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  • Romario


    Local chef

    Romario is a chef from Cartagena who likes to share his knowledge with others. He loves the Colombian beef stew.

  • Traveler's type

    Traveler's type

    Ideal for the traveler who likes to eat well and wants to discover new recipes and tropical fruits.

  • Tom & Adrix

    Tom & Adrix

    Tomplanmytrip's writers

    We have been traveling to Colombia since 2015. We stayed for 2 months in Cartagena and loved Romario's classes.

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Most travelers are not seduced by Colombian cuisine. That’s because they don’t know where to go. The gastronomy of the Caribbean coast has been influenced by many countries and talented Colombian chefs are constantly creating new recipes. A cooking or cocktail class will allow you to experience new flavors and see the country in a new light. After all, traveling and eating are often intertwined.

Questions you might have


  1. What to do after 2 days in the city?
  2. How to learn new Colombian recipes?
  3. Will you eat well during this experience?
  4. Where to taste new flavors?
  5. Is it a pleasant place to cook?
  6. Is the chef talented?
  7. Is it an accessible activity for everyone?

Why do we love Romario

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  • A local chef

    Romario is a chef who has worked in many restaurants (Colombia and Peru). With him, you will learn how to cook Colombian cuisine.

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  • Delicious recipes

    Romario uses his experience and fresh ingredients to prepare delicious recipes (and cocktails). Trust me, you will eat/drink well.

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  • English or Spanish

    You decide if you want your activity in English or Spanish.

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  • Well-organized

    During the cooking/cocktail class, you stop regularly to enjoy your preparations. There is also an assistant who takes care of the dishes. You won’t be bored for a second.

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  • Great Facilities

    Classes are held in a building dedicated to cooking. It has all the necessary space and equipment. You will cook in good conditions.

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  • Local flavors

    Choose between a menu with a Colombian or Cartagena theme. You will discover new ingredients/flavors.

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Romario offer’s

Use our online form to say what you like and start planning your experience with Romario. Tours are in English or Spanish. Romario's kitchen is located in the old city center. Other travelers can join you.

  • Cooking class | 3.5 h

    In Romario’s beautiful kitchen, you will discover how to prepare typical Colombian dishes. You can choose between 3 menus:
    + Colombia: Stuffed Mini-Arepas, Patacones with toppings, Fish in Bijao leaf, Coco Pineapple Pie.
    + Cartagena: Boronía, Patacón Soup, Posta and Enyucado
    + Peru: Causa”, “Ceviche”, “Lomo Saltado” and “Picarones”.

    Lunch or dinner | 2 pers minimum

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  • Cocktail class | 2 hours

    A fun and delicious activity. Romario uses local spirits and tropical fruits to create amazing cocktails. Just follow the directions to enjoy these 5 drinks! It’s ideal to start your evening in Cartagena.

    From 5 pm to 7 pm | 2 pers minimum

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  • Market and fruit tasting

    Guided tour of the Bazurto market for 30-40 minutes, seeing the different categories of products: fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, seafood, nuts, herbs, etc… Then, you will have a tasting of 10 tropical fruits and 2 natural juices in Romario’s kitchen.

    2 pers minimum

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  • Market + fruits + cooking class

    This is the complete tour that includes the fruit tasting and the cooking class.

    Lunch or dinner | 2 pers minimum

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⭐ Romario’s reviews ⭐

I'm not the only one to love Romario's experiences.

  • This was an amazing experience. The chef was knowledgeable and kind. We made and shared many drinks. This was definitely one of the best things I have yet to do in Cartagena. I recommend this for anyone looking for a relaxing night out in the town. You definitely will have some of the best drinks that you’ve yet to try!

    5/5 on Tripadvisor
  • 5/5 on Tripadvisor

    Today, we had a fabulous time with Romario, cooking a fabulous 4-course meal. He is a wonderful teacher and host, along with his assistant. We cooked fresh fish in leaves, yucca chips, arepas with shrimp in our special sauce, plus a dessert. The dessert was green papaya, pineapple on a corn meal crust. The food was fabulous, and the conversations and getting to learn a little about sharing lives were super. We booked our class directly without a tour company.

    5/5 on Tripadvisor

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