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With its 9 million inhabitants, Bogotá is the capital of Colombia. Due to the city’s too rapid expansion, the municipality has not been able to develop an efficient public transport network. As a result, getting around is sometimes very complicated, especially during rush hours. Also, the climate in Bogotá is not known for its warmth and blue skies. The capital is surrounded by Paramos, located at about 2700 m above sea level, which are the cause of the often rainy and cloudy weather. Don’t forget to take a jacket and raincoat with you.



The traffic difficulties and the dreariness of the region make Bogotá a depreciated city for many travelers.

This is a pity because the majority of them still have to land and/or depart from this airport (the largest in Colombia).

We spent a month crisscrossing the city looking for the most beautiful neighborhoods, the best accommodations, activities and gathered valuable tips on how to explore Bogotá differently. We loved the tours offered to travelers. We found them to be the best way to start discovering Bogotá.



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