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  • Tom & Adrix

    Tom & Adrix

    Tomplanmytrip's writers

    We have been traveling to Colombia since 2015. We stayed 4 days in this ecolodge.

  • The team

    A team of local guides and international volunteers welcome you warmly.

  • Recommended by US

    Recommended by US

    The perfect solution for visiting the Amazon in a unique way and at your own pace. We went in March 2019.

Life in the Amazon is an extraordinary experience, but it is not for everyone. Do you really want to spend 5 nights in the jungle? Also, some unscrupulous agencies will make you go in circles around Leticia. With this ecolodge, everything will be much more simple and authentic.

  1. How to find a good agency?
  2. Where to go to escape civilization?
  3. How to get information?
  4. How to get an authentic experience?
  5. What experiences plan and when?

Why to choose this ecolodge ?

  • Stress-free

    You will be taken care of as soon as you arrive in Leticia. Axel’s team takes care of everything.

  • The team

    The ecolodge is staffed by locals from the neighboring community and international volunteers. The guides know the area and the volunteers will translate for you in English.

  • It's all-included

    Your stay at the ecolodge all transportation (except plane for Leticia), activities, and meals. There are no hidden costs.

  • Easy Booking

    The staff speaks English. It will be effortless to book this experience.

  • Tailor-made

    Once there, you will have your own guide. You will be able to choose all your activities as you go along. 

  • Authentic experience

    You will be 3 hours by boat from Leticia, in the Brazilian Amazon. You will not be disturbed by other tourists. Wake up in another universe.

Ecolodge’s offers

The ecolodge we recommend offers tons of activities, and they are all included in the price of your stay (except the zip line). You will decide what you want to do once you are there with your guide. If you want to trek (or kayak) through the jungle for several days, it's possible!

  • Pick your accommodation

    The ecolodge is composed of 2 premium lodges (in cement, max 4 pers), 2 standard lodges (in wood, max 10 pers), and a dormitory (maloca). The price of your stay will change depending on the accommodation.

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  • Traveling on the river

    The ecolodge offers different activities for going on the Amazon River. Decide to go kayaking, paddling, or traditional canoeing with your guide. Make the most of it by fishing for piranha for a few hours.

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  • Cultural

    El ecolodge  works closely with the local indigenous communities. Visit them to learn about their culture, practice your archery skills, make handicrafts, and plant trees.

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  • Animal watching

    It’s hard to watch wildlife in the Amazon. Follow your local guide to see tarantulas, birds, caimans, dolphins, monkeys, and so on.

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  • Day trip or multi-day hike

    It’s your choice! You can go on night walks to see fluorescent mushrooms, take a day trip to learn more about the flora and fauna, or venture into the jungle for several days. For the latter option, you will sleep in a hammock and eat over a wood fire. The bonus is that you can make the return trip by kayak. We loved it.

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Ecolodge’s prices

Prices vary according to 3 criteria: type of housing, number of persons, length of stay. To fully enjoy it, I advise you to stay (at least) 5 days. The prices below are an estimate for a group of 2 people/4 nights. Use our online form to discuss with Axel and his team and receive a quote with the exact amounts.

Only 3 steps

  • 1 - Fill out our online form

    Click on the “contact” button to access our interactive online form. This allows our partner to understand your needs.

  • 2 - Chill out

    Our partner will contact you within 24 hours to organize your experience.

  • 3 - Confirm your booking

    Once you are satisfied, our partner will send you a payment link to make a deposit and confirm your reservation.

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Ecolodge’s reviews

  • I had an amazing time at this ecolodge! The manager went out of their way to accommodate my last-minute request. The staff met me at the Leticia dock and took me to the lodge by boat. The return trip and airport transfer were equally smooth. The orientation was informative, highlighting various activities that not only made my stay enjoyable but also deepened my understanding of the jungle. The lodge preserves a diverse area, offering abundant wildlife sightings. The boat ride was surprisingly enjoyable. The staff, including my personal guide and translator, were professional, competent, and friendly. The food was delicious, the facilities comfortable. I highly recommend this ecolodge for an outstanding Amazon jungle experience.

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