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Because of its bad reputation, many travellers decide not to go to Cali. What a mistake!

The city, also known as the salsa capital, is a must if you want to discover this aspect of Colombian culture.

The city has its own rhythm and its people are known to love to party. I like to think that this is linked to the climate of Cali. Indeed, it’s pretty hot during the day, but fortunately, every day around 5pm, a cool breeze starts to blow.
It’s the daily signal that tells the inhabitants that it’s time to take a walk in the streets. Then, in the evening, people go to the salsa bars to dance and have a good time.



From a historical point of view, you won’t have many places to visit. There are a few churches and museums scattered between the old centre and the San Antonio district but not much more.

However, it is a fantastic place to learn salsa and an excellent base for exploring the area. Indeed, the Pacific coast is only 3 hours away, the coffee region is only 3-4 hours away and Popayan is also 3-4 hours away.
In addition, the mountains and rivers surrounding Cali offer many opportunities for activities such as hiking, canyoning, bird watching and paragliding.



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