What should I take and is it worth it

It’s a no-brainer to decide if you take or not your massive and old computer ==> No

It doesn’t matter if you put in your luggage an extra underwear ==> We don’t care

However, it’s complicated to determine which small, expensive electronics will go with you in your backpack.

It depends on:

  • The duration of your trip: You don’t need your Mac for a short trip
  • Where you go: You have less chance to have your stuff stolen in Europe
  • Which environment: The sand is electronic serial-killer

If you’re leaving for a long trip, you have to accept that your beloved iPhone can disappear – RIP.

I’m a unique case, but I lost 1 computer, 1 camera, 1 mp3 and 4 phones during my 2 years travelling. [ For The camera, mp3 and 2 phones, it was because of my last job as a guide on the San Blas Islands – Yep they still don’t how to swim…]

So it’s better to take an old or resistant electronic phone/mp3/tablet etc… Also, put them always in your day bag and keep an eye on it 😉



The best solution to keep a perfect memory of your adventure is to record it.

With a Go pro, your life is simple. It’s small, solid, has a great battery and can go in the water. I love the Silver 4 because there is a screen so you can see what you are recording.

And, the price is affordable as there is a new model.

Interested? Click on the link below the picture

I Want To Immortalise My Memories


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