Caño Cristales

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The village of La Macarena is located south of Bogotá. It is accessible by plane (about 1 hour) or by land for those who have the time and love adventure! This village is not known and yet it is the starting point of one of the most famous wonders of Colombia. Indeed, the site of Caño Cristales which shelters the famous river of the 5 colors is a few kilometers away. 

This marvelous natural phenomenon, caused by the appearance of aquatic plants during the rainy season, can only be observed from June to November. If you absolutely want to enjoy the show and make it part of your itinerary in Colombia, plan to leave on the right dates. 



There are also other places of interest in the surrounding area, so I advise you to stay at least 3 nights. The Llanos culture is very present there and you may have the chance to hear and see traditional music and dance.

The fauna and flora are specific to this region and you will be able to observe the tropical savannah that stretches as far as the eye can see, the jungle, and the less dense vegetation of Caño Cristales.

Go up the Guaviare River and keep your eyes open for caimans, turtles, iguanas, prehistoric-looking birds, and other animals along the river. 



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Caño Cristales La Macarena