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Buenavista is a pretty colonial village located 1 hour from Armenia. Nestled on a hilltop, the 360-degree view of the valley and the Andean mountains is breathtaking. The village is tiny, colorful and authentic. One of my favorite moments in Colombia was sitting on the terrace and contemplating the landscape, a good cup of coffee in hand, in the unique atmosphere of Buenavista.

Despite the size of the village, there are still some activities to have a good time in this charming village.



First of all, there is a paragliding center in the coffee area – it’s the only one! The instructors are real professionals and know the area very well. It’s a great experience to fly there.
Secondly, if you are interested in discovering the coffee and its manufacturing process, you will love being there. The wake-up tour which offers a wonderful experience around the exceptional coffee shops. One of the most complete I’ve ever tried. This activity starts from Pijao, another beautiful colonial village, 20min from Buenavista.
Secondly, there is the San Alberto farm which produces a very well known and award-winning coffee. For having tasted it, its reputation is not usurped.



Would you like to add Buenavista to your itinerary to Colombia?

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Buenavista main square