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  • Cathy


    Agency's founder

    Cathy is a friendly French woman who offers to facilitate cultural exchanges between travelers and locals.

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    Traveler's type

    Ideal for the traveler who wants to discover Cartagena in an authentic way, far from the luxury hotels.

  • Tom & Adrix

    Tom & Adrix

    Tomplanmytrip's writers

    We have been traveling to Colombia since 2015. We stayed 2 months in Cartagena and spent many days with Cathy.

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Cartagena is the city where everyone wants to go. Travelers take walks through the historic center and Getsemaní, eat in delicious restaurants, plan a trip to the islands of Rosario… The problem is that this way you won’t get to know the real Cartagena — only its pretty first layer. To do so, you need to get out of the city to meet the local fishermen, understand the strong African heritage, listen to fascinating histories and make a trip that will enrich you culturally.

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Why do we love Cathy

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  • The team

    Cathy is a generous young Frenchwoman who organizes authentic tours to meet the locals. You will discover the real Cartagena.

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  • Stree-free

    Cathy speaks French, English, and Spanish. You will be able to easily organize your stay in Cartagena.

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  • Meet the inhabitants

    Cathy likes to share with people. You will be able to make beautiful meetings with the locals.

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  • Avoid scams

    Cartagena is a tourist city where there are many bad tourist services. Cathy works with excellent local guides to give you the best experience possible.

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  • Don't be bored

    After two days of wandering in Cartagena, one gets bored quickly. With Cathy, you will be able to leave the city and live new adventures.

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  • Translator

    Cathy works with different local guides who speak English or French.

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Cathy’s offers

Use our online form to say what you like and start planning your experience with Cathy. Tours are always with private transportation and bilingual guides.

  • Visit of La Boquilla | 3-6 h

    La Boquilla is a fishing village located between the mangroves and the buildings of Cartagena. During this escapade (30 min from the old city center), you will discover the contrast between the inhabitants of La Boquilla and the luxury hotels of the city. Depending on the option you choose, you will be able to observe flora and fauna of the mangroves on a traditional canoe, learn how to fish with nets, or cook new recipes!

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  • San Basilio de Palenque | 6-7 h

    San Basilio de Palenque was the first free slave village in America. On this tour, you will discover the fascinating history of this UNESCO site located 1h45 from Cartagena. Despite the many difficulties, the inhabitants have managed to preserve their African heritage, through traditional music and medicine. Besides, San Basilio is also the birthplace of many famous singers and boxing champions!

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  • National Aviary & Beach | 6-7h

    The National Aviary is one of my favorite tours. Located on the island of Isla Barú (1-hour drive), they are home to endangered species and the ones subject to illegal poaching. You will access the Aviary by private transport during this tour with your local guide. Then you will go to the beautiful and little-known Barbacoa beach for lunch with your feet in the sand.

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  • City tours | 3-4 hours

    Follow your local guide through the beautiful colonial buildings of the old town, walk along the city walls listening to scary pirate stories, discover the best places to eat and drink and decipher the meaning of Getsemaní’s graffiti. You can book a private tour of the old town and/or Getsemaní.

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  • Bazurto market | 3 - 5 hours

    If there is a popular place to discover in Cartagena, it is the Bazurto market. Follow your local guide in a chaotic but authentic atmosphere and close to its inhabitants to discover local specialties, exotic fruits, music, and culture. This experience is not for the faint of heart. It is hot, the smells are sometimes unpleasant and it is not very clean. If you can deal with it, you’ll have a great time.

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Cathy’s prices

Prices vary depending on the number of days, number of travelers, and experiences. We have listed them for you to get an overall idea (based on a group of 2 PEOPLE). Use our online form to be contacted by Cathy and get a quote.

⭐ Cathy’s reviews ⭐

I'm not the only one to love Cathy's experiences.

  • We spent 3 beautiful and enriching days, visiting Comuna 13, Medellin, and Guatapé with Ferney, as well as the market of Bazurto in Cartagena with Javier. Perfectly organized visits accompanied by these two extremely competent and friendly French-speaking guides, who know their city perfectly and immerse us in their history and their daily life while allowing us to meet the locals

    5/5 on Tripadvisor
  • 5/5 on Tripadvisor

    I had the opportunity to make 3 visits with this agency that I highly recommend. The social policy and the experiences with the local population are fascinating. The 1st visit was in the comuna 13 of Medellín and then in Guadapé. On my summer trip, I changed City, and I have just visited the historical center of Cartagena with Javier, who is also very nice. I highly recommend this agency, and I will not fail to call upon it again during my next trip to Colombia, which will surely be close. Thanks again. Franck

    5/5 on Facebook

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