Paragliding In Medellin: Admire The City With Birds

Paragliding In Medellin: Admire The City With Birds

Are you in Medellin? Are you looking for an exciting activity because you’re bored? Perfect, I have some excellent news for you. It’s time for Paragliding in Medellin to admire the city from the sky.

San Felix, the official departure runway for Paragliding in Medellin

As you know, it’s always complicated to find out all the best things to do before visiting a city. There is a lot of information to retain.

Sometimes, we miss a fantastic opportunity to try something new. And, when we realize it – because of this horrible friend who posts great things on Instagram -, it’s too late.

Like every traveler who doesn’t know the city, I’ve made a few mistakes the first time I came to Medellin.

Fortunately for you, I’m here to help you to make better decisions 🙂.

First, read this amazing list of the best things to do in Medellin.

Paraglidin in San Felix, Departure Runway

A] Why did we choose Parapente San Felix

Randomly. Almost.

There are 8 certified Paragliding companies in San Felix. And it seems that nobody dies during the paragliding sessions. Hence, we couldn’t sort the companies by the number of deaths. Youhou.

Then, like a ninja, I checked their Facebook page.

Parapente San Felix has more than 47 000 followers. I guess they can’t be bad with such a number. Moreover, they let you record your experience with your camera whereas some other paragliding companies prohibit it for money security reasons.

Psst, Fabio did 900 jumps last year.

B] What are the different steps to book a paragliding tour in Medellin

You can contact Parapente San Felix with WhatsApp or/and email to book your tour. Fabio answered us very quickly.



  • (+57) 3012239089
  • (+57) 3003098284

Everyone uses WhatsApp in Colombia. So you should download it on your phone right now ;).

In no time, we were able to pick a date and time, and we received a detailed file with all the information we needed to arrive in San Felix with the public transportation and be prepared for this exciting paragliding adventure. I tell you more about it in the second part of this article 😉

All the documents were in Spanish, but they can also send it to you in English.

Would like to learn Spanish in Medellin? We had an amazing time with Colombia Immersion.

Read the Field trip (+)

The D-day, we wake up and discover that a horrible fog had invaded the city. Medellin’s nickname is City of the eternal spring but the weather can change 4 times a day during the raining season

While we were wondering if we should cancel or not our paragliding session, Fabio sent a text to reassure us. The altitude in San Felix is 1 000 m higher than Medellin, and the climate can be entirely different. Moreover, thanks to a bunch of websites and their weather-skills, they’re able to tell you if the conditions are right or not for paragliding.

If not, they will inform you before you leave to San Felix.

View from Medellin - Paragliding in San Felix

C] The last 20 min before the big jump over Medellin

After a short 50 min ride, we get off the bus just in front of their small office. A lovely lady and Fabio welcomed us with a huge smile and directly put us at ease. 

They asked us if it was our first time paragliding and if we had any concerns. 

Then, we sat in front of a huge screen to watch a short explanatory video in English. In a nutshell, you have to do nothing except running a the beginning. Easy Peasy. 

After that, the lovely lady handed us a form with a bunch of health questions like medical history, plastic surgery, phobias and so on. It’s part of their medical insurance of flight. As a reward, you will get an orange bracelet with all the necessary information. 

Parapente San Felix Office
Parapente San Felix Office

Once outside the office, we took the 167 steps – I didn’t count – to reach the official departure runway for paragliding above Medellin. 

Fabio and his employe were already waiting for us. Behind them, we could discern a green slope and a deep valley.  Down there, Bello – North of Medellin – spread everywhere like a paint can which has felt on the floor.

Paragliding Instructor Parapente San Felix

D] You run, run, run

The staff set up the canvas on the grass and Fabio checked his material out loud with me:

  • First-aid kit: Ok
  • Emergency Parachute: Ok
  • Helmet: Ok
  • Weather condition: Ok

Then, he hooked me my equipment and asked to run the fastest I could while he was holding my seat. I don’t remember my diaper-childhood when I was a kid, but I think I was running in a similar way. 

 The staff checked once again our equipment then we started running down the slope.

Equipement preparation Paragliding in Medellin

E] Paragliding in Medellin with birds

– “Run, run, run!”

The canvas quickly expanded because of the wind and before the last “run” my feet couldn’t touch the ground anymore. 

Then, it was silent.

Below me, I could spot tiny people, coffee plantations, waterfalls and admire the large city of Medellìn in the valley. 

Because you’re comfortably sat with someone at your back, paragliding isn’t a scary experience. During the 20 min flight, I was able to appreciate every moment, with the wind in my hair on my face and birds on my sides. 

Paragliding Instructor and Thomas

Some time to time. Fabio gave me the names of the rivers and showed me the different parts of Medellin. Then we did a few twists for fun before going down toward Bello*. 

– “Ok Thomas, now raise your legs and do nothing else.”

It was time to say goodbye to the birds and get back to the ground.

*Most of the time, you will fly back to San Felix instead of landing in Bello. 

Landing in Bello - Paragliding in Medellin

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II) Useful Information for paragliding in Medellin

A. Book the paragliding in Medellin at least a few days in advance (+)

We had a great time doing it with Parapente San Felix but the other companies seem great too. Take the time to contact them a few days in advance so you can organize your trip.

Moreover, the weather change often in April – June & September – November. Every day, they will let you know if the conditions are right or not. Try paragliding the first day when you arrive. Thus, you will be able to reschedule it in case of bad weather.

B. What should you pack for Paragliding in Medellin (+)

Paragliding is an outside activity. You have to be protected from the cold and the sun.

  • Comfortable and warm clothing: Jacket and pants
  • Sneakers
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
Departure Runway Paragliding san Felix

C] How to travel to San Felix for Paragliding in Medellin

1. Private transport to travel to San Felix (Paragliding departure) (+)

There are transport companies that can pick you up in the city of Medellin, drive to the flight site, wait for you during the activity and then drive back to your accommodation.


  • 1 to 4 people: 100 000 COP in total
  • 5 to 8 people: 200 000 COP in total

How to contact them:

  • Ask the paragliding company
  • Some hostels offer to book for you the activity and the transports

2. Taxi and Uber to travel to San Felix (Paragliding departure) (+)

It’s easy to book an Uber or a taxi to get to San Felix from Medellin

  • Price: Around 30 000 COP
  • Duration: 50 min

However, once you’re paragliding experience is over, it will be complicated to find another taxi/uber to get back to Medellin.

But don’t worry, you won’t be stuck forever.

Wait on the side of the road to catch a bus in the direction of Medellin.

  • Frequency: every 15 min from 5 am to 8 pm
  • Price: 4 800 COP
  • Duration: 50 min
  • Final stop: North Bus Station (Caribe metro station)

Then you can take a taxi/uber or the Metro.

3. Public transport to travel to San Felix (Paragliding departure) (+)

It’s simple and cheap to get to San Felix with public transport, especially if you stay in Laureles.

  1. Take the metro and stop at Caribe Station.
  2. Cross the bridge to arrive at the North Bus Station
  3. Look for the Counter 11 and buy a ticket to San Felix
  4. Tell the bus driver you want paragliding. He will know where to stop.

For the way back, follow the steps in the previous section. 


  • Metro: 2 625 COP
  • Bus: 4 800 COP – 1 Way


  • 50 min
  • Buses leave every 20 min – More or less.
Feet Paragliding above Medellin

D] Prices for Paragliding in Medellin [2019]

All the paragliding companies in San Felix offer similar prices – except the illegal ones.

  • Paragliding flight of 15 min: 130 000 COP
  • Paragliding flight of 20 min: 160 000 COP
  • Paragliding flight of 30 min: 220 000 COP
  • Photo and video service: 40 000 COP

Check the updated prices with Parapente San Felix

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