Rincon del mar

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Rincon del Mar is a small fishing village, located on the western part of the Caribbean coast4 hours from Cartagena. The inhabitants of this magical place are the nicest people we have met on the coast. The atmosphere is fantastic, authentic, exotic, and relaxing.

With its wide white sandy beach and palm trees, Rincon is a hidden paradise. There are different hostels and two slightly higher standard establishments. Travelers come to Rincon Del Mar to relax for a few days. Moreover, the San Bernardo Islands are only 45 minutes away by boat.



There is not only the beach in Rincon but also many other possibilities such as:

  • Organize a fishing trip with the locals (angling, trolling or harpooning)
  • Take a walk in the dry tropical forest to discover the fauna and flora of this type of environment.
  • Observe coral reefs by snorkeling or scuba diving
  • Swimming at night in the midst of bioluminescent plankton. An incredible experience.
  • Take a tour of the San Bernardo Islands
  • Lazing on the beach with a book and a cocktail in your hand



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Walk along the beach Rincon del mar