Tatacoa desert

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The Tatacoa Desert is in the “top 10 things to do in Colombia” of all travel guides and most travel blogs.

I disagree! In particular, I think that the La Guajira desert offers a much better experience with more variety.
However, I must admit that the most famous part of the Tatacoa desert is beautiful and rather photogenic. In fact, all Instagrammers go there to take the perfect picture. But beware of this type of photos, often modified, they can make disappointed people.



Even if, the landscapes are unusual, I do not find it wise to make a detour only for the desert of Tatacoa.
On the other hand, it is a destination that can fit into your itinerary in Colombia if it is on your way when you move from one city to another. For example, if you travel from Bogotá to San Agustin. In this case, you can even add a stop in Paicol to split your journey in two.



Would you like to add Tatacoa to your itinerary to Colombia?

Find all the information you need in our Tatacoa travel guide.


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