San Bernardo Islands

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The archipelago of San Bernardo is composed of 10 paradisiacal islands south of Cartagena. Unfortunately, 95% of the islands are private and there is very little space to enjoy the beach freely.

The choice of the island and your hotel is therefore crucial!

  • Isla Tintipan has the most beautiful public beach. It is a good choice for couples.
  • Isla Mucura is mainly private and the size of its beaches is very limited. It is a good choice for a group of friends.
  • Isla Palma is the closest to Rincon del Mar and has a hostel.
  • Casa en el Agua is a famous hostel/island but overestimated in my opinion.



The prices are quite high, so it is not the ideal place if you have a tight budget. If this is the case, staying at Rincon Del Mar is a highly recommended option as the atmosphere there is magical and authentic.



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