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Pereira is the largest city in the coffee region. Although it does not have much to offer in terms of tourism, it is a strategic place to explore the region.



Why is it wise to stay in Pereira when exploring the coffee region?

  • Many buses stop in Pereira and the cities of CaliMedellín, or Bogotá can be reached by direct buses.
  • There’s an airport
  • It is located near the thermal baths of Santa Rosa de Cabal and San Vincente.
  • Easy access to the different trails of Los Nevados
  • Varied and well-supervised activities can be planned from Pereira.
  • Close to beautiful colonial villages like FilandiaSalamina, and Salento 



Would you like to add Pereira to your itinerary to Colombia?

Find all the information you need in our Pereira travel guide.


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