4 Private Islands Cartagena: Expert Guide to Stay in Paradise

4 Private Islands Cartagena: Expert Guide to Stay in Paradise

Did you know that you can rent your own private island in Cartagena de Indias?

These small coral islands located in the archipelago of Rosario are very popular with travelers. Who doesn’t want to wake up surrounded by 360 degrees of crystal blue Caribbean water for a reasonable price?

However, it’s not easy to plan such an experience. Between the language barrier, the response time (Caribbean style, baby), and the logistics, it can be stressful.

During my last month’s stay in Cartagena, I rented a boat to get closer to the most beautiful private island homes.

Thanks to this guide, you’ll:

  • Be able to decide which island property you prefer.
  • Know what you need to do/think about before picking an island.

And I have a surprise for you.

👉 You won’t even have to stress about planning this experience. Contact Aymeric, our boat expert, and let him take care of everything!

Keep reading to learn more about this Caribbean paradise.

Isla Rosa Rosario Island Aymeric

The best way to book your private island

👉 Speak with Aymeric

Pick your private island

In this section, you will find the 4 most beautiful places where you can stay in the Rosario Islands.

Pelicano Island

This white house built in a modern style covers half of the island. The other half is composed of a long deck to allow travelers to relax by the sea. After a delicious meal prepared by a local chef, you can use one of the two kayaks to approach Isla Grande or Isla Pirata. However, be back before 5 pm to enjoy the sunset from the rooftop. Couch, hammock, or jacuzzi? It will be up to you and your friends!

  • Accommodation: 3 bedrooms with private bathroom / 8 pers max
  • Facilities: Hammocks, jacuzzi, lounge chairs, comfy living room, great rooftop, air-conditioning.
  • Meals (not included): Various menus, created by a well-known chef. Average: 200,000 COP/day/pers.
  • Breakfast: Included up to 6 pers.
  • Activities (included): Kayak,
  • Activities (not included): Water-skiing, boat tour, snorkeling
  • Where: In front of Isla Grande, 1-h from Cartagena.
  • Availability and prices: Ask Aymeric

Isla Rosa

Although smaller than the other private islands on this list, Isla Rosa is nonetheless an idyllic place. This two-story house is tastefully decorated, with many sofas, vases, and paintings. The large windows on the main floor let in natural light and the sea breeze. Outside, you will find several areas to listen to the sound of the waves, in the shade of the trees. Its palm leaf roof, the bright pink color of its walls, and its green vegetation make it the perfect Instagram place. It’s the most romantic Rosario island.

  • Accommodation: 4 bedrooms with private bathroom / 16 pers max
  • Facilities: Hammocks, lounge chairs, deck, picnic area, dining room, and living room.
  • Meals (not included): Full board. 350,000 COP/day/pers
  • Activities (not included): Kitesurf, massage, yoga, water skiing, snorkel, diving.
  • Where: In front of Isla Grande, 1-h from Cartagena.
  • Availability and prices: Ask Aymeric

Isla Kalua

Isla Kalua is spread over a hundred meters. The architecture of the house is rather traditional, with two simple but functional dormitories and a superb matrimonial room on the second floor. After a beautiful sunrise, you can decide to jump off the balcony for your morning swim. Its social areas are less cozy than the other private islands. This is compensated by the presence of a long saltwater pool. Isla Kalua will be the ideal place for families.

Right now, this island is not available (renovation).

  • Accommodation: 4 bedrooms / 14 pers max
  • Facilities: Deck, lounge chairs, swimming pool.
  • Meals (not included): ?
  • Activities (not included): ?
  • Where: In front of Isla Grande, 1-h from Cartagena.
  • Availability and prices: Ask Aymeric

Isla Matamba

Isla Matamba is an impressive property that is located on Isla Grande. It is therefore not technically a private island. This does not take away from its attractiveness, quite the contrary. A large deck surrounds a spacious main house. On the ground floor, you will find a beautiful glossy wooden table as well as many sofas and hammocks. The second floor is dedicated to the bedrooms, with sunset views. From a small wooden bridge, you can reach a second guest house and a relaxation area with a swimming pool and many deck chairs.

  • Accommodation: 4 bedrooms with private bathroom / 16 pers max
  • Facilities: Wooden deck, lounge chairs, hammocks, swimming pool, dining room, garden, tennis court, social areas.
  • Meals (not included): 300,000 COP/pers/day
  • Activities (included): Snorkel, kayak, paddle
  • Activities (not included): Massage, various day trips.
  • Where: On Isla Grande, one hour from Cartagena.
  • Availability and prices: Ask Aymeric

Looking for more amazing accommodations in Cartagena?

We have analyzed the best hotels in and around Cartagena. Choose between the beautiful colonial houses of the city center or the paradisiacal environment of Isla Grande and Isla Barú.

Private Rosario islands: The guide

There are various things you should know before booking your private island. In this section, you’ll find all you need to choose wisely.

The houses are built on dead coral reefs

It means you’ll have your own private beach, but without sands on it. This is not really a problem as the private islands have pleasant outdoor areas with wooden decks, lounge chairs, and hammocks.

The budget to rent a Private Cartagena Island

There are several costs to consider when booking your stay in the Caribbean paradise.

First, is the rental price.

Depending on the private island and the tourist season, you will pay between 4 and 8,000,000 COP/night. If you divide this by the number of people, it is still an affordable price. Ex: 6,000,000 COP/10 (pers)= 600,000 COP or 160 USD/day/pers.

You also need to find a way to get to (and leave) the island. You can decide to book the island’s private yacht or ask Aymeric to organize it for you. It will be a lot cheaper. Depending on the number of people, Aymeric offers boat transfers from 1,400,000 COP.

You also need to budget for drinks and meals.

You will not be able to take your alcohol and food with you. Before coming, you will have to agree with the chef on the menus you wish to enjoy. The meals are delicious and you won’t have to do anything. However, this comes at a price. Count 200 to 300,000 COP/pers.

Finally, you should also bring some cash to pay for optional activities such as diving, snorkeling, and boat trips to Isla Grande.

Local staff will be on the island with you

There is always a private dependency on the island for the staff (often 2 people). They will be in charge of the meals and the organization of the stay. You can also use their boat (at extra cost) to visit the other Rosario islands.

It’s not always a private island

Some establishments call themselves “Isla” for marketing reasons. This is the case of Isla Matamba which is located on Isla Grande. This has its advantages and disadvantages. You will have more freedom (larger property), but you will lose a bit of the island vibe.

It won’t be a 5-star hotel

You will be on an island in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. Don’t expect to find all the facilities of a 5-star hotel; the local staff is adorable but not bilingual, the sea erosion regularly damages the furniture, and the rooms are comfortable but simple. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the Caribbean and everything will be fine.

Prefer a more upscale experience? Las Islas Hotel on Isla Baru should satisfy you.

👉 Stay on a private island near Cartagena

How to book your private Cartagena island

In my experience, it is always complicated to contact the islands directly. They have a rather particular organization (chaotic) and the communication will be only in Spanish.

That’s why we are happy to work with Aymeric.

This young Frenchman fell in love with Cartagena a few years ago and became a real (gentle) Caribbean pirate.

If you want to find an island or a boat, this is the person to contact.

There are several advantages to booking through Aymeric:

  • He speaks Spanish, English, and French. Communication will be better and easier.
  • He knows all the boat owners and can organize boat trips for a better price than the private islands. You won’t have to worry about transportation.
  • Usually, the check-out is early in the morning. You can ask Aymeric to include a fun day tour around the Rosario islands after your stay.


Learn more about Aymeric and the private islands on this page. You’ll also find an online form to contact him directly ;).

Bottom line: Cartagena private islands

In Colombia, it is possible to book a private island in the Caribbean for a reasonable price. These islands are located in the archipelago of Rosario, 1 hour by boat from Cartagena. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. In any case, it will be an incredible experience to share with your family or friends.

👉 Want to wake up in the middle of a turquoise sea? Just contact Aymeric.

One last tip.

Plan your stay now because these islands are booked several months in advance.

Where to travel after Cartagena

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Cartagena Private Islands

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