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Tayrona is the most famous national park in Colombia. Colombians, Europeans, Americans… Everybody wants to add it to their itinerary in Colombia.

It is easy to understand how Tayrona became so famous among the traveling community.

  • It is easily accessible from Santa Marta
  • You don’t need a guide to visit it.
  • You can sleep in the park
  • The trails are clean, pleasant, and of easy to medium level depending on the itinerary.
  • There are long white sandy beaches with large palm trees.
  • The mixture of mountains, jungle, and sea is fascinating.
  • It’s a little paradise ideal for Instagram pics



Unfortunately, as a victim of its success, Tayrona Park is sometimes too crowded, and I can assure you that the experience will not be the same if hundreds of tourists surround you. Paradise is over!

But don’t panic my fellow traveler!!!! We have many tips and tricks on this page to help you.



Would you like to add Tayrona to your itinerary to Colombia?

Find all the information you need in our Tayrona travel guide.


Playa Cabo San Juan beach Tayrona