important if you’re arriving 30 min late.

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Beach Palomino
Beach Palomino

Credit: @siggr

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