La Guajira

DesertsEastern Caribbean Coast

Located on the north Caribbean coastLa Guajira is the largest desert in Colombia. The landscape is composed of beautiful beachesvast arid lands with some bushes, yellow dunes, and a green oasis.

Although you can get to Cabo De La Vela by public transport, you will have to book a tour to get to the most beautiful sites of this bewitching desert. Be aware that you will spend most of your time in the jeep. However, the scenery is worth it.



99% of travelers take the same 3D-2N tour to Punta Gallinas, which is the northernmost point in South America. Jeep tours start from Santa MartaDibulla, or Riohacha.

If you are looking for a “deeper experience” and more cultural, go meeting the Wayúu (the indigenous people of La Guajira) and learning about their habits and customs. However, choose your agency carefully as some of them are tourist traps.

Also, try to add Macuira National Park to your itinerary in Colombia if you have the soul of an adventurer. It’s an oasis hidden in the desert!



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