San Jose del Guaviare

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The city of San Jose Del Guaviare is located in the south-south-east of Bogotá. It is accessible by bus (about 10h) or by plane (about 1h). Long considered a stronghold of the FARC, this destination is gradually opening to the public for our greatest pleasure. Indeed, the area has a lot to offer. 



San Jose Del Guaviare and its surroundings contain many natural and cultural treasures. Here are a few examples of what you can do in this beautiful area:

  • Discover cave paintings thousands of years old,
  • Pink Dolphin Watching
  • Swim in natural pools dug into the bed of a watercourse.
  • Passing through the gate of Orion, come to admire Caño Sabana, a pink river also called the small Caño Cristales.
  • Enjoy the spectacular sunsets over the Guaviare River
  • Admire the forest as far as the eye can see



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Cerro Azul San Jose del Guaviare