An epic horseback adventure in Los Llanos 

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  • Heiler


    Agency's founder

    Heiler is the epitome of a Llanero. He grew up in a hato, spending most of his days on horseback. He loves to share his passion with travelers

  • Traveler's type

    Traveler's type

    Ideal for Spanish-speaking travelers who want to discover the Llanero world in the most authentic way possible.

  • Tom & Adrix

    Tom & Adrix

    Tomplanmytrip's writers

    We have been traveling to Colombia since 2015. We explored Los Llanos for 15 days to find the best experiences.

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Looking to immerse yourself in the authentic Llanero culture of Colombia’s Los Llanos? Heiler’s agency is the perfect choice. Your journey will mostly begin in San Luis de Palenque, a lush, verdant town perched by the Pauto River, offering a far richer experience than the bustling city of Yopal. Heiler, your guide, is a true Llanero who has lived the local way of life from birth. For a deep dive into Llanero culture, saddle up for his multi-day horseback riding trips across the sweeping savannahs

  1. What’s the most authentic way to visit Los Llanos?
  2. Can you go on a horseback adventure for several days?
  3. Can you experience the Llanero way of life?
  4. How to avoid tourist sites?
  5. Is this reserve accessible all year round?
  6. How can you contact the hatos & reserve?
  7. Do you want to visit several hatos?

Why do we love Heiler’s Agency

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  • Adventure

    Heiler’s agency provides a unique adventure in Casanare. You’ll explore on horseback, sleep in traditional hatos, and hear captivating stories. The journey takes you across rivers and into secluded, rarely visited locations, making it a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.

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  • Authentic

    As a native of the region, Heiler’s deep-rooted love for his culture shines through in his tours. His personal stories, traditional songs, and extensive knowledge answer all your questions, providing a genuine and intimate insight into the life of the Llaneros.

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  • San Luis de Palenque

    Heiler’s tours start from San Luis de Palenque, a charming little village nestled by the Pato River, just two hours from Yopal. This atypical location is ideal to plan several day trips and stay in a lovely hotel (El Diamante).

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  • Experience

    With Heiler, you’re in safe and experienced hands. Having ridden horses since his childhood and possessing an intimate knowledge of all the regional paths, Heiler ensures a secure and well-guided adventure. 

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  • Remote places

    Heiler’s agency offers exclusive access to remote, uncharted locations in Los Llanos. These unique spots, only reachable by horse, provide a rare and unique adventure beyond the typical nature reserves.

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  • Spanish

    Heiler speaks Spanish only, but he will try to communicate with you in English thanks to Google Translate. Still, it’s a lot better to go with him if you speak Spanish 😉

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Heiler’s offers

Use our online form to say what you like and plan your experience with Heiler. She will confirm prices, date departures, and availability. The tours below are just examples. You can adapt everything to your liking.

  • Horseback adventure

    As an experienced rider, embark on a 3 to 6-day journey across the vast savannah of Los Llanos. Covering 20 kilometers daily, you’ll traverse traditional Llanero ranches and nature reserves, spotting wildlife like capybaras, white-tailed deer, and howler monkeys. This expedition offers a deep immersion into the Llanero lifestyle, abundant wildlife, and the stunning natural beauty of Casanare.

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  • Hato Berlin

    It’s a one-day adventure in the Hato Berlin Nature Reserve. It combines a morning horseback safari and an afternoon canoe safari, offering ample opportunities to spot diverse wildlife in the heart of Los Llanos. 20 min from San Luis de Palenque.

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  • Reservas Alta Gracia

    The “5 Days 4 Nights Buenaventura” tour is an immersive journey into Casanare’s heart, available in both summer (jeep) and winter (horseback riding only). The tour includes a safari walk, horseback ride, canoe safari, and exploration of the Buenaventura Nature Reserve, with opportunities to spot diverse wildlife.

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  • Encanto Guanapalo

    The Encanto de Guanapalo tours, ranging from 2 to 4 days, immerse you in the region’s natural beauty and wildlife. Through guided walks and horseback safaris across a 9,000-hectare reserve, you’ll encounter diverse wildlife. You’ll have the option to explore additional locations and engage in cultural activities. 20 min from San Luis de Palenque.

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Prices change depending on the number of travelers, the choice of hatos, the length of stay, and the type of experiences chosen.

Here are 3 important pieces of information to consider before booking:

  • The following tours don’t include transportation. From Yopal, you’ll have to reach San Luis de Palenque first. 2 options for that: the bus (cheap, about 3 hours) or private transportation (about 700 000 COP/pers round trip, 2 hours). 
  • Heiler doesn’t speak English (only Spanish). You can pay for a translator for about 400 000 COP/day for the group.
  • Tours are private only.

Here is a rough price list to give you an idea of the budget needed. Heiler will confirm the prices once he has spoken with you.

  • Approximately 3 390 000 COP/Pers for a 4-day horseback adventure—if it is a group of 2 people. | Transportation: Included
  • Approximately 220 000 COP/Pers for a day trip to Hato Berlin—if it is a group of 2 people. | Transportation: About 90 000 COP/Pers
  • Approximately 1 265 000 COP/pers for a 3-day trip to the hatos near San Luis de Palenque—if it is a group of 2 people. | Transportation: 1 050 000 COP/group (4pers max)
  • Approximately 2 550 000 COP/pers for a 5-day trip to the hatos far away from Yopal—if it is a group of 2 people. | Transportation: about 2 200 000 COP/group (4pers max)


What’s included

Almost everything except transportation

  • Accommodation.
  • Meals.
  • Snacks.
  • Experiences.
  • Emergency assistance insurance.
  • Certified guides.
  • Local guides.


Reserve your spot in advance

Heiler cannot duplicate itself. The sooner you contact him, the better your chances of leaving with him 😉

Don’t procrastinate and contact Heiler 😉

⭐ Heiler’s reviews ⭐

I'm not the only one to love Heiler's agency.

  • Señor Heiler is an excellent guide who is very happy to create personalised tours depending on your interest. He is also very knowledgeable and he provides a good overview of the local wildlife, history and the culture of the llaneros. The place that we visited (El Encanto) was absolutely beautiful, and the staff members of the farm were very kind and accommodating. I recommend señor Heiler's tours without any hesitation.

    5/5 on Tripadvisor
  • 5/5 on Tripadvisor

    Absolutely magical. The place, the nature, the experience, the relationship... The organization was top-notch, and Heiler is not only an expert guide with a love of nature, but also a profoundly kind, human and enlightened person. We really appreciated his explanations and all the exchanges. In terms of logistics, everything ran smoothly and there were no false notes during our stay, from the first to the last minute. Efficiency, flexibility and security at all times. What more could you ask for!

    5/5 on Tripadvisor

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