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Nuqui and its surroundings represent the wildest tourist area on the Pacific coast. That is why there is not much information about this destination. Endless black sandy beaches, lush vegetation, ecolodges, everything is incredible.
I consider it to be one of the most beautiful and romantic destinations in Colombia.

The village of Nuqui is messy and really not pleasant. However, you must pass by there to get to the surrounding paradisiacal destinations.



Where to travel from Nuqui?

  • Jurubida: small village, 40 minutes north of Nuqui. Famous for its hot springs.
  • Jovi and Coqui: 2 villages, 45 min to the south. Almost no possibility of accommodation.
  • Guachalito: a beautiful area with several ecolodges on the seafront. The accommodations are relatively expensive for the proposed comfort but it is the price for an extremely wild, calm, and bewitching area | 1 hour by boat to get there.
  • Termales: small village 10-15min further south than Guachalito, known for its hot springs. An ideal spot for surfers | 1h15 by boat to get there.
  • Arusi: another village on the coast even further south than Termales. Almost no tourists. There is a diving center. It’s an hour and a half by boat to get there.

Note: There is no ATM. Bring all the cash you’ll need.



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